How to Create an Outstanding Employee Handbook


An employee handbook is a great way to make onboarding easier. Learn how to create an employee handbook that helps you strengthen culture, boost productivity and retention. The post How to Create an Outstanding Employee Handbook appeared first on Typelane

How To Write And Update Your Employee Handbook For 2020


Employee Handbooks in 2020: The Definitive Guide. Many business owners overlook the importance of a well-written employee handbook. A good handbook serves many purposes. Is your handbook a useful tool for your company? A strong employee handbook will: Set expectations for new hires. In this article, we take a deep dive into employee handbooks: what, why, and how. We’ve organized this guide into five sections: What Is An Employee Handbook?

4 best employee handbooks


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The NLRB’s New Guidance Loosens Reigns on Handbooks

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In our February 2018 issue, we informed you that the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) was “loosening the reins on employer handbook rules” (see the lead article in that issue). Employment Law employees rights employer Handbooks rules

NLRB: 6 reasons to check your handbook policies now

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Here’s a good reason to dust off that employee handbook and re-familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your policies. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently reviewed an employer’s handbook and issued memoranda, offering guidance on the legality of certain policies. While not an official ruling from the NLRB, the advice division’s stances on certain handbook policies can be used as a blueprint for employers creating and updating them.

One Global Handbook to Rule Them All

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Employee handbooks are notoriously boring with a reputation of being one of the most unread documents at work. Employee handbooks are notoriously boring with a reputation of being one of the most unread documents at work. Given that having an employment handbook, no matter your location, is both a requirement as well as a risk management tool, there are ways to make sure it becomes a document that is both easy to manage while also being sure to avoid making it a snooze fest.

Does your handbook say this … ? If so, it’s time for a rewrite

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You can’t tell employees to ‘play nice’ After a union cried foul about some of T-Mobiles policies, the NLRB dug into the telecommunication company’s employee handbook and rules. For example, it said this policy was illegal: “[T-Mobile] expects all employees to behave in a professional manner that promotes efficiency, productivity, and cooperation. handbook policies prohibiting negative comments about fellow team members.

Why Your Business Needs To Graduate Out Of Paper Training Manuals and Employee Handbooks


Is your company still handing out paper training manuals and employee handbooks on new hires’ first day? Being forced to “read and acknowledge” an employee handbook is a thankless task, and verifying they’ve done it is difficult. Unless you have a customized employee manual for every position in your company, your new hire isn’t going to get that information from a handbook. Growth & Productivity

The Who, When, and How of Employee Handbooks

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Yesterday’s Advisor examined how emerging HR issues are shaping handbooks, as reflected in a recent survey conducted by XpertHR. Today, how handbooks are managed. Most organizations need employee handbooks, but there are a lot of questions to be answered: How to distribute (print or digital); how to write, review, and update; how many versions are needed, and so on. By Whom Are Handbooks Prepared? used consultants to prepare their handbook AND added legal review.

5 areas worth revisiting in your company’s 2015 employee handbook


One of the most basic aspects of human capital management that you always need to be mindful of is the need to set the ground rules for your employees – what they can and can’t do, and what basic norms they need to observe in order to keep the workplace “up to code” and productive. […]. HR Compliance ACA Affordable Care Act employee handbook employee leave employee policies Fair Labor Standards Act FLSA hr compliance social media

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees’ Potential- Handbook Now Available For Download


Meaningful work is cited by both SHRM , the Society for Human Resource Management and Deloitte as key to positively influencing employee attitudes and productivity. According to leadership expert Torben Rick , the business case is clear— having engaged employees means a: 51% increase in productivity, a reduction in absenteeism (by an average of 4 days); and a boost in both profitability (19%) and shareholder value (9%). Are your employees as engaged as they can be?

Why Traditional Employee Handbooks Are Dead And What To Do About It


The post Why Traditional Employee Handbooks Are Dead And What To Do About It appeared first on Trainual. Product Training Employee Training Manual Product Features Training ManualsHow likely is it that new hires will sit down with a binder or online pdf and read through the entire thing? If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll admit that this doesn’t actually happen very often.

The Handbook for Engaging Employee Communication


We at HelloTeam are proud to announce that we created The Handbook for Engaging Employee Communication. Employees who feel inspired, connected and engaged are more productive and have higher tenures than their less engaged peers. That’s why we created The Handbook for Engaging Employee Communication. Get our Handbook for Engaging Employee Communication. The post The Handbook for Engaging Employee Communication appeared first on HelloTeam.

