Sexual Harassment Training for Your Whole Workplace

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Online Workplace Harassment Training for Employees. Teach and train employees through immersive interactive online scenarios. Robust online sexual harassment training is key to improving workplace culture and mitigating business risk.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Applies to Minors


Are we required to provide sexual harassment prevention training to him? What if he will be working only during the upcoming holiday season? An employee who is a minor (under 18) must be included in that training. Training Focuses on Conduct.


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Which States Require Sexual Harassment Training?

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Do you need to know how sexual harassment prevention legislation will affect your business? A new legislative landscape and a desire to stay out of a potential harassment spotlight are forcing employers to rethink their sexual harassment prevention strategy.

EEOC Busy: Focus on Sexual Harassment


The EEOC continues to collect money from employers in lawsuits and settlements for sexual harassment. The U.S. The agency continues to focus on sexual harassment in America’s workplaces as recent press releases demonstrate: On June 13, 2018, the EEOC announced a multimillion-dollar sexual discrimination settlement against a transportation supplier. The employer must pay $3.2 Harassment Prevention Training.

Sexual Harassment Training Laws 2020: What’s Changing?


With a continued nationwide effort to shed light on sexual harassment in the workplace, several states have implemented sexual harassment training requirements for their employees. In 2020, employers in Connecticut, Delaware, and Illinois will join Maine and New York in the group of states who require employers to provide sexual harassment prevention training to employees. . The illegality of sexual harassment.

Workplace sexual harassment: what it is and how to combat it


Growing public conversations around workplace sexual harassment highlight a harrowing reality: It’s both widespread and frequently mishandled. How do you discern the difference between harassment and conduct that is merely inappropriate? staring or sexual gestures).

Why Isn’t Workplace Sexual Harassment Training Working?

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As I write this article, the newspapers and airwaves are filled with more reports of alleged sexual harassment in workplaces around the country. It’s as though the media has suddenly discovered a whole new world of discrimination to report on. Almost every HR department has conducted workplace training that explains what sexual harassment is, the consequences for engaging in such behavior, and the remedies available to the person who is being harassed.

Philadelphia moves one step closer to requiring sexual-harassment training for all City employees

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Now, it’s up to the voters. Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, Philadelphia City Council passed a bill that will require the City to provide sexual-harassment training to all of its employees and officers. In May, when City residents go to the polls, they will decide whether to amend the Home Rule Charter to require this annual training. Joined by the other “Women of City Council” ( Jannie L.

New in 2019 – Expansion of Sexual Harassment Prevention Requirements


Effective January 1, 2019 employers, required by California SB 1343, with 5 or more employees, are to provide 1-hour of sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training to all employees. In addition, those same employers must provide employees with supervisory responsibilities a 2-hour sexual harassment and abusive conduct prevention training. These trainings must be completed by the end of 2019 and are to be repeated every 2 years.

Philadelphia moves one step closer to requiring sexual-harassment training for all City employees

The Employer Handbook

Now, it’s up to the voters. Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, Philadelphia City Council passed a bill that will require the City to provide sexual-harassment training to all of its employees and officers. In May, when City residents go to the polls, they will decide whether to amend the Home Rule Charter to require this annual training. Joined by the other “Women of City Council” ( Jannie L.

10 Must-Dos to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Sexual Harassment Training

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Sexual harassment training programs – as they exist in many organizations today – very often doesn’t work. Even the EEOC has found no evidence that standard, legal compliance-driven sexual harassment training is effective. If it had been effective, the #MeToo movement likely would never have had such a devastating scope. In some cases, the training companies provide may be doing more harm than good!

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace: What will it take to get leaders to listen?

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Sexual harassment in the workplace has taken an unprecedented center stage in recent months, with waves of new high-profile cases coming to light. With Time Magazine naming #MeToo as its person of the year, and FT honoring Susan Fowler as “Person of the Year” for her blog post about the problems she experienced at Uber, it seems that the issue is finally getting the visibility it deserves. About the Author: Kate Benediktsson, M.A.,

High Profile or Not, Sexual Harassment Claims Require Employer Action

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Sexual harassmentthe subject has exploded in recent weeks as people from all walks have spoken up about a menacing workplace problem. Even though antiharassment efforts are a priority in human resources circles, recent revelations about the actions of some high-profile executives are likely to cause employers to ask the question, “Are we doing enough?”. Plus, top executives at Fidelity Investments were let go after more allegations of sexual harassment.

