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The Economic Landscape: Geopolitical Uncertainty and Mortgage Rate Trends

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[link] The Road Ahead: Predicting Mortgage Rate Trends in an Era of Geopolitical Uncertainty Introduction to mortgage rates and their importance Mortgage rates play a crucial role in the housing market, as they directly influence the affordability of homeownership for millions of Americans.

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10 digital payroll trends to improve employee retention


If you were asked to name one area of work that’s undergoing a revolution right now, payroll trends probably wouldn’t be the first thing that springs to mind. So, let’s dive in and explore 10 emerging trends in payroll management today. It doesn’t stop there.


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HR Outsourcing Trends and Statistics SMBs Should Know


Here, explore the latest HR outsourcing trends, including the various types of HR outsourcing companies, which HR duties SMBs are offloading the most, and how to choose the right partner to help your organization simplify its workload and succeed. The post HR Outsourcing Trends and Statistics SMBs Should Know appeared first on Extensis.

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Seven HR Tips for Better Leave Management Policy

Netchex HR Blog

With the right policies and HR software, leave management can better serve and support your entire workforce. Leave requests managed fairly according to company policies and relevant laws. . Your company has a lot of different choices when it comes to paid and unpaid leave policies. What is leave management?

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What Is the Top HR Priority in 2021? Attracting and Retaining Talent

Flexible workforce policies and practices will remain essential, including a strong focus on emotional wellbeing, because resiliency will continue to rely on agility in adapting to change. Download the report to learn more about the latest trends and strategies. How are you positioned to compete for key talent?

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Compensation policy template


This policy template provides a comprehensive framework for managing employee compensation. What is a compensation policy? A compensation policy is a document that outlines an organization’s approach to compensating its employees. Compensation policy template [Organization Name] Compensation Policy 1.

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Trends in Healthcare Recruitment: 2023 State of Hiring Report

Sterling Check

As a part of our report, we highlight emerging trends across our different sub-industries (acute, post-acute, healthcare staffing, and life sciences) that are helping our clients keep pace with today’s hiring demands. The post Trends in Healthcare Recruitment: 2023 State of Hiring Report appeared first on Sterling.

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Gallagher Better Works Insights: Data and Insights to Build a Stronger Organization

Future-proof your organizational and business success with the right talent and policies. The latest issue of Gallagher Better Works (SM) Insights explores solutions to current employer challenges surrounding workforce shortages and trending leadership pain points.