Video: What to Do When Your HR Strategy Fails


When I speak about HR strategy, one of the things that inevitably comes up is that it’s hard to plan ahead. It makes it difficult to pin down the right HR strategy to support the organizational goals. General Speaking Strategic HR Strategy Video

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4 Winning Video Strategies HR Professionals Should Be Using Today

Digital HR Tech

Cue videos. In 2022, videos will account for 82% of all Internet traffic , while Forrester Research reveals that one-minute videos contain the same amount of information as a 1,800-word document. Video is processed by the brain more effectively. Explainer videos.

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[Video] 5 Ways Strengthing Talent Alignment Benefits Your HR Strategy

ClearCompany HRM

Or that o nly 7% of employees today fully understand their company's business strategies and what's expected of them? Take a look at our 5 top ways to align talent in our newest video below!

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Local Business Video Marketing – 2020 Guide, Strategies, Statistics


Local business video marketing is one of the most effective ways to engage with a local target audience. An excellent video marketing campaign will generate highly relevant and qualitative leads and improve your brand’s awareness in a local community.

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Employer Branding: Using Social Media to Boost your Brand

Speaker: Audra Knight, Recruitment Operations Manager, Tenable

[Video] 5 Ways Strengthening Talent Alignment Benefits Your HR Strategy

ClearCompany HRM

Talent Management

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Why should Companies use Videos in 2020?


Reasons why Companies should use Videos in 2020 7 More Reasons for Videos in 2020 1. Video boosts online presence Companies should use video in 2020 because video helps with SEO. People are far more likely to share video than text.

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Why Video Learning Works: ReWork Interviews ej4's Scott McKenzie

Cornerstone On Demand

There's no shortage of reasons for why video is an effective learning resource. Not only are employees 75% more likely to watch a video than to read a document, email or web article according to Forrester Research , but video-based learning also has a retention rate of 65%.

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Candidate Experience: The Importance of Developing a Strategy

HR Bartender

The 4 C’s to Developing a Candidate Experience Strategy. To really have a positive and lasting impact with candidates, it’s going to take a strategy. Consider putting together a “day in the life” video and posting it on your career portal.

13 Best Strategies To Ensure Video Marketing Success

Forbes Leadership Strategy

Video marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to engage modern audiences. Follow these expert tips to get it right

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HR Video Roundup Version I


I am testing out something new this week and have been publishing short, 1-2 minute videos on YouTube daily as a way to get some quick thoughts out there on a variety of topics. Subscribers will need to click through to view the videos below).

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6 Strategies to Effectively Use Video In Your Recruiting Efforts


Video is a part of our everyday lives. AT&T recently reported that 50% of its Internet bandwidth use is video. It’s also become a resource for us in the recruiting industry to reach candidates as they become more accustomed to and expectant of video in the hiring process.

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6 Company Culture Videos to Inspire Your Recruiting Strategy

The Muse

Company culture videos are an effective and creative way to show top talent what makes your workplace uniquely great. Check out these six examples from companies that found the right story to share with candidates. Employer Resources

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6 reasons why recruitment videos should be part of your 2018 HR strategy


With all these new techniques gaining in popularity, it will be no surprise that a popular trend in the world of recruiting comes in the form of video. Video is increasingly being incorporated into the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process for many organizations.

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10 Strategies for Recruiting In a Highly Competitive Job Market

HR Bartender

They’re a key piece to today’s recruiting strategy. This can be done with video and using employee testimonials. This won’t apply in every situation, but giving former employees a door to return to can be a very successful strategy.

Including Videos In Your Customer Success Strategy


While the product or service builds the foundation, you must have strategies to create a successful relationship with your customers in order to be a highly functioning enterprise. What do c ustomer success strategies look like and how can you use videos for your benefit?

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An ALEX Broker Testimonial Video: Brian Ball, National VP of Employee Benefits Strategy and Solutions at USI Insurance


Brian Ball, National Vice President of Employee Benefits Strategy and Solutions at USI Insurance, has been a big believer in ALEX for years. Benefits Communication Blog Posts Case Studies Stuff for Brokers Videos

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Linking Business Strategy + Employee Surveys: Eaton’s Best Practices [VIDEO]


Eaton Corporation, a large power management company with 99,000 employees, uses a continuous listening strategy to converse with its employees—but that wasn’t always true. If you’d prefer to watch rather than read, click on the video below.). Strategy

The Ultimate Job Board For Video Talent?


