BREAKING NEWS: Symphony Talent Acquires Smashfly! @symphonytalent_ @Smashfly

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Well, the M&A activity in the TA Technology industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down as this morning Symphony Talent announced it has acquired the recruiting CRM technology platform Smashfly. You had a feeling that something was going to happen as you began to see the major recruiting CRMs in the industry align themselves with core ATS or enterprise HCM recruiting modules. 3 Big Questions about the acquisition of Smashfly by Symphony Talent? .

HR MarketWatch M&A News: Symphony Talent CEO Discusses Acquisition of Smashfly with HRWins and Aptitude Research Founders


On the morning of Monday, October 4 Symphony Talent the recruitment marketing services and technology firm formerly known as Hodes announced its acquisition of Smashfly Technologies, recruitment marketing and CRM platform for large enterprise employers. The post HR MarketWatch M&A News: Symphony Talent CEO Discusses Acquisition of Smashfly with HRWins and Aptitude Research Founders appeared first on HRWins by LAROCQUE, LLC.


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Transform Recruitment Marketing Conference is Back for June 2019!!! @Smashfly

The Tim Sackett Project

Smashfly Transform is the bold community that’s impressively grown from 200 at the first-ever Recruitment Marketing Conference in Boston in 2016 to more than 10,000 strong across the globe today. Brings together this unique segment of thinking in TA to create better, smarter experiences through recruitment marketing, technology, and innovation. Gives the recruiting revels a path forward through dialogue, interactive brainstorms, tactical sessions, and strategic keynotes.

Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Smashfly introduces Emerson!

The Tim Sackett Project

Today on The Weekly Dose I take a look at Smashfly’s newest addition “Emerson” Who and what is Emerson? enabled recruiting assistant that is built right into the core Smashfly CRM product. Basically, Emerson guides and assists candidates across critical touchpoints in the recruiting process – from their initial visit to a company’s career site for scheduling (or re-scheduling) an interview. It’s an exciting time at Smashfly.

Underutilized Recruitment Marketing Tactics

China Gorman

A recent Smashfly publication, the Smashfly Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2016 Fortune 500 , came across my desk a couple of weeks ago. And if you’re involved at all in recruiting talent, you’ll find it interesting. It’s easy to assume that the Fortune 500 are among the most effective recruitment marketers out there. on their recruitment marketing.

Where Do Candidates Come From?

China Gorman

Beyond Employees: Employee Referral Programs Redefined from Smashfly. The Rolepoint whitepaper was written by global recruiting legend Bill Boorman. The Smashfly presentation provides insight into the employee/candidate referral landscape with some interesting data: 77% of organizations currently have a formal referral program. Check out these reports from Rolepoint and Smashfly.

New Year – New Employees: Energize Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy in 2017


Who has time for recruitment marketing and talent management, right? But the reality is recruitment marketing and talent management are two things that companies should never stop focusing on. Recognizing that recruitment marketing is an important part of your organization’s overall strategy and using data-driven initiatives and fresh thinking can help you build a solid pipeline of talented leads that could implement positive change—and that spells good things for your business.

Recruiters, It's Time to Start Texting Candidates

Cornerstone On Demand

A version of this article was originally published on the SmashFly blog. And while email is still, of course, the preferred method of communication for recruiters looking to connect with potential job candidates its getting as easy to ignore and delete as T.V. And just like artificial intelligence (AI), video interviewing and chatbot recruiting assistants are becoming more commonplace to help quickly screen candidates and quicken the hiring process, so too is texting.

Want Your Recruitment CRM to Be Effective? Focus on Relationship Building

Cornerstone On Demand

According to SmashFly's 2018 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report for the Fortune 500 , 33 percent of Fortune 500 companies that offer candidates an opportunity to opt-in to job alerts or a talent network never send an email post-confirmation. It's clear that, as talent acquisition leaders, we must embrace a more relationship-driven recruitment strategy.

The Top 20 Recruitment Advertising Agencies


Recruitment advertising agencies are a core part of talent acquisition. They help employers with media buying, recruitment marketing, employer branding strategy and more. Top 20 List of Recruitment Ad Agencies. NAS Recruitment. # Recruitics. #

Reserve 10% of Your Recruitment Marketing Spend in 2017 for Experimentation.

