Restaurant Time & Attendance Tracking

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You also probably discovered—very quickly—that there was an administrative side to things that involved parts of the business you weren’t particularly fond of, like paperwork, and employment laws, and tracking time and attendance for your restaurant. With a little luck and smart planning, your single location now includes sister eateries, a commissary kitchen, a catering wing, and event spaces. Doing so can put these businesses in serious risk of time theft.

Virtual Hiring Events Explained


What is a virtual hiring event? A virtual hiring event is an opportunity for an employer to connect with multiple candidates during a set timeframe, but via video conferencing instead of in-person. . Why virtual hiring events are here to stay. Step 3: Host your event.


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7 time-clock software features designed to solve attendance issues

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Department of Labor says 78 million Americans — about 59% of the workforce — punch a time clock every day. If your company has hourly workers, you know that keeping track of time and attendance is a challenge. to 5% of gross payroll to time clock fraud each year. Attendance issues also impact morale. Consider how you record employee time: Do you use pen and paper timesheets, which are easy to lose or alter? What is time clock software?

How COVID-19 Accelerated the Cultural Transition to Remote Events


Social distancing guidelines have forced events, conferences, and schools gatherings to convert to virtual, prompting the consideration about how these in-person gatherings will return to a “new normal” in a post-pandemic world. How Events Are Going Virtual Now.

Screen Time Recommendations: How Much Screen Time Is Too Much?

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Executive Summary: This article explores some of the consequences of excessive screen time (ie: sleep deprivation, depression, obesity, cognitive effects) and offers screen time recommendations for achieving an optimal balance of time spent online and offline. But it is important that people are also mindful of the possible drawbacks of online activity, including the effect excessive screen time can have on their physical and emotional wellness.

Matthew Confer of Abilitie: “Pre-event messaging is key with virtual events”

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Pre-event messaging is key with virtual events. Before every event, an email goes out including an exciting (but somewhat vague) description of what they will experience. I was tasked to help redesign the content of the training and actually facilitate the event.

Trevor Dunlap of Nuhop: “Think of the Live Virtual Event as a Live In-Person Event”

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Think of the Live Virtual Event as a Live In-Person Event. The structure of planning either a live virtual event or an in-person event is very similar. One way to achieve this is to provide a space where people can access information at any given time.

Spring HR Technology Conference coming to a screen near you


On the final day of HR Tech —which went virtual for the first timeevent organizers announced a new online conference coming this spring. Like this week’s conference, the event will be entirely virtual and free to attend.

Facial Recognition For Employee Time Tracking


In time of pandemic business owners are now paying more attention to contactless ways to track employee hours and calculate payroll and create flexible shifts while avoiding a risk of contamination. supervisors save up to 15% of their time, by automating the attendance control.

Michael Schneider of NEXT Events: “Without Integrity, Nothing Works”

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We often apologize when we break these commitments but it’s not about morality, you just didn’t do something you said you would by the time you said you would do it. But sometimes disruptions can be times of opportunity. I have read and listened to it many times.

A Recruiter’s Guide to Maximizing Hiring Event Success


10/26/2017 // By Deanna Kane // HIRING EVENTS. At high-pressure recruiting events, it’s important to set your company apart from the other companies to recruit more efficiently and maximize your organization’s ROI. Position your recruiting team for hiring event success by measuring key metrics throughout the lifecycle of a career fair, ensuring every team member is prepared and establishing a measurable candidate communication plan. Event Metrics. Hiring Events

How to Easily Create a Killer Recruiting Event


Time to execute a real life away from keyboard recruiting event for your organization. Events, whether as low key as a happy hour or as involved as a panel or conference, provides the opportunity to humanize your employer brand, develop your talent community around a common interest or goal, and can lay the groundwork for long term relationships. Here are a handful of simple and straightforward tips to plan a stellar recruiting event. Market The Event.