There’s a new job board in town and it’s focused solely on video. Vimeo, known as one of the biggest video sharing platforms recently announced its entry into the job market with Vimeo For Hire. ?. A new source for finding and connecting with video pros, job seekers, and candidates.

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6 Surefire Strategies to Recognize Remote Employees


Not only is much of communication about inflection, facial expression, etc – but conversations, whether over the phone or through video chat, encourage folks to ‘check in’ on each other more generally. Remote employees are becoming more and more common in the modern workplace.

Boost Your Hiring Process With Video Like This Phenomenal People Officer

Spark Hire

Brad Goldoor, Co-Founder and Chief People Officer at Phenom People, discusses how today’s most progressive companies are using video to attract, nurture, and convert qualified job candidates. He and Josh speak on why video should be implemented throughout the employee lifecycle. If you’re looking to integrate video into your hiring process, Brad provides the tips you need. 6:44 Why companies should use video in recruiting and onboarding. Video Messaging.

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Recruitment Strategies Revisited


But many companies, especially smaller ones without an official talent acquisition team, rely on very basic recruitment strategies. But this is not an actual recruitment strategy. There’s little to no time left for formulating an actual recruitment strategy.

Video: See what Beamery is all about in our technology spotlight


During HR Tech in Las Vegas this week, HRE spoke with Kyle Lagunas, director of strategy, and Abakar Saidov, CEO, about how the solution can help transform talent acquisition. HR Technology HR Technology Conference News Top Stories Videos

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3 Takeaways from VidSummit 2019 That Video Content Creators Can’t Ignore


As the video content creator at Trainual, I had the opportunity to attend 2019’s VidSummit —the top YouTube and video marketing conference for creators, brands, and agencies. . Why Video Titles Matter More Than Ever.

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Creating Inclusive Video Communication Content

Employee Communications Council

Incorporating inclusive video communication systems into all aspects of your company will position you for success. One way to break those barriers is to create video communication that addresses their needs and interests. Video Communications

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Video for Employee Communication: 3 Insights You Need to Know to Improve Your Strategy

Vignette Agency

“‘Those who tell stories rule the world’ thank you, Denise, @AboutFaceMedia” Last week I had the honor of being the event chair for ALI’s Video Strategies for Employee Communications conference. But what was more fun was being around other IC people who are passionate about video.

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Video Like a Boss: Studio Pro


In our previous installment of Video Like a Boss: Setting Up Your Studio , we covered the basic equipment you’ll need to get started in your corporate leadership videos. By now, everything from your video checklist has shipped and arrived, so now what? VIDEO LIGHTING.

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5 Ways to Use HR Videos to Attract Talent


That is where videos have an important role to play. If used in the right ways, videos can engage potential employees and entice them into wanting to work for your company. Make sure that the videos are authentic, and reflect what it is really like working at your company.

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Video Communication Coming to Conference Rooms Everywhere

Employee Communications Council

According to the Nemertes 2018-19 Visual Communication and Collaboration Study , over one-third of organizations are planning to expand video employee communications and conferencing technology in large meeting rooms (10+ people). Why Video Communications are so Important in Conference Rooms.

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Video Like a Boss: Now, What Will I Say?


Staring out at the “Dreaded Blank Page” is the hardest part of your new journey into making videos like a boss. If you missed our first Video Like a Boss series , we talked about the Age of Distraction and how you can cut through the noise with video. LIST OF VIDEO TOPICS.

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TWIN: The Foolproof Video Plan


Last week, I introduced our TWIN strategy, a nearly foolproof way to shoot quick, short, and authentic video. Summarize the main point of the video to help it sink in for your viewer. Don’t try to cram it all into one video. We’re often asked for advice about video length.

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Using Explainer Videos to Generate Clicks


The right explainer video will generate those clicks, as more and more people tend to watch short online videos. Benefits SEO Artificial intelligence is now more and more applied to the content of video material. Also add a text link in the description of your video.

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6 Tips for Creating a Perfect Recruitment Video


Creating recruitment videos is an important part of every successful talent acquisition strategy. Even if you have no budget and no previous experience, in this blog post you'll learn useful tips that will help you create a perfect recruiting video!

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Why Your HR Team Needs AI [VIDEO]


From automation to insights, AI-enabled recruitment can show you the full scope of your hiring strategies while saving you time and money in the process. Recruitment Industry Trends AI in Recruiting videoYou’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about AI and its capabilities.

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Make the holiday season happy for everyone [Video]


This short video provides a few tips to get you started. Tips for creating fair and friendly holiday policies [Video]. The post Make the holiday season happy for everyone [Video] appeared first on PeopleStrategy.

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