Spreadsheets are Scary. Your Recruiting Software Shouldn’t Be.


Why do many recruiting teams have to use spreadsheets? I’m talking about best-in-class software products. Applicant tracking software is affordable and easy to implement. It improves recruiting so dramatically it’s a no-brainer for business owners. Yet the adoption rate is lower than for many other types of software. Let’s look at all the reasons that spreadsheets for recruiting are ridiculously scary.

How Recruitment Software Helps You Connect with Remote Employees

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Discover the benefits and how the right software can assist in @redbranch's latest article: Click To Tweet. By allowing your employees to work from home if that would be a better environment for them, you’ll reduce turnover and won’t have to recruit as often.

6 Reasons To Use Recruitment Software


Recruitment can be costly, time-consuming and overwhelming. This is where recruitment software comes in and these are the main reasons why you should use it in your application process. Using recruitment software helps to shorten the processing time.

5 reasons you should use tech recruitment software

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Seven out of ten (71%) of the Best-in-Class (top 20%) companies now use tech recruitment software. This term is very popular with other tech companies as well. Along similar lines, in a previous article “ Why companies can’t avoid university recruitment ,” I spoke about how, now more than ever, it is time for companies to decide if they will or will not enter the War for Talent. Resumes can mislead even the most experienced recruiters.

The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

Built By Recruiters for Employers The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System Newton Software, Inc. © | 415-593-1189 | sales@newtonsoftware.com What is an ATS? An ATS is your personal recruiting. Newton's three fundamental stages of recruiting.

4 Insights Analytics Can Deliver From Your Recruitment Software

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It’s a job-seeker’s market right now, and hiring and recruiting are more complicated than ever. What about candidates who are well-suited to your company, not just to your current positions? Keeping track of those candidates, as well as all the others you’re considering, gets confusing. Luckily, an applicant tracking software (ATS) solution can help. No one wants to be stuck re-typing a list of candidates from a spreadsheet to the software.

Top 12 recruiting software for hiring technical talent

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Continuing our two-part post on technical recruitment (Read: What is technology recruiting? ), we put together a list of recruiting software tools tech recruiters can use, in no particular order. Top recruiting software tools are. Recruit (HackerEarth). Download our FREE eBook: A complete guide to Talent Assessment Software . Tech recruiters can build a tech pro’s profile from digital signatures gathered from these social sites.

The Best Recruiting Software of 2018


The last six months have flown by, but not without shaking the recruiting industry first. Over the course of 2018, thus far, recruiting automation has shaped and changed recruiting practices making hiring smarter and faster than ever. In fact, at the close of 2017, 62 percent of talent acquisition professionals were planning to spend money on AI-powered recruiting software. Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) / Recruitment Marketing.

Recruiting Software Solutions: the Best of 2015

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Recently “G2 Crowd Grid℠ for Recruiting” was released using G2 Crowd’s proprietary algorithm. This algorithm supposedly creates an unbiased list of the best software recruiting solutions available in 2015. iCIMS Recruit. iCIMS Recruit. iCIMS Recruit.

The Benefits of Integrating Best-of-Breed Recruitment Software with Your HCM

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In a hiring environment marked by low unemployment rates and widening skills gaps, recruiting teams across the board are coping with heightened visibility, pressure, and candidate volume resulting from intensified competition for top talent.

Announcement! Saberr’s new partnership with Greenhouse recruiting software


Greenhouse recruiting software Saberr helps teams work better together by predicting the relationship dynamics between people in a team. Knowing how well they will fit in with the team they are about to join also helps shape the on boarding experience and early training.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Integrating Recruiting Software with Your HCM

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In Friday’s Advisor we began to explore what to look for when you look for quality recruiting software. As the only consumer-facing part of HR, the recruitment platform is the entry point to your organization for candidates and their information.

Want a deliriously happy recruitment software user? Deliver a deliriously delightful user experience.


Want a deliriously happy recruitment software user? A few months ago I bumped into an old friend who is a recruiter. Turns out I caught him on a stressful day that any recruiter will recognize as not that unique. Put hours back into the recruiter’s day.

How to Hit Recruitment Metrics


If your recruitment metrics have taken a dive recently, you may want to consider investing in recruiting software like an applicant tracking system. Reasons Why Companies Don’t Adopt Recruitment Technology. Source: Software Advice survey ).

The Most Insensitive/Yet Accurate Statement You'll Read This Week on Recruiting Software Developers.

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Largely self-educated and self-taught, he created a Microsoft technology called DirectX (which ultimately lent its name to the Xbox) and now trains Fortune 500 companies on how to recruit the most sought-after men in the field. aren’t real software engineer. Recruiting Talent

6 Ways to Turn Today’s Silver Medal Candidates into Tomorrow’s Gold Medalist Hires

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An expectation that is a part of any respectful hiring process is that the recruiter or hiring manager should tell the candidate. The added bonus of setting expectations well is that this behavior naturally forces accountability.

How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: Candidate Screening


You can set up automatic emails to candidates as well as internal team notifications. Applicant Tracking Recruiting Best Practices Recruiting Software ApplicantStack recruiting software candidate screening How to Hire Your Perfect Next Employee

Identify Your Wish List When Evaluating ATS Tools


Recruiting and hiring an inclusive team helps your business succeed. ’ Keep in mind that you have to write the questions carefully as well. Many recruiters are using texting as well. It is most effective when done from the recruiting platform.

