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The Top 5 Employee Engagement Challenges That Government Agencies Face

Cornerstone On Demand

Human capital managers at government agencies face many challenges thanks to strict budgets, set compliance policies and an organizational hesitancy to change the status quo. But in order to build a bench of future leaders, agencies must pay more strategic attention to succession planning.

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9 Effective Talent Management Strategies in 2024


What Is a Talent Management Strategy? Talent management is a workplace practice that helps companies recruit and create a talent pool that is productive and committed to the organization in the long run. Why Implement Talent Management Practices?


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What Is Human Capital Management & Why Is It Important?

HR Tech Girl

The practice of human capital management, or “HCM” for short, has become increasingly prevalent in the last few decades. Definition of human capital and human capital management. Examples of human capital activities and initiatives. Elements of a human capital management system.

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10 Best Succession Planning Software in 2023

Recruiters Lineup

Succession planning is a crucial aspect of any organization. It helps businesses to identify and develop talent within their company and ensure a smooth transition of leadership and management positions. However, managing the succession planning process can be challenging without the right tools.

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The Future of Human Capital Management


Today’s HR practices focus on engaging and empowering employees and key company stakeholders, and HCM systems are expanding well beyond managing talent and into uncharted territories based on the needs of diverse companies and industries. The post The Future of Human Capital Management appeared first on EmployeeConnect.

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How to Develop a Talent Management Framework for Your Organization

Analytics in HR

A solid talent management framework helps organizations execute their talent management strategy and improve performance. Contents What is a talent management framework? Why does your organization need a talent management framework? What is a talent management framework?

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Choosing the Right Succession Planning Solution: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Organisation (Top 5 Tools in 2023) 

Accendo Technologies

Succession planning is essential for organisations to ensure smooth leadership transitions and continuity. Author: Sheu Quen Sheu Quen is a seasoned writer with a passion for talent management in the HR industry. Why Succession Planning is Important Succession planning holds a paramount position in the corporate world.