The Time Trainual Saved My Internship


Then, I saw it: Make a copy of the resource for everyone attending the event. The task was big enough to feel like an accomplishment and small enough to go home on time. And I really couldn’t tell you how I came up with this time budget or even where this confidence came from. .

Why Events Are the Backbone of Any Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


Even though events are a well-known strategy for some roles, such as recruiting programmers or recent graduates, they are somehow overlooked for other TA challenges like sourcing diverse talent. But events are the best way to get talent inside your doors and interacting with who you hope will be their future team. Diversity Recruiting Events: An Idea for Everyone. Imagine the impact of Think Tank-type events opened to the wider community. Six Ways to Optimize Events.

Read This Before You Screen Your Next Hire


At the same time, you want to ensure an effective hiring process. Time: 10 a.m. – Can’t attend? Your webinar purchase includes a recorded version that’s available after the live event. The post Read This Before You Screen Your Next Hire appeared first on HRWatchdog by HRWatchdog. When you consider the digital age and all the ways employers can now access information about current and prospective employees, sometimes you learn too much about a person.

The Biggest HR Event of the Year is Almost Here


We’re making it easy (and fun) to connect with SumTotal at HR’s biggest event; this week’s HR Technology conference. You’ll find SumTotal team members all over the conference… attending and presenting sessions, conducting demos, and, of course, catching up with our customers! Innovation Demos on the Big Screen. Check the Pocket Guide or online agenda for session dates and times. Schedule a meeting with a SumTotal expert at the event. It’s HR Tech Eve!

Productivity Journal vs. Time Trackers

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Sometimes this works out, other times they don’t. All of these hacks and techniques are pointless if you first haven’t tracked your time. And, because you’re getting more done in less time, it improves the quality of your personal and professional lives. What Are Time Trackers?

“You must have events that connect employees”, Chelle Neff of Urban Betty and Parveen Panwar, Mr. Activated

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If any employee needs to take leave or spend time with family, we will automatically ensure that they get the time they need to spend with their loved ones. Once we let them know that their job was safe if they needed to take time off, it relieved that pressure.

5 sessions I’m excited to attend at #SHRM16


SHRM16 is the largest human resource event in the world, and there is so much this year’s conference is set to cover. If you haven’t developed succession plans for positions company-wide, now is the time to start. Why Your Employee Engagement Survey Doesn’t Cut It: It’s Time to Customize the Employee Experience. We know that it’s time to change the way we interact with employees and recognize their achievements.

Delivering impactful virtual events in the ‘new normal’


Steve Gustavson, Chief Creative Director from Adobe shares insights from how Adobe transformed their 20,000 in-person marketing summit in Las Vegas to a 100% virtual event and how brands can prepare for virtual events in the “new normal.” I've worked on that event for 15 years.

Adobe 26

iCIMS Analyst Event: Building an Ecosystem

Brandon Hall

Last week I attended the compelling iCIMs Analyst Event in beautiful San Diego. While iCIMS’ core products are iCIMS Recruit TM , iCIMS Connect TM , and iCIMS Onboard TM , what intrigued me most during the event was their partner ecosystem, which includes more than 150 partner vendors. The vendors’ “cost” is the time it takes to integrate their technology using the iCIMS API. For instance, iCIMS has a “light version” of video screening on iCIMS Recruit TM.

iCIMS 39

Peopletrail To Attend The 2018 SHRM Convention In Chicago


Peopletrail, a leading background check and employment screening company, announced today it will attend the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) annual convention, June 17-21, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. SHRM’s Annual Conference & Exposition is the world-renowned event for HR professional development. It’s About Time. Stop by our booth to see how we can help you improve turnaround times and accuracy.

Tommy Strowd: “Enjoy the time you have”

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In 1972, I moved to Florida to attend college and focus on a professional career in the environmental sciences. That set into motion a series of events that led to the concept of forming bands that feature the music of iconic groups and performers in a way that was authentic?—?for

Wilbert Wynnberg of ‘Think Act Prosper’: “Timing?”