8 Reasons You Should Have a Company Employee Handbook


Creating a company employee handbook can seem like a daunting task, but having one brings many benefits. Here are eight reasons your organization should have an employee handbook: 1. Perhaps the most important aspect of your employee handbook is the introduction of new employees to your corporate culture and how they will fit in. This helps to foster a sense of pride and belonging, which studies show will help employees become more productive in a shorter period of time.

What Components Make the Best Employee Handbook?


Fretting over creating the best employee handbook possible might be one of those things. Considering how important an employee handbook is—from keeping your company compliant to creating a seamless onboarding experience for new hires—it stands to reason that any savvy small business owner understands how essential it is to get it right. If you’re a small business owner looking to create the best employee handbook for your company, look no further. Product information.

Boost Your Healthcare Team Productivity with Seamless Technology


Each day your home health care agency or long-term care facility has an open role, this leads to lost productivity. And once these new hires sign their offer letters, it’s critical to get them up to speed and driving productivity for your organization as soon as possible. But the more time each member of your healthcare team spends on paperwork during his or her first day or week, the less time they’ll have to start driving productivity for your organization.

The Case for an Employee Handbook Acknowledgment Form


You’ve worked hard to develop your Employee Handbook. An employee handbook acknowledgment form confirms that staff members have not only been issued the handbook, but comprehend its terms. A good employee handbook gives staff members the information they need to be a productive, valued member of the team. Perhaps most important to protect the business, the handbook must include company policies , procedures, and rules.

5 tips to prevent Pokemon Go from sapping workplace productivity

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If it hasn’t already, the game may negatively impact your workplace and cause productivity levels to drop or potential security breaches. Look over the employee handbook. If you already have gaming covered in your handbook, great! In this week's e-newsletter Management employee handbook social mediaIf you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go by now you’ve possibly been living in an isolated mountain cabin for the past few weeks.

5 Little-Known Policies that Need to Be in Your Employee Handbook


In the past, you may have kept your handbook to a minimum for fear that employees wouldn’t read a novel-size document. Here are five optional, but relevant, HR policies you should consider adding to the next version of your employee handbook. Adding a dress code policy to your employee handbook not only makes it easier to talk to employees who may not be following the policy, but it also gives them a better understanding of what is or isn’t acceptable workplace attire.

From the archives: Santa’s Employee Handbook

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11, 2014, Even Santa needs an employee handbook. The North Pole Employee Handbook: A Guide to Policies, Rules, Regulations and Daily Operations for the Worker at North Pole Industries ” was allegedly found in “the vast confines of a Newark warehouse used to store elf clothing for Christmas displays.” If you’re looking for a good holiday gift for that special HR person in your life, I strongly recommend “ The North Pole Employee Handbook “.

Employee burnout: Don’t prize productivity over your people


A high level of productivity is a positive goal that most workplaces strive to meet. But obsessing over productivity to the extent that you neglect the people doing the work can be a big mistake. When productivity is prized above all else. Let’s say you push productivity hard. When people are absent a lot or resign from your company, you won’t have the manpower to meet output demand, which can impact your bottom line and – ironically – diminish productivity.

Even Santa needs an employee handbook

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The North Pole Employee Handbook: A Guide to Policies, Rules, Regulations and Daily Operations for the Worker at North Pole Industries was allegedly found in “the vast confines of a Newark warehouse used to store elf clothing for Christmas displays.” And, if you think Santa is a pain, the handbook makes it clear that the HR Director, Mrs. Claus, goes without physical attention from Santa during peak production times and can get a tad prickly as a result.

Convert to a Point System – a Simple and Effective Employee Productivity Tool

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Whether their people help drive innovation, create great customer experiences, or follow through on efficiencies, engaged and productive workers typically lead to a successful business. When absenteeism rises, things like morale and productivity begin to suffer.

System 185

Essential steps to creating an emergency plan for your business

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Employers may see increased productivity and reduced costs when they allow a remote work option. Without clear rules, working from home may reduce rather than enhance productivity. What technology will managers and supervisors need to track time, projects and productivity?

9 simple but effective ways to improve employee productivity


But what about employee productivity? It’s entirely possible to have a bunch of happy, engaged employees who love their jobs but aren’t terribly productive or hard-working. It’s also possible to be surrounded by productive employees who aren’t engaged at all. So, how can you ensure your engaged workforce is also as productive as possible? Many times, going back to the basics of good people management is all it takes to generate greater productivity from your workforce.

Is Smartphone Use Killing Productivity?


According to a recent CareerBuilder survey , three out of four employers believe that two or more productive work hours are lost each day because employees are distracted. Two out of three workers say they use it several times a day while working, but only ten percent of workers claim it decreases productivity. Other companies might be more flexible and choose to only address the issue when concerned with a specific employee’s productivity.

