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Want a Career in Human Resources? Your In-Depth (2023) Guide

Analytics in HR

Embarking on a career in human resources opens opportunities for you to support employee growth and drive organizational success. The demand for HR services and software continues to grow. Contents What does a career in Human Resources look like? And not only that.

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The Top 40 Job Titles in Human Resources


Human Resources might have the most complicated set of job titles of any department. In this article I share 4 pieces of research I hope will assist you in using the most effective HR job titles: HR Job Titles Hierarchy — An pyramid of the basic org chart of HR teams. HR Job Titles Hierarchy.


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HR Outsourcing Trends and Statistics SMBs Should Know


Quick look: By 2026, the HR outsourcing market is expected to grow by $10.90 Here, explore the latest HR outsourcing trends, including the various types of HR outsourcing companies, which HR duties SMBs are offloading the most, and how to choose the right partner to help your organization simplify its workload and succeed.

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Future Global HR Trends for 2024


This blog highlights the emerging Future Global HR Trends for 2024. Explore the most impactful developments and the strategies that HR professionals and businesses will need to embrace to stay competitive in 2024. The world of Human Resources is undergoing a remarkable transformation.

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Top 10 Highest Paying HR Jobs in 2022

HR Shelf

Human Resource (HR) as a profession has risen in stature and demand across the globe over the past few years. These jobs can lead you to a lucrative career, as some of the highest paying HR jobs are also equally rewarding in professional development and job satisfaction. International HR Associate. Job analysis.

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How HR tech’s people data boosts business performance


The role of HR professionals has completely transformed in the last five years. Their responsibilities range from the administrative functions HR has traditionally been associated with to being critical stakeholders in the success of the business. They’re also starting to tap into time and attendance software.

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Find Merck KGaA Found the Ideal Span of Control Using People Analytics


For years, organizations and human resources experts have worked to determine an ideal span of control, which is defined by McKinsey as “the magic number of employees a manager could oversee to achieve optimal effectiveness and efficiency.” Visier, the people analytics solution we use, is a very important element in this approach.

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