September Product Update: Autosave for Reviews, Greenhouse Integration, and More!


Cozy, cozy sweaters), we’re even more excited for Namely’s September product update. Enhanced Integration with Greenhouse. Over the coming months, we’ll be enhancing our integrations with applicant tracking systems, and we’ve started with our friends at Greenhouse. Our existing Greenhouse integration allows you to automatically create a new employee profile in Namely once a candidate is hired.

Announcing Namely's Integration with Greenhouse


NEW YORK, November 19, 2014 –Today Namely, the cloud-based human capital management platform, announced their integration with Greenhouse , one of the industry’s leading applicant tracking and recruiting systems. This integration with Greenhouse reduces errors from manual data entry and allows managers to spend this saved time working with their employees.” Partnering with Namely is something we’ve been excited about for some time now,” said Daniel Chait, CEO of Greenhouse.

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Greenhouse Drives Inclusion and Elevates Agile Recruiting Processes


Learn more about HR Technology and Product Reviews from Workology. See our FTC disclosure at the end of this review. In talent acquisition, one of the biggest challenges is finding a recruiting technology and hiring platform that can move and grow with you, but is also aligned with your larger business strategies. For most fast-moving and […] Source. HR Reviews

SkillSurvey Announces Product Integration with Greenhouse to Speed Reference Checking and Enhance Compliance


Integration between SkillSurvey and Greenhouse Recruiting allows organization to add automated reference checking to their hiring process. News candidate experience hiring trends news coverage reference checking staffing and recruiting

Build a Greenhouse Where Innovation Can Flourish

TLNT: The Business of HR

Innovation is not about a product or initiative. I recently sat through a conference presentation that included many slides on building a culture of innovation. As I glanced around the room, I noticed another attendee with that “Yea, right” look. I chuckled to myself because at that moment I was thinking the same thing. Innovation is borne out of an environment that fosters creativity. Culture HR Insights Training, Learning & Development Featured innovation

The Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Greenhouse Inclusion! #ghOPEN

The Tim Sackett Project

This week I’m in New York City at the Greenhouse OPEN, the recruiting user conference put on by ATAP sponsor Greenhouse. This morning Greenhouse made a major product announcement of Greenhouse Inclusion. . Greenhouse Inclusion is an add-on product to the Greenhouse ATS that will help organizations in their attempt to attract and recruit a more inclusive workforce. What I like about Greenhouse Inclusion : .

Sumser: Fighting bias through data-driven software development


Jon Stross, Greenhouse Software’s co-founder, wondered aloud as we began our recent conversation. I wanted to deepen my understanding of the Greenhouse approach to software development, how it is evolving and how Greenhouse is thinking about bias and equity in its design and development.

Announcement! Saberr’s new partnership with Greenhouse recruiting software


Saberr and Greenhouse are excited to announce a new partnership that will not only help you source and interview the right talent, but assess team fit before they join the company. Greenhouse recruiting software Saberr helps teams work better together by predicting the relationship dynamics between people in a team. About Greenhouse Greenhouse Software designs tools that help companies source, interview, hire and onboard the right talent.

Products & Services


Business-product-management solution Promapp released an onboarding and training tool that utilizes the role-based business information already stored in Promapp’s software. The post Products & Services appeared first on Compete for a Cause. Benevity Inc.,

Products & Services


Employers can review and analyze productivity and show clients billable hours. SAP Jam, the social-collaboration solution that extends across all of SAP’s products, announced updates to its platform that were designed to ease teamwork for visually impaired employees. Google on the Move.

7 Reasons You Should Care About Google’s New ATS


“Hire” (that’s what they call it on their product web site and in this product demo below which is useful if you want to dig in). If you don’t know what G-Suite is, it’s the collection of Google products (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Sheets, G-Drive, etc.) Afterall, Greenhouse Software got to #5 in market share in just 5 years (see Ongig’s Top ATS Report for a ranking of all major ATS’s by market share).

Candid Chat with Tim Sackett About Your “Talent Acquisition Stack”


Some ATS will say they do all of it, but some of its just so bare bones that it’s not easy — it’s not even really a product. So you’re looking at people you know like a Greenhouse or a Lever or Smart Recruiters…that has a really good marketplace. But again, Greenhouse, Smart Recruiters, Jobvite, Lever. Basically they built the system for Cielo then somehow split from them and started selling it as a stand alone product.

9 LinkedIn Talent Product Updates You Need to Know

Linkedin Talent Blog

To help you get that competitive edge for 2020 and beyond, LinkedIn has been busy updating our products across the talent lifecycle so you can boost your team’s impact, build data-driven strategies, and recruit and retain the best candidates. Product Updates

The Top 9 LinkedIn Talent Product Updates of 2019

Linkedin Talent Blog

To help you get that competitive edge for 2020 and beyond, LinkedIn has been busy updating our products across the talent lifecycle so you can boost your team’s impact, build data-driven strategies, and recruit and retain the best candidates. Product Updates

To turn docs into apps, Coda had to rethink productivity from scratch

Fast Company The Future of Work

When you think about it, the history of productivity software is surprisingly short on disruptive moments. The same is true of the word processor, presentation package, database, email client, and a few other eternal verities of business productivity.