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How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: Collecting Feedback From Your Hiring Team


But it’s impossible to do it well without capable applicant tracking software like ApplicantStack Recruit. ApplicantStack helps with that as well. Welcome to our series How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee: The Ultimate Guide.

How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: Offering a Job


Now that you have identified this person as the perfect candidate, you can be certain others have as well. As well as invention assignment and intellectual property terms. Improve Recruiting to Take Advantage of a Favorable Business Climate.

The Top 6 Apps for Recruiters


If you’re a recruiter that means not only do you need to be ahead of the pack with your mobile recruiting functionality, but also that you need to use mobile yourself to source, contact, and hire candidates. do not require you to be using their ATS or recruiting software to work).

How to Use Pinterest to Recruit Remarkable Employees


Update: 4/25/2017: Pinterest recruiting is becoming increasingly common. I’m always left wondering, “Well, yeah, but can I use it for anything actually useful ?”. Pinterest Recruiting. Employ user analytics to track what Pins are doing well, and with whom.

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Mobile Recruiting

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This isn’t a beginner’s guide to understanding analytics; however, even if you are new to recruitment analytics I encourage you to read this post for its tips for using Google Analytics to measure mobile recruiting activity. Why Should You Track Recruitment Site Activity?

6 Tips to Get Your Recruitment on the Right Track


These strategies include different manners to manage your employee referral programs to boost quality hires quickly as well as nurturing your talent pipeline. Check out these 6 techniques we’ve put together: Recruiting Recruiting SoftwareWhile technology is always advancing to help the hiring process, there are also inexpensive ways to grow your workforce that can be deployed.

Should You Buy an ATS for Your Recruiting Company?


How about we repeat the question, but with one small change: What exactly does the acronym ‘ATS’ mean… for you and your recruiting business ? Ask any successful recruiting and staffing agency and they will swear by, and say they cannot do without, recruitment software like an ATS.

ATS 108

Hiring Help For Companies That Can’t Find Workers: 12 Actionable Steps For Recruiting In A Talent Shortage


ApplicantStack Understands Recruiting Challenges. If you are using paper-based recruiting, you are already at a disadvantage. Some of the techniques described in this post can be used with a manual recruiting process. But many have to do with HOW you use your hiring software. Refresh Your Recruitment Marketing. In addition to reformatting the layout, refresh on a micro-level as well. Expand Internal Recruiting. The labor shortage is intensifying.

Why Employment Branding Is Essential for Job Recruitment


While marketing, human resources, and job recruitment play different roles, their overall goals are the same. All of this is good news for job-seekers, but poses a real challenge for job recruitment. Unfortunately, any disruption in leadership or culture is going to be, well, disruptive. But the results are worth the efforts for your job recruitment process and your long-term growth. All businesses need recruiting, human resources, and marketing to succeed and grow.

Can a Small to Mid Size Company Like Yours Afford an Applicant Tracking System? Selling an ATS to Management


How to organize resumes your company receives is an on-going dilemma for us recruiters. Step 1: Map out each step of your current recruiting process and put an approximate time each takes and an approximate cost. Can facilitate high-volume recruiting while remaining cost-effective.

Are you prepared for the hiring season?


Products like SparkHire work well. Whether you are a B2B or a B2C, you want to be prepared for your busy hiring season. Here are a few simple tips: 1. Employee Referrals: Take advantage of employee referrals. You get great results developing ways for current employees to recommend new hires.

How to Recruit on YouTube


However, they all are having great success using online video to recruit new applicants. And video works for recruiters. Smart recruiters are using video to lure applicants, showcase job descriptions, and hire the very best talent, and you should be too.

How to Recruit on YouTube


However, they all are having great success using online video to recruit new applicants. And video works for recruiters. Smart recruiters are using video to lure applicants, showcase job descriptions, and hire the very best talent, and you should be too.

4 Things to do When Transitioning to Different Recruiting Technology

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When transitioning over to a new recruiting software, it is important that you take the right steps in ensuring that the software investment is a success. There are 4 key things you should do in order to get the most ROI on your new recruiting technology.

Use Recruiting Solutions to Overcome Hiring Roadblocks


Despite your best efforts, you’re going to run into roadblocks when you’re recruiting. Then, find the recruiting solutions you need to optimize the process. While these hurdles could be cleared with a better, bigger, or more responsive team, you don’t have to fire your staff to find recruiting solutions that can streamline your process. Some of the most common blockages include: Creating and approving a well-written job description.

Recruiting software comparison


I don’t talk a lot about recruiting software, but I was directed to this article at a site I’d never heard about before: Hrbrief.com. It’s a fairly in-depth, feature by feature comparison of some of the well known players in the recruiting space. Uncategorized Software as a Service There are some obvious exclusions, but an interesting read nonetheless. You can […].

Be more eventful. Be more inclusive. Be more diverse.


We're in Vegas for the next few days at Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech Live , which should be good times over at Caesar's Palace. The abstract for the panel is: hr tech sourcing Events Recruiting Events Diversity inclusion Recruiting Software Recruiting