The Skills Obsession: The Third Age of Human Capital Management


The conversation focused on skills, a topic Pryor knows well based on his own experience as a human capital practitioner, his extensive writing and research, his collaboration with academics (“geeking out with other thought leaders,” as he describes it), and his experience talking with Workday customers. But I had an opportunity to use this type of prediction machine with Workday's talent marketplace capability. Talent Management HR Transformation Talent Human Resources

Brandon Hall Group Seeks to Understand 2022 Human Capital Management Priorities

Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall Group hopes to learn about organizations’ concerns in Learning and Development, Talent Management, Leadership Development, Talent Acquisition, HR/Workforce Management, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and the Future of Work/Digital Transformation. Brandon Hall Group will ask respondents to identify their plans and priorities for all areas of human capital management in 2022.


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From Digital HR to Human Capital Management – How HR has evolved


Human resources (HR) is evolving fast. Right now, talent – how to find it, how to keep it and, how to build on it – has become the biggest challenge facing HR professionals today. Understanding how HR has changed, including the new demands placed on HR professionals, is critical to effective people management. In a bid to keep talent high, employers are increasingly finding themselves trying to satisfy growing employee expectations.

The 10 HCM tech tools that deliver immediate business impact


Kostoulas highlighted the 10 HCM technologies that deliver an immediate business impact, in no particular order.

Acendre Unveils Federal Government Human Capital Trends to Watch in 2019


Arlington, VA, January 17, 2019 – Acendre , a worldwide leader in cloud-based talent management software, today announced the immediate availability of its “2019 Federal Government Market Trends to Watch” report. With challenges and opportunities presented by the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) workforce reforms, federal human capital leaders face a year of change.

Skills Provide an Objective Data Foundation and Common Language


Biased ratings and skill assessments from managers (as highlighted in the first piece in our series ). I’ll talk more about the human side of skills initiatives and how they create value for people and the business, but first I want to explain the fundamental value of skills data.

How DXC Embraced Digital Transformation to Become a Truly Merged Organization


The employees who came from the two legacy companies had separate finance and human resources (HR) processes—with little integration between them. We’re introducing new functionality to our employees and managers, while we continue to harmonize and streamline in the background.

5 major trends today’s job seekers are watching


For corporate leaders who keep a focus on human capital management , it’s important to keep a close watchful eye on the ways that work is changing over time. While many workers are optimistic that in the long run, they’ll find comfortable positions, there’s a still a little bit of panic that in the immediate future, they’ll have trouble getting jobs. ” Clearly, even happy employees are curious about taking their talents elsewhere.

Making their Mark in HCM Technology: 2020 Ceridian Insights Conference Takeaways

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Ceridian saw an opening in the HCM technology market to provide employees with the power to manage their own money. They are also providing talent managers with insights into the skills of the workforce to ease the hiring process and help them bring in top talent.

10 HCM Trends to Watch For in 2017


Managers will have to evolve how to develop, reward and retain employees in an enjoyable working environment to compete effectively in the job market.”. Eric Schuster, VP, Product Management @ericschuster. Recruiting and retaining top talent will continue to be a challenge and priority for leading organizations. Maurice Fernandes, Manager, Employment Brand & HR Social Media @MoeRecruits. Leaders must be talent managers.

Hiring Students is a Win-Win-Win Scenario


By Gerry Hawkins, Mobile Development Manager, Ceridian. Another benefit of having a student on the team that might not be as immediately obvious, is it offers your current employees an opportunity to act as a mentor. But these programs also allow companies to find proven talent who can fill open requisitions upon graduation. A senior software development manager with a successful history of building high performance teams. .

Key steps to building a values-based culture


following a merger or acquisition), (2) the recognition of a competitive marketplace, and (3) an ever-changing talent pool. Provide simple opportunities to immediately apply what is learned. Lisa currently leads Ceridian’s North American Employee and Leadership Learning Team and oversees all Leadership Training Programs and the Talent Excellence Program. As a manager, Lisa has worked in broadcast communications, organizational safety and Employee Assistance Programs.

Global Talent Management

Working Girl

I once managed a German project team and early on (before I really got the Germans) I sent a short ''nice job'' email to one of the consultants. I took the hint and immediately desisted with unwanted personal observations and everyone was much happier. Key Takeaway: Management styles are different everywhere and the successful global manager should keep this in mind and adapt his or her management style accordingly.

4 ways your organization can find top talent like an NFL team


Finding great talent is the key to success in business. “One of the keys to having a balanced team in the NFL is the ability to acquire the right talent,” Walters explained. ” Just as great talent sourcing is invaluable in the NFL, it can work for your organization as well. Below are four tips for transforming your organization into one that finds top talent just like an NFL team: Look for talent everywhere.

