You can start playing Taps for your company’s agreements to arbitrate sexual harassment claims

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On Tuesday, I warned you that your company’s arbitration agreements for sexual harassment claims might not survive February intact. Folks, they may not make it to the Super Bowl. Yesterday, the Senate passed the measure unanimously by a voice vote.

Sexual Harassment Training Requirements in California for Employees and Employers


California lawmakers take allegations of workplace sexual harassment seriously. California’s mandate that employers provide sexual harassment prevention training is a longstanding requirement. Before 2019, only large employers had to provide the training.


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HR 101: The ABCs of Sexual Harassment


Sexual harassment has been a form of unlawful discrimination in the United States since the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual harassment, as we understand it today, wasn’t outlined specifically in the landmark legislation. Answer to see the results.

Sexual harassment in the workplace: a prevention checklist


Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that can be detrimental to your employees—both emotionally and professionally—as well as a serious legal issue for your business. Many states have sexual harassment laws that require employees to receive training. .

4 Ways to Create Effective Sexual Harassment Training

HR Morning

In a study by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), 71 percent of HR professionals said their company conducts sexual harassment prevention training. adults believe changes need to be made to eliminate sexual harassment and assault in the workplace, with 44 percent saying better sexual harassment training is the key. Why sexual harassment training is broken.

Forced Arbitration Prohibited in Sexual Harassment Cases Based on New Law


On March 3, 2022, President Biden signed legislation that bans mandatory arbitration for sexual assault and sexual harassment cases in the workplace. It also prohibits employers from forcing arbitration in future sexual assault or harassment claims.

The Daily Rundown: New York to Strengthen Sexual Harassment Laws


Welcome to the Small Business Run Down. Today, New York toughens sexual harassment laws, Southwest offers small business owners lots of points, business owners struggle to speak banker and insurance costs to jump. New York Passes Tough Sexual Harassment Legislation. The New York state legislature passed a package of tougher sexual harassment laws. The state’s governor is expected to sign the legislation. The Number: 109.

Sexual Harassment Compliance Mandates: Everything You Need to Know in 2021


Preventing sexual harassment has been on the agenda for most companies since Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 , which prohibits sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. The definition of sexual harassment.

Employee training plan templates — 3 training plan examples

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Offering a strong employee onboarding process as well as ongoing training can help improve employee performance and retention. Developing an employee training plan is a great way to streamline and organize your employee development initiatives. Training materials required.

11 steps that you can take now to reduce harassment in your workplace

The Employer Handbook

That sounds more “glass-half-full” than “ Don’t be like the Dallas Mavericks: 11 ways to avoid a Sports Illustrated report chronicling twenty years of allegations of sexual harassment and mismanagement in your workplace. ” Yeah, I’m comfortable with the title of today’s blog post. If you hung around yesterday, you got yourself a primer on the anatomy of a workplace investigation report. The Message to Management.

CalChamber Hiring Checklist Makes Onboarding Easy


The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have greatly threatened most small businesses, but their ability to be nimble and flexible with a smaller workforce has helped them succeed today, Roberts says in kicking off the podcast. Welcoming New Hires to the Organization.

Your HR Recommendations Being Dismissed? Helpful Tips on What to Do


Human resources professionals often have some of the most difficult conversations in the workplace. Whether they need to mediate workplace conflict or craft policies that comply with state and federal laws, the advice HR professionals provide can be an invaluable asset to businesses.

Types of employee training programs — which is the right fit?

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Building a solid employee training program is important. Not only does training improve employee performance and ensure that new employees have the skills that they need to excel in their roles, but it can also improve employee engagement and retention. Product training.

As we approach the the holiday season, remember to protect your seasonal workers

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Our first full day of London sightseeing is in the books. Not only did I leave and return home to our VRBO with four children — #DadOfTheYear — but I also found a suitable protector for the many barrels of local whiskey that I’m gate-checking at Heathrow when I return home. The U.S. While the agency’s authority is broad, it does prioritize certain issues and groups that may require extra protection. Sexual Harassment

What's New in 2022- State and Local Minimum Wage Guide


The following guide will help you understand the newest wage changes, as well as important points on sexual harassment and discrimination training-- so let's get started! hr onboarding Benefits Compliance company culture

6 Most Important Employee Training Topics That Your Organization Should Consider


With the growing need for excellence in the workplace, the value of employee training is also rising. However, many times companies face doubts regarding the topics that they have to cover in their employee training programs. Prevention against Harassment.