Ask an HR Expert: Anti Harassment Training in IL

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Today’s question is: What are the new requirements in 2020 for harassment training in the state of Illinois? Prior to this, there were no regulations requiring consistent training. It was recommended that a business provide the training once every two years.

Sexual Harassment Training for Employees: Reframing the Conversation for Better Results

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The #MeToo movement emerged nearly two years ago, providing a much-needed wake-up call to organizations that may have been lulled into thinking their prior sexual harassment training for employees was enough to keep harassment out of the workplace. Policies, hotlines, and compliance training are tactics that represent a necessary and tactical, yet inefficient, approach to attempting to ward off sexual harassment in the workplace.

Why We Talk About Culture Change When We Discuss Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

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In coverage of the ever-evolving #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, officials , experts , and activists have largely pointed towards a primary fix: a change in corporate culture. This strategy has been recommended by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as having, “the greatest impact on allowing harassment to flourish, or conversely, in preventing harassment.” And why would culture change prevent sexual harassment?

Sexual Harassment: Was Employee Subjected to Unwelcome Workplace Harassment?

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A recent case from the Tennessee Court of Appeals acts as a reminder of the importance of implementing and enforcing policies aimed at preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. The outcome of the case also shows that while you may not be able to prevent all inappropriate behavior by your supervisors, how you respond to such behavior may end up deciding your fate if you are sued for workplace harassment.

Sexual Harassment Investigations: A Timely Topic for February’s Live Webinar


An employee informs you that she’s been sexually harassed by her supervisor over the past year. Do you know exactly what to do the moment an employee alleges sexual harassment? Join CalChamber and special guest presenter Lisa Buehler for a start-to-finish overview of properly investigating sexual harassment in your workplace: Your obligations to investigate under federal and California laws. Sexual harassment scenarios.

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Calling All Companies: It’s Time to Get Real About Sexual Harassment


Let’s talk about sex (-ual harassment)! In fact, 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their lifetime, according to a survey conducted by nonprofit organization Stop Street Harassment. The survey spanned across industries and the “continuum of unwanted experiences,” ranging from: Verbal sexual harassment (either online or in person). We’ve all seen the headlines recently.

7 Ways HR Help Stop Sexual Harassment in the Workplace


The #MeToo movement has shone a light on the prevalence of sexual harassment in modern life. While only a few companies have a Weinstein or a Cosby, unfortunately, too many companies in the past let minor harassment go ignored. Go Beyond Training. Training has to be seen as being helpful, not a punishment. Recently, Starbucks closed every single location in the middle of the day to have a class on cultural sensitivity.

Today’s Sexual Harassment Case: Elf v. Santa

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Drelling shared the story of a sexual harassment complaint in Santa’s workshop and how the company handled it so very ho ho horribly wrong; today, Drelling shares how the company should’ve handled the situation with this mall Santa. Drelling, who serves as general counsel of the Restaurant Division at Specialty Restaurants Corp., wrote the following analysis. Note that the suspension of Santa is not a determination of wrongdoing.

I filed a complaint, yet more women were sexually harassed by the same employee. What now?

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Although I disguised some of the facts to protect myself, it was clear to me and perhaps to others that it involved a senior manager in my company. After it published, I learned two former employees of my current employer had written similar stories about the same man. I can’t tell you how mad I am, not just at the man but at my company. When I went to HR last fall, I was told my company took the situation seriously and would investigate my allegations.

Special from AEIS: Sexual Harassment vs. Sexual Assault vs. Sexual Battery

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It seems that you can’t open a paper or watch a newscast without encountering another sexual harassment bombshell. Despite the broad coverage, however, there’s still confusion about the difference between sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual battery. Here’s an excerpt from the podcast (listen to the entire podcast—E47— here.). Steve: You’ve mentioned harassment and assault a couple times. Give me the study.”

Sexual Harassment Prevention: The Easiest Thing to Teach and the Hardest Thing to Accomplish

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When we reported last year about the ouster of recently deceased Fox News chairman Roger Ailes, we noted that Ailes’ repeated pattern of “couch casting” didn’t occur in a vacuum; rather, it sent a message throughout the organization that sexually harassing behavior was condoned at the highest level. In losing O’Reilly, Fox is jettisoning the highest-rated cash cow in the business.

How do we start to STOP sexual harassment?

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Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis CK, Mark Halperin, Bill O’Reilly, Roger Ailes … the list of men accused of sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct seems to know no end. I very much hope that we have reached the beginning of a cultural watershed against sexual harassment in America. All of which begs the question … if sexual harassment is so prevalent in the American workplace, how do we start having a conversation about how to stop it?