Radically Human: Redefining HCM


As defined by Gartner , Human Capital Management (HCM) is a set of practices focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies in three categories: workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimization. which integrated enterprise resource planning and other talent management features, in an attempt to streamline processes and improve efficiency across the organization. The economics of talent.

Great leadership isn't about you

Working Girl

This focus on the leader is due at least in part to a flawed belief that people leave managers, which is true to a point. I mean, I’ve left a couple of bad managers myself, but like most easy answers it’s incomplete. Here’s why: Let’s say you have a crappy manager in a great company. If the company’s so awesome except for your lousy manager, you would probably consider changing managers within the company before leaving entirely.

24 Percent of Employees Experience Burnout From Going Back to Work After Vacation


The survey showed that of the 1,512 participants, 24 percent of people who return from vacation say, “The positive effects of vacation time – such as more energy and feeling less stress – disappear immediately upon returning to work. ” Why is there such a high percentage of people feeling burnout either immediately or just a few days after upon returning to work from vacation? Talent Managers Reveal ‘Gig Workers’ are Becoming the New Normal.

How to Find, Hire and Lead Great Talent

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I don’t believe in the war for talent. Yes, there are some specialized skills that are challenging to acquire but since most people are dissatisfied at work for largely the same reasons involving company culture, managers and rewards, even ‘hard to find talent’ is open to making a change. Have a talent pipeline: One of your jobs as a manager is to have a rolodex of potential talent you’d like in your team should the right opportunity arise.

How to Increase User Adoption of Your LMS Before, During and After Implementation

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

New tech adoption can be particularly difficult for hard for talent management processes like succession planning and career management because they don't equate to an immediate value-add for some employees. In order to ensure that a new system is adopted smoothly, it's important to adjust company processes, says Anne Marie Vincent , senior director of Human Capital Management for Cornerstone and a consultant at IT company DXC Technology.

ClearCompany’s 2021 Product Roundup | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

We know your goal is to hire the right people for the job and keep that top talent at your organization. We also know how talent management software can help you achieve those goals. In 2021, @ClearCompany made product updates to help users navigate the changing talent landscape.

Rethinking the Annual Performance Appraisal


For decades, the annual performance appraisal has been a staple of any human capital management or talent management approach. Today, employees are looking for opportunities to provide and receive more immediate feedback, and managers are looking for fairer methods for evaluating performance, assessing training, mapping career paths, deciding on promotions, and incentivizing with increases and bonuses.

Benefits and Process of Payroll and HCM Integration


Human Capital Management (HCM) covers a broad area of important business activity. Payroll Management is an integral component of HCM, because it is necessary for ensuring that employees are compensated fairly and accurately.

Perceptyx’s Recent Acquisitions Empower Organizations to Have Better Conversations with Their Workforce

Brandon Hall

On Wednesday, July 14, Perceptyx acquired Waggl, an employee voice platform and CultureIQ, a culture management solution. This made immediate sense due to Perceptyx’s unique blend of technology and service. Now, Perceptyx can continue to differentiate by creating a continuous conversation between the workforce and the organization that generates immediate and actionable insights.

SumTotal Recognized in Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence in Technology Awards


When it comes learning and talent development, Brandon Hall Group, a research and analyst firm in the human capital management HCM space, provides research, data and expertise. This vision is what has driven advancements in our SumTotal Talent Development solution.

5 Strategies to Effectively Manage Uncertainty

Brandon Hall

Even though managing day-to-day work is going reasonably well, employers are juggling several concerns, especially around maintaining performance and employee health and safety. Top Concerns* in Managing Ongoing Disruption. Employers say their biggest human capital management challenges over the next six months will be retaining talent, employee engagement and acquiring new talent, though 15 distinct challenges are rated at least 3 on a 5-point scale.

Brandon Hall Group Study to Look at Predicting Performance to Adapt to the Future of Work

Brandon Hall

Brandon Hall Group, the leading independent HCM research and analyst firm, recently launched a new study to look at how organizations are changing their approach to performance management to adapt to the future of work. Organizations that leverage potential as the driver behind succession planning, career development, learning and development and other talent processes will have a competitive advantage.

Study 32

How to Develop Great Coaches and Mentors

Brandon Hall

Less than half (46%) believe developing workplace coaches and mentors is important or critical to their business and talent strategies. Brandon Hall Group asks about the importance of coaching and mentoring in several of our studies because it relates to learning, performance management, leadership development, engagement and more. A manager coaching employee performance is different than career coaching or coaching leaders. Current State.

