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My Talent Acquisition team recently participated in a team-building event courtesy of our friends at Strayboots. We were divided into three teams of 7 for the “hunt.” It was every team for itself, so to speak. And that , my friends, is team- building.

Corporate Climbing & Other Team-Building Adventures

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While team-building activities can be helpful, larger adventures get co-workers out of the office and out of the mindset of work activities. Here are some tips for team building adventures. The classic team-building event is a ropes course.

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Team Building Exercises That Won’t Cause Eye Rolls


I am referring to those team building exercises that leaders come up with that are supposed to result in comradery and bonding. Here are some activities you might consider suing with your team: Perform Community Service. Give each team a bit of time to practice.

Is Team Building the Secret to Improving Engagement?

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Organizational strategies and tactics implemented by progressive, productivity-minded HR executives can have a profound impact on engagement; one of the most effective of these methods is undoubtedly team building.

Creating a Cohesive Office: A Guide to Effective Team Building

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Also read: Why Effective Mentors Focus On Building High Trust Relationships. If you are looking to build a cohesive office, this brief guide to team building will be your strength. The very first step in team building is to identify problem areas.

Top 10 quick Team Building Games to Energize Your Team


How successful an organization can be, is dependent mainly on teamwork: how well a team of employees can work together. A popular way of achieving maximum cooperation and teamwork in a company is team building exercises. Why Businesses need Team Building Games.

Excited to be Speaking at REAL HR SHRM-Atlanta Symposium on Employee Engagement & Team Building (Aug 2019)

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Excited to be Speaking at REAL HR SHRM-Atlanta Symposium on Employee Engagement & Team Building (Aug 2019). My Session Overview: Think about the best team you’ve ever been on. The team that was the most collaborative, connected, and productive. What if you could recreate that feeling and success on every team you were on? It’s the foundation for a highly successful “people strategy.”. They will also build deep relationships with other attendees.

4 Team Building Strategies for Effective Organizations


Think beyond trustfalls and team dinners to help your teams accomplish more. Instead, focus on these four team building considerations

Team Building Activities that Increase Employee Engagement

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Team Building Activities that Increase Employee Engagement In an effort to keep employees motivated, satisfied and productive, business leaders and psychologists have developed a variety of programs over the years. With an effective team, the system of rowers and riders disappears.

Team Building Activities that Increase Employee Engagement

Clarity Wave

Team Building Activities that Increase Employee Engagement In an effort to keep employees motivated, satisfied and productive, business leaders and psychologists have developed a variety of programs over the years. With an effective team, the system of rowers and riders disappears.

5 Employee Retention Strategies to Keep Your Team Intact and Motivated

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How to Encourage Cross-Department Collaboration


They believe their own team is easy to work with. The dysfunction compounds across teams, departments, and organizations because there are so many human variables. It takes a lot of energy and commitment to find common ground and create a unified team.

Digitalist Flash Briefing: The Importance Of Team-Building In A Data-Driven World

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Today’s briefing looks at the people skills managers can harness to build successful teams. link]. Amazon Echo or Dot: Enable the “Digitalist” flash briefing skill, and ask Alexa to “play my flash briefings” on every business day.

Our High-Intensity Team Building Day with Shannon Waller


As in – Stefan Wissenbach flew the UK team to Chicago to party with us, and to do some team-building exercises so we could all get to know each other. Fifth exercise: Teamwork Strategies. You have to let go and allow your trusted team member to take on the task.

Avoiding the 7 Big Team-Building Blunders

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And we’re all familiar with what it means: An effective team can accomplish more as a whole than its individual members can accomplish on their own. Building an effective, high-performing team requires more than simply throwing a group of outstanding individuals into a room and telling them they can’t come out until they have a solution. And maintaining an effective team requires planning, communication and decision-making. Describe your role in team terms.

Team-Building: Four Incredibly Effective Strategies for Business Success

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Team building may be the most important investment your business makes this year. Allocating the time and budget to boost employee morale, and help them work more effectively as a team, is an important factor for long-term success. Give Your Team a Chance to Play.

Keynote Speaker at SHRM Columbus 2019 HR Symposium on October 24th

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My interactive keynote presentation will be on building high performing teams and engaged cultures. Attendees will be playing Cards Against Mundanity in small groups to experience how to build high levels of trust, closeness, and teamwork in minutes.

Power Up Your Employee Retention Strategies

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Losing high performing employees is difficult for managers, teams and your overall organization. It also leads to the added costs of: Paying for job postings Recruiting Time spent interviewing candidates Training your new hire Building their skills to achieve optimal performance It takes a lot to replace team […]. The post Power Up Your Employee Retention Strategies appeared first on Emergenetics International Blog.

Employee Engagement Strategies (worksheet included!): Improve Communication With A Fun Team Building Activity


With the two branches of our Engagement Multiplier team based in Chicago and the UK, the entire company had never actually been in the same room until recently. And we kick-started our group effort with a full day of team building activities led by Shannon Waller , a Kolbe Certified Consultant and Strategic Coach presenter, speaker and coach. Her expertise is in getting teams to work seamlessly together. First, we did our own office team building exercise.

