Hiring Wisdom: Do You Know What Your Employment Brand Is?

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Every company, no matter how large or small, has an employment brand. In most cases, that brand is created by the general public’s perception of the industry and the same broad-brush brand is given to everyone in it unless a concerted effort is made to manage that brand.

Employer Branding Budgets

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If you’re asking yourself “How much should I budget for employer brand efforts”? ( And for the record, you should be budgeting for your employer brand efforts.) “What does a good employer branding strategy budget look like”? Or “How will my leadership even approve an employer branding budget”? The takeaway here is to tie your branding efforts to the metrics that define the success of your department.

Employer Branding Consultant – How To Find One That Gets Results

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How do you find an employer branding consultant that will get you results? Many people call themselves employer branding consultants, but a good one will have expertise in several areas – each of them critical. Make sure that whoever you work with has the required expertise – the success of your employer brand depends on it. Employer branding is core to your entire culture. Staffing & Recruitment Strategy.

5 Meaningful Ways to Launch a New Employer Brand


Are you prepping for a new or refreshed employer brand launch? It’s no small feat to gain buy-in for and then build an employer brand. You’ve got to put your teacher, creator, promoter, and brand manager hats on.

Webinar Recap: Employment Branding on a Shoestring Budget #EmployerBranding


Our monthly Employer Branding webinar series, in partnership with HR.com, features monthly employer branding and talent acquisition experts discussing various topics related to employer branding and employee advocacy. You have a great brand!

SimplyHired’s Top Employer Brands: Interesting, But Not Your Typical List

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Job search engine SimplyHired has come up with a way to measure the interaction between job seeker and employer job postings — their Employer Brand Index. The result of a complex mining of job seeker behavior and statistical adjusting, the Index is actually a ranking of employers in seven broad industry groups: automotive, entertainment, financial services, health care, insurance, technology, and transportation.

Evaluating Your Employer Brand

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Employer brand has grown into much more than how customers and employees view an organization; it has become a business imperative that directly impacts the bottom line. A recent LinkedIn study of 2,250 corporate recruiters in the U.S. Brand awareness studies (36%).

Your (Possibly) Forgotten Employer Brand Ambassadors


Previously on the exaqueo blog, we talked about the five types of employees who will activate your employer brand, whether you want them to or not. The idea being that — while you want employees to be brand advocates, share your company’s story, and post photos — you need to provide them with training and resources, first. Now, we want to share with you some additional insight and ideas for empowering yet another cohort of employer brand ambassadors.

You Already Have an Employer Brand…but is it a Positive Brand? [Part 1]


You’ve probably heard the term “Employer Branding” and maybe even plan to look into it more when you can find the time. Recruiting difficulties are among operators’ biggest concerns, according to this People Matter Tdn2K survey. Happily, you are already an expert at branding!

12 Employer Brand Experts Tell Us Why They Love Their Jobs, #EBLove


After a few lackluster interviews, I soon found myself working as a recruiter at a staffing agency. And there I’ve stayed in recruiting, talent acquisition and, finally, employer branding for the past 17 years. However, over the course of the summer, I found myself drawn like a powerful magnet to the latest employer brand research, insight and conversations, and eventually to exaqueo. Employer branding isn’t just what I do.

How Netflix and Starbucks Are Leading the Way with Employer Branding


Job seekers today complete significant research when considering career moves, meaning any company’s employer branding is critical to hiring success. In fact, 69 percent of job candidates would reject a job offer from an organization with a bad employer brand. .

6 Recruiting Activities That Will Help Companies Hire Top Talent

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Really low unemployment means that recruiting is tougher. There’s lots of talk about recruiters needing to get creative when it comes to developing staffing strategies and sourcing talent. Here are some of the most popular recruiting posts on HR Bartender.

Generational Profiling – The Newest Trend in Recruiting!

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Well, we get to add something new to our toolbox in recruiting, Generational Profiling! Take a look at the average age of these super popular tech brands: You don’t have to be a genius to understand what’s going on in hiring in these companies.

Recruitment Resolutions for 2019

Hospital Recruiting

For recruitment, market conditions may make maintaining headcount and expanding staffing numbers even more difficult. As healthcare facilities look to the coming hiring cycles, resolve to make some adjustments in the way you recruit to optimize your time and efforts.

Too Many Recruiting Tools Are Killing Your Recruiting Efforts

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This happens in recruiting too many organizations. We start out with a bunch of recruiters and some phones. That’s not enough we need to add some other stuff, these recruiters need tools! CRM, branding technology, data analytics, SMS messaging, etc. What happens to your recruiting team as you add more tools? Core recruiting skills diminish, or at the very least don’t increase. Great recruiting starts with your people. Your recruiters.

Rebooting Recruiting

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In fact, according to CareerBuilder, 89 percent of job seekers report that an employer’s career site is an important tool for getting key information and 75 percent say their candidate experience is an indicator of the broader employee experience at that company. The Recruiter Experience.

