Greenhouse Opens Up For Enterprise


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Add AI-Powered Talent Management to Greenhouse ATS in 4 Hours


Or you could add a powerful Talent Intelligence Platform to your Greenhouse Applicant Tracking System (ATS), and gain new capabilities you never had before. We’re partnering with Greenhouse because we agree that finding talented people is too hard today. The combination of Greenhouse ATS and the Eightfold Talent Intelligence Platform is making every aspect of talent management better for our customers. What can you do in 4 hours?


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Candid Chat with Tim Sackett About Your “Talent Acquisition Stack”


Last Friday I chatted with the always-colorful talent acquisition analyst Tim Sackett. He had sent me a PDF of his “Talent Stack” (software for ATS’s, recruitment marketing and recruitment operations). Tim’s got a new book coming out and he’s thinking hard about talent acquisition software. Talent Acquisition Analyst Tim Sackett. Q: How’d you start the Talent Acquisition Talent Stack?

Entelo’s Must Follow Talent Acquisition Influencers


Recruiters are competing against one another for the best talent. They are among the best thinkers, researchers, practitioners, writers, and leaders within the recruiting and talent acquisition industry. Laszlo Bock ( @ LaszloBock2718 ) - Google’s longtime Head of Talent, Laszlo was the genius behind much of Google’s industry-leading approaches to company culture, development, and talent acquisition. Staying on top of hiring trends isn’t easy.

Things I Learned at Greenhouse OPEN #ghOPEN

The Tim Sackett Project

I’m on the road this week at the Greenhouse OPEN. What’s Greenhouse? The Greenhouse OPEN is basically their user conference, where Greenhouse users and those considering using Greenhouse come together as Talent Acquisition Pros and Leaders to experience great recruiting related content from a corporate TA point of view. If it does, that might be worse for your organization in attracting talent, then if your CX sucks. Hey gang!

Greenhouse Drives Inclusion and Elevates Agile Recruiting Processes


In talent acquisition, one of the biggest challenges is finding a recruiting technology and hiring platform that can move and grow with you, but is also aligned with your larger business strategies. Learn more about HR Technology and Product Reviews from Workology. See our FTC disclosure at the end of this review.

The Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Greenhouse Recruiting Software & ATS

The Tim Sackett Project

The week on the Weekly Dose I review the popular applicant tracking system Greenhouse. I first learned about Greenhouse in 2015 and wrote about as a startup SMB ATS, but it was time to update that review and let you know how they’ve grown. Since my last review Greenhouse has grown considerably (3,000+ customers) and has a number of companies using them with over 25,000 employees, so we can easily place them in the mid to enterprise market in the ATS space.

PODCAST: $50 Million VC for Greenhouse and the Future of Recruiting


We were onsite with Greenhouse in NYC on the day they announced their new $50 million in VC funding. Hear from Greenhouse founders, CEO Daniel Chait and President Jon Stross, regarding the recent funding round – raising it and what they intend to do with it -some of the market changes that are impacting their customers, and […]. The post PODCAST: $50 Million VC for Greenhouse and the Future of Recruiting appeared first on HRWins by LAROCQUE, LLC.

HR Tech Conference Highlights through a Talent Acquisition Lens

Brandon Hall

As the principal analyst for talent acquisition for Brandon Hall Group , I get a unique perspective of what is going on in this market. Other providers speaking about their hiring manager apps include Jobvite , iCIMS , and Greenhouse. Talent acquisition solutions for niche markets: Several organizations I spoke to do a great job on providing talent acquisition solutions for niche markets; Hireology and BirdDogHR are two of those companies.

Recruiting Takes a Village with ZEFR Talent Acquisition Team


Rob chats with ZEFR Director of Talent Acquisition Laura MacConnell and Senior Technical Recruiter Lauren Vellanoweth , this week on Hiring On All Cylinders. Laura and Lauren share sage wisdom about hiring recruiters, the battle for top tech talent with their Venice Beach neighbors Google and Snapchat, why Greenhouse is a great ATS (and how they probably deserve a referral discount), and how Rob just might be Entelo’s Head of Talent one day.

