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Make Succession Management a Priority


Make Succession Management a Priority. Succession is crucial for the long-term success of any organization, but it’s often hard to plan to fill the large holes left in an organization when a longtime employee either retires or chooses to leave. Performance. (17).

Using Performance Tracking to Improve Employee Engagement


Using Performance Tracking to Improve Employee Engagement. Tracking your employee’s performance does more than just following their strengths and weaknesses. Performance tracking is a gateway into better employee engagement and management. Background Screening. (1).

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Performance Tracking and Millennials


Performance Tracking and Millennials. As the traditional annual performance review is becoming more obsolete, Millennials are looking for a more fluid way to engage with their managers. Be up-front about performance tracking. Background Screening. (1). Retention. (6).

Support Your Onboarding Process with Mentoring


It’s no secret that a robust onboarding process is essential to employee retention and satisfaction, as up to fifty percent of new hires can leave a company within the first 120 days of the job. Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (6). Performance. (17).

Five Benefits of Having a Millennial Workforce


Having a diverse, open-minded work environment is never a bad thing, which is why Millennials are crucial to organizational success. This means that your annual performance reviews may not be enough for this eager, fast-paced generation. Background Screening. (1). Performance. (13).

How Hiring and Onboarding Are Like Peanut Butter and Jelly


BirdDogHR is a cloud-based talent management solutions provider with years of experience in helping skilled trades companies improve their recruiting, hiring, training and succession strategies. Performance Tracking and Millennials May 18, 2017. Background Screening. (1).

Three Reasons to Practice Mobile Recruiting


To save your company recruiting time and to increase employee retention, consider the BirdDogHR Recruitment and Applicant Tracking System , which has access to over 350 job boards. Take advantage of our additional talent management solutions and contact us with any questions. retention.

Here’s Looking at You: The Importance of Pre-Hire Assessments


Assessments aren’t just another step in the hiring process anymore, they provide a neutral way to screen candidates based on their workplace fitness. On the opposite end of the spectrum, strong organizational skills could make another candidate a fantastic member of your event planning team.

Optimize Your Applicant Pool by Reaching Out to Veterans


BirdDogHR Onboarding allows its customers to track ethnicity, veteran status, and disability status for its new hires, potentially centralizing all your tracking information if your organization uses the BirdDogHR Talent Management System. Background Screening. (1). Performance. (17).

How to Create a Fluid Onboarding Process


Beyond increasing employee satisfaction and retention, the role of onboarding is to provide a newly-hired employee with the tools he or she needs to be successful in his or her position. Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (5). Performance. (12).

4 Communication Issues and How HR Can Solve Them


These challenges are exacerbated further in industries such as construction and manufacturing where an HR department and management are in one location, and employees in another. There’s no question: effective communication is key to business success. Be Upfront About Succession.

Compliance Tips for Your Business


At the top of the document, include vital information to prevent improper management of the particular policy. Performance Tracking and Millennials May 18, 2017. On the Same Page: Why You Should Communicate with Your Hiring Manager When Recruiting May 2, 2017. Performance. (14).

Employer Branding to Attract Talent


Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (6). Performance. (17). Retention. (8). Risk Management. (3). Succession Planning. (3). Talent Management. (6). turnover reduction. performance management. talent retention.

Talent Acquisition vs. Talent Management vs. HR: A primer


The terms Human Resource Management , Talent Acquisition and Talent Management are often used interchangeably, despite being different functions. What is Talent Management? Why is Talent Management important? What does a Talent Management team do?

Add Value to Your Training With Video


Using a Learning Management System (LMS) with integrated video training will reduce turnover rates and increase employee engagement by allowing your new-hires and employees to learn at their own pace and make the most of their time on the clock. Background Screening. (1).

Video 52

Creating the Best Possible Interview for Candidates


To see our ATS and Onboarding software in action, schedule a demo , or read more about BirdDogHR’s talent management solutions. Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (5). Performance. (12). Retention. (5). Succession Planning. (3). retention.

5 Solutions for Hiring During Busy Season


Look into a succession solution to start building leaders within your team today. Companies with formal onboarding processes have 50% greater new hire retention , which means you’re much less likely to have to deal with training a new hire, only to have them quit early. Performance. (17).

Engage Employees Through Collaborative Goal Setting


Whether it’s through performance reviews or less formal meetings with a manager, employees can often be made to feel as though their thoughts and feelings about their career development don’t matter. This can help employers make decisions regarding succession or new leadership roles.

