Free 2019 Midyear Employment Law White Paper


Download this free white paper now. Luckily, CalChamber’s employment law experts highlight the significant developments so far this year in CalChamber’s free 2019 Midyear Employment Law Update white paper.

New 2018 Midyear Employment Law White Paper


Luckily, CalChamber’s employment law experts highlight the significant developments so far this year in CalChamber’s free 2018 Midyear Employment Law Update white paper. CalChamber members can download the white paper from the HR Library; nonmembers can download it here.

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New 2017 Midyear Employment Law White Paper


CalChamber’s employment law experts highlight the significant developments so far this year in CalChamber’s free 2017 Midyear Employment Law Update white paper. CalChamber members can download the white paper from the HR Library; nonmembers can download it here.

white paper: the impact of excellent employee well-being

O.C. Tanner

In fact, as employee well-being increases, its positive effects resonate throughout the organization and teams become more productive, more collaborative, and prepared to innovate. Tanner Institute’s latest health and well-being white paper.

10 Steps to an Intent-Driven White Paper Campaign

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

As a marketer, I enjoy working on white paper campaigns. White papers are one of my favorite types of marketing collateral because they involve every aspect of content marketing. Do you know which specific companies are currently in-market to buy your product?

white paper: leading retail organizations today

O.C. Tanner

This requires a firm understanding of supply chain and how new product lines will impact everything from production, distribution, and final sale.

The Cost of Disengagement to Your Company [White paper]


Disengagement costs the UK £52-£70 Billion per year in lost productivity. The post The Cost of Disengagement to Your Company [White paper] appeared first on CakeHR blog. Growth is back. Don’t let employee disengagement limit yours. Engaged employees give a company its greatest competitive advantage. But retaining top talent may require you to reconsider the way that you think about employee engagement.

How to Protect Your Company from High Employee Turnover


Furthermore, productivity in the at-home contingent had increased by 13.5 This basic management truism is all too easy to set aside when the pressure is turned up for higher productivity — but the price of ignoring employee recognition is far too high to pay.

Increase Profits by 15% With Optimum Utilization of Shared Work Stations and Human Capital


This Media House was using paper-based approach to manage multiple shifts, record employee work hours and it led to several challenges. These challenges were difficult to solve through a paper-based approach – as it was time consuming and had more chances of errors. INTRODUCTION.

Success Imminent: Brace for IMPACT


Download’s new product white paper, Success Imminent: Brace for IMPACT today and learn about: Key data to analyze with in the first few months post-hire from the employees point of view. World Class Techniques Used by: White Papers

How Social Recognition Turns “Good” Employees into Your “Best” Employees


If a company’s employees are growing professionally, then the talent base from which it draws its productivity and its intellectual capital becomes more diverse, more capable and, of course, more committed. In this White Paper we explore: Identifying and sustaining “good” employees. White PapersOrganizational growth is a byproduct of its people.

Why Insight is the Best Customer Service


With product and service information so easily accessible online, customer service can be can be a key differentiator for your business if delivered in a strategic way to add unbeatable value. By: Sarah Clayton. Communications and Campaigns Specialist, Achievers.

6 culture trends to watch for in 2016

O.C. Tanner

In this year’s report, you’ll find data to help you better meet the challenges of onboarding, productivity and great work, well-being, recognition program success, and overall executive alignment. What creates cultural success?

A Leading manufacturer of Industrial Machinery and Equipment Streamlines Processes and Derives Efficiency with Empxtrack Performance Management


This case study is about the largest manufacturer of vacuum pumps, blowers, compressors and low-pressure technology products in the United States with more than 500 employees.

ADP 63

E-Book: You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure!


Download’s new product E-Book, “You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure.” World Class Techniques Used by: White PapersBuilding a solid talent acquisition department is the first step to ensuring an organization is filling open positions with quality talent.

Simplify Interview Scheduling and Candidate Management with a Customized Solution


This hampered productivity of the interviewers. Blog Case Study and White Papers HR Best Practices HR Technology HRMS (HRIS) Human Resources Recruitment Applicant tracking system Hiring Manager HR Software New Hires Recruiters recruitment process Recruitment software Top Talent

Ensure Accurate Client Billing and Simplify Leave Audit with Highly Customized Empxtrack Leave Management System


The client evaluated dozens of systems, but those products could not meet their complex customization requirements and were prohibitively expensive. This case study is about a leading U.S. based IT company with more than 2500 employees.

Payroll Solution That Ensures 100% Statutory Compliance and Regulation


The organization started looking for a solution and surveyed many products available in the market. Empxtrack Payroll was demonstrated and soon the product implementation took place. The solution significantly impacted productivity of the payroll team.

A Leading IT Company Sets Up Unbiased Variable Pay System with Empxtrack


Increased overall workforce and company productivity. The case study is about a leading technology company with a global hub of more than 1 million developers.

5 Keys: How to Become an Inspirational Leader


According to Great Leadership , organizations with the highest quality leaders were 13 times more likely to outperform their competition in key bottom-line metrics such as financial performance, quality of products and services, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. By: Marci Peters.

Engaging People Coaching


Here are some of the benefits of Engaging People® Coaching: Amplifying personal engagement and productivity. Facilitating the engagement and productivity of others. White Paper

Does A Shorter Workweek Boost Workplace Productivity?

Career Metis

Over 100 years later, selective household names are pushing the tide towards a shorter working week with no decrease in pay to test if this boosts productivity and improves wellbeing. The post Does A Shorter Workweek Boost Workplace Productivity?

