What Is Your Onboarding Data Telling You?


An effective onboarding process can have a positive impact on nearly every aspect of your business, from improving retention and engagement to strengthening your company’s culture and employer brand. That’s where your onboarding data comes in. New Hire Onboarding Statistics.

What is the Best Employee Onboarding Process


The benefits of effective employee onboarding are often overlooked. But, done correctly, onboarding will contribute to your organization’s financial health. Onboarding acclimates your new hires to the company and their position within it.


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What Are the Most Important Onboarding Forms?


If you’re paying closer attention to your onboarding process, congratulations. You’re one of the few employers that recognizes that turnover is costly and mostly preventable. Work Institute estimates that the cost of an exiting employee is 33 percent of his annual salary.

What Are the 5 C’s of Onboarding?


Onboarding is the critical first impression that you only get one chance to make. Prior to the pandemic, many companies skated by with a basic onboarding process involving a few forms and an employee handbook. But why is onboarding so important?

CalChamber Hiring Checklist Makes Onboarding Easy


The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly threatened most small businesses, but their ability to be nimble and flexible with a smaller workforce has helped them succeed today, Roberts says in kicking off the podcast. Welcoming New Hires to the Organization.

6 Common Staffing Firm Compliance Issues to Minimize

Essium HRM

They have to be sure candidates and employers are in following the law. In 2013, laws were passed that make the employer and staffing firm responsible for employees, to an extent. Of course, staffing agencies have always had the responsibility of ensuring the safety of employees (i.e.

4 Ways to Use Your Onboarding Technology For More Than Onboarding

HR Bartender

SilkRoad recently launched an online resource center showcasing how Human Resource Management Systems can benefit your bottom line. Enjoy the post!). At this year’s SilkRoad Connections conference, attendees were talking about new ways to use their onboarding solution for more than onboarding. Let’s start at the beginning. We all know what onboarding is. And we all know why onboarding is important. Can’t it just be used for onboarding?

Employee training plan templates — 3 training plan examples

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Offering a strong employee onboarding process as well as ongoing training can help improve employee performance and retention. Developing an employee training plan is a great way to streamline and organize your employee development initiatives. Training materials required.

How to Create an Anti-Harassment Policy: A Practical Guide

Analytics in HR

Workplace harassment occurs more often than you might think, and it can drive away top talent and tarnish a company’s reputation. To avoid this, it’s crucial to have a strategy for combatting harassment. How can your organization create an effective anti-harassment policy?

HR 101: The ABCs of Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment has been a form of unlawful discrimination in the United States since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual harassment, as we understand it today, wasn’t outlined specifically in the landmark legislation. Answer to see the results.

Why Offboarding Employees is Just as Important as Onboarding

Netchex HR Blog

Although often overlooked, offboarding employees is just as important as onboarding. Unfortunately, many employers do only the bare minimum with departing employees. Offboarding is more than just “going through the motions.” Complete the HR process and offboarding paperwork.

How Much Does Onboarding Software Cost?

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Companies may be breathing a collective sigh of relief now that the vaccines have arrived. The end of the pandemic is in sight. Have you thought about what the pandemic’s end means for your employees? Effective onboarding increases employee retention by 82 percent.

You can start playing Taps for your company’s agreements to arbitrate sexual harassment claims

The Employer Handbook

On Tuesday, I warned you that your company’s arbitration agreements for sexual harassment claims might not survive February intact. Folks, they may not make it to the Super Bowl. Yesterday, the Senate passed the measure unanimously by a voice vote.

Why Harassment Training is Important for Your Organization

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Few HR professionals would argue against the value of harassment training for their organizations. And yet, studies and first-person reports continue to indicate that traditional harassment training, by and large, doesn’t work to prevent harassment. .

Sexual harassment in the workplace: a prevention checklist


Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that can be detrimental to your employees—both emotionally and professionally—as well as a serious legal issue for your business. Many states have sexual harassment laws that require employees to receive training. .

How to Embed Diversity and Inclusion in Your Culture Through Training


Learn how to incorporate effective D&I training to ensure this is part of your organizational culture, not just your training program. The post How to Embed Diversity and Inclusion in Your Culture Through Training appeared first on BizLibrary.

4 Ways to Create Effective Sexual Harassment Training

HR Morning

In a study by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), 71 percent of HR professionals said their company conducts sexual harassment prevention training. adults believe changes need to be made to eliminate sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, with 44 percent saying better sexual harassment training is the key. Why sexual harassment training is broken. Improving the effectiveness of sexual harassment training.

Five Safety Training Topics for your Employee Training Program


One way to improve employee safety is to conduct regular safety training meetings or offer safety training courses for your employees. Here are some of the most common employee safety training topics: Equipment Safety. Online Safety.

Improve Your Onboarding Process


*This blog is adapted from the HR Party of One episode, Improve Your Onboarding Process, which you can view below. A lot of organizations are focused on reducing turnover, but most employers don’t appreciate the power of onboarding. Onboarding for retention.

11 steps that you can take now to reduce harassment in your workplace

The Employer Handbook

That sounds more “glass-half-full” than “ Don’t be like the Dallas Mavericks: 11 ways to avoid a Sports Illustrated report chronicling twenty years of allegations of sexual harassment and mismanagement in your workplace. ” Yeah, I’m comfortable with the title of today’s blog post. If you hung around yesterday, you got yourself a primer on the anatomy of a workplace investigation report. But, the franchise has a long way to go.

Scaling Employee Training Videos

Flimp Communications

We’re past the initial scramble of companies and HR managers desperate to improve training video content, challenged to reach remote workers. Today, organizations have produced more engaging employee training content to help new workers hit the ground running.

