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TOP 11 recruitment software to look out for in 2020 [+ G2 reviews]


The recruitment game has changed drastically over the last decade. It is moving away from resume and phone screening of candidates to video interviews and skill assessments. As per studies, the global recruitment software market was valued at USD 1753.2

How Big Data is Changing the Recruiting Game

Cornerstone On Demand

The vast majority of these companies are large, multinational organizations with an employee base where turnover can run high, and they're using big data to help spot the best recruits. Xerox estimates it spends $5,000 to train every new call-center rep.

Data 454

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Solving the Engineer Shortage: 5 Tips for Hiring in the Auto Industry


But with fewer people interested in STEM careers, employers need to get smart about how they recruit, hire, and retain automotive talent. Recruit Across Multiple Channels. Partnering with universities and colleges can give you a recruitment edge over your competition.

Diversity and Inclusion Best Practices for Executive Recruiters

Thrive TRM

Prior to co-founding Thrive, I worked at Berlitz where I led the development of assessments and online training courses that helped leaders develop the skills necessary to create diverse and inclusive workplaces. Education and training on D&I isn’t just a one-time presentation.

The future of recruiting: How you can hire exceptional employees


It’s a common phenomenon to see companies struggling to hire exceptional employees – in fact, 76% of hiring decision makers say attracting quality candidates is their biggest recruiting challenge. But what if the problem lies with the way the recruiting process is archetypically designed?

The future of recruiting: How you can hire exceptional employees


It’s a common phenomenon to see companies struggling to hire exceptional employees – in fact, 76% of hiring decision makers say attracting quality candidates is their biggest recruiting challenge. But what if the problem lies with the way the recruiting process is archetypically designed?

Identity Tech: The Solution for the New World of Work


Wondering how your company can vet in-house and remote staff, streamline pre-employment screening, and offer candidates a fully mobile experience from the safety of their own homes? Automation of Recruitment Processes. Today’s technology should be cutting recruitment times in half.

3 Best Practices for Hiring in the Education Industry


In a field where recruiting new staff is increasingly more challenging, here are some best practices for hiring the qualified talent you need in the education industry. One mistake that employers of all types tend to make is sticking only to the traditional recruiting methods. Comprehensive screening measures help ensure that new staff have the necessary licenses, credentials, and experience. Partner with the screening provider you can trust.

Turning Insights Into Action

HRO Today

In fact, according to Glassdoor, 40 percent of job seekers say a main reason they would pull out of a recruitment process is due to a poor first interaction with a recruiter or hiring manager.

The New Talent Experience

HRO Today

a cloud-based leader in the recruitment software industry. Have recruiters be able to perform a function in one click instead of three,” he says. Today, the best way to recruit top talent is to use data to inform most of your decisions,” Wessel adds. “By

Rebecca Cenni-Leventhal: “Then make a plan to overcome it”

Rebecca is founder and CEO of Atrium , a leading workforce solutions firm founded in 1995 with a revolutionary Applicant-Centric recruitment model. The episode was entitled “Screen Time,” and takes a deep dive into how our mobile devices impact our daily lives and our perception.

AI: Making Sense of all the claims – Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Conference Interview of John Sumser

HR Examiner

John Sumser sits down with David Shadovitz, editor at Human Resource Executive Magazine, to discuss why companies aren’t actually using AI in their HR Tech. So there there are four or five basic use cases being developed inside of recruiting. Chat bots that do screening.

Rebecca Rescate: “Don’t pitch your product, tell your story instead”

Thrive Global

Her entrepreneurial career began 14 years ago when she invented CitiKitty, a toilet training kit for cats. I was an avid athlete and a recruited college swimmer at Northeastern University where I studied Graphic Design and Business. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

Moving Into the Future

HRO Today

Today’s outdated and unintuitive recruitment user interfaces will become relics. One-size-fits-all training will become a thing of the past. The key challenge, though, will be to entice passive candidates to participate in the recruitment process and, ultimately, to accept an offer.

Professional Recruiters Reveal 16 of the Best Interview Questions to Ask


We reached out to the Insperity® Recruiting Services team for you to find out: What interview questions do you always ask, and why? Kari Galloway | Recruiting Specialist | Experience: 8 years | Twitter: @karigalloway1. Greg Hawke | Recruiting Specialist | Experience: 8+ years | Twitter: @greghawkes_insp. Stormy Mazzella | Recruiting Specialist | Experience: 6 years. Carrie Starr | Director, Recruiting Services | Experience: 16 years. Are they seeking training?

?Start the conversation.? With Dr. Ely Weinschneider, Psy.D. & Rev. Earl Johnson

Thrive Global

Johnson, recruited, screened, trained, and deployed highly credentialed healthcare chaplains to mass fatality events. Five weeks later I found myself in a hotel conference room in Georgia being trained by the Red Cross to be a disaster spiritual care manager.

A Two-Way Street

HRO Today

Two key challenges of the temp-to-hire approach are wasted training resources and legal concerns. Temporary workers will require training regardless of their skill sets, which can take time and money.

May Habib: ?Know what steps in your product need to be accomplished before true customer success is possible?

