10 Strategies for Recruiting In a Highly Competitive Job Market

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We continue to hear how recruiting is a challenge. In a research report published last year by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), sixty-eight percent (68%) of HR professionals are experiencing difficulty recruiting candidates. Competition means recruiting all the time.

4 Winning Video Strategies HR Professionals Should Be Using Today

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Cue videos. In 2022, videos will account for 82% of all Internet traffic , while Forrester Research reveals that one-minute videos contain the same amount of information as a 1,800-word document. Video is processed by the brain more effectively. Explainer videos.

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Recruitment Strategies Revisited

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But many companies, especially smaller ones without an official talent acquisition team, rely on very basic recruitment strategies. When that’s not working, they may engage a recruitment firm to help. But this is not an actual recruitment strategy.

6 Company Culture Videos to Inspire Your Recruiting Strategy

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Company culture videos are an effective and creative way to show top talent what makes your workplace uniquely great. Check out these six examples from companies that found the right story to share with candidates. Employer Resources

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Employer Branding: Using Social Media to Boost your Brand

Speaker: Audra Knight, Recruitment Operations Manager, Tenable

6 Strategies to Effectively Use Video In Your Recruiting Efforts


Video is a part of our everyday lives. AT&T recently reported that 50% of its Internet bandwidth use is video. It’s also become a resource for us in the recruiting industry to reach candidates as they become more accustomed to and expectant of video in the hiring process.

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Candidate Experience: The Importance of Developing a Strategy

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The 4 C’s to Developing a Candidate Experience Strategy. To really have a positive and lasting impact with candidates, it’s going to take a strategy. Clear : A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about the “ 8 Things Job Seekers Want from Recruiters ”.

6 Tips for Creating a Perfect Recruitment Video


Creating recruitment videos is an important part of every successful talent acquisition strategy. Even if you have no budget and no previous experience, in this blog post you'll learn useful tips that will help you create a perfect recruiting video!

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Accomplish Your Recruiting Goals: Think Like a Marketer

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We all know recruiting is tough right now. While the model talks about media in terms of marketing media, we can use the principles for our recruitment marketing. For example, if the company creates a recruiting video for their own career portal, that’s owned media.

4 Reasons Video Is Your New Recruiting Holy Grail

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Get this: There is more video content uploaded to the web in a month than created for TV in the past three decades. The popularity and growth of online video is mind-blowing—video will account for 74 percent of all web traffic this year. So why aren't more companies using it for recruiting? The first goal for any recruitment campaign is to make sure candidates know you have a job opening. Reach a Bigger Audience For starters, Google loves video.

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7 Ways to Improve Your High Volume Recruiting Strategy

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High volume recruiting is always a challenge. As a benchmark, the average job advert receives 59 applicants , whereas a high volume recruiting position receives over 250 applicants. . Pre-employment assessment tools can help recruiters. High volume recruiting doesn’t mean.

7 New Ways Videos Can Improve Your Recruiting

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The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” might need to be revised because, nowadays, it’s videos that are speaking volumes. Here are some creative ways videos can be used in the world of recruiting: 1. Employer brand videos. Bonus Tip: Video Interviewing .

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5 Effective Ways to Optimize Your Recruitment Strategy for Young Talent Acquisition

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Millennials and Generation Z are peculiar generations, at least by traditional recruiting and business standards. To achieve this, you not only need to write terrific job descriptions , but you need to optimize your entire recruiting strategy as well.

The Ultimate Job Board For Video Talent?

The Magnet: Attract Candidates To You

There’s a new job board in town and it’s focused solely on video. Vimeo, known as one of the biggest video sharing platforms recently announced its entry into the job market with Vimeo For Hire. ?. A new source for finding and connecting with video pros, job seekers, and candidates.

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Boost Your Hiring Process With Video Like This Phenomenal People Officer

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Brad Goldoor, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer at Phenom People, discusses how today’s most progressive companies are using video to attract, nurture, and convert qualified job candidates. He and Josh speak on why video should be implemented throughout the employee lifecycle. If you’re looking to integrate video into your hiring process, Brad provides the tips you need. The Growth Recruiting Podcast is available in iTunes ! 16:16 Video in onboarding.

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5 Ways Video is Revolutionizing the Recruitment Process

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Most of us have come to expect the latest technologies to be available in the workplace so what better way to show potential employees that your company is up-to-speed than with an innovative tool like video? 1 Video opens your company up to global talent.

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Including Videos In Your Customer Success Strategy


While the product or service builds the foundation, you must have strategies to create a successful relationship with your customers in order to be a highly functioning enterprise. What do c ustomer success strategies look like and how can you use videos for your benefit?

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Recruiting Technology: How Video Can Attract Active and Passive Jobseekers

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Is your company using video in the recruiting process? If not, you may want to consider incorporating this technology into your recruiting strategies, as we are living in a digital age that is currently faced with a competitive candidate-driven market.