Your Guide to AI Talent Acquisition


Long-range workforce planning and finding specialists, top executives, and strategically important talent are critical pieces of talent acquisition. . Workforce Planning and Strategy. Based on this information, develop a strategic plan to meet those demands. Talent management.

How to Use Applicant Tracking for Construction Candidates


Access applicant information as soon as they submit to the system, and manage candidates better than ever before. Candidates can be easily scored, screened, and stacked throughout the application process, making it easier for you to see your talent bench for this job and future positions.

Improve Your Compliance Process and Go Paperless


Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (4). Performance. (12). Retention. (4). Succession Planning. (3). Talent Management. (4). performance management. turnover reduction. talent management. retention.

Enhance Your Onboarding System in 3 Steps


These first days with a company are crucial to the success of a new employee, so here are some things to consider in order to get the most out of an onboarding system. One of the biggest hurdles to successful onboarding is cultural unfamiliarity. Background Screening. (1).

How to HR in a growing company – A guide for every size business


Hiring and firing then often falls to the hiring manager. Compensation should be a discussion between the hiring manager and your management team. If the company offers group insurance plans, then it must offer benefits continuation coverage to eligible employees and dependents.

Why Visiting the Manufacturing Floor is Key for HR


As a seasoned HR professional, you know it best: staying connected with the realities of the employees you oversee is key in advocating for those people and managing a successful operation. Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (6). Performance. (17).

Construction and Diversity: Are You Being Left Behind?


There are even less serving as construction managers — only 7% of management teams are female. As construction managers you see your aging workforce first hand. Finally, provide professional growth opportunities through a learning management system. Background Screening.

5 Ways to Recruit Quality Construction Talent


One of the biggest concerns among high school students is that they will not have a financially successful career in construction. Go to high school career fairs armed with success stories of employees within your organization. Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (6).

On the Same Page: Why You Should Communicate with Your Hiring Manager When Recruiting


On the Same Page: Why You Should Communicate with Your Hiring Manager When Recruiting. Speed up the recruiting and hiring process by working with your hiring manager to better understand the role being filled and the type of talent you should be on the lookout for. Performance. (13).

Can Diversity Be the Solution to the Skills Gap?


Job satisfaction can impact retention and referral rates, so it’s important to ensure people of diverse backgrounds are happy. Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (5). Performance. (12). Retention. (5). Succession Planning. (3). retention.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


Performance Management. 100 Useful Performance Review Phrases. People Management. Top 7 Qualities of a Successful Team. 8 Tips for Managing Your Team Effectively. Leadership and Management. Business Performance. HR Management and Compliance.

Measuring HR: Bringing People Analytics to Human Resources


More than screening for skills and experience, data analytics has the ability to spot key experiential information that may someday be widely used to predict a candidate’s potential for success. Measureables: return on investment for recruitment sources; better, faster screening; minimal recruiter downtime; more successful hires. . Retention. Measureables: reduced turnover; higher employee satisfaction; support for internal promotions; succession planning.

What to Do When They Play Hard to Get: Using the Right Approach When Recruiting Passive Candidates


You have to be willing to change your recruitment strategy if you’re going to be successful in attracting passive candidates. Performance Tracking and Millennials May 18, 2017. On the Same Page: Why You Should Communicate with Your Hiring Manager When Recruiting May 2, 2017.

A Full Guide to the HR Generalist

Digital HR Tech

Some companies keep the title to describe a person that performs the core people-related functions in the organization. In some small companies, managers may handle this on their own, but it often falls to the HR Generalist. Performance improvement plans.

The Art of Building a Solid Human Capital Strategy


Your people are integral to the success of your company, so not having a sound strategy to help attract, retain and engage your employees is a big mis-step for any business. So, let’s take a hard look at what you should be doing with your human capital management strategy.

5 Signs That Someone May Quit — And How to Bring Them Back From the Brink


But before you do, make sure to manage your employee’s departure as well as you can. Background Screening. (1). Learning Management. (6). Performance. (17). Retention. (9). Risk Management. (3). Succession Planning. (4). Talent Management. (6).

HR TechStack – Onboarding Software


New employee onboarding is the process of getting new hires adjusted to the social and performance aspects of their new jobs quickly and smoothly. In Fortune 500 companies, it has been estimated that 500,000 new managers transition into new roles or companies each year. Paycor Perform.