2021 Workforce Report by @iCIMS – 84% of HR Pros Believe Their Diversity Recruiting Sucks!

The Tim Sackett Project

I love workforce data and you love workforce data, so I’m super excited to share my breakdown of iCIMS’s latest report on the 2021 Workforce. Let’s breakdown the iCIMS 2021 Workforce Report : . If you’re not doing it as a recruiter, you should be fired.

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Feeling good yet? / iCIMS Recruit

Strategic HCM

Of course, this means that if you’re in recruitment or retention, you perhaps shouldn’t be feeling as good as you are! . Recruitment in particular is likely to quickly become a lot more challenging: . Recruiters are going to have to be really smart to attract the best people away from their competitors to fill the increasing number of vacancies. . As the recruitment world becomes more fast paced, HR professionals will have less time to get more done.

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OutMatch Partners with iCIMS to Elevate the Recruiter Experience Through Prime Assessments Integration


DALLAS, TX, November 20, 2019 – OutMatch, a Talent Discovery Platform that delivers data-driven insights to empower companies to select the right people, drive career growth, and discover hidden talent announced an enhanced integration with iCIMS , the leading best-in-class talent acquisition solutions provider. The Prime Assessments integration provides recruiters with a deeper understanding of their talent pool, all with a frictionless experience for candidates. About iCIMS.

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PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 266 - iCIMS and the Talent Acquisition Technology Suite

Steve Boese

HR Happy Hour 266 - iCIMS and the Talent Acquisition Technology Suite. Guests: Colin Day, Chairman and CEO, iCIMS ; Susan Vitale, CMO, iCIMS. Additionally, we talked about the need for organizations to better integrate their different talent acquisition technology solutions with their 'core' systems, and how iCIMS is approaching that challenge and providing a platform to enable organizations to build integrated solutions.

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5 Engaging “Overlays” For iCims ATS Job Pages


If you’re an iCIMS client, you might want more engaging job descriptions than the out-of-the-box iCIMS job page which often looks something like this: Below are 5 examples of iCIMS clients using “overlays” to give themselves job pages with stronger branding and candidate engagement. Hero Image — Another element that is not included on an out-of-the-box, default iCims ATS job page. Options for Overlays to your iCIMS Job Pages.

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Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech – iCIMS buys TextRecruit

The Tim Sackett Project

iCIMS made big news this week by acquiring the best-of-breed recruiting software TextRecruit. One of my 2018 predictions was that ‘Text’ messaging for recruiting would go mainstream. Sure your recruiters are sending text messages to some candidates through their personal smartphones, but all that data is lost. So, what does this merger of iCIMS and TextRecruit mean? are now even farther behind iCIMS from a capability standpoint.

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John Sumser: Three heads are better than one; iCIMS points a way forward


I recently visited the iCIMS campus in Holmdel, N.J. I was on site for iCIMS’ annual conference, which blends analysts and customers, and I spoke on a panel about what people need to know and do to be smart about using AI in HR tech. iCIMS sees itself as the buffer between innovation and the customer. iCIMS prefers to watch the market closely and improve ideas that have demonstrated utility. iCIMS is not trying to pretend that it isn’t a software company.

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Breaking Down the Economic Influence in Talent with iCIMS Chief Economist Josh Wright (Podcast)


On our latest episode of Hiring On All Cylinders , hosts Sean Simerly and Lisa Holden catch up with iCIMS Chief Economist Josh Wright live from HR Tech. As an industry-leading applicant tracking system, iCIMS has accumulated an incredible amount of hiring data that can be pieced together to uncover patterns in the way that employers identify and hire talent.

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iCIMS Analyst Event: Building an Ecosystem

Brandon Hall

Last week I attended the compelling iCIMs Analyst Event in beautiful San Diego. iCIMS’ focus is both simple and strong: “to help clients win the talent war by providing the best talent acquisition software on a pure SaaS platform.” Underneath that focus lies the strategy to help accomplish that objective, especially in the way iCIMS is building out its partner ecosystem. Many of iCIMS’ customers are new to applicant tracking systems.

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How to Identify Bottlenecks in Your Recruitment Process

HR Bartender

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is brought to you by our friends at iCIMS , a leading provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) talent acquisition solutions for growing businesses. NJBIZ recently ranked iCIMS 18 th on the list of New Jersey’s Fast Growing Companies. Take recruiting for example. When the recruiting process is broken, everybody knows it. And in my experience, everyone blames everything on recruiting being broken. “We

10 Ideas / Innovations for Induction (sponsored by iCIMS)

Strategic HCM

I seem to have been posting quite a bit on recruiting recently, which I guess is natural, given the recent growth in activity recently. We’re not going to get the returns we need from recruiting if we’re not onboarding new hires effectively. And after a lull in recruiting activity it could be a good time to take induction off the shelf and give a dust over. Ensure induction and recruiting are well integrated. This post is sponsored by iCIMS.

