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The Video Interview: Coaching from an Intoo Career Coach

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Video interviews have largely replaced live, in-person interviews in the past year due to the pandemic. We spoke with one of our career coaches , Natalie Fike, who has spent the last year providing video interview coaching and guidance, for some of her key tips.

How to Conduct a Virtual One-on-One Meeting

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It’s the perfect time to do a virtual one-on-one meeting. Since employees and managers are working virtually, the meeting needs to be a bit more formal—not in terms of tone but scheduling and structure. This gives both the manager and employee time to prepare.


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Why are video-meetings so exhausting?

HR Digest

If it’s not Zoom meetings or virtual happy hours with colleagues, it’s catching up on Skype or FaceTime with friends and family. While it’s true that introverts are more comfortable with online interactions, the excessive videos calls weren’t exactly what most of us were expecting.

Is a Training Meeting the Best Approach

HR Bartender

(Editor’s Note: Today’s post is an excerpt from my book, “ Essential Meeting Blueprints for Managers.” There an important step to the training process – answering the question “Does it need to be a meeting?” Given the number of meetings out there, it’s amazing to me how many people don’t ask this question. There are two key elements to consider when trying to decide if the training you’re planning should be conducted during a meeting: message and medium.

5 Hacks to Avoid Virtual Meeting Fatigue (#2 is my favorite)

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With the requirement for many of us to work from home it seems that life as we know it has morphed into one long, never-ending Zoom-Skype-WebEx-Hangout-Meet video fest. Our amygdala does the same when we walk into a virtual meeting. Endless Meetings.

Six reasons to attend ThoughtSummit 2021


Our popular intranet conference is back, and this time we are hosting it virtually! . We hope to minimize video fatigue and make it easier for you to learn from some of the best intranet thought leaders. The cost to attend ThoughtSummit is only $99 per attendee.

The video interview: top tips for employers


A video interview can help you screen candidates more effectively in situations such as: Interviewing across different time zones or with hiring team members in different locations. Screening numerous candidates within a short time frame during rapid upscale. Video interviews help you get past these challenges, and identify otherwise overlooked talent as well as candidates who seem good on paper but lack necessary skills. What exactly are video interviews?

How to Keep Your Virtual Meetings Efficient and Productive

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But even with technology to keep us connected and productive , collaborating with teammates over instant messenger and keeping meetings focused over video conferences can be challenging. Otherwise, I ask to be briefed on the meeting output in an email afterwards.”.

Productive Meetings: a Shared Responsibility

Business2Community Leadership

The most frequent activity a team engages in is a meeting and, generally speaking, meetings are either good or bad. The good ones look like this: The meeting is productive with creativity, energy, and people leave that meeting in a better place than before they arrived. There is a clear objective to bringing attendees together and everyone is engaged in the meeting to achieve that objective. The bad meetings look like this: There is no clear objective.

Using Videos To Prepare Your Sales Team For Success


At the same time, a salesperson needs to be perseverant, determined, and ambitious enough to deal with challenging moments that might arise in their job. People who work in sales have very tight schedules as a result of meetings and calls. Onboarding Videos. Videos for Training.

An Introductory Video Interview Guide For A Seamless Recruitment Process

Career Metis

With face-to-face meetings out of the question, the next best thing recruiters can settle for is a video interview. . It’s not like video interviews were never a part of the recruitment process before the pandemic. The 2 Types of Video Interviews. One-Way Video Interviews.

5 Types of Meetings Remote Teams Need to Hold

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Despite awesome tools like as Zoom, Skype or Hangouts, remote teams still struggle on deciding when to meet and what subjects to cover and companies bemoan the loss of engagement opportunities for their employees. Using a well-thought-out system of remote meetings, you can help keep operations running smoothly, ensure every team member is on the same page, and keep your remote workforce feeling they a part of the big corporate family. 1) Meet-and-greet Sessions.

Are You a Spectator or Active Virtual Participant in Meetings?