The Evolution of Talent Acquisition with GitHub's Maisha Cannon


Hosts Rob Stevenson and Vivek Reddy chatted with Maisha about how much talent acquisition has changed since she first got her start over 15 years ago, which means far less cold calling and sorting paper resumes, and far more digital sourcing wizardry. Maisha also took time so share why her new gig in Strategic Talent Sourcing and Engagement at GitHub has been such a nice change of pace. On recruiting today’s talent. Recruiting talent acquisition

Sumser: Fighting bias through data-driven software development


Jon Stross, Greenhouse Software’s co-founder, wondered aloud as we began our recent conversation. I wanted to deepen my understanding of the Greenhouse approach to software development, how it is evolving and how Greenhouse is thinking about bias and equity in its design and development.

Greenhouse’s Director of TA Uses These 3 Recruiting KPI Buckets


Well, I’m thrilled you’ve all taken a quick break from it to join me here today, and if you’re worried about slipping into that cold turkey ATS withdrawal, I’ve got great news: this post is packed to the rafters with recruiting advice from the Director of Talent Acquisition at your and my favorite place to leave candidate feedback, Greenhouse. Jacqui Maguire has her work cut out for her in the wake of Greenhouse’s recent fundraising.

Make Work Better for Recruiters, by Helping Them Work Better

SHRM Resources

?Talent acquisition is evolving, responding to the forces of economic changes, new technologies and innovative practices.SHRM Online recently spoke with Daniel Chait, the CEO and co-founder of Greenhouse, one of the fastest-growing recruiting software providers. Talent Acquisition Careers Communication HR Careers External Recruiting Talent Acquisition Communication Talent Acquisition Strategy Talent Acquisition Technology

Brandon Hall - Untitled Article

Brandon Hall

Greenhouse Aims to Improve Inclusivity. I’ve always admired the thoughtful way Greenhouse developed their applicant-tracking and recruitment software, especially the structured interviewing kits which enable organizations to make evidence-based hiring decisions. This approach now extends to a new solution they launched at their Open 18 Conference: Greenhouse Inclusion, in partnership with Paradigm. Daria Friedman, Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition, Brandon Hall Group.

The ROI of Hiring the Right People with Greenhouse Software’s Maia Josebachvili


Maia Josebachvili, VP of People and Strategy at Greenhouse Software, joins the Hiring On All Cylinder team to discuss her work developing a system to measure employee lifetime value. Related Articles: 3 Recruiting Metrics That Don't Tell The Whole Story These Five Seth Godin Insights Will Help You Recruit Better Entelo's Must Follow Talent Acquisition Influencers.

What is the Top Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) in the U.S.?

The Tim Sackett Project

Modern-day recruiting and talent attraction take way more than just an ATS. Applicant Tracking Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals ATS HR Technology Recruiting Selection TA Technology Talent Acquisition

iCIMS 77

4 Reasons You Fight to Keep What You Have vs. What You Need!

The Tim Sackett Project

I recently had a great conversation with the CEO of Greenhouse Software, Jon Stross. I felt stupid about our TA Tech space and I just started demoing everything I could find and it opened up a completely new world of what is possible in talent acquisition. So, just like IT, Finance, Operations, it’s okay to say, hey, the tech we have now isn’t what we need today to stay competitive for talent. Check out the Greenhouse podcast with Jon and me.

Entelo Head of Customer Success on the Greenhouse Open and Why There is No Salesforce in Recruiting


This week on Hiring on All Cylinders, Entelo’s Loni Spratt reports back on her European travels, where she met with recruiters and talent teams in London, Amsterdam, Glasgow and Edinburgh. She learned firsthand the challenges facing European talent acquisition teams and how they differ from their North American counterparts, namely in recruiting non-technical candidates. How to leverage data for more efficient talent acquisition.

