Employer Branding without employee advocacy is simply advertising, candidates and consumers are demanding more for their attention in this increasing fragmented,noisy digital world. People buy into people, this has always been true and advocacy is way of amplifying this basic human need to trust others.

Reach, and Influence are important in employer branding campaigns but without trust, empathy, and freedom within an organisational culture, an advocacy program will not succeed.

Global Head of Talent Attraction or Employer Branding at Fererro SA, Charu Malhotra, will present this informative webinar which will give you insights on:

  • How trust is falling globally,
  • Why employee and employee generated content is pivotal in employer branding,
  • Ideas on how to introduce employee advocacy into a change resistant company,
  • Tips on how to partner with communications, brand teams, and PR,
  • Examples of companies that are mastering advocacy and employer brand building.

The session will provide you with suggestions and tools for strategic implementation.

November 29 2017, 12 PM PST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM EST

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