Top 101 Work From Home Statistics: Guide to Telecommuting


And to companies too — thanks to the various cost savings and productivity boosts it offers (i.e. This gives your company a pool of talent that has an increasing degree of knowledge about your business, greater loyalty, and are more productive. 3 Higher Productivity and Morale.

Survey 100

All Employees Can Be Recruiters—Here's How

Namely - Talent

Here at Greenhouse , we’re pretty passionate about recruiting. No matter what products you’re creating or problems your company is solving, chances are you will need to make some new hires over the course of the year. So much so, in fact, that we built an entire company dedicated to it! But not everyone geeks out about recruiting as much as we do, and that’s fine.

The Carnival of HR: How to Empower Your Workforce

Cornerstone On Demand

The team at Greenhouse shared a post on how to optimize your recruiting process to source top talent better and faster. Follow Greenhouse on Twitter @Greenhouse. Not to toot our own horn, but we're equally excited about the potential for this product as the stepping stone for a truly open, competitive marketplace that nourishes new and innovative HR technologies.

10 Remote working stats every business leader should know


With reported benefits including increased productivity, cost savings and employee morale it's hard to understand why some companies are still resisting letting their workers telecommute. 64% of companies don’t have formal remote working policy and only 3% of organisations measure performance, engagement, and productivity to quantify ROI. Blog Career HR Articles business leadership productivity Remote working telecommute

HRTech Tools You Need to Know More About - June 2019

Select Software Reviews

Here’s our latest list of the best HR software vendors that need to be on every People leader’s radar: Greenhouse : Greenhouse’s applicant tracking system has grown into one of the industry leaders since their founding in 2010. Additionally, Greenhouse’s best in class APIs mean hundreds of other HR vendors have built integrations into their solution. Their automation software increases the productivity of recruiting operations through an easy to use sourcing tool.

A Climate-Friendly Culture

HRO Today

Previous research from Cone Communications found that consumers pay attention to these initiatives and respond with their buying power; 87 percent will purchase a product because a company advocated for an issue they cared about and 76 percent will refuse to purchase a company’s products or services upon learning it supported an issue contrary to their beliefs. Best practices HR departments can implement to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Feeling slow and sluggish at work? Blame global warming

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As Britain's Daily Mail reports : Surging levels of greenhouse gases could make people tired, forgetful and stupid, scientists claim. carbon dioxide levels at work CO2 meters employee productivity global warming research rising carbon dioxide levels are making employees slow workplace perksFeeling tired at work lately?

High Tech Changes To Agriculture Companies Coming In 2020

Thrive Global

billion in 2050, making it essential to increase food production in order to keep everyone fed. New precision agriculture companies are inventing technologies that enable grain growers to maximize crop production by controlling and managing every element of the crop such as moisture levels, pest stress, micro-climates, and soil conditions. Technologies like UAV , remote sensors, and satellites can gather information round the clock regarding entire crop production.

LinkedIn’s Talent Hub Brings Together the Entire Hiring Process In One Place

Linkedin Talent Blog

That’s why we’re creating new products and updating existing ones to bring sourcing and hiring together in one seamless experience infused with data. We currently have 18 ATS partners, including Greenhouse, Jobvite, and Oracle Taleo, who we recently announced during Talent Connect.

10 Tools for Eliminating Racial Bias


” The skills-based quizzes are customizable like the one pictured here: Greenhouse’s Built-In Inclusion Module. Greenhouse Software has built-in inclusion and diversity tools in their Applicant Tracking Software product.

The Weekly Dose of HR Tech: The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in 2018!

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Greenhouse is moving upmarket and taking market share in a big way! Greenhouse is getting most of this market share increase from Taleo, Kenexa/Brassring, and Jobvite (who all lost market share since the 2017 report). – While Greenhouse is killing everyone in overall growth, iCIMS and Workday are also growing at a very high rate. But with the growth of Greenhouse, iCIMS, Lever, SmartRecruiters, etc.

Three Steps for Increasing Your Meetings ROI

Future of Work

Corporate Conversations Current Newsletter Leadership Leading Change Making Meetings Matter Newsletter Archive People and Organizations The Future of Work Work Design agile work agile workforce business cost distributed meetings Distributed Work effectiveness efficiency facilities flexible work leadership leading meetings meetings productivity ROI teams workplaceOver the last several weeks I have been exploring several basic ways to improve your organizational ROI for meetings.