BREAKING NEWS: Symphony Talent Acquires Smashfly! @symphonytalent_ @Smashfly

The Tim Sackett Project

Well, the M&A activity in the TA Technology industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down as this morning Symphony Talent announced it has acquired the recruiting CRM technology platform Smashfly. 3 Big Questions about the acquisition of Smashfly by Symphony Talent? . Who the heck is Symphony Talent? . I know some of you are asking that because Symphony Talent is the biggest name in the industry!

The Weekly Dose of HR Tech: The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in 2018!

The Tim Sackett Project

Greenhouse is moving upmarket and taking market share in a big way! Greenhouse is getting most of this market share increase from Taleo, Kenexa/Brassring, and Jobvite (who all lost market share since the 2017 report). – While Greenhouse is killing everyone in overall growth, iCIMS and Workday are also growing at a very high rate. Suite HCM talent solutions (like Workday Talent, Ultipro, SAP, Oracle, etc.)

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. LinkedIn Talent Blog. Talent Leadership. What Is Talent Acquisition? Talent Acquisition. Talent and Learning. Talent Management.

Do you do Capacity Modeling in Recruiting? You should be! #ghOPEN

The Tim Sackett Project

Out at Greenhouse OPEN this week and I was completely captivated by one of the sessions and the topic of Capacity Modeling in recruiting. In recruiting then it’s the process of determining your recruiting capacity needed by the organization to meet the demands of your talent needs. Your talent acquisition team is working their butts off day in and day out. Greenhouse Open is a non-user user conference.

Michigan Recruiter’s Conference Registration is Now Open! November 6 & 7!

The Tim Sackett Project

The only specifically designed Recruiter conference for corporate Talent Acquisition Pros and Leaders in Michigan! For the 2019 Fall Michigan Recruiters Conference, we are bringing in some of the best talent acquisition thought leaders in the world: Super Recruiter – Stacy Zapar – LinkedIn Talent Connects highest rated speaker, ever! We also have sponsor presentations from the folks at Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, HireVue and more!

Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Jobvite goes shopping!

The Tim Sackett Project

Big news out of the world of the Talent Acquisition technology. I think these acquisitions are just one more signal in what we see is a growth of the Talent Acquisition Suite, away from core HRIS suites. The one part of this acquisition that confuses me, a little, is Role Point. While I love them as a point solution, Jobvite already has Jobvite Refer, so this acquisition seems a bit redundant.

Which Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Should We Use?

The Tim Sackett Project

Talent Acquisition is finally moving from awkward teen to young adult. 99 – 25 (Mid) – Taleo, Jobvite, and Greenhouse. 24-10 (SMB) – Greenhouse, Taleo, Lever and SmartRecruiters. 0-9 (Small) – SmartRecruiters, Greenhouse, Lever. Those are (in order): Greenhouse, SmartRecruiters, WorkDay, and Lever. You see companies going from Taleo to Workday, iCims to Taleo, Taleo to iCims, Jobvite to Greenhouse, etc.

T3 – @Teamableme – Recruit the Best Talent from your Employees Networks

The Tim Sackett Project

For the money and the ROI, employee referral automation is still the most underutilized technology in talent acquisition. – ATS integrations already built for Jobvite, iCims, Lever, Greenhouse, etc. T3 – Talent Tech Tuesday – is a weekly series here at The Project to educate and inform everyone who stops by on a daily/weekly basis on some great recruiting and sourcing technologies that are on the market.

Michigan Recruiter’s Conference – November 1st – Detroit, MI! Registration is Now Open!

The Tim Sackett Project

Jim and I knew most of the great Talent Acquisition speakers personally, or we knew someone who knew them personally, and we felt pretty confident we could talk them into coming to beautiful Michigan! – Chief Talent Officer at GM speaking on TA Transformation. – Dawn Burke – HR and Talent Expert speaking on getting more out of your hiring managers.