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iCIMS’ Expanding Vision of the Talent Acquisition Universe

Brandon Hall

I have attended all three of iCIMS’ analyst events, and the most recent one in late September has given me an even more in-depth understanding of iCIMS’ vision and commitment to talent acquisition. While iCIMS always made it clear that they believe that “talent acquisition deserves its own suite,” their UNIFi platform and new streaming, bi-directional APIs adds important dimensions to what they offer.

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2016 is the Year for Recruitment Marketing, says New Report

HR Daily Advisor

To keep up with today’s technology-savvy job seekers, modern recruiting professionals are using recruitment marketing tools to proactively attract and engage passive candidates and build “pools” of talent for future hiring needs. Recruitment marketing has increasingly become a core competency of talent acquisition. iCIMS has released a new research study, “Recruitment Marketing: Fad or Future?”

iCIMS - Technology for Induction - and ensuring Quality of Hire ~ HR.

Strategic HCM

iCIMS - Technology for Induction - and ensuring Quality of Hire. That’s great to see - it’s something recruiters should be focusing on much more than they do (rather than just recruitment time and cost). There are two issues I think recruiters, and other HR professionals, need to understand in order to get to grips with this more important objective / metric. This post is sponsored by iCIMS. Labels: HCM technology , iCIMS , Onboarding , Recruitment.

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LinkedIn and iCIMS Team Up to Help Streamline Sourcing Workflows and Increase Productivity

Linkedin Talent Blog

As automation takes over the most repetitive tasks, a recruiter’s success is increasingly driven by his or her ability to spend time building meaningful connections with prospective talent. In fact, demand for recruiting professionals is up 63% since 2016.

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The Benefits of Integrating Best-of-Breed Recruitment Software with Your HCM

HR Daily Advisor

In a hiring environment marked by low unemployment rates and widening skills gaps, recruiting teams across the board are coping with heightened visibility, pressure, and candidate volume resulting from intensified competition for top talent. In fact, research shows that on average, organizations use up to two dozen different applications for recruitment alone. The post The Benefits of Integrating Best-of-Breed Recruitment Software with Your HCM appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

Ep 188 – How Google Jobs is Changing Recruiting


According to its 2018 Candidate Experience Report, iCIMS found that nearly 7-in-10 people use Google as part of their typical process to search for open jobs and research potential employers. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. According to its 2018 Candidate Experience Report, iCIMS found that nearly 7-in-10 people use Google as part of their typical process to search for open jobs and research potential employers.

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iCIMS and PeopleInsight Partner to Enable Data-Driven Recruitment

PeopleInsight Workforce Analytics

PeopleInsight Partners with iCIMS to Streamline Talent Acquisition Analytics for Employers. 5 Minute Fridays

Here’s What You Need to Know about Integrating Recruiting Software with Your HCM

HR Daily Advisor

In Friday’s Advisor we began to explore what to look for when you look for quality recruiting software. As the only consumer-facing part of HR, the recruitment platform is the entry point to your organization for candidates and their information. Fortunately, when recruiting and HCM software are well-integrated, it allows for uninterrupted transfer of all data related to a person’s profile between platforms. Hiring & Recruiting employees HCM iCIMS recruitment

15 Examples of Recruitment Marketing Platforms [Used by 500 Top Employers]


Below is a list of 15 recruitment marketing platforms used by 500 U.S.-based Our list of 15 recruitment marketing tools includes only the software that Ongig can track and verify. 15 Recruitment Marketing Platforms. Careerbuilder Recruiting Solutions (jobs.net).

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3 ways tech can help TA functions ‘rebuild, adapt, transform’


Despite the challenges of the pandemic, a recent iCIMS report found some good news: More than 90% of organizations surveyed are planning to hire for new roles this year.

Looking Ahead: How to Attract the Next Generation of Talent

HR Daily Advisor

At our recent event, RecruitCon 2018, Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer at iCIMS Inc., offer a series of best practices for recruiters at a well attended session. Vitale also offered reasons why candidates withdraw from the recruiting process, discovered by the Talent Board’s 2018 NA Candidate Experience Report. Why should you incorporate social and mobile recruitment tactics to improve your candidate experience? Source: iCIMS, The Modern Job Seeker, 2017.

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Best of Recruiting 2021

TrustRadius HR

Recruiting software are tools that encompasses Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and Job Board Softwares. This year, TrustRadius is awarding the best in customer support and usability among some of the most common categories of Best of Recruiting tools in use today.

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TOP 11 recruitment software to look out for in 2020 [+ G2 reviews]


The recruitment game has changed drastically over the last decade. As per studies, the global recruitment software market was valued at USD 1753.2 A superb solution to help with such recruitment issues is recruitment software. Did we miss any important recruitment tool?

The Skinny on Generation Z

HR Daily Advisor

In new research conducted by iCIMS, we get a rare look at Generation Z. Considering 81 percent of recruiters say they screen out entry-level candidates without a college degree, it’s important for employers to perfect their entry-level hiring processes and understand what college graduates are looking for in a job. According to recruiters, on average, entry-level employees can expect to earn approximately $45,361. Meaghan Kacsmar is a Content Strategy Associate at iCIMS.