10 Best Recruitment Software of 2020


And when such a thing happened, the productivity and growth of companies would get affected badly. Greenhouse. A leading recruitment software, Greenhouse serves thousands of successful firms like Allbirds, Slack, ClassPass and Betterment. The highest-rated features of Greenhouse include Job posting, hiring processes tracking and candidate evaluations. A decade back, the recruitment process used to be quite tedious giving the hiring department a very hard time.

Bring nature onto your desk with these cool gadgets


Improve your quality of life, add healthy air, be more productive, and grow plants easily" is the description of this desktop greenhouse available for pre-order on Kickstarter. Pocket Sized Greenhouse - "Lives Grass". Sometimes we're just too busy to get outside and enjoy the benefits of nature. Sometimes the weather isn't playing ball (especially here in the UK!).

Do you do Capacity Modeling in Recruiting? You should be! #ghOPEN

The Tim Sackett Project

Out at Greenhouse OPEN this week and I was completely captivated by one of the sessions and the topic of Capacity Modeling in recruiting. In simple terms, Capacity Modeling is the process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products. Greenhouse Open is a non-user user conference. If you’re looking for a top Hiring Platform that meets your end to end talent needs, you should be demoing Greenhouse.

The Four Types of Corporate Social Responsibility

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While some facilities are legally required to report greenhouse gases emission, countless others that are not legally obliged are starting to focus on tumbling the carbon footprint. Environmental CSR involves the appraisal of the company’s production ordeals to locate wasteful activities and eradicate them from the business structure. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a company strategy that ensures the facility’s operations are beneficial and ethical for society.

Stay Home – and Save the Planet

Future of Work

Teleworking might well be the best immediate opportunity we have, right now, to make serious headway reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. Distributed Work Management News from the World of Work future of work sustainability business climate change Custom-Fit Workplace flexwork Joan Blades mobile work productivity telecommuter telecommuting telework trends web commuting work at home

Marijuana Mainstream: Should It Be Treated Like Tobacco for Overtime Purposes?

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Primary agriculture includes farming in all its branches as well as the cultivation and tillage of the soil; dairying; the production, cultivation, growing, and harvesting of any agricultural or horticultural commodities; the raising of livestock, bees, furbearing animals, or poultry; and any practices (including any forestry or lumbering operations) performed by a farmer or on a farm incidental to or in conjunction with the farming operations, including preparation of products for market.

“Determine where you can be most impactful” With Penny Bauder & Karin De Bondt

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Thermo King is the global leader in transport refrigeration with a focus on improving quality of life through innovative and sustainable solutions that help transport temperature-critical products to people around the world safely and efficiently.

Affect of COVID-19 On the Environment: Long-Term VS Short-Term

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Lowered Greenhouse Gas Emissions. One of the biggest survival threats to our Earth is global warming due to the elevated greenhouse gases. Because of reduced human activity, greenhouse gas emission has seen a marked reduction. drop in greenhouse gas emissions due to massive lockdowns. China’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by almost 25% over the first month since the breakout.

Which Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Should We Use?

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99 – 25 (Mid) – Taleo, Jobvite, and Greenhouse. 24-10 (SMB) – Greenhouse, Taleo, Lever and SmartRecruiters. 0-9 (Small) – SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, Lever. Those are (in order): Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, WorkDay, and Lever. I’ll say WorkDay gets in under ‘fastest’ growing, but only because they convert their HRIS clients over to the recruiting product.

7 Industries That Will Rely Heavily on AI in 2020


Using AI to reduce the number of inefficient trips at sea and on the road would improve fuel efficiency and cut greenhouse gas emissions. . AI is also helping the manufacturing industry modernize its production lines and improve quality control. . “In This underscores how important product recommendations are in fashion retail. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence is fast becoming a top concern for businesses.

All Employees Can Be Recruiters—Here's How


Here at Greenhouse , we’re pretty passionate about recruiting. No matter what products you’re creating or what problems your company is solving, chances are you’re looking at your recruiting pipeline and will need to make some new hires over the course of the year. Let’s start by sharing why it makes sense to build a company-wide recruiting culture, and then we’ll share a few examples of how we’ve put this in place at Greenhouse. We’ve seen this firsthand at Greenhouse.

Sustaining Tourism After COVID by Adopting a Culture of Health

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Venetians explored their city without tourists, air quality in London improved and greenhouse gas emissions were predicted to fall by some 8%. Wendy M. Purcell and Allison Voss, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University. This is a time for a new social contract to be forged with the T&T sector, with sustainability as the driver of radical transformation.

Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018

NextWave Hire

Top companies by revenue would look drastically different as larger companies like Taleo charge a significantly higher price for their product. Greenhouse. Greenhouse. While the ATS segment is very mature, there are several new entrants which are venture backed and bringing to market differentiated products. Greenhouse. Last year, we wrote an article on the best applicant tracking systems for 2017.