PayScale Is Headed to #SHRM17 Conference. See You There?

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Next week, June 18 – 21, the PayScale crew is off to New Orleans for SHRM17 Annual Conference and Exposition. Learn about smart incentive plan design that has an impact on driving performance and meeting business objectives.

PayScale Tools for Today's Comp Pro! Compensation Glossary: Part 1 of 4

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Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional Even the most seasoned HR professional might take a big gulp if approached by their CEO to take charge of anything comp. PayScale has you covered in our new, 4-part Comp Glossary.

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PayScale Tools for Today's Comp Pro! Compensation Glossary: Part 2 of 4

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Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional PayScale’s Comp Glossary returns! Consider the comp pros at PayScale to be an extension of your team! When someone says they want to “meet the market” they are usually referring to the 50th percentile.

Compensation Can Be FUN!

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As a longtime PayScale user and evangelist, I was beyond excited when the team asked me to present at Compference. Just as PayScale makes compensation accessible for the non-compensation practitioner, the panel discussions had something for all levels of expertise.

Meeting Your Employees Where They Are When It Comes to Pay Transparency

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Among discussion of customer success best practices and trends, there were also deep-dive sessions on customer education and training — my personal area of interest as the Manager of Customer Education here at PayScale.

#Compference16 Most Tweetable Moments

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PayScale Business (@PayScaleBiz) September 13, 2016. So psyched to welcome @ShankarVedantam of @HiddenBrain to #compference16 and @payscale HQ today! Think again & join us tomorrow @payscale #FLSA session #compference16

New grads don’t have skills needed for today’s work world, report says

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But a recent study from PayScale and Future Workplace digs a little deeper into what specific skills recent grads are lacking. ‘Skills gap’ meets ‘perception gap’ ‘”We hear all the time about the ‘skills gap,’ the gap between the skills needed to succeed in the professional world and the skills with which young professionals leave college,” Payscale VP Katie Bardaro said in a press release.

Fair, Transparent, and Modern: Recapping the #WorkTrends Event

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We’re pretty passionate about Modern Compensation at PayScale. Maybe most importantly, it means bringing comp out of spreadsheets and into executive meetings where compensation strategy gets linked directly to organizational strategy.

Should You Attend #Compference17? Here’s What Your Peers Are Saying

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PayScale’s annual event, Compference – the modern compensation event for comp professionals, HR professionals and business leaders, will be here before you know it. Linda: PayScale Crew. Julie: Meeting other compensation geeks like me.

How Being a New Product Manager Is Like Becoming a Mom

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In recent reflection on my experience building and releasing a product, PayScale Crew , I realized that there are many parallels between becoming a new mom and starting in the role of a new product manager. I’ve been an employee at PayScale since June of 2008.

Building Salary Ranges for Beginners, Part 1

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By Jenni Marquez, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional “What’s the typical salary range for an administrative assistant?” Here at PayScale, we work with a lot of companies who are trying to determine typical salary ranges for their jobs.

New Whitepaper: Tips to Overcoming the 7 Most Common Objections to Investing in a Compensation Strategy

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Even if you’ve tried in the past with no success, here is the ammo you need to sell a compensation strategy and walk out of the meeting with a smile on your face. Calling all HR managers! You know your company needs a formal compensation strategy, but your executives aren’t on board.

Paying Millennials as They Age: 5 Suggestions for Effective Compensation

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“We’re no longer talking about people who are fresh out of college, but people who may have enough experience to be in leadership positions,” Mykkah Herner, Payscale’s Head of Expert Services.

Are you ready for new Equal Pay Mandates?


According to PayScale , which conducts one of the most comprehensive analyses of compensation in the US, women made only $0.79 PayScale attributes this differential to the fact that “women are less likely to hold high-level, high-paying jobs than men.

Your Special Relationship with an HCM Vendor—How to Find Your Perfect Match

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By Paige Hanley, CCP, PayScale Compensation Professional Deciding to partner with an HCM vendor can feel a lot like being single—working your way through the dating pool to find your future spouse. Request a free demo of PayScale's compensation management business solutions today.

You've Got Me Feeling Emotions.About Comp!

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Ashley Adair, PHR SHRM-CP, Benchmarking Team Lead at PayScale Whether we want to admit it or not, compensation is emotional. See how PayScale can help.

Get More from Performance Reviews—Use Metrics to Link Pay

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Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger Old methods of measuring performance once a year just don't work anymore. Similar results were discovered by the PayScale Compensation Best Practices Report , which surveyed nearly 7,600 business leaders from across multiple industries.

2020 Workforce Trends- What You Need to Know!

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Information can be collected via survey, formal meetings, and informal conversations. A 2019 Payscale survey reported that 73% of respondents used some type of bonus or variable pay program.

7 Tips to Increase Pay Transparency in Your Organization

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Transparent pay practices lead to higher satisfaction and lower intent to leave, according to a 2015 PayScale study. According to PayScale’s 2017 CBPR , 38 percent of managers communicate pay, while 78 percent of CEOs approve pay and 45 percent of HR teams recommend pay.

