BREAKING NEWS: Symphony Talent Acquires Smashfly! @symphonytalent_ @Smashfly

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Well, the M&A activity in the TA Technology industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down as this morning Symphony Talent announced it has acquired the recruiting CRM technology platform Smashfly. 3 Big Questions about the acquisition of Smashfly by Symphony Talent? . Who the heck is Symphony Talent? . I know some of you are asking that because Symphony Talent is the biggest name in the industry!

Why Talent Acquisition Should Own Recruitment Marketing


A marketing hat is now an essential part of a talent acquisition leader’s wardrobe. The most successful recruiters and talent acquisition leaders have embraced the entire world of marketing, from tactics to metrics. Talent Acquisition! With the support of executives and current employees, as well.). With a talent shortage and shifting generational demands, people want to be courted a bit. Talent Acquisition.

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Do We Really Need a Certification in Talent Acquisition?


That same pace of change applies to recruiting – what worked for recruiting 15 years ago (or to be honest, even five years ago) doesn’t translate well to what works today, especially for enterprise firms. Competition for talent is fiercer than ever, and the tools and technologies that have emerged in the wake of new expectations and strategies are countless. The post Do We Really Need a Certification in Talent Acquisition?

Convergence 2019 Preview: The Talent Acquisition Process Is Broken. Here's How to Fix It

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After all, the competition for talent is fierce—according to IBM, 90% of S&P 100 companies are recruiting for the same 37 jobs. According to a report from SmashFly, 74% of candidates who start the application process don't finish it. The talent acquisition process at many organizations is fundamentally broken because it's not designed with applicants in mind, says Ira Wolfe , president and founder of pre-employment and leadership testing firm Success Performance Solutions.

How do candidates find your company?

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I have a brain crush on Smashfly’s Tracey Parsons. I came on a LinkedIn post by Joel Cheesman (you can look him up as well, he’s way less impressive than Tracey, but he might be your flavor! Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals Candidate Experience Engineering Recruiting Hiring IT Staffing Recruiting Recruitment Marketing Social Recruiting Sourcing TA Technology Talent Acquisition Technical Recruiting The Recruiting Rules

1% of Job Descriptions have Pictures or Video! Why?

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Smashfly, the enterprise recruitment marketing platform, released their 2018 Recruitment Marketing Benchmark Report this week and it’s loaded with data. Also, the JD is basically the only thing we share socially and within our talent networks (which is an entire another post!): 95% of organizations in the Fortune 500 only send JD’s to their Talent Networks. Check out the full report, it has some great data and some great ideas as well on Recruitment Marketing!

Michigan Recruiter’s Conference – November 1st – Detroit, MI! Registration is Now Open!

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Hate me if you want, but it actually works really well. Jim and I knew most of the great Talent Acquisition speakers personally, or we knew someone who knew them personally, and we felt pretty confident we could talk them into coming to beautiful Michigan! – Chief Talent Officer at GM speaking on TA Transformation. – Dawn Burke – HR and Talent Expert speaking on getting more out of your hiring managers.

7 Ways to Increase Your Hourly Hiring!

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In 2017 there will be over a thousand webinars on how to hire more IT talent, 15,285 blog posts on how to hire more IT talent, 100s of new technologies will be released on how to hire more IT talent. Those recruiters and talent leaders who are responsible for hiring the masses! . Smashfly, the world’s best recruitment marketing platform, is the sponsor for this FOT webinar.

Brandon Hall Group Research Highlights, June 22-July 5, 2020

Brandon Hall

Other focuses of the past two weeks include women in leadership, a talent-acquisition technology selection guide and profiles of technology providers in learning, talent management, talent acquisition and workforce management. Talent Management. Reward Gateway’s industry-first employee engagement platform brings employee communications, recognition and reward, surveys, discounts and well-being into one unified hub. Talent Acquisition.

#TransformRM – Day 1 of first ever Recruitment Marketing Conference!

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I’m at TransformRM this week in Boston as the folks from Smashfly are hosting the first ever Recruitment Marketing conference. Not a ton of talk around the actual tech stack it takes to pull off great recruitment marketing, but as you can imagine all those who were doing it well were all using CRM technology to help retarget candidates and elevate their message and content to those they were trying to attract.

The Top 100 Applicant Tracking Systems in 2018


Symphony Talent (Findly, SmashFly. Talent Reef (JobAppNetwork). On the one side, you have Human Capital Management (HCM) Suites like Oracle, Workday, SAP and Ultimate Software — they provide ATS software as well as a suite of other HR software. I expect that the strategic positioning of the ATS will cause it to be a key chip in the game of recruiting software consolidation (including mergers and acquisitions).