Thrive Global

It’s a competitive advantage in recruiting and certainly allows us to do with less. But we grabbed that opportunity because we have a team that’s trained to look for opportunities to help our customers get promoted. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

How Companies Identify Talent with Anna Papalia & Kage Spatz

Thrive Global

I was a senior server and I would complain to the managers when they were making bad hiring decisions because, as someone who trained the new employees, it affected me and the morale of the staff. If you are mission-based use that to recruit the right talent that believes in your mission.

“Five things we need to do to close the gender wage gap”, with Jessica Wooke of RobustWealth

Thrive Global

Everything from recruiting to retirement services needs to be inspected. I recall when I was interviewing for a role, a colleague from a previous job volunteered to help the hiring manager screen me. Everything from recruiting to retirement services needs to be inspected.

How Crisis Has Shifted Hiring in 4 Big Industries


As Human Resource Executive magazine points out, “Managers typically receive training in the basics, but now, we’re in a whole new world. When the pandemic ends… It will have changed recruiting and talent selection as we know it.

10 Best Practices for Successful Onboarding

HR Daily Advisor

In fact, Aberdeen Group has found that integrating onboarding throughout the recruitment process can help companies achieve best-in-class performance. Even if senior leaders can’t be part of the official onboarding training sessions, they can take part.

“We need to challenge the unfounded biases such as benevolent bias” with Angela Peacock and Candice Georgiadis

Thrive Global

We soon moved into mainstream training by hiring some incredibly impressive consultants and trainers into our team. Targets around promoting greater numbers of females or insisting on a more balanced slate when recruiting are essential. Community Authority Magazine Wonder

The Do’s and Don’ts of Seasonal Hiring in Hospitality


To recruit and keep the best staff, you need to consider the do’s and don’ts of seasonal hiring for the hospitality industry. Reaching candidates where they are is the first step of recruiting. Don’t skip out on screening. Do recruit creatively.

The high cost of a bad hire – and how to avoid it


Consider these results of a 2017 CareerBuilder survey : The average cost of one bad hire is nearly $15,000, factoring in the recruiting, interviewing and selection process; training; and salary. Lost time spent on recruiting and training. Screening resumes.

Hire A-Players Like This CEO Who Grew His Company 140%

Spark Hire

Eric Siu, CEO of Single Grain, one half of The Marketing School Podcast, and voice behind the Growth Everywhere podcast, joins The Growth Recruiting Podcast to share how he recruits for his fast growing digital marketing agency. The Growth Recruiting Podcast is available in iTunes !

Addressing the AI Skills Gap – Interview with Meredith Graham

HR Digest

Think about the tedious task of screening through thousands of resumes and finding the perfect candidate for a job. Along with the extended time and effort, the cost of sourcing, screening, and recruiting put a big dent in a company’s recourses.

How an applicant tracking system can simplify hiring


To effectively implement one of these systems, it’s important to understand: Why an applicant tracking system is superior to traditional recruiting methods The features you should look for in an applicant tracking system How to select an applicant tracking system Potential downsides.

5 HR Trends Impacting the Industry

OmegaHR Solutions

Instead of stealing jobs, these programs are helping HR professionals shift their attitude toward recruitment. AI is beginning to give them the tools to automate part of their workflow, automatically screening candidates based on pre-programmed criteria.

How to Hire Data Scientists When It Seems Like There Are None to Hire


Since then the need for data scientists has skyrocketed but the supply has not, which puts recruiters in the delightful position of having to compete with more and more recruiters for a dwindling supply of talent. Train your current employees in data.

The Body Language Business And The Now of You


General Accountability Office “deemed facial cues worthless as a way of detecting people with bad intentions in airports” according to a New York Magazine article. Closer to workplace home, however, there are those who are applying the science of reading “face” to screening and hiring.

Blind Hiring in 2019

Astron Solutions

In recent years, organizations have turned to blind hiring practices in order to capture the best candidates while removing possible biases from the recruiting and selection processes. Train recruiters and hiring managers. Train them to avoid unconscious biases.

Paradigm for Parity® Coalition’s 5 Actionable Steps to Gender Equity


The removal of names for resume screening is a powerful and proven tool for achieving more gender-neutral candidate pools. Third, establish a Diversity Recruiting Officer. Effective diversity recruiting requires establishing relationships and identifying qualified candidates before a role becomes available. Designate an HR team to focus on diversity recruitment. Instead, measure success across four critical areas: RECRUIT, RETAIN, ADVANCE, SPONSOR.

8 AI Trends Heading to HR Departments in 2019


On the recruitment side of things, AI can go through entire databases of resumes to find candidates with skills that match open positions. Not only can artificial intelligence systems do this faster than a human recruiter, but if they’re programmed correctly, they’re less likely to factor prejudices into their recruiting decisions. Chatbots are now also being used for recruitment and job-matching. BLOG. 8 AI Trends Heading to HR Departments in 2019.

What to Ask When Interviewing Gig Workers


Founder Tammy Cohen Quoted in HRO Today “Actions with Impact” 10 Ways to Show Your Admins Appreciation & When Not to Give a Gift Training Traps in Background Screening InfoMart, Inc. Named “Top 10 Recruitment Software Solution Providers of 2017” by HR Tech Outlook. Tammy Cohen, an industry pioneer and expert in identity and employment screening, founded InfoMart nearly 30 years ago. What to Ask When Interviewing Gig Workers. Tammy Cohen , PHR, SHRM-CP.