How to attract your target group with video marketing


Video marketing has become very popular – it is easier than ever before to produce videos and get them online. But, how can you attract your target group if there are so many videos available online? Learn more about how to attract your target group with video marketing.

Video 69

Expedia Group

Stories Incorporated HR

rebranded to Expedia Group, Inc. They wanted to communicate specific elements of their culture—especially through the Expedia Group kununu page—to attract the right candidates. We interviewed five Expedia Group team members in their Seattle headquarters. Reading Time: 3 minutes.

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Mantra Group Customer Video


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How we approached (video) interviews


On a bright morning at a recent Workable summit , we were told that a new team would be formed with one goal in mind: build a new product to allow candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers to perform asynchronous video interviews. Video interviews in general, is a fairly new concept.

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Groupe Rocher's move to a modern employee experience [video]


The workplace is quickly evolving and the HR function at Groupe Rocher , an international cosmetics and beauty company, is having no problem keeping up.

How Video Interviewing Helped METER Group’s Hiring Efficiency

Spark Hire

Don’t take my word for it, watch his video testimonial (or read the transcript below)! Spark Hire helped us overcome those challenges by giving our hiring managers a group of video interviews to review on their own time, so it freed up their schedule. We can share that video interview internally, and good candidates are shared more frequently than those that aren’t. Last in our series of customer spotlights from the SHRM Annual Conference is John Zeugschmidt.

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How Price Consulting Group Creates a Flexible Interview Experience with Video Interviews

Spark Hire

Asynchronous video interviews afford her more flexibility than in-person interviews and phone screens. She describes more about her Spark Hire experience in her video testimonial: I’m Doctor Kella Price, with Price Consulting Group.

Video 78

VIDEO: 6 Best Practices in Creating Employee Engagement Surveys - DecisionWise


In the VIDEO: 6 Best Practices in Creating Employee Engagement Surveys I cover six ways to form questions in order to create survey that will obtain the best and most accurate responses possible. VIDEO: Employee Satisfaction and Engagement.

Video 176

The Candidate Experience: Perspectives on Video Interviews, Assessments, and Hiring


Today employers have tools to increase efficiency and efficacy, including video interviews, automated assessments, and more. Stress Factor : Nearly 8 in 10 job seekers say that video interviews are as stressful or more stressful than in-person interviews.

Video 161

10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools


Video job descriptions grab the attention of busy candidates. Here’s a list of tools to consider: 10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools. A recruitment video production app that allows companies to make video in-house. You film the video.

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How to Use Video to Engage Applicants and Employees

ExactHire HR Trends

There’s no denying the appeal of video. When I’m doing research for a home project, planning a purchase or trying to teach myself how to play a new board game, I prefer to watch an engaging video rather than read through text or scan images. Video: An Employee Engagement Tool.

Video 175

10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools


Video job descriptions grab the attention of busy candidates. Here’s a list of tools to consider: 10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools. A recruitment video production app that allows companies to make video in-house.

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Next Level Talent Engagement with Video Messaging

Spark Hire

At Spark Hire, we have observed social sites like LinkedIn and Quora starting to offer users the ability to post videos. It has become pretty obvious the most engaging content on a social media site is its videos. This can be done in one central place: Spark Hire’s video messaging.

Video 78

Metro Group Case Study

Workforce Software

Metro Group shares their selection process, implementation, lessons learned, and key successes they have realized with SAP Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling by WorkForce Software. Video Absence Management Time and Attendance Workforce Management Workforce Scheduling

How Millennials Feel About Video Interviewing

Spark Hire

Though the concept would have been unheard of even a few years ago, video interviewing is quickly changing the hiring landscape. Video interviewing is also a powerful recruiting tool when you’re looking to talk directly to millennials, here’s why: Millennials know and understand video.

Video 127

Creating Inclusive Video Communication Content

Employee Communications Council

Incorporating inclusive video communication systems into all aspects of your company will position you for success. percent of the nation's total population, which makes this group the country's largest ethnic or racial minority. Video Communications

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How Bonfyre Supports Employee Resource Groups


Employee resource groups are a great way to connect employees and encourage innovation and inclusivity. With a communication tool like Bonfyre, your company can help these groups grow into thriving communities. Here’s where employee resource groups come in.

VIDEO: The Influence of Managers on Employee Engagement - DecisionWise


We then grouped managers and employees according to their level of engagement into four categories : Fully Engaged, Key Contributors, Opportunity Group, and Fully Disengaged. The post VIDEO: The Influence of Managers on Employee Engagement appeared first on DecisionWise.

Video 157

7 of the Best Company Culture Videos

Stories Incorporated HR

The best company culture videos really capture the employee experience. Company culture videos give real insight to candidates actively considering you as an employer. And, the best culture videos allow your company to best position itself as a great place to work for the right person.