Free COVID-19 claims and lawsuits webinar? And a slide deck on EEO considerations too? I got you, fam!

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Plus, get 40 credits worth of HR virtual learning from GSC-SHRM starting this Sunday. I’ll be co-presenting the legislative/legal general session on Tuesday morning. You can check out the final rule here (starting on page 5459). The same goes for other supercars too.

Our harassment laws are not the reason for our sexual harassment problem

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Last week, the New York Times ran an Op-Ed titled, Boss Grab Your Breasts? That’s Not (Legally) Harassment. It argues that our lax sexual harassment laws, and the courts that apply them, are responsible for our current workplace harassment problems. The trial court judge dismissed her suit, declaring that this conduct did not meet the threshold for sexual harassment, and the appeals court affirmed the dismissal.

3 Lessons Learned From The Ellen DeGeneres Debacle

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If you keep up with celebrity news you’ve seen the articles claiming a toxic work environment behind the scenes of the Ellen Degeneres Show. . To be clear, I’m not saying the claims against Ellen and her team are true or false or taking a stance on the issue.

Benefits of Using a Learning Management System for Your Ongoing and Recurring Training


Ongoing and recurring training are vital types of training that contributes to the success of the business. You run the risk of having poor-performing employees and face liabilities if you do not offer consistent ongoing and recurring training.


5 Steps to Effective Workplace Harrassment Prevention Training

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When I was thinking about what I wanted to present at HR West 2019, it wasn’t hard to decide on a presentation around true harassment prevention. Seriously, 2018 was a crazy year not only because of the #MeToo movement, but also because of the legislation that followed. […]. The post 5 Steps to Effective Workplace Harrassment Prevention Training appeared first on Next Concept HR Magazine. Next Concept HR Magazine -.

3 complaints and an investigation with discipline, how could an employer not know about possible harassment?!?

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I’m not sure what kind of evidence a federal jury was expecting when it concluded that two plaintiff-intervenors ( i.e. , the alleged victims of sexual harassment on whose behalf the EEOC pursued claims) did not do enough to notify the employer-defendant about possible harassment in the workplace. Let’s head out to the Pacific Northwest for a case called EEOC v. The Plaintiff-Intervenors filed a motion for a new trial.

Why your sexual harassment policy needs a contingency plan

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But in the days after the termination , details emerged showing that the fast food company had prepared in advance to handle relationships between C-suite executives and subordinates. The company’s policy had already defined such power-imbalanced relationships as violations of its sexual harassment policy. It should: Include a clear sexual harassment policy that covers all workplace relationships between leaders and their subordinates.

It’s the most important employment law decision of 2018

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Susquehanna County (opinion here ) is a sexual harassment case. But the biggest takeaway is that any subsequent employer-defendant asserting a Faragher/Ellerth defense in the Third Circuit will find it very difficult to obtain summary judgment on any hostile work environment claim. I planned to write about the Third Circuit’s July 3 decision sooner. However, so many of you were off from work last week. First, the facts.

Time’s Up: I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar

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“So I want all the girls watching here, now, to know that a new day is on the horizon! And when that new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight, and some pretty phenomenal men, fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say ‘Me too’ again.” – Oprah Winfrey at the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards.

The day hugging died: Ruling says it’s time for a new office policy

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And now it has arrived: the day when hugging in the workplace dies. . With a new ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, it appears we’ve reached the point in our history when employers must ban hugging from any and all work-related functions. The court just allowed an employee’s sexual harassment lawsuit — in which hugging was the primary offense — proceed to trial.

This, right here, is why a good workplace investigation is EVERYTHING!

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You received a complaint of sexual harassment from a female employee against a male co-worker. So, you promptly investigate, during which you interview the complainant and the alleged harasser, and review documents. When the investigation ends, you conclude that the female complainant — not the male co-worker — was the sexual harasser. So, you promptly fire the female employee.

My conversation with the lawyer who, IMHO, just earned the biggest employment law win of 2018.

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By Chris Potter (Flickr: 3D Judges Gavel) [ CC BY 2.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons Yesterday, I blogged here about the most important employment law decision of 2018. The Third Circuit’s opinion is not only remarkable for the holes it poked in an employer’s potential Faragher/Ellerth defense , but also for addressing the #MeToo movement and the chilling effect that misbehaving men in power can have on a victim complaining about harassment.