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3 Reasons Why Video Interviewing is an International Recruiter’s Best Friend

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As an international recruiter, I understand how difficult it can be to ensure the best placement when working remotely. However, one of the key resources that I have found to be of great value in my recruiting strategy is video interviewing.

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Video Recruiting: Recruit with Style

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A recent Aberdeen Report states that 61% of companies were more likely to use video recruiting during their onboarding and hiring process over other methods. Today we’ll learn what makes video interviewing the way of the future. Assess content, not video quality.

Recruit Better: Create an Online Realistic Job Preview

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A realistic job preview is an opportunity in the recruiting process to give candidates a sense of what it’s like to work at the company. Video of internal meetings (here’s an example from Google ). Recruiting and Retention Technology and Social Media interview

Why Your HR Team Needs AI [VIDEO]


From automation to insights, AI-enabled recruitment can show you the full scope of your hiring strategies while saving you time and money in the process. Recruitment Industry Trends AI in Recruiting video

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VIDEO HANGOUT THURSDAY - The Psychology of Recruitment: Brain Hacking to Get Agreement.

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If you’re a client or follower of Jobvite, you know the Recruiter Nation Live series. It started with the Recruiter Nation Live Conference in San Francisco last June, and continued with the Recruiter Nation Live Roadshow that brought real recruiter talk to 9 cities in North America over the last three months of 2017. The feedback was great – you loved it, so we’re back with the latest in the series – the Recruiter Nation Live Hangout Series, hosted by Fistful of Talent and me.

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Employer Branding Recruitment Strategy: How to Get It Right

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They will try to read some information on the about page, careers page, LinkedIn, perhaps watch your promotional videos, read reviews on Glassdoor and maybe talk to people who’ve worked with your company in the past. Developing an Employer Brand Strategy.

What to Look for in a Modern Recruitment Platform

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Recruiting software is highly utilized by talent acquisition teams. In fact, 75% of hiring professionals used either applicant tracking or recruiting software to improve their hiring process. Take a look at the features and tools you should expect in a modern recruitment platform.

Creating Inclusive Video Communication Content

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Incorporating inclusive video communication systems into all aspects of your company will position you for success. One way to break those barriers is to create video communication that addresses their needs and interests. Video Communications

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The Only Recruitment Gurus You Need to Follow (And Their Blogs and Podcasts!)


It provides us with our daily dose of puppy videos and hilarious gifs but interestingly enough, it’s also pretty useful when it comes to work-related matters. The internet is a wonderful place.

Talent Success Toolkit Lesson 2: Recruiting

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In part one of this series, we covered the importance of your company’s first impression to talent, otherwise known as the employer branding stage, and how to implement talent forecasting to make smart, ongoing recruitment predictions year-round. In this video, we cover: Mobile Apply.

How Video Interviews can Make Your Hiring More Efficient

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Video interviews are a brilliant addition to your hiring process. If you’re considering incorporating video interviews into your hiring process, read on to find out how they can make your recruitment strategy more efficient. Video interviews can be completed anytime, anywhere meaning no one has to travel, so it reduces the time you need to set aside for the interview. Making your hiring more efficient with video interviews.

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Realistic Job Previews: 5 Questions Recruiters Should Ask

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For example, organizations can give candidates a “sneak peek” into what it’s like to work at the company by using a realistic job preview in their recruiting marketing strategy. The post Realistic Job Previews: 5 Questions Recruiters Should Ask appeared first on hr bartender.

5 Ways to Ensure Better Collaboration with Video Interviews

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Video interviewing technology is modernizing traditional hiring processes by speeding up the process and improving internal collaboration. Video interviews enable informed decisions on new hires and reduce the risk of bad hires.

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Strengthen Your Employer Brand Strategy Through Storytelling


Storytelling is becoming the crux of employers’ brand strategy. Here are 5 effective strategies to strengthen your employer brand and attract more candidates: 1. To learn more about how to tell compelling stories through video, check out the Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing.

Trending Recruiting Practices: Video Interviewing

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In y esterday’s Advisor we learned how more than ever, companies are relying on video interviews during some portion of the hiring process. Today we’ll see what kinds of video interviewing strategies and technologies are available. Building a Strategy.

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4 Recruitment Strategies to Attract, Engage, and Inform Candidates


Incorporate photos and videos into your job posts to maximize the candidate experience well before the first interview. The post 4 Recruitment Strategies to Attract, Engage, and Inform Candidates appeared first on ViziRecruiter.

Recruitment Trends and What They Mean to Your Recruitment Strategy

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Recruitment has come a long way from decades ago. In the coming years, we’ll continue to see changes in recruitment methods given that challenges and developments in the social, economic, and technological landscapes are ever present. Recruitment Platforms.