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


Greenhouse Software. Symphony Talent (Findly, Talent Reef (JobAppNetwork). For instance, Greenhouse Software has added 140 new clients in the last 12 months among the top 4,000 hirers that we track. The most common ATS systems that top employers migrate to are Greenhouse Software, Workday, Taleo and iCIMS. Here are examples of the top ATS software being migrated to along with the previous ATS the employer used: Migrations to Greenhouse Software.

T3 – Google Hire ATS Could Dominate the SMB ATS Marketplace

The Tim Sackett Project

With all of the hype and craziness surrounding Google for Jobs, most people haven’t even been paying attention to what ultimately might be the bigger Google product to impact the talent acquisition technology market longterm, Google Hire. But, Google Hire isn’t the best ATS on the market, even at the SMB level, as Lever, Greenhouse, and SmartRecuriters all offer a better product as of right now.

Hiring And Recruiting Roundup – May 2015

Spark Hire

In the month of May, our hiring and recruiting roundup theme is how recruiters and hiring professionals attract talent to their job openings. Just as April showers are needed in order to grow May flowers, companies need great talent in order to grow their organization. Attracting general talent can be simple, but attracting the right kind of talent with the skills and cultural fit you’re looking for can be tricky. Try These Trends to Attract Top Talent.

2018 People, HR, TA and Recruiting Conferences


Here’s a list of top upcoming Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Recruiting conferences, events and expos of 2018. Driving successful talent acquisition in a high-growth global digital environment. TATech Leadership Summit on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Talent Acquisition (Feb. Winning the talent race with data-driven recruiting. The connection between talent and business success.

Employer Branding Strategies from Working at Uber, WeWork and Autodesk


Jason Webster of Ongig/Glassdoor/Greenhouse fame was there too. Since then, Andrew has worked on the talent branding teams at WeWork, Uber and Autodesk. Talent Acquisition, Marketing? I think it’s a type of role that sits in between, as you rightly note, a whole bunch of different departments: marketing communications, internal communications, branding, talent acquisition, so it doesn’t really belong anywhere.

Top Applicant Tracking Systems Leading Employers Migrate To (2019)


An applicant tracking system migration is one of the biggest HR projects you’ll face in talent acquisition. McKinsey Avature Greenhouse & ATS Migrations to Greenhouse. Adaptive Biotechnologies Greenhouse ATS OnDemand. AEG Worldwide Greenhouse ADP. Airbnb Greenhouse Jobvite. AQR Capital Management Greenhouse Workday. Docusign Greenhouse Jobvite. Fender Musical Insruments Greenhouse Kenexa Brassring.

Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: My Review of The HR Technology Conference #HRTechConf

The Tim Sackett Project

RelishCareers – a job board platform that helps grad school students and alumni get discovered by employers looking for top talent. Talvista – (The overall diversity winner) -provides a view beyond the noise of unconscious bias, ensuring a skilled talent pool and workforce that is more diverse and inclusive. JobBoards didn’t die, they just re-tooled, and are still relevant in the talent attraction game.

iCIMS 68

Talent Intelligence Should Be Part of Your Workforce Planning

HR Bartender

Editor’s Note: Today’s article is brought to you by Censia , whose talent intelligence platform helps organizations find the talent most likely to succeed while simultaneously reducing bias. That leads us to the topic of talent intelligence. What is Talent Intelligence?

[Webinar] “Awareness, Action & Accountability Embedding Technology into DE&I Hiring Strategies”


Watch Hired’s recent panel-style webinar, “Awareness, Action & Accountability Embedding Technology into DE&I Hiring Strategies,” to gain insights from industry leaders on how utilizing technology can strengthen your diversity, equity, and inclusion hiring strategies. This webinar was moderated by Jennifer Tardy, a leading DEI advocate, an expert in the recruiting space.