The Business Case for Outplacement

Career Partners International

The business case is clear and includes: An enhanced “psychological contract” across the organization. The psychological contract refers to the unwritten set of expectations of the employment relationship in addition to the formal contract of employment. Together, the psychological contract and the employment contract define the employer-employee relationship.

Brooks: Want better managers? You need to develop better employees


They have lots of engagement survey data proving that employees feel that their managers don’t give them adequate feedback, fail to set them up for success and don’t show concern for their wellbeing. In order to make better managers, we must have employees meet them halfway.


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Codify Your Engagement and Culture Strategy with an Employee Value Proposition

Blu Ivy Group

For years , organizations have relied on large scale anonymous surveys to identify culture issues and measure engagement, loyalty, and experience. It is time for us to explore why engagement survey results have flatlined globally over the last decade.

Career, Community, Cause – Growth, Relationships, Meaning

Compensation Cafe

Facebook people leaders and Wharton professor and author Adam Grant recently collaborated on analysis of surveys of Facebook employees and their thoughts on what really matters to them – at work and in life. That’s how we help fulfil the psychological contract with our employees. And never forget, the psychological contract is very different from (if as important as) the employment contract – payment for services rendered in line with the job description.

How IT and HR can work together to deliver a world-class employee experience


According to our recent survey of 200 CIOs (or the most senior person responsible for IT in their organization), information security was the most commonly listed top IT priority over the next 24 months, followed by employee experience and product development.