Top 4 Reasons Talent Pipelines are A No-Brainer


The candidate journey is a whole ball of wax, but I highly encourage you to think of a talent pipeline as a warm, nurturing, holding space for people who may be your next employee. It’s absolutely critical to have a functional, up-to-date, communicative talent pipeline for several reasons, but here are my top three. They use Talent Pipelines as major time-s avers. Talent Pipelines Make Business Sense (in Dollars). A talent pipeline, of course!

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A Quick Q&A on Recruitment Marketing

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The first was during a webinar sponsored by SmashFly that featured insights from Brandon Hall Group’s latest research on the matter, as well as how the components of high-performance recruitment marketing are having real impact on talent acquisition performance at CDW and Lockheed Martin. Any of our Excellence in Talent Acquisition award winners can tell you that. Kyle Lagunas , Talent Acquisition Analyst, Brandon Hall Group.

The Evolution Of Job Postings


So how did the recruitment advertising business go from honest, succinct, well-placed and candidate-producing gems to the pages-long, generic, unnoticed and ineffective garble that is posted on job boards and career sites today? A secondary industry emerged to aggregate the boards with the launch of Indeed in 2004, SmashFly in 2007 and others. Uncategorized Help Wanted ad job boards job descriptions Shackleton talent acquisition video job descriptions video recruiting

The Top 20 Recruitment Advertising Agencies


Recruitment advertising agencies are a core part of talent acquisition. Acquisitions — There’s been some consolidation of recruitment ad agencies in the last few years and we share someo of those. Symphony Talent. # Headline: Brand, Meet Talent.

3 Trends Defining Hiring Success In The Digital Economy


Therefore, designing and executing a strategy that does this well has become the competitive edge in a digital economy where the speed of innovation trumps all. Exploring three big areas of potential — online talent platforms, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things — the firm estimates that digitization could add up to $2.2 Not coincidentally, the supply of talent to fill that engineering role presents a greater challenge to your talent acquisition team.

HRE Column: On Recruitment Marketing

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This month, in the aftermath of the recent Talent Acquisition Technology Conference and thinking about all the innovative and potentially disruptive HR and talent acquisition technology solutions that continue to appear in the market, I thought about how much I have heard and seen lately about the concept or category of 'recruitment marketing.'.

Transform 2020 Recruitment Marketing Conference Recap

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For over five years now, Transform has brought together the brightest in talent acquisition and recruitment marketing with the goal of transforming an industry. The 2020 event was the first Transform since SmashFly was acquired by Symphony Talent and was completely virtual due to COVID-19. These dual crises and their repercussions in the workplace mean a great deal of uncertainty lay ahead for talent leaders. A Total Talent Assignment mindset, says Elaine.

Humanizing the Candidate Experience: SRSC 2019 in Review

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Last week over 150 recruitment marketing and talent acquisition professionals took Philadelphia by storm with the goal of honing and expanding their social recruiting strategies. At its core, talent acquisition is about a human being trying to help another human being find the right place to work. Another huge part of understanding your audience, says SmashFly’s Brandy Ellis, is understanding how they’ve interacted with your brand in the past.

HR community reacts to Hire by Google announcement


Much of Hire is based on technology Google acquired with the Bebop acquisition. ” Vendors such as Workable, Lever and HireHive are among those going after Hire’s SMB clients “pretty aggressively,” says Laurano, adding that she expects LinkedIn to make a concerted effort to woo them as well. I always expected Hire by Google to end up in the Google graveyard at some point,” says Dwaine Maltais, co-founder and CEO of talent management vendor Talentegy.

Your Most Pressing Questions About Recruiting in the Digital Age, Answered

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In an environment where organizations are competing for limited top talent, there is no room for subpar candidate experiences. Boyle and Josh Zywien, VP of marketing at SmashFly, discussed this challenge in their most recent webinar —but when time ran out, some questions remained. What is a 'talent community' and how can it help build a recruiting pipeline? Do you find many companies are not prepared to offer a well-planned on-boarding experience for new employees?

Talent community: It’s the relationships you build that matter


In this previous post , we discussed the rightful passage of the evergreen requisition into the annals of history to be replaced with talent pipelines. Talent pipelines have been around quite a while. If you’re like me and were really sad when the dinosaurs died, then you remember the days of using index cards, your rotary address file, and your planner to create “tickle files” to keep in touch with talent who possessed certain critical skills.

