The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


Symphony Talent (Findly, Talent Reef (JobAppNetwork). PCRecruiter. I like the breakdown of these 3 key parts of recruiting as outlined by Elaine Orler: Recruitment Marketing — Talent first needs to be acquired and there’s plenty of recruitment marketing software to help you do that. Recruiting Software Applicant Tracking Systems HR Technology Talent Acquisition Technology

Top Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS Software) in 2020


Our goal is simple: to give insights to you heads of talent acquisition/HR to help you choose an ATS. 24 PCRecruiter 0.38%. 26 Talent Science (by Infor) 0.28%. 33 Cadient Talent 0.19%.

100+ HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools Worth Watching in Q2 2017


This means, of course, getting ahead of that competition requires these technology providers to offer products or platforms that are truly innovative in their approach to solving some of our biggest talent challenges. They say the geeks will inherit, and nowhere is that prediction proving more prescient than in the weird little world of talent acquisition and management. eeStrategy || Talent Strategy & Planning || @eeStrategy.