3 Virtual Team Building Activities to Help Improve Remote Worker Engagement

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Lack of nonverbal communication cues, limited opportunities to build relationships and absence of camaraderie and rapport are some of the most common challenges in virtual work environments, an RW3 report says. Keeping remote workers engaged is important.

7 Major Factors That Make Great Company Culture

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So, before you come up with recruitment strategies, focus on building a great company culture. A great company culture leads to many things – happier and engaged employees, high performance and high retention.

The Secret to Building Great Teams: Create User Manuals [My article in Talent & Culture Magazine]

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The Secret to Building Great Teams: Create User Manuals [Talent & Culture Magazine]. Here is an excerpt from the article that discusses the strategy and how to do them : “Learning how best to work with others is a huge challenge that often derails and stalls organizations.

7 Ways To Boost Productivity In The Workplace

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Seven Proven Strategies for Improving Workers Productivity There is nothing of great significance in any business institution as its employees. According to research, employees’ satisfaction corresponds directly to business performance.

Team Building And Other Leadership Band-Aids That Don’t Work

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“I’d like to do a team-building session and get everyone together. Morale is low, and our team needs some motivation.”. Team building won’t fix this problem and could even make it worse. Team building to solve bigger problems.

7 Team Building Activities that are Actually Fun


Yes, we know: team building exercises, as well-intentioned as they are, have garnered a bit of a reputation. There are team building activities that are actually fun and surprisingly effective at building camaraderie. Why is it so important for teams to bond? Fun fact: Did you know bonding as a team releases oxytocin in the brain? Where are we going with the team-building-oxytocin-trust connection? Good for: Team bonding.

Team Building. Can You Stand it?

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You''ve probably been involved in a team building exercise at some point in your work life. I''ve never been a fan of forced team building. I go for building strong teams. Being forced to play a ridiculous game is not going to turn a struggling team around.

35 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities For Work (“Trust Falls” Not Included)


35 Insanely Fun Team Building Activities For Work (“Trust Falls” Not Included). Believe it or not, team building activities for work are critically important to the success of your business. Go team! Team Hike.

5 Ways to Stop Undermining Team Building in 2016

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The new year is a perfect time to review your current team building strategies and ensure that you are choosing the best techniques. Below are 5 of the most common mistakes that should be avoided, as they undermine the team building effort. Lack of Clear Objective There are a large variety of team building strategies available, and many organizations make the mistake of choosing the strategy before they have determined what it is that they want to achieve.

Fortnite, not athletics, is Our Saving Grace for Team Building at Work!

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They actually like working in a ‘team’ environment. Then, it was duals and teams, where you get your friends together and play against other teams, or pairs. The thing you’re missing is the interactions and strategy that takes place in the game. If you stop for a few minutes and listen to these kids play, after you get through the language being used, you see real strategy and communication taking place.

Why Successful Companies are Shifting to a Talent Network (And What is it)

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Developing a high-performing engaged workplace is changing from the hierarchial, reporting structure (with cross-functional teams as side projects) to viewing a company as a “talent network” where skills and experience are shared.

Diversity and Inclusion in Team Building with Leslie Miley


Engineering manager Leslie Miley recently made headlines when he departed Twitter due to concerns about diversity hiring initiatives, citing the recruiting, cultural, and implicit bias concerns that stand in the way of building an inclusive team.

5 strategies for building a truly exceptional company culture


Employee Engagement company culture corporate culture employee engagement team building work-life balanceAt all places of business, large and small, there’s a growing understanding of the HR office’s role – at all times, they should be working to increase employee retention and productivity. A productive workforce is the lifeblood of a successful company. If your employees are willing to stay in their positions and work hard, your […].

If you aren’t letting your staff work flexibly, you need to start now.


Further research has found approximately 93 percent of our day is spent in a building or a vehicle. Countless small- to medium-sized enterprises and startups depend on remote team members every day. How LifeSpeak assists remote teams.

According to Neuroscience, These Are The 8 Best Ways to Build Trust in The Workplace

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It’s the foundation behind the happiest marriages and the intangible quality that makes the best teams click. By means of numerous experiments, Zak and his team discovered that it did: The amount of oxytocin a person’s brain produced predicted how trustworthy they would be.

How to Help Your Team Make Better Decisions (and Avoid Burnout in the Process)

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As a leader, your work goes far beyond making smart, strategic choices — it also falls on your shoulders to make sure your team is making good decisions, ones that drive its goals and your company’s larger objectives further down the line.

The 3 Stages of Team Conflict

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A reality of joining the workforce is like families, there is often team conflict. For example, working in teams can lead to better, more flushed out ideas – BUT – the process can lead to negative team conflict situations. The 3 Stages of Team Conflict.

How to Plan a Successful Company Retreat

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Employees are hard charging and with unemployment so low, some companies are working harder than ever with fewer team members. One strategy to help tackle employee engagement and morale is an all company retreat. Ax throwing has even become popular as a team outing in some areas.