You Are What They Think

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New research provides insight into how companies invest and measure the impact of employer branding. How do organizations measure the impact of their employer branding activities and how are they investing in those brands? Is employer brand a priority?

How to Showcase Your Company Brand in a Video Interview

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Fast-growing, successful businesses realize the importance of a positive brand image. In fact, a recent survey by CareerBuilder found that 91 percent of candidates believe employment brand plays a key role in their decision whether or not to apply.

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The Marketing of Hiring

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Recruiting well-informed candidates can be a challenge, but by closely managing their online presence, organizations can get the upper hand. In today’s competitive job market, companies are intentionally shaping their brand and online presence in order to attract top talent.

What is Recruitment Operations?


Today’s employers are contending with a labor shortage and skills gaps, while racing to define what the future of work looks like. Many organizations are turning to recruitment operations for the answer—and they’re taking a wide variety of approaches. Recruitment Operations

Holiday Hiring Best Practices

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the holiday season rapidly approaches, employers need to ensure that they have adequate bench strength to cover demand and provide excellent service—and that they're adhering to all applicable laws and requirements governing seasonal employees.

5 Tips to source tech talent without your local staffing agency’s help

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– what avoidable costs does a recruiter incur while sourcing tech talent? I have been collecting some data on HR spends for a research and noticed that recruiters spend a lot on an average to close one open position. 5) Leverage social media to build a developer brand.

How to Strengthen Your Organization’s Brand

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The “Employer Brand” is, to put it simply, an organization’s reputation as an employer. This brand is what people (employees, applicants, candidates, and the public) associate with the organization whether that be good, bad, or indifferent.

It’s All About the Recruiters

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Jobvite ’s annual Recruiter Nation Survey is out today. In its eighth year, the survey was conducted in July 2015 and completed by 1,404 recruiting and human resources professionals in a wide range of industries. That verifies that employment branding is a thing.

Michigan Recruiter’s Conference 2016 Takeaways

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Last week the 3rd annual Michigan Recruiter’s Conference took place in Grand Rapids, MI onsite at our corporate host Amway World Headquarters. But, for those who haven’t seen him, they believe, “oh, here comes some old dude to tell us how he recruited people back in WWII!”

Level Up Your Recruiting Like a No. 1 Best Place to Work

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Jen Paxton, Director of Talent at LevelUp, drops in on The Growth Recruiting Podcast and dishes on how her team built the #1 place to work according to the Boston Business Journal. Get ready to level up your recruiting! The Growth Recruiting Podcast is available in iTunes !

What Does Talent Taste Like? When Recruitment Marketing Keeps it Real…

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So, have a Coke and a Smile wasn’t good enough, the college recruiting folks in Coca-Cola’s Italian team had to get ‘creative’ and go off script. “Hey, we need a great theme for our next university recruitment event! We’re recruiting talent.

Everyone Wants a Talent Brand That Candidates Love, But…

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Everyone wants a talent brand that candidates will love, but almost no Talent Acquisition function is actually willing to love those same candidates back! Do you know why you love certain brands? It’s usually a combination of an experience you had with that brand. The brand made you feel like you were apart of it. This is the single biggest struggle most organizations have with establishing a real Talent Brand.

Better Recruiting Results Through Geo-Targeting

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Social media is not just changing the way people communicate—it’s changing the way organizations recruit. According to CareerArc’s 2017 Future of Recruitment Study , social media is now the most popular recruiting platform among employers and job seekers alike.

A Healthcare Staffing Shortage Looms. Here’s How Technology Can Help


The healthcare staffing shortage is already affecting many facilities. Healthcare Staffing Shortages and Their Impact on Hiring. It will also require special attention to recruiting and retention. Communicating Your Employer Brand.

Career Confessions of Gen Z | The Power of Seeing – B-roll!

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In the last episode, I talked about what verbal and spoken content can do for your recruiting methods, but I think it’s just one side of things to simply hear what a job is like. Hello everyone! Thank you for joining me on this Gen Z journey.

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The Recruitment Process Checklist Every Recruiter Needs


Today’s employers are contending with a labor shortage and skills gaps, while racing to define what the future of work looks like. Adopting a standardized recruitment process checklist is key for any talent acquisition team. A Start-to-Finish Recruitment Process Checklist.

What is campus recruitment?


With more than 70% of employers planning to hire college students this year, competition is fierce. What is campus recruitment? Campus recruitment is a strategy for sourcing, engaging and hiring young talent for internship and entry-level positions. Campus Recruitment

Announcing the Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies of 2016

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We are excited to announce the 2016 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies ranking. The list is based on an extensive analysis of the interactions between over 60,000 staffing firms, 627,000 consultants, and 450+ million members on LinkedIn over the past year. Employer brand.

LinkedIn Talent Insights Gives Staffing Firms the Edge They’re Looking For

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Sounds like a recipe for recruitment indigestion. Which is both the challenge and the opportunity for staffing agencies. Sourcing: See where talent is and where it’s moving to optimize recruiting efficiency. Staffing firms are sailing uncharted waters these days.