The HR Capitalist

I had the opportunity to contribute to a project called the 2017 Recruitment Marketing Idea Book , sponsored and put together by Smashfly. My entry into the mix covered the need to experiment with your recruitment marketing spend every year. When you do that and aren't constantly thinking about what's next, you end up being late to emerging trends that result in better recruiting results. Branding in HR Communications Recruiting

Man & Machine Webinar: AI is Here to Empower Recruiters, Not Replace Them

Allegis Global Solutions

On July 26th, Allegis Global Solutions (AGS) teamed up with our technology partners at HiringSolved and Smashfly to deliver an exciting new webinar, Man + Machine: The Fundamentals of AI for Recruiting. Talent Tools & Technology

What Recruiters Can Learn From Marrying Pre- and Post-Applicant Data

Cornerstone On Demand

It was left on a SmashFly blog post about source of influence in 2015, and I've cited it a handful of times since: "There is rarely a single source of hire in today's hyper-connected reality. In a 2016 survey from The Work Place Group, 96 percent of respondents said source of hire is an important metric for making recruiting strategy decisions. SmashFly customer data shows that the average person interacts with 15 touchpoints before applying.

Data 264

TA Grades: Only 4% of Fortune 500 Get An A

TLNT: The Business of HR

A recent SmashFly publication, the SmashFly Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2016 Fortune 500 , came across my desk a while back. If you’re involved at all in recruiting talent, you’ll find it interesting. Corporate Recruiting Employee Branding Talent Acquisition Featured surveys

Why Talent Acquisition Should Own Recruitment Marketing


Recruiters and marketers used to sit in different areas of the office, playing distinctly different roles. But as we all know, that’s shifted quite a bit with the focus on recruitment marketing. The most successful recruiters and talent acquisition leaders have embraced the entire world of marketing, from tactics to metrics. According to The MRINetwork Recruiter Sentiment Study , a biannual survey conducted among nearly 2,000 U.S.-based

Future of Recruitment Technology | 17+ Tools and Software

Get Hppy

Digitalization has gradually penetrated into all areas of organizational activity and has become their natural stage, and the recruitment technology development is not an exception. . Top 5 Advancements in Recruiting Technology . Recruiting Technology: Key Tools in 2020.

Tools 91

15 Examples of Recruitment Marketing Platforms [Used by 500 Top Employers]


Below is a list of 15 recruitment marketing platforms used by 500 U.S.-based Our list of 15 recruitment marketing tools includes only the software that Ongig can track and verify. 15 Recruitment Marketing Platforms. They acquired both Findly (in 2016) and Smashfly (in 2019).

Recruit Better By Thinking Like a Marketer (Free eBook)


Recruiting has been changing for some time. Sourcing, or seeking out candidates, is a powerful part of a recruiting strategy, but there are also elements of recruiting that have changed in recent years as the recruitment marketing field has grown into its own discipline. How are you changing your recruiting approach so that you’re pulling in candidates who are a fit for your company and culture? . General Marketing Recruiting

eBook 109

Transform 2020 Recruitment Marketing Conference Recap

Stories Incorporated

For over five years now, Transform has brought together the brightest in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing with the goal of transforming an industry. The 2020 event was the first Transform since SmashFly was acquired by Symphony Talent and was completely virtual due to COVID-19.

Recruitment Marketing: The Ultimate Guide


Recruitment marketing is vital to talent acquisition. In this guide I share a primer on recruitment marketing with hopefully-helpful tips, including: My definition of recruitment marketing. The 6 stages of the recruiting funnel. 4 recruitment marketing strategies. The 3 major benefits you’ll see from effective recruitment marketing. What is Recruitment Marketing? The Recruiting Funnel and Recruitment Marketing.

Why Storytelling Matters in Talent Acquisition


But a recruiter found me on LinkedIn. So I took an interview with the hiring manager, who happened to be SmashFly’s Chief Marketing Officer. I walked through an empty floor looking out on a river in an old mill building (that now is the work habitat to more than 30 SmashFly employees). I left the office being hugged by not only one, but two, SmashFly employees. The week my husband left for the Middle East, I started working at SmashFly.

How to Better Use Employee Stories in Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy


For more insights on recruitment marketing best practices employed by the world’s leading organizations, get a free download of SmashFly’s Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the 2015 Fortune 500. . This September, SmashFly researched and evaluated every 2015 Fortune 500 organization’s career site 13 unique recruitment marketing practices. However, very few will complete an application ― 74% drop off based on the most recent SmashFly data.

3 Taleo Clients Enhancing Their Job Postings (Before & After)


Your job postings are a key piece of your recruitment strategy. Are you utilizing recruiting content and information that candidates want to read about (i.e. How To Enhance Your Taleo Job Postings: Use a recruitment marketing platform that focuses on job postings. Platforms like Ongig , Phenom People , Smashfly , TalentBrew and others make it easy to design, edit, and optimize job postings regardless of applicant tracking system.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


There are a ton of great HR/Recruitment blogs. Ongig, of course, has its own recruiting blog — you’re reading it right now! This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Top 3 HR/recruitment blog posts.