One Millimeter Mindset

Consider the professional story you communicate when you either are a spectator or an active virtual participant during meetings. How you show up, during virtual meetings, sets up sensory expectations about your level of post-meeting engagement and performance.

Which Meetings to Skip When Working From Home

Thrive Global

If you and your company shifted to remote work in the last few weeks, you’ve probably felt the urge to add meetings to your schedule to make up for the lack of unplanned face-to-face interactions that happen in the office. Avoid meetings about simple topics.

Crisis Communication Part 2 – How explainer videos help to communicate in crises


Communication is vital during times of crises. Or, you simply do not have the time to go through pages and pages of protocol because immediate action is necessary? Maybe team members are not able to attend a crisis meeting. Do this by means of video tutorials.

6 Benefits of Video Interviews


In our post on the ‘Future of Interviewing is Here – Mobile Video Interviews’ we outlined how mobile video interviews allow you to increase your exposure to new candidates by as much as 36%. Trying to find a time that suits everyone can become a nightmarish puzzle of epic proportions.

Just Because We Can Meet Again Doesn’t Mean We Should

Thrive Global

Not only could I engage from afar, but I could enchant , delight , inspire , and provoke real change , all the while spending quality time with my pregnant wife and subsequently my firstborn son. One 2020 study reported that 99% of people admit to multitasking during video meetings.

3 Steps to More Strategic Meetings

HR Ringleader

I’ve been thinking about meetings. Now that I am back in a corporate role, where my day is mostly filled with meetings, the importance of setting boundaries and understanding how to handle delicate situations is even more critical. Today, we take on the topic of how to run a strategic vs. tactical meeting. I’d challenge you to think of the last few weeks of meetings you attended, and I’d wager that most are tactical.

Video interview red flags: Why they’re not all valid


Then why should the setting that candidates pick for their video interview matter? Let’s see what the most common candidate video interview red flags are and why you should take them with a pinch of salt: 1. If it’s essential for candidates to have good video skills (e.g.

Will Virtual Annual Meetings Become the Norm for Public Companies?


As annual meeting season approaches, it is time again to consider whether businesses will soon shift to a fully-virtual format. Online-only and hybrid meetings have been occurring for years; however, 2020 is the first year that companies may be forced to cancel their in-person events altogether. Over the last few weeks, concerns over the global spread of coronavirus have prompted some large companies to switch their annual meetings to virtual-only formats.

12 Virtual Team Meeting Tips Every Leader Needs To Know

Eagle's Flight

Virtual meetings are now the common daily practice for many employees, teams and organizations. Video conferencing platforms such as Zoom have seen exponential growth with a peak of over 300 million daily participants , joining zoom meetings in April 2020, up from 10 million in December 2019.

HR Conferences to Attend in 2019


Which of these top HR conferences will you attend in 2019? Video campaigns for talent attraction. The power of video to attract the mobile job seeker. Here’s a template you can use for a letter to leadership to justify attending any HR conference. Just fill-in the bracketed words with your specific conference details: Hello [Decision Maker], Re: Request to Attend [HR Conference].

How CASIS Saves a Huge Amount of Time with Video Interviews

Spark Hire

Spark Hire has been attending SHRM for many years and this year, SHRM was conveniently hosted in downtown Chicago. I was sent to the conference to meet with some of our customers. Video interviewing has become so popular at CASIS, Melody’s hiring managers request it be part of the process when they have vacant positions. Learn from Melody herself about why she loves Spark Hire in her video testimonial or read the transcript below! It’s an absolute time-saver for me.

The Perfect Zoom Set Up | Set Up Zoom Meeting


Video Conferencing tools have become one of the most critical technologies of late, especially because of a virus strain that has brought the whole world to its knees. There is no denying the fact that Zoom is the most popular video conferencing tool in the market right now.

