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CAPITALIST WEBINAR: What Game of Thrones Can Teach HR About Coaching Styles and Building Teams!!!

The HR Capitalist

Well, it's here. . A FOT webinar mashing HR stuff with Game of Thrones. That’s why we’ve built our next webinar around Game of Thrones. . We’ll wrap up the webinar by telling you what the coaching styles of the 5 characters featured means for their future —and the future of the teams they lead. You’ve signed up for enough boring webinars, right? Oh yeah - you've been thinking it was coming, right?

WEBINAR: What does Game of Thrones have to do with performance coaching?

Steve Boese

But it seems popular with you kids, and even more popular with your pals over at Fistful of Talent - so much so that they have latched on to the idea of tying the show into some lessons for the workplace in the next installment of the FOT free webinar series. That’s why we’ve built our next webinar around Game of Thrones. You’ve signed up for enough boring webinars, right? FOT HR coaching performance webcast webinar


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Unlocking happiness at work: Strategies to fuel purpose and performance

HR Daily Advisor

Complimentary Webinar Sponsored By Halogen Software. In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s more difficult than ever to keep employees engaged and, well, happy. In this webinar, Jennifer will: Debunk happiness myths and explore the hard science of well-being. Demonstrate the business benefits to adopting a health, wellness and happiness strategy. Discuss the role technology plays in building a happier, more innovative workplace culture.

From Recruiting to HR: The Importance of the Candidate-to-Employee Experience


While working in recruiting and HR coordination, I’ve seen the number of employees at Jobvite almost double. After a candidate has become an employee, building a well thought-out onboarding process is crucial for them to start out on the right foot. While transitioning to an HR generalist role, I came full circle from recruiting to HR. Over the past two years, I watched half of our company transition from anxious candidate, to successful employee.

3 Typical Problems First-Time Managers Face—and How to Solve Them

The People Equation

In a webinar with over 900 first-time managers, The Ken Blanchard Companies asked people to list their biggest challenge when they made the leap from individual contributor. Turns out, it’s of high interest to them as well, because research indicates that few companies invest in training new supervisors on the “people” elements of their job. This was the most-cited challenge that people attending the Blanchard webinar faced.

Are You Making The Best Of Your Workforce?


Our own Nina Mehta-Vania, a UK-based talent management consultant, and Tim Pointer, founder of Starboard Thinking, will be discussing this very topic in an upcoming free webinar , so we caught up with Nina to ask her some questions about unlocking employee potential. Read our Q&A with @nina_mehta #HRblogs #webinar Tweet this. Sometimes this means that one group gets left out, other times, it means that an HR team is pulled very thin. Register for the webinar.