Best Practices for Effective Change Management Communications


Earlier in the year we sat down with Avature’s guru of all things change management, Jacklyn Giannitrapani, for an in-depth interview on the topic. And while we covered a lot of ground in our wide ranging discussion, we mainly focused on the change management basics.

Reframing Career Development with an Opportunity Marketplace

Brandon Hall

Talent retention is a huge concern for employers. Employees leave for many reasons, such as dissatisfaction with management or pay and benefits. Career Development, which has long lagged behind other talent processes — even performance management! — While some employees still see career growth as moving up the vertical management ladder, an increasing number see it as having a variety of opportunities to grow beyond their current roles. Current State.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, June 22-July 5, 2020

Brandon Hall

The analyst team provides new data and insights on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on human capital management. Other focuses of the past two weeks include women in leadership, a talent-acquisition technology selection guide and profiles of technology providers in learning, talent management, talent acquisition and workforce management. SAP Litmos is an industry-leading Learning Management System that exemplifies the term “ease of use.”

Brandon Hall Group Research, October 2021

Brandon Hall

5 Strategies to Effectively Manage Uncertainty Six in 10 organizations say they are effectively handling ongoing workforce disruptions related to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Brandon Hall Group’s pulse survey, How Can We Improve Work? This Strategy Brief offers five high-level strategies for managing the complex and sometimes competing challenges you face. . HCMx Radio 180: Reinvigorating the Talent Management Process. Talent Acquisition.

ConAgra Foods Fights Child Hunger [VIDEO]

SAP Innovation

In an interview with ConAgra Foods’ director of talent management, KC Bradley, I asked about the corporate culture at the company and its social corporate responsibility initiatives. Immediately her face brightened. “I Ideally, in the future, KC wants to apply ConAgra Foods’ new cloud-based human capital management solutions provided by SuccessFactors, an SAP Company , to help with community involvement.

Three Ways to Boost Engagement with Remote Workers


One reason for this shift is that companies are balancing the cost of physical real estate for their teams against savings from letting people work virtually, and another is the ability to access key talent in markets where the company may not have an office. It’s fine to send an email after hours, but don’t expect an immediate response until you make it clear that it’s an emergency. Develop talent and career paths.

Two International Gold Awards for ??bank’s HR Practices

Brandon Hall

3 September 2020 – Making significant investments in both banking operations and human resources in the fields of technological innovation and digitalization, ??bank bank has been awarded two gold awards at “Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence 2020 Awards”, an industry-leading international award program. We updated our pandemic and crisis management plans and took some preventive measures.

4 strategies to recruit for the long-term good of your business


Many human capital management leaders see their role as one that’s all about meeting the needs of today. Their companies have certain roles that are open and certain skills they need right now, so they devote their time and energy almost exclusively to meeting the immediate demands placed on them. Recruitment & Talent Management HCM hiring hiring manager interview skills interviewing recruiting

New Research: Key Takeaways from the NADA 2017 Dealership Workforce Study


As a leader in retail automotive human capital management and strategic partner of NADA, we pulled together a summary of key findings. In this summary, we’ll focus on four findings specific to hiring and talent management, and immediate actions you can take to stay ahead of the curve and build your best retail automotive team.

Reimagining a Better Workplace, Even if it Not by Choice

Brandon Hall

By Cliff Stevenson , Principal Analyst, Talent Management and Workforce Management. Managing remote workers has always been different than managing local employees, but what I had not realized is that managing remotely now is much different than managing remotely a year ago. What are some strategies and ideas to consider when managing in this time?

Go Beyond “Just Numbers” and People Analytics to Gain Buy-In for HR Programs


As advocates for strategic excellence in HR planning and execution, federal agency Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) and their teams work hard in assembling the metrics required to justify increased budget investments for recruitment, onboarding, training, engagement and succession initiatives. At the recent Human Capital Management for Government (HCMG) Conference in Alexandria, Va.,

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 13-17, 2020

Brandon Hall

The third edition of the remote work playbook and an eBook and webinar on upskilling and managing learning during and after the pandemic provides critical resources you need to successfully manage the crisis. Playbook: Managing Remotely During Disruption (3 rd Edition). But as the coronavirus pandemic reshapes the workplace, the digital transformation of learning must occur immediately. Talent Management. People Management During the COVID-19 Crisis.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, July 6-12, 2020

Brandon Hall

EY’s Glenn Scott, Senior Manager, Advisory Services for Performance Improvement talks with Brandon Hall Group COO Rachel Cooke about how corporate leaders can best help employees cope with the physical and emotional challenges of the continuing workplace evolution driven by the coronavirus pandemic. Talent Acquisition. But as the coronavirus pandemic reshapes the workplace, the digital transformation of learning must occur immediately.