How to Have a Recovery-Friendly Workplace

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Every year in this country, drug and alcohol abuse are major contributors to workplace injuries and fatalities, plus they drain employee productivity and costs employers billions in lost productivity and health care. Behavior Drug Testing Employee Handbook & Policies HR Trends Featured substance abuseSubstance abuse in the workplace is a serious liability for employers.

Does the White House have an HR person?


Be sure your company’s policies are clearly stated in the employee handbook and include disciplinary action that will result from policy violations. Have your HR pro update your employee handbook, provide regular trainings on policies, and ensure employees have easy access to the handbook so the temptation to go rogue and use private email or inappropriately discuss confidential information never happens. Every morning I listen to the news.

Product Update: Namely Launches Expanded eSignature


With a recent product update, Namely has extended electronic signature functionality across the entire platform. From the Form I-9 to your employee handbook, there are plenty of notices that could benefit from eSignature. Put the paper and quill away—21st century HR is paperless. The news means that HR teams can now streamline their paperwork through the employee lifecycle, whether it’s an offer letter or even a love contract.

Telework continuation: Legal and fair policies

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And you need to rework your handbook and related policy manuals. You’ll able to determine what positions are best suited to telework based on factors like productivity and project completion. Handbook revisions. Handbooks and Company Policies People Management

Free speech in the workplace: 4 things you can ban employees from talking about

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Companies should strive for inclusion, diversity, and value religious self-expression that does not impact work productivity or culture. Handbooks and Company Policies People Management

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Workplace Benefits

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Because the employees who work for you are the most valuable asset that your company has at its disposal, making sure they are productive and healthy and happy both in and out of the office is a cause worth supporting and encouraging. Bring Your Own Device Compensation & Benefits Culture Employee Handbook & Policies Healthcare Teambuilding Training, Learning & Development Vacation, PTO, Sick Days & Holidays Voluntary Benefits Wellness Featured

Making the Summer ‘Slow’ Season Productive


As everyone gets busy, these new recruits will be able to keep cool and stay productive. Revise Your Employee Handbook. Too many employee handbooks are outdated. Take this chance to go through your handbook and revise it as needed–or even rewrite it! HR Human Resources autumn business owners fall ideas prepare productive refresh slow season suggestions tips waysFor many industries, summer is the slow season.

Quarterly Products and Services Updates from PrismHR – Q3 2018

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Every quarter, PrismHR publishes a Products & Services Update to inform customers of the many developments that occur each quarter relating to product updates, new partnerships, customer support initiatives, and lots more. NEW PRODUCTS & FEATURES.

When staff remains remote: Navigating the dynamics of a split office

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Nationwide Insurance, for example, decided it could afford to permanently shutter regional offices in five states after concluding employees were just as productive working from home as they were in their cubicles. Eligibility to continue working remotely, based on hitting productivity and other goals. The trick is to make sure no one feels left out and everyone is able to work productively. Handbooks and Company Policies People Management

Feeling Bored at Work? Here Are 10 Productive Things To Do

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That can help boost productivity, improve problem-solving, encourage altruism, and allows you time to reflect and reexamine your goals or set new ones. 10 Productive Things To Do When You’re Bored at Work. Read your employee handbook. It’s not uncommon to feel bored at work.

How to legally manage remote employees

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Employers may see increased productivity and reduced costs when they allow a remote work option. Without clear rules, working from home may reduce rather than enhance productivity. Set reasonable and realistic productivity goals for both employee groups.

Dumb HR Policies That Simply Drive Employees Crazy

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Dumb HR policies typically come about when managers and HR people don’t know how to productively lead and manage their workforce and resort to a far-reaching policy when a bit of guidance or coaching could easily fix a problem. HR Insights HR Management Company culture employee handbook HR communications HR management HR policies sick leave vacation The economy has rebounded and recruiters agree that it’s now a candidate’s job market.

Is Workplace Bullying Illegal?

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Most times employees with withdraw, call in sick or be non-productive. Have a strong policy against bullying: According a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, 56 percent of companies have some form of anti-bullying policy that is commonly mentioned in an employee handbook or code of conduct. By Nancy Owen, PHR, Senior HR Consultant, East Coast Risk Management. Workplace bullying is on the rise.

BYOD security considerations: Why you must create a policy

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And staff members possessing the means to connect from any place at any time raises productivity potential, especially while traveling or when an emergency closes the office. Handbooks and Company Policies People ManagementLook at the benefits of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and it is easy to see why both workers and employers often support the arrangement.