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Hyrell Wins Second Gold Medal


Data Qu adrant | Recruiting Software Hyrell was officially awarded the gold medal in the Recruiting Software category from SoftwareReviews for the second year in a row. .

Honoring the 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award-Winners: Best Unique or Innovative Talent Acquisition Program; Best Sourcing & Assessment Strategy; Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Process; Best Advance in Interviewing Strategy; Best Social Talent Acquisition Strategy; Best Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Program

Brandon Hall

Honoring the 2020 Brandon Hall Group Excellence Award-Winners: Best Unique or Innovative Talent Acquisition Program; Best Sourcing & Assessment Strategy; Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Process; Best Advance in Interviewing Strategy; Best Social Talent Acquisition Strategy; Best Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Program. We also honor these award-winning organizations in this category: Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd, iCIMS, Kibar Holding, KocSistem Bilgi ve Iletisim Hizm.

Future of Recruitment Technology | 17+ Tools and Software

Get Hppy

Digitalization has gradually penetrated into all areas of organizational activity and has become their natural stage, and the recruitment technology development is not an exception. . Top 5 Advancements in Recruiting Technology . Recruiting Technology: Key Tools in 2020. iCIMS.

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Last Thoughts on 2015’s Best Software Recruiting Solutions

HR Daily Advisor

In Yesterday’s Advisor we discussed G2 Crowd’s algorithm-based “G2 Crowd Grid℠ for Recruiting.” Their software has ranked a number of recruiting software solutions. But ease of use plays a huge role when it comes to using any software, and recruiting software solutions are no exception. iCIMS. 92. Clearly, iCIMS is the easiest to use based on what G2 has found. iCIMS. Hiring & Recruiting 2015 iCIMS Jobvite LinkedIn

Talent Intelligence Should Be Part of Your Workforce Planning

HR Bartender

So, now that we know what talent intelligence is, let’s talk about how talent intelligence leads to better workforce planning and ultimately better recruitment processes. Once the organization builds a workforce plan, they can use talent intelligence in the recruitment process.

The Present and Future of Women in the Workforce

HR Daily Advisor

Recently, iCIMS surveyed 1,000 office professionals, including a mix of women and men at different experience levels, to reveal some of the gender equality issues still plaguing many companies. iCIMS found that in today’s workplaces, there is still a lot of work to be done in key areas, including the pay gap, parental leave, hiring women in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers, and promoting women to C-level positions.

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How to Make Recruiting Work for Everyone


According to iCIMS Hiring Insights , 77% of hiring managers say that recruiters’ candidate screening is inadequate. Take a hard look at your recruiting process, and use this ebook as your guide to smarter hiring. The post How to Make Recruiting Work for Everyone appeared first on OutMatch. eBook best practices candidate sourcing hr technology recruiting reference checking talent pipeline talent selection

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Do Applicant Tracking Systems Have a Future?

HR Daily Advisor

Yesterday we heard from some of the industry leaders when it comes to HR technology discussing why recruiting isn’t where it needs to be. The presenters for this session include moderator Kris Dunn, CHRO of Kinetix; Mark Newman, founder and CEO of HireVue; Jon Bischke, CEO of Entelo; Jennifer Seith, VP of CareerBuilder; and Colin Day, president and CEO of iCIMS. But Colin, from iCIMS’s view, why are so many people less than fully satisfied with their ATS?

4 Quick Fixes to Jumpstart Your 2018 Recruiting

Cornerstone On Demand

Recruiting is transforming, and thanks to an accelerating rate of progress , your company can't afford to have a wait-and-see attitude anymore. What does that mean for recruiting in 2018? Despite this gloomy and challenging outlook, organizations don't have to stick to the antiquated, cumbersome and unfriendly recruiting practices that brought us here. Here are four changes that companies can make to jumpstart their 2018 recruiting.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Top 3 HR/recruitment blog posts.

Hiring Homerun: How to Play Smart with U.S. Job Creation and Hiring Trends

HR Daily Advisor

By Susan Vitale, iCIMS. Although any player in the job market should be aware of its upcoming changes, it is up to recruiters to actively engage with these changes in order to produce best-practice hiring processes for their company. Understanding all aspects of the playing field from the beginning ensures top-notch recruits and prolonged company success. Now, more than ever, the job seeking and recruitment trends observed here, and further developed in the iCIMS U.S.

Text and App Recruiting Are the Now, and the Future Too

HR Daily Advisor

We recently had a chance to sit down with Erik Kostelnik, Founder and CEO of TextRecruit, and Susan Vitale, Chief Marketing Officer of iCIMS, to discuss text and app-based recruiting and communication. Our conversation comes in light of iCIMS’s recent acquisition of TextRecruit. Erik: Today’s candidates are looking for speed and convenience when communicating with recruiters. HR Daily Advisor : What are the advantages of recruiting via text message and mobile apps?

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