Top Funding News in the HR, Recruiting and Benefits Space | 2016


The recruitment marketing platform Smashfly started off 2016 raising $22 million. Millennial wellness site Greatist raises Series A. Recruitment Platform SmashFly Raises $22 Million in Second Round of Funding. Talent Rover Raises $2.2M Phenom People Raises $6 Million in Series A Funding from Sierra Ventures to Meet Rising Demand for Talent Relationship Marketing. Japan’s talent search startup BizReach gets $33M to offer hiring management platform.

How Facebook Is Recruiting Exceptional Talent Today


Don’t you wonder how a company with nearly 13,000 employees and 49 offices around the world manage to lure top talent year after year? Let’s examine Facebook’s magnetic appeal and see how we can all learn from it to recruit exceptional talent. But the fit is just the beginning: Talent, diversity, and a strategic screening process are also critical. This lets them acquire an entire team that already works well together instead of piecing together something new.

Recruitment Tools in 2020- Everything with What, Why & Which

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Based on their different usage, recruitment tools can be further understood well in these sections. This is because of their database assistance to recruiters in talent acquisition. Examples of these tools are Naukri RMS, Zoho Recruit, Talent Recruit, etc. Some of the examples of these recruitment tools are SmashFly, Yello, Avature, etc. These can very well miss a human eye but not a well-oiled machine.

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3 Trends Defining Hiring Success In The Digital Economy

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Therefore, designing and executing a strategy that does this well has become the competitive edge in a digital economy where the speed of innovation trumps all. Exploring three big areas of potential — online talent platforms, big data analytics, and the Internet of Things — the firm estimates that digitization could add up to $2.2 Not coincidentally, the supply of talent to fill that engineering role presents a greater challenge to your talent acquisition team.

100+ HR Technologies and Recruiting Tools Worth Watching in Q2 2017


This means, of course, getting ahead of that competition requires these technology providers to offer products or platforms that are truly innovative in their approach to solving some of our biggest talent challenges. They say the geeks will inherit, and nowhere is that prediction proving more prescient than in the weird little world of talent acquisition and management. eeStrategy || Talent Strategy & Planning || @eeStrategy.

Conference Twitter Primer #HRtechConf 2018


Josh_Bersin : Corporate Talent, HR, & Learning Analyst, Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, research and advisory firm focused on management, leadership, HR tech. wadors : Chief Talent Officer ServiceNow, mom to 3 Millennials, introvert, cyclist & interested in the future of work – Loving Life! Talent advisor. elaineorler : Talent Acquisition Consultant focused on the harmony of People and Technology. Glink : Real estate & financial wellness expert.

The Best Recruiting Software of 2018


In fact, at the close of 2017, 62 percent of talent acquisition professionals were planning to spend money on AI-powered recruiting software. Entelo : Combines AI, machine learning, predictive analytics, behavioral listening and social signals to help recruiting organizations identify, qualify and engage with talent. Entelo has capability to surface diverse candidates as well as anonymize search results to help recruiters mitigate unconscious bias.

7 Essential Recruitment Marketing Tools (and How to Use Them)

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to attract top talent. To help make this all simpler, my fellow data nerd, Ryan Christoi , and I presented at last year's Talent Connect on exactly how talent acquisition teams can use recruitment marketing analytics to get insights on prospective talent, attract them, and increase quality of hire. This is helpful because it means you can easily see if you are getting visitors from your paid ads as well as organic (i.e. Talent Analytics

HR Tech Weekly: Episode #242: Stacey Harris and John Sumser

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IHRIM launches Refreshed HRIP Certification, Symphony Talent Acquires SmashFly Technologies, Workday Announces Intent to Acquire Scout RFP for $540M, ServiceNow To Acquire Cognitive Search Capabilities of Attivio, and JPMorgan tests its Amazon-Berkshire health venture on bank employees. Symphony Talent Acquires SmashFly Technologies Link ». Topics: HRIT, HRIS, Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, HRTech, Workflow, SupplyChain, Benefits, and Healthcare.

How to Make a Strong AI in Recruiting Business Case


And Tracey is the President at Parsons Strategic Consulting, a consultancy at the intersection of employer brand, recruitment marketing and systems to create delight for talent and brands. Tracey has extensive experience in talent strategy, social recruiting and marketing, thought leadership, brand development and consulting at companies like SmashFly, TMP Worldwide, and her own startup, CredHive. Has MasterBrands considered using AllyO for any internal talent mobility.