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Client Success Story: Compass Group


Senior Director of Talent Acquisition Louise Bijesse talks about how automated reference checking improved efficiency and quality of hire at Compass Group. ” Watch more videos on our YouTube Channel. The post Client Success Story: Compass Group appeared first on OutMatch.

VIDEO: 5 Factors Changing the U.S. Job Market - DecisionWise


In the VIDEO: 5 Factors Changing the U.S. Looking at tenure by age shows that the youngest group of workers, aged 25-34, have the lowest average tenure of about three years. VIDEO: Employee Satisfaction and Engagement. VIDEO: The Influence of Managers on Employee Engagement.

Video 136

Video Communication Coming to Conference Rooms Everywhere

Employee Communications Council

According to the Nemertes 2018-19 Visual Communication and Collaboration Study , over one-third of organizations are planning to expand video employee communications and conferencing technology in large meeting rooms (10+ people). Why Video Communications are so Important in Conference Rooms.

Video 68

7 Ways to Cut Group Benefits Costs


Group benefits have never been more important to employees. Should they continue to offer group benefits knowing the costs will only increase? This can affect employers’ group benefits costs in a few ways. Health spending accounts (HSAs) are a popular and cost-effective complement—or even an alternative—to traditional group benefits. Modern, accessible group benefits is one of our core beliefs. HR Insights group benefits

Complete Guide To Promote Your YouTube Video


People may have different reasons for wanting to know how to promote YouTube videos online. Some people might want to promote YouTube video to promote their product or website online. Let’s look at what it takes to make a video go viral. New videos are added regularly.

Video 53

Video: How to Make High-Performing Employee Resource Groups


Employee resource groups (ERGs) are a popular way to engage employees, foster diversity and inclusion, and drive business value. Watch the video: Our Chief Diversity Officer will meet in person for an all-day forum the day before the i4cp 2017 Conference: Next Practices Now kicks off.

Furloughs/Layoffs During COVID-19: Best Delivered Via Video or an Analog Call?

The HR Capitalist

The gist of that post is as follows - a LOT of companies over the last two weeks have communicated bad news (personal news of impact due to furlough/layoff) to groups of employees at the same time, which is about as far from a best practice as you can get.

Video 119

AI, Algorithms, and Who Owns the Outcome (Video)

HR Examiner

Video with full transcript. Was it all you read part of a group. What part of the group was it. A talk by John Sumser At Google with a follow up Discussion Panel. Presenter & Moderator: John Sumser. Panelist: Richard Rosenow, Head of People Analytics for Facebook.

Video 98

Wood Group Does Onboarding Right With SilkRoad


Wood Group is a global leader in the delivery of project, engineering and technical services to energy and industrial markets. The post Wood Group Does Onboarding Right With SilkRoad appeared first on SilkRoad.

From transactional to transformational HR: Avis Budget Group


In 2015, the HR department at Avis Budget group embarked on a major transformation journey. In this video, hear from Sherry Knaszak, VP of HR Transformation and HRIS, Avis Budget Group, on why she chose PeopleDoc’s technology to get the shared service centers functional.

Engage Your Talent Pool with These 4 Video Messaging Tips

Spark Hire

Many hiring managers and recruiters (more than 60%) do this by adding video technology to their strategies, according to a report by Software Advice. . Video messages are the here-to-stay trend companies use to entice both candidates and consumers.

Video 78

Why Facilitating Leadership Training Is Hard (Video).

The HR Capitalist

PLUS - they have to be a bit of performer in front of groups. I'm always reminded of this video from David Allen Grier from In Living Color. 40 second clip (email subscribers click through if you don't see the video below), well worth your time.

Video 119

How to Look for Emotional Intelligence in a Video Interview

Spark Hire

Gauging emotional intelligence in the video interview. The video interview feels more casual than an in-person one, and candidates may feel more comfortable answering your tough interview questions. In a one-way video interview, watch out for the candidate who dodges the question.

Video 159

7 New Ways Videos Can Improve Your Recruiting

Spark Hire

The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” might need to be revised because, nowadays, it’s videos that are speaking volumes. Here are some creative ways videos can be used in the world of recruiting: 1. Employer brand videos. Bonus Tip: Video Interviewing .

Video 142

RecruitCon 2018: Video Job Descriptions

HR Daily Advisor

What better way than with a video job description? Attendees had the chance to learn how to create their own video job descriptions by seeing how it’s done firsthand. After the interview was complete, attendees split into two groups.

Video 52

8 Creative Ways to Visualize Ideas with Explainer Videos


Explainer videos are an example of visualization. How can explainer videos transmit complex, intangible concepts? Explainer videos represent a beloved format for learning new things. As far as visualizing ideas is concerned, there’s no better medium than video.

Video 62