How to Create an Anti-Harassment Policy: A Practical Guide

Analytics in HR

Workplace harassment occurs more often than you might think, and it can drive away top talent and tarnish a company’s reputation. To avoid this, it’s crucial to have a strategy for combatting harassment. How can your organization create an effective anti-harassment policy?

HELP WANTED: CEO, especially one who isn’t a damn knuckledragger!

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In February, a female Uber employee blogging under the pseudonym Amy Vertino blew the lid off of what she alleged to be a corporate culture of misogyny and other rampant discrimination. Recently, there have been several additional high-profile stories of alleged sex discrimination and harassment at the very top of the ladder. But, allegations of sexism in the C-Suite have been around long before Uber, Fox News, and Mad Men. Sex Sexual Harassment

How Much Does Onboarding Software Cost?

ExactHire - Startups

Companies may be breathing a collective sigh of relief now that the vaccines have arrived. The end of the pandemic is in sight. Have you thought about what the pandemic’s end means for your employees? Effective onboarding increases employee retention by 82 percent.

Use your LMS to automate onboarding


According to one report , the average U.S. In addition, onboarding accounts for a significant expense. According to an analysis by GlassDoor , just the paperwork and administrative parts of onboarding can be costly. For example, let’s say a company hires 50 employees each year, and the recruiter earns $25 an hour and spends 10 hours processing documents. That’s a total of $12,500 spent just on this portion of the process. . Customize Learning.

Virtual onboarding: The new way to welcome your recent hires

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How do you successfully onboard new remote hires so that they hit the ground running and are successful from day one? Ensuring that the culture, strategy, and company values are translated to new employees is critical to their ongoing success. What is virtual onboarding?

How to Handle Workplace Investigations: A Guide for California Employers


The Golden State has the largest state wage-and-hour state enforcement agency in the country. In addition, employers have to contend with a state legislature that has been quite active of over the past several years. The companies denied the accusations.

Are You Getting a Return on Your Investment in Employee Training?


Businesses don’t always know if the employee training they’ve invested in will produce the results they want. Many simply believe that improving employees’ skills is worth the time and money, even when it doesn’t necessarily guarantee the results they want.

Workplace Compliance: Clarify The Hot-Button Issues You Can’t Ignore Anymore


The goal is to protect your employees, customers, and your business. Train managers, HR, executives, and employees. Onboarding programs. Training materials. When crafting your policy, address the following: Good faith estimate of employee schedules.

HR Priorities for Healthcare Organizations in 2019


We asked a number of healthcare leaders about what they see as major priorities for HR professionals in the industry in the coming year. Healthcare jobs will rank among the fastest-growing sectors in the United States through 2026, with about 2.3 million new jobs, according to projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This effort is especially important in the healthcare industry, where companies provide care for diverse populations.

How to Improve Your Onboarding Process (COVID & Remote Work Issues for 2021)


How to improve your onboarding process? 2021 workplace changes affect onboarding. Then update their employee onboarding checklists and employee handbooks accordingly. Start the new year by aligning onboarding with carefully-considered policies.

M&A Friday! This Week’s HR Deals


Our weekly recap of funding, mergers & acquisition, and partnership news from the human resource, recruitment and employee benefits marketplace is below. Smart ERP Solutions, Provider of Smart Onboarding, Acquires Provade. Sign up for our weekly email summary of the week’s funding, M&A, partnership and other timely news from the HR technology, recruitment, talent management and employee benefits space. Learn more and watch a video. Happy Friday.

PlatCore Learning Management System 3.0


PlatCore’s latest release shows our devotion to the learner experience. Since inception, PlatCore has been built ‘with people in mind , ‘ and this release goes even further to meet consumer-grade expectations for learning. the course overview page and 3.)

HR for restaurants explained


If you’re the owner or operator of a growing restaurant, you’re probably no stranger to working with tight budgets and narrow profit margins. . Give your team the tools they deserve. Learn more. Benefits of HR in the restaurant industry. Onboarding software.