Why You Should Share Total Compensation Statements With Your Employees

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In the last few months I have worked with over a dozen companies rolling out their annual increase cycle in PayScale’s Crew. Interested in learning more about PayScale’s Employee Report?

Recognizing People: A Recap of the WorkHuman Conference

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Sometimes you come home from an industry conference having learned a new thing or two, sometimes you meet new connections in the industry, sometimes you come back with a to-do list of ways to improve your organization. PayScale’s Dovetailing Interests.

How Much Do Campus Recruiters Make?


Based on data from Glassdoor , PayScale , and , most campus recruiters make between $60,162 and $80,172 a year. PayScale reports an annual campus recruiter salary of $60,485, but the average hourly wage is $20.02.

Will recent pay increases for minimum wage workers affect those in higher earning brackets?

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Co-written by Mykkah Herner, PayScale Comp Specialist and Tess C.Taylor, Founder of HR Knows Around the nation, large corporations are taking the minimum wage issue to heart by instituting salary increases for their most underpaid workers.

Turnover Problems in Sales? The Issue is Recruitment, Not Pay

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Start with PayScale’s (free!) complete guide to compensation plans, Bring Back the Sizzle: PayScale’s Guide to Comp Plans That Get Workers Fired Up (In a Good Way). PayScale, Inc., Download the complimentary ebook now, courtesy of PayScale.

Walmart $1 Billion Investment Reaffirms Importance of Total Compensation

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By Tess Taylor, PayScale Senior Blogger and Mykkah Herner, PayScale Director of Compensation Everywhere you turn, there’s more news about big companies like Target, McDonald’s and TJ Maxx raising the minimum wage. The PayScale Index illustrates this.

Why Increasing Pay Isn’t Always the Answer

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Sonnet Lauberth, PayScale Compensation Professional In my time as a Compensation Professional at PayScale, I’ve helped over 75 organizations develop a co mpensation strategy and structure to suit their needs and spoke with hundreds of companies about the challenges they face regarding compensation.

Are Standing Desks Now a Workplace Must?


I even know folks who never sit at their desk (only in meetings). If you’re not offering standing desks, are you now not meeting baseline employee expectations? One thing I thought would be interesting to check, though, is our data set on rewards from PayScale’s 2017 Compensation Best Practices Report. This post originally appeared on Payscale.

Yes, people really do quit jobs for more money

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Crystal Spraggins, SPHR PayScale’s 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report (CBPR) noted two primary reasons people quit their jobs last year: personal reasons (family, marriage, health, school, etc.) Get your employees’ pay right with PayScale’s Insight Expert.

Lessons from Yelp: How Transparent Pay Practices Motivate Employees

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Mykkah Herner, MA, CCP, Modern Compensation Evangelist, PayScale Along with thousands of other people, I read Talia Jane’s open letter to her CEO with mixed emotions. It’s often true at entry-level jobs that money rewards more than perks, as it’s really about meeting basic level needs.

It’s not a skills gap, it’s a skills challenge

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Arguments FOR the existence of the skills gap Regardless of company size, 51 percent of respondents to PayScale’s 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report agreed with the statement, “There is a lack of qualified applicants for our open job positions.”

College Costs Are Still Rising: What’s That Mean for Businesses?

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PayScale’s College ROI Report puts an exclamation point on the discussion. In a recent skills report, PayScale found that the skills employees are most likely to be lacking aren’t what you would expect. My nephew is in the final throes of deciding where he will matriculate.

Don't Miss this Summer's Hottest Compensation Events

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Taylor, CPC, PHR, SHRM-CP, PayScale Senior Blogger The summer months are just about to kick off and with the warmer weather comes new and exciting industry events. Tess C.

Your greatest asset, eh? Turning a buzz phrase into an actual business practice

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The effects of the Great Recession haven’t faded completely, but overall, companies are doing well, and according to sources , including PayScale’s 2015 Compensation Best Practices Report , they expect to continue doing well.

Study Reveals Biases in Pay Decisions


In Payscale’s latest “ Raise Anatomy ” report which surveyed workers to understand their history of asking for raises , we found that employees of color who ask for a raise are less likely to receive it as compared to their white male employees. The Findings Payscale surveyed over 160,060 workers to find out who asked for a raise, who received it, and why others chose not to ask at all. This post originally appeared on Payscale.

Study 50

Communicating Total Reward Statements—Don’t Stay Silent!

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Set up webinars and meetings to review the components of the statements. Help is available in the free white paper from PayScale, Attack of the Out-of-Date Comp Plan.

It's Time to Pour Your COLA Down the Drain

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Rita Patterson, Onboarding Manager, PayScale Cost of living adjustments, or COLA, have been common practice for a while now, however, only 21% percent of employers indicated that cost of living adjustments were their main reason for giving raises in 2015.

McDonald’s employees not exactly “loving” planned benefit and wage increases

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A living wage, not a minimum wage Nearly two years ago, McDonald’s employee Nancy Salgado crashed a meeting at the Union League of Chicago where (now retired) McDonald’s USA President Jeff Strattan was speaking to inform him (and anyone else within earshot) that her hourly wage of $8.25