Your definitive guide to employee training: Why, when and how


Employee training is one of the most significant investments in time and money that your organization may make, but it’s also one of the most critical initiatives impacting the long-term success of any business. Who needs employee training? Training frequency.

Types of employee training programs — which is the right fit?

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Building a solid employee training program is important. Not only does training improve employee performance and ensure that new employees have the skills that they need to excel in their roles, but it can also improve employee engagement and retention. Product training.

Forced Arbitration Prohibited in Sexual Harassment Cases Based on New Law


On March 3, 2022, President Biden signed legislation that bans mandatory arbitration for sexual assault and sexual harassment cases in the workplace. It also prohibits employers from forcing arbitration in future sexual assault or harassment claims. Bringing the problem to light.

Stop Stagnating, Start Scaling, With These Tips For Onboarding New Hires


Is your onboarding process efficient, effective, and excellent? According to Gallup , only 12% of new hires would be able to strongly support the statement that their organization does a great job onboarding new employees. In fact, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), you can expect to lose up to half of your workforce within the first 18 months of their hire date. Onboarding Quadrant One: Assured Compliance.

Use your LMS to automate onboarding


According to one report , the average U.S. In addition, onboarding accounts for a significant expense. According to an analysis by GlassDoor , just the paperwork and administrative parts of onboarding can be costly. For example, let’s say a company hires 50 employees each year, and the recruiter earns $25 an hour and spends 10 hours processing documents. That’s a total of $12,500 spent just on this portion of the process. . Customize Learning.

7 Modules Your Compliance Training Resources Must Include


Compliance training is usually a part of every employee’s initial training process. Compliance training resources and modules generally consist of a long list of code of conduct which includes topics such as anti-harassment, bribery, FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practice Act), protection of company data, client interactions, usage of company property and data security, etc. Are your Compliance Training Resources Effective? How to Deliver Compliance Training?


Virtual onboarding: The new way to welcome your recent hires

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How do you successfully onboard new remote hires so that they hit the ground running and are successful from day one? Ensuring that the culture, strategy, and company values are translated to new employees is critical to their ongoing success. What is virtual onboarding?

Onboarding New Employees with Social Learning


The field of psychology is ripe with revelations for human resources managers. One of the most interesting aspects of psychological influences is that they are constantly affecting us, whether it’s intentional or unintentional. Social learning theory, proposed by renowned psychologist Albert Bandura, is the idea that people learn through observation. The children in the control group saw adults playing with other toys and ignoring the doll.

The Daily Rundown: New York to Strengthen Sexual Harassment Laws


Welcome to the Small Business Run Down. Today, New York toughens sexual harassment laws, Southwest offers small business owners lots of points, business owners struggle to speak banker and insurance costs to jump. New York Passes Tough Sexual Harassment Legislation. The New York state legislature passed a package of tougher sexual harassment laws. The state’s governor is expected to sign the legislation. The Number: 109. The Number: $199.

Netchex Multiplex: HR Strategies for the Worst Movie Bosses

Netchex HR Blog

In movies, it’s relatable and sympathetic to root for the protagonist against their boss. Throughout the years, there have been countless bad guy bosses in movies. While some are more memorable than others, most movie bosses fall into one of the several distinct categories.

Develop an All-round Employee Onboarding Program (Checklist)


All organisations must consider the very first day of a new employee as an opportunity. An opportunity to present the best aspects of their institution and make them feel welcomed. The goal is to get the new recruits on board with a professional employee onboarding procedure.

6 Most Important Employee Training Topics That Your Organization Should Consider


With the growing need for excellence in the workplace, the value of employee training is also rising. However, many times companies face doubts regarding the topics that they have to cover in their employee training programs. Prevention against Harassment.

How to Improve Your Onboarding Process (COVID & Remote Work Issues for 2021)


How to improve your onboarding process? 2021 workplace changes affect onboarding. Then update their employee onboarding checklists and employee handbooks accordingly. Start the new year by aligning onboarding with carefully-considered policies.

Creating a Culture of Compliance for a Safer, More Respectful Workplace


The post Creating a Culture of Compliance for a Safer, More Respectful Workplace appeared first on BizLibrary. Compliance and Safety anti-harassment diversity manager training multi-generational workforce onboarding workplace safety

Netchex Multiplex: How would HR handle your favorite movie characters?

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They still slip through the cracks occasionally and get hired. Knowing HR strategies on how to handle these troublesome employees is just as important as avoiding them in the first place. The New Hire. Harry Potter (Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone). Is the boss nice?

Work in the Time of COVID-19: Why Re-Onboarding Your Staff is Critical

EverFi - HR

We often consider the onboarding experience , “the process of integrating an employee with a company and its culture, as well as providing [the employee] the tools and information needed to become a productive member of the team”, as one exclusive to new employees.

Sexual Harassment Compliance Mandates: Everything You Need to Know in 2021


Preventing sexual harassment has been on the agenda for most companies since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 , which prohibits sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. A poorly thought-out sexual harassment policy can easily backfire.

What's New in 2022- State and Local Minimum Wage Guide


The following guide will help you understand the newest wage changes, as well as important points on sexual harassment and discrimination training-- so let's get started! hr onboarding Benefits Compliance company culture

How To Build Your Company’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy


Admittedly, the fact that I represent several underrepresented communities did not make this task any easier. The stakes were extraordinarily high. And with today’s ongoing fight for equality here in the US, failure was not an option! Now imagine the same scenario.