Companies considering “Zoomless” day a week to combat video fatigue

HR Digest

Working from the comfort of your home was welcomed by many during corona times , but then the difficulties of working in a remote environment set in. Constant video conferencing, communication gaps, collaboration hitches, and loneliness seem to have hit the working population hard. .

colleague’s wife and mommy group attended our work talk, references from a romantic partner, and more

Ask a Manager

This post, colleague’s wife and mommy group attended our work talk, references from a romantic partner, and more , was originally published by Alison Green on Ask a Manager. My colleague’s wife and her mommy group attended our work presentation. I wish the timing were different.”.

3 Tips to Help You Cope With Back-to-Back Zoom Meetings

Thrive Global

If you’re feeling the stress of bouncing from back-to-back video conferencing meetings every day, you’re not alone. Researchers have found that more people are searching for ways to deal with “Zoom fatigue,” aka, exhaustion from being on video calls all the time.

Stop Blaming Zoom! The Problem with Your Meetings Might Be You

Julie Winkle Giulioni

Long before COVID-19 entered the scene, requiring a significant portion of work and work-related communication to go virtual, meetings were an all-too-frequent feature of the business landscape. What’s also grown is the level of frustration and exhaustion associated with meetings.

Top 5 Virtual Meetings WORST Practices (and How to Fix Them)

Jason Lauritsen

At the end of last year, I created a fun survey to invite people to share their biggest frustrations with virtual meetings at work. In all, there were over 600 votes cast to help us narrow down the worst practices of virtual meetings. 5 Worst Practices for Virtual Meetings.

11 Small Business Tips for an Epic Annual Meeting


One of my favorite instances of this benefit is the annual ExactHire company meeting. While we do meet as a team on a monthly basis, the annual meeting enables us to retreat off site and do a deep dive into the state of the organization, our long-term product road map and our business strategy. Having at least six of these yearly meetings under our belt now, I can say we’ve definitely improved our efficiency and meeting outcomes over the years.

Google Ends Weekly "All-Hands" Meetings: Here's Why.

The HR Capitalist

In case you missed it, Google has decided to stop holding a weekly "all-hands" meeting they call TGIF in response to leaks and the meetings being dominated by issues considered non-core to the business (my words, not theirs). Here's my version of his email to announce the weekly "all hands" meetings are gone. Along the way and before this, we realized that our infamous "20% time" that allowed you to work on your own projects wasn't actually contributing to business results.

Four Questions to Protect Yourself from Bad Meetings

Future of Work

I’ve been writing about meetings and how to make them better for months. And, as you know, I even wrote a book about making meetings matter (available on at this link – contact me directly for volume discounts). Most of my ranting has been directed at senior executives and team leaders, because I consider them the most accountable for lousy meetings. I completely agree: that’s where the bad meetings epidemic begins.

Super Meetings: More Effective, Productive, And Collaborative


The core strategy team arrives in the meeting room. The IT guys are busy testing the projector and making sure the video conferencing connections are seamless. The boss is already anxious and stressed out—for this is a crucial meeting that will define the future of his unit. Needless to say, this was a totally ineffective, mismanaged and unproductive meeting—and everyone knows it. Let’s start with the lack of a structured design for the meeting. 9:57 a.m.

Do You, or Your Company, Screw Up Meetings?

HR Ringleader

A friend recently shared a funny video about conference calls and what they would look like if they were in person. It’s made the social media rounds, but was still good for a laugh one more time. It got me thinking about meetings… specificaly conference calls, since I work from home. I pulled up my calendar and just looking at 2015, it appears I spend anywhere between 10- 50% of my week sitting in some type of meeting. ” All the time!

Super Meetings: More Effective, Productive, And Collaborative


The core strategy team arrives in the meeting room. The IT guys are busy testing the projector and making sure the video conferencing connections are seamless. The boss is already anxious and stressed out—for this is a crucial meeting that will define the future of his unit. Needless to say, this was a totally ineffective, mismanaged and unproductive meeting—and everyone knows it. Let’s start with the lack of a structured design for the meeting. 9:57 a.m.