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Timing?—?all all speakers should abide and follow the given time slot. As a part of our series about “5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Wilbert Wynnberg. That meant inviting great speakers to the event as well.

Why it’s time to start managing forms from your phone


Or, for those who come into the office or attend events, they can fill out a COVID-19 self-assessment form for everyone's safety. Another common use case is sending out and completing a survey immediately following an event or training session. .

my boss is super peppy, HR told me to do less for our charity event, and more

Ask a Manager

HR told me to scale back my participation in our company charity event. She will often ask me (and other team members) if we’re excited about upcoming events or projects in a sing-songy, artificial tone. Most of the time, these are not hype-worthy things! How do I explain or justify just being calm most of the time at the office? I don’t want to write a letter to help my coworker get less jail time. She called me soon afterwards for a screening call.

5 things you can’t miss at this year’s #paycon event


It’s that time of year again, when thousands of payroll professionals head to the APA Congress 2016 , an annual event put on by the American Payroll Association that brings together many of the industry leaders to talk shop and share best practices. Attendees will get the opportunity to discover four and a half days of events jam-packed with more than 200 workshops.

I’m supposed to do a 90-minute presentation an interview, no one at work acknowledges my life events, and more

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The only time I have to do any errands, attend appointments, or spend time with my family is over the weekend, and even then because it is a global business I could have to put in some work. I’d imagine that many of the other candidates for the role are also under similar time pressures. No one at work acknowledges my life events. Is it weird that no one seems to either offer condolences or congratulations to me during major life events?

Emerging Recruiting Technology Trends: When the War for Talent Comes Down to Time

HR Daily Advisor

More often than not, when walking the rows of a career fair or networking at an industry event, you’ll hear the words, “Go apply online.” Learn how to improve your mobile ready applications so that candidates actually apply, when attend the webinar, “ Online Job Applications that Rock: Getting Top Talent to Click Submit. It’s not just about locating candidates “just in time” anymore. Automated Screening and Interview Technology.

screening for candidates who will be comfortable with cursing and crude jokes, bringing a backpack to an interview, and more

Ask a Manager

Can I screen for candidates who won’t be uncomfortable with our cursing and crude jokes? It’s also important to make sure that “screening for cultural fit” doesn’t end up meaning “screening for people from similar demographic backgrounds,” which it may, even if you don’t intend it to. Getting paid to attend board meetings. I’m wondering this about board members — when they attend events at our nonprofit (meetings, etc.),

Lisa Klarich of WebPT: “Be prepared to put in the time”

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Be prepared to put in the time: Although virtual events may seem easier set up on paper, in reality, there is still a ton of prep work involved. Give yourself ample time to try out new things, too. I knew that I wanted to plan events since I was in high school.

TOP 11 recruitment software to look out for in 2020 [+ G2 reviews]


It is moving away from resume and phone screening of candidates to video interviews and skill assessments. Eventbrite lets recruiters browse, promote, and host events by location and category. They can choose those events where they’re likely to find their potential candidates. .

Virtual Conferences Aren’t Webinars—They’re Way Better

Netchex HR Blog

If you haven’t attended a virtual conference before , it’s okay to be skeptical, but virtual conferences have the potential to reach beyond webinars and even in-person conferences. What is the worst part of attending an in-person conference?

How HR can support Business Continuity in Current Uncertain Times with Coronavirus (Covid-19)


Remembering that the ways in which companies support and handle employee relations during this time, will have a long standing impact on business reputation with those employees who remain employed and prospective future employees long after this crisis has passed. .

Daylight Saving Time (DST) Reminder 11/4/2018


Daylight Saving Time (DST) is ending this Sunday (11/4/2018). Because of this, InfinityHR will be doing automatic system adjustments to account for this biannual event. The system will automatically adjust time punches that cross 2 a.m. If you are using the local clock setting to adjust for DST, please confirm the start and end date/time have been entered for the new year: 1. Press the arrow keys until “Date/Time” is highlighted. UPDATED: 11/1/2018.