Keeping up to date on 6 critical HR activities

HR Morning

How can you find the information you need to be sure you’re compliant with changes in relevant laws and regulations? The best way is to identify at least one reliable source of information for each of the six primary “buckets” of HR: Hiring, Discipline, Termination, Recordkeeping and Retention, Administering Policies and Procedures and Legal Updates. Remember, hiring is HR’s greatest responsibility and the source of greatest value to any organization.

How Compliance Training Can Improve Workplace Culture

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

More often than not, HR professionals prioritize hiring, onboarding and talent management over compliance training. But what many HR professionals don’t realize is that compliance training programs and strong company culture are inextricably connected. A recent survey by Gartner explored the importance of company culture in compliance initiatives and found that employees in positive company cultures are 90% less likely to observe misconduct.

Hiring New Talent? Use This Employee Onboarding Checklist


You finally found that perfect candidate for the role you’re trying to fill– the hiring process can be long and arduous but you’re excited to get the perfect new hire up and running. You thought the hard part was over, but where do you begin when it comes to teaching this new employee the ins and outs of the job? First thing’s first, you want to get them up to date on the company handbook and safety procedures. Safety Training.

Top 6 HR Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

Advanced Learning Institute

Human resources will always be about people—but it’s truly amazing the way technology continues to shift the way HR teams operate. Here are the top six HR technology trends for all human resources professionals to watch in the coming year. Trend #1: New Sexual Harassment Reporting Options. HR Dive writes it’s “imperative” HR departments prioritize and refine their sexual harassment policies and procedures in the #MeToo era.

6 Ways Video Can Take Your Onboarding From Blah To Bam!


As HR pros know, onboarding new hires is one of the most important parts of the talent recruitment processes. Successful onboarding can make a new employee feel immediately at home and like an integral part of the team, and the faster you can make this happen, the happier and more productive your new employee will be. In fact, we’re pretty sure that video will take your onboarding from ho-hum-blah to BAM!

The other side of the coin on the appropriate response to harassment

Ohio Employer's Law

Last week I discussed the importance of a timely and effective remedial response by an employer to an employee’s harassment complaint. Today, I examine the other side of the coin—what happens when an employer does not take proactive steps to eliminate harassment from the workplace. The allegations of sexual harassment in Ellis v. While those allegations are bad, the company’s response was even worse.

How to Engage and Train Your Restaurant Workers Effectively

Rallyware for Human Resources

There are over one million restaurants in the US. It is forecasted that by 2026, there will be approximately 16 million people working in the restaurant industry, suggesting tougher competition in the future. Only with a strong and dedicated team of professionals and enthusiasts, is it possible to achieve success both in the quality of your service and the ability to stand out among your competitors. in 2015 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Should you include freelancers in your talent development program?

Fast Company The Future of Work

Freelancing is on the rise–and so is integration of freelancers into organizational teams. The “2018 Future Workforce” report from freelancing website Upwork, released in February, found that 59% of hiring managers are using flexible talent–freelancers, temporary, and agency workers–which is more than double the 2017 percentage (24%). At the same time, Americans have embraced freelancing as a career choice. The U.S.

SHRM Exposition Special: New Onboarding and Performance Management Software

HR Daily Advisor

Today, information on groundbreaking software that streamlines performance management and onboarding. BambooHR, well known for its HR management software, has added two major components for performance appraisal and orientation, CEO Ben Peterson announced at the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s Annual Conference and Exposition, held recently in Law Vegas. Self-Onboarding Software. Learn More. Interviewing tips to help you get to the truth.

Anna Brightman of UpCircle Beauty: “Do not feel obliged to take onboard everyone’s advice”

Thrive Global

Do not feel obliged to take onboard everyone’s advice. As part of my series about young people who are making an important social impact”, I had the pleasure of interviewing Anna Brightman. She just never stops and I think some of her work ethic has rubbed off on me?—?and

The Changing Role of Human Resource Management – HRM


The function within an organisation that is focussed towards recruitment, management, and offering direction to the people of the organisation is termed as Human Resource Management (HRM). In other words, all the processes and programs that are centred in and around people are part of the HR umbrella. Additional activities which are sponsored by the HR management includes community and employee outreach.