HRE Column: On Recruitment Marketing

Steve Boese

This month, in the aftermath of the recent Talent Acquisition Technology Conference and thinking about all the innovative and potentially disruptive HR and talent acquisition technology solutions that continue to appear in the market, I thought about how much I have heard and seen lately about the concept or category of 'recruitment marketing.'. Why is recruitment marketing different than just posting job ads? HR HR HR Executive HR Tech Recruiting Recruiting Technology Technology

Four Things HR Can Learn From Marketing


With the consistent growth of concepts like “Employer Brand” and “ Recruitment Marketing, ” HR departments everywhere are adding another role to their already burgeoning workload: marketing. And while some elements of marketing were already there for some HR and recruiting pros, the level of expertise required has grown exponentially. And this is absolutely critical when it comes to recruiting. This post is sponsored by SmashFly.

PODCAST - #HRHappyHour 267 - Recruitment Marketing, Branding, and Technology

Steve Boese

HR Happy Hour 267 - Recruitment Marketing, Branding, and Technology. Recorded live at SmashFly Transform in Boston, Massachusetts. On the show, Jared shared how he and his team support the GreatClips franchisees with their talent acquisition, recruitment marketing, and employer branding programs and needs. This was a fun show, thanks to Jared for sitting down with us, and thanks to SmashFly for having the HR Happy Hour at the Transform event.

Transform Your Recruitment Marketing

The Tim Sackett Project

I’m headed off to Boston this fall, November 2-4 to Emcee the 1st ever Recruitment Marketing Conference, called Transform! Developed by the great team over at Smashfly, this is not a user conference this is a pilgrimage of the top recruitment marketing minds in the world being brought together in one place! Shaunda Zilich from GE telling us how she and her team at GE built a billion dollar recruitment brand with $0 budget! But, not for recruitment marketing!

41% of the Fortune 500 Are Using Recruitment Marketing Platforms


Recruitment marketing platforms are attracting and engaging talent more than ever. As we collected ATS data we also checked to see if companies were using a recruitment marketing platform to enhance their career site. It turns out: “41% of Fortune 500 companies use recruitment marketing platforms to enhance their career site.” Recruitment Marketing Platforms That Fortune 500 Companies Use. Smashfly. The Role of Recruitment Marketing Platforms.

iCIMS 46

41% of the Fortune 500 Are Using Recruitment Marketing Platforms


Recruitment marketing platforms are attracting and engaging talent more than ever. As we collected ATS data we also checked to see if companies were using a recruitment marketing platform to enhance their career site. It turns out: “41% of Fortune 500 companies use recruitment marketing platforms to enhance their career site.” Recruitment Marketing Platforms That Fortune 500 Companies Use. Smashfly. The Role of Recruitment Marketing Platforms.

iCIMS 46

Recruitment Tools in 2020- Everything with What, Why & Which

Vantage Circle

Such work requires a lot of research and hence the requirement for proper Recruitment Tools. Here to help you choose wisely today, we present you with everything about Recruitment Tools for 2020! Let’s talk about Recruitment Tools for today. What are Recruitment Tools.

Tools 60

#TransformRM – Day 1 of first ever Recruitment Marketing Conference!

The Tim Sackett Project

I’m at TransformRM this week in Boston as the folks from Smashfly are hosting the first ever Recruitment Marketing conference. Here are some of the key takeaways from Day 1: We’re all still pretty new in this whole recruitment marketing skill set. Most impressive practitioner/company presentation was from John Qudeen , VP of Recruiting at Thomson Reuters. Recruitment Marketing Social Recruiting TA Technology Talent Acquisition

What’s the Difference between Great Recruitment Marketing and Bad RM?

The Tim Sackett Project

Smashfly released their annual 2019 Recruitment Marketing Benchmarks Report this week and there are some real takeaways that I think help TA teams become better right away tactically at RM. . FYI – ‘Crappy’ is my language not Smashfly’s! For the 2020 report I’ve already pushed back on the Smashfly team to start asking about SMS/Text communication as it relates to RM, and keep digging into the personalization aspect.

Michigan Recruiter’s Conference – November 1st – Detroit, MI! Registration is Now Open!

The Tim Sackett Project

The 4th Annual Michigan Recruiter’s Conference will take place on November 1st, 2018 onsite at the GM Headquarters RenCen in downtown Detroit, MI. Why should you and your corporate recruiting team come? Yes, I specifically said “corporate” recruiting team. When Jim and I started this conference 4 years ago we did so that our teams would have world-class recruiting development in our own backyard.

Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Conference Sets Stage for 2018


2017 is winding down but there’s still at least one more major recruiting show to go! Later this month, Entelo will take on the Sunshine State for the Recruiting Trends & Talent Tech Conference in Palm Beach from November 28 – 30. This event will explore the art and science of talent acquisition and spotlight the game changing impact artificial intelligence is having on sourcing, recruiting and candidate engagement. Recruiting and HR conference conferences