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Zimyo is a leading HR and payroll management software company that provides businesses with cloud-based software solutions to manage their human resources and payroll functions. Zimyo also provides businesses with a range of other services, including recruitment management, performance management, and compliance management.

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16 Best Employee Experience Platforms For Your Organization

Vantage Circle

Easy Performance Management. Performance Management Platforms. Lattice enables leaders to transform their people strategy by integrating performance management, employee engagement, and career development into a single comprehensive solution. Features: Performance Management. Lower Absenteeism.

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10 Best Employee Management Software in 2022

Recruiters Lineup

It offers one of the best employee experiences right from the recruitment level by helping you have an effective employee onboarding. Additionally, you can manage your workers’ performance and create a recognition and rewarding system to boost their morale. What are the functions of employee management software?