How To Make Your Products Successful

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Most organizations take products too seriously. They have a culture that believes their products convey value and stress features, cool technology and price as the reasons why people should buy from them. A product – centric strategy and organizational culture is severely flawed.

understanding the truth about employee well-being

O.C. Tanner

Studies show that high employee well-being can boost satisfaction, teamwork, productivity, and even improve a company’s bottom-line. A recently published white paper details the latest information on what companies can do to truly empower well-being in their workforces.

Identify and Uplift Disengaged High Performers


Employees are always asked to do more, and while there’s the very real employee population that’s only productive 60 percent of the time, many more are productive and performing well. Check out our white paper “ Giving High Performers a Runway.”

How to Get Executives On Board with Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs


Not only does engaging and recognizing employees make them feel valued, but they are more productive in return. With such strong reinforcement your employees can better focus on goals and, in turn, be more productive.

Payroll Solution That Ensures 100% Statutory Compliance and Regulation


The organization started looking for a solution and surveyed many products available in the market. Empxtrack Payroll was demonstrated and soon the product implementation took place. The solution significantly impacted productivity of the payroll team. Increased Productivity – Payroll team can now save time and utilize it for accomplishing core operations. Payroll Solution that Meets Statutory Compliance Requirements.

Case Study: Empxtrack Addresses Challenges in Normalization of Appraisal Scores for a Decision Support Analytics Company


The company surveyed many products, and invested in Empxtrack Performance Appraisal software as it offered maximum customization which could address both – the requirements and the challenges. Case Study and White Papers Employee Appraisals Performance Management Cloud HR Performance appraisal performance review SMART GoalsAbout the Company.

Case Study: Empxtrack Streamlines Performance Management for IFFCO Tokio General Insurance


The guidelines were there but could not be adhered with excellence on papers. The new age employees who were accustomed to computers hated and avoided writing papers. Not only several challenges were met, but the employee experience and productivity also improved. Case Study and White Papers Banking & Financial Cloud HR employee engagement Performance Management performance review SMART GoalsIntroduction.

The New Science of Distributed Workforce Productivity Growth

Rallyware for Human Resources

The continuous slowdown in workforce productivity has affected the global economy and left businesses struggling to understand the reasons behind it. Why productivity is slowing down? According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics , workforce productivity increased a meager 0.3%

Is Failure to Speak Up Impeding Your Team’s Productivity?

The People Equation

As a leader, you know that productive employees bring value to your team. Recent findings from a white paper by consulting and training firm VitalSmarts highlight the magnitude of high performers’ productivity: they are 21 times less likely to experience tasks or responsibilities that “fall through the cracks.” Moreover, the research found that these same employees were also 18 times less likely to feel overwhelmed than their less-productive peers.

The biggest productivity challenges


Productivity. The phrase echoes an era when employees were seen as production line machines, measured by the amount of time it would take them to produce a single item. However, today the measure of productivity has become increasingly difficult. Knowledge based workers simply cannot be measured by the output of their productivity. Here are five of the most common inhibitors of productivity for today’s knowledge workers: 1.

When will HR solve the ‘productivity puzzle’?


Ten years on from the 2008 crisis, it’s high time HR tackles the persistent issue of low productivity. Governments and industry commentators have been talking about the UK’s so-called productivity ‘puzzle’ for so long – close to 10 years, since the 2008 financial crisis – that we’ve become almost immune to their warnings. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), UK productivity grew by just 0.9% Low pay is a route to low productivity.”.

Learning And Leadership For Business Agility, Low Office Productivity, A Look Into Facebook’s Go-To Management Manual And Overcoming Resistance To Change #FridayFinds

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Only 7 Percent of Office Workers Are Productive (but Most Are Miserable). A recent FlexJobs survey of 3,100 professionals found that only seven percent reported they were most productive when working in the office.

Social Impact Mental Health Entrepreneur Launches The Mood Factory Products

Thrive Global

I’m so excited to say our products are finally available on Amazon. Our product lines, and Mood-scents, are based on research on how scents impact moods. These products can’t make you anything you don’t want to be.

What Makes People Feel Upbeat At Work, GE Giving Up Employee Ratings, The World’s Most Productive Countries And Saas Vs. Paas #FridayFinds

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The world’s most productive countries also have the shortest workdays. New research shows that working longer hours doesn’t always translate into more productivity.

Why You Need Both Workplace Culture Platforms and Productivity Platforms


In the past, managers used to view technology almost exclusively with an eye towards improving productivity, but the proliferation of social media has caused us to re-evaluate its utility for the employee experience. But don’t let this similarity with productivity platforms fool you. First, let’s define “productivity tools.”. Productivity platforms are designed to help you perform your work. The role of digital communication tools in the workplace is evolving.

Employee Engagement Is a Financial Strategy

HR Bartender

The rationale being that engaged employees are highly productive. And productivity fuels the business. This research is supported in the Globoforce white paper “ The Financial Impact of a Positive Employee Experience.”

Meeting Healthcare Needs with Advanced Scheduling

nettime solutions

Read the White Paper. Advanced Scheduling Alerts Labor Analytics Productivity Time & Attendance Software Time and Attendance Tools Time Tracking Wage & Hour ComplianceHealthcare in the U.S.

4 Tips for Booking the Perfect Meeting Room

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Or, perhaps you need to rent a room for use for product demonstrations in addition to more private meeting rooms. Download the white paper and see how you can create an integrated, engaging employee experience using people analytics! Productivity