How Integrating Video Interview the Right Way Can Transform Recruiting

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Video Interview

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How to Prep Your Candidates For Their First Video Interview

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Around 51% of best-in-class companies use video -enabled applications. This suggests interviewing with video will be an inevitable advancement in recruitment technology. Video Interview

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Back to Basics: What You Must Know About Video Interviewing

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Video interviewing, a sign of the death of traditional interviewing or simply the way of the future? Video interviewing is a useful tool many recruiters use to screen potential employees. Tips Video Interview

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5 Tips for Conducting Video Interviews that Engage Your Candidates

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Even if video interviews make your hiring process go much more smoothly, you still need to interview at your best or risk losing interested candidates. Video interviews don’t improve your interviewing skills , they are simply a medium to easily conduct otherwise costly or difficult interviews.

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Just Released – Our 2018 Third-Party Recruiting Benchmark Report


5 Questions You Forgot to Ask in Your Video Interview

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With video interviewing, a series of predetermined questions can be asked of each applicant to help make better decisions of who to invite to the next round. If you’ve already adopted video interviewing into your candidate screening process, congrats!

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Recruiting Research: 3 Key Points in 3 Minutes [Video]


Recently we at Lighthouse have published two separate pieces focusing on some groundbreaking video recruiting research we performed. Those items can be accessed below, but we also wanted to take it a step further and explore the concepts from the research in video format.

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Five Ways Video Can Enhance Your Recruitment Process

The Aristocracy of HR

Implementing video into the process of recruitment not only provides an integral solution for businesses, it expands their reach when it comes to attracting the best talent.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Video Interviewing Today

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Video interviews can be used to screen applicants 10 times faster than a typical phone interview so you can identify the best candidates to invite to the interview. Video InterviewImprove Candidate Experience and ROI By Screening Applicants Faster.

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Video: What to Do When Your HR Strategy Fails


In the video below I tell a personal story that helps to illustrate the need to not only be prepared for change, but to actually expect it in some regard so that the molehills don’t become mountains. General Speaking Strategic HR Strategy Video

Video 240

Employer Branding: Using Social Media to Boost your Brand

Speaker: Audra Knight, Recruitment Operations Manager, Tenable

Get on board with video content, regardless of your budget, Utilize applications and tools to boost productivity & gain competitive intelligence. Social Media is a powerful way to boost your brand.

Video Interviewing Software [VIDEO]

Spark Hire

The simplicity of Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions has allowed thousands of companies worldwide to connect with great talent and make them a part of their teams. Spark Hire eliminates these frustrations with a simple video interviewing platform.

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3 Differences Between Great and Mediocre Recruiting Video


In the third and final installment in this series, we explore the difference between great and mediocre recruiting video content. The subject of the video, the placement, and the authenticity all play a role in making it more consumable for candidates (thus improving your ROI). More information here: New Research: The Videos Candidates Actually Want to See in the Application Process. Recruiting Talent Acquisition Video

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[Video] 5 Ways Strengthing Talent Alignment Benefits Your HR Strategy

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Take a look at our 5 top ways to align talent in our newest video below! Did you know employees are 7X more likely to be engaged when they report that their managers are aware of the tasks and projects that they are working on?

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Creating Inclusive Video Communication Content

Employee Communications Council

Incorporating inclusive video communication systems into all aspects of your company will position you for success. One way to break those barriers is to create video communication that addresses their needs and interests. Video Communications

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Improve Employee Communications with Video Communications

Employee Communications Council

Employee Communications and video communications are becoming more intertwined every day in the Human Resources world. Video Communications Improving Employee Engagement. You can put all of the information in explainer videos and digital postcards on one site for your employees.

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HR Video Roundup Version I


I am testing out something new this week and have been publishing short, 1-2 minute videos on YouTube daily as a way to get some quick thoughts out there on a variety of topics. Subscribers will need to click through to view the videos below).

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VIDEO: 5 Tips Towards Setting Actionable Goals - DecisionWise


In the VIDEO: 5 Tips Towards Setting Actionable Goals, Dr. David Mason covers five points and five tips to create actionable goals to further your professional career. . Take a look at more videos to assist in building a better organization: VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices.

Video 170

VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices - DecisionWise


In the VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices I share 5 employee engagement best practices from our 2016 State of Employee Engagement Report. The post VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices appeared first on DecisionWise. 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices.

Video 164

3 Tips on How to Improve Talent Acquisition Video Performance [Video]


In part two of this three part series, we are exploring how to improve the performance of video in the recruiting process. If our true goal is to improve the return on investment with regard to our hiring videos, then we need to focus on doing the right things. This includes everything from video length and focus to the personalized feel and the candidate experience, but don’t let that put you off. Recruiting Talent Acquisition Video

The Candidate Experience: Perspectives on Video Interviews, Assessments, and Hiring


Today employers have tools to increase efficiency and efficacy, including video interviews, automated assessments, and more. Stress Factor : Nearly 8 in 10 job seekers say that video interviews are as stressful or more stressful than in-person interviews.

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Why Facilitating Leadership Training Is Hard (Video).

The HR Capitalist

I'm always reminded of this video from David Allen Grier from In Living Color. 40 second clip (email subscribers click through if you don't see the video below), well worth your time.

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TWIN: The Foolproof Video Plan


Last week, I introduced our TWIN strategy, a nearly foolproof way to shoot quick, short, and authentic video. Summarize the main point of the video to help it sink in for your viewer. Don’t try to cram it all into one video. We’re often asked for advice about video length.

Video 64

VIDEO: 6 Best Practices in Creating Employee Engagement Surveys - DecisionWise


In the VIDEO: 6 Best Practices in Creating Employee Engagement Surveys I cover six ways to form questions in order to create survey that will obtain the best and most accurate responses possible. VIDEO: Employee Satisfaction and Engagement.

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Leadership Lessons from a Third World Country [Video]


A few weeks ago I was one of several speakers that presented Ignite-style videos at the HR Technology Conference in Las Vegas. The post Leadership Lessons from a Third World Country [Video] appeared first on Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

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Video Communication: When Information Packets are Not Enough

Employee Communications Council

That’s where video communication comes in. Many companies are starting to ditch the paper and save the trees, as they look for more economical and efficient ways to deliver their ideas through video communication. The Power of Video Communication in Your Messaging.

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Videos to explain the FLSA

OmegaHR Solutions

There was, however, a link in this article to a set of videos that have been put together as instructional aids for employers to help understand the FLSA. I have attached one of the videos below so you have a chance to see what has been produced.

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[Video] HighGround Customer Story: Patagonia


In this video, Dean talks about the importance of transparency around goal-setting and coaching and how HighGround is driving better employee engagement. The post [Video] HighGround Customer Story: Patagonia appeared first on HighGround.

Video Like a Boss: Studio Pro


In our previous installment of Video Like a Boss: Setting Up Your Studio , we covered the basic equipment you’ll need to get started in your corporate leadership videos. By now, everything from your video checklist has shipped and arrived, so now what? VIDEO LIGHTING.

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The Front Line Leader (Video Book Review)


The Front Line Leader Video Review. email subscribers click through to view the video) . The post The Front Line Leader (Video Book Review) appeared first on upstartHR. General Book Review Books Leadership Management Video

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[Video] 5 Ways Strengthening Talent Alignment Benefits Your HR Strategy

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Talent Management

Video 391

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR [Video]


The post The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on HR [Video] appeared first on Lighthouse Research & Advisory. HR Artificial Intelligence VideoIn case you missed it, artificial intelligence is everywhere and it’s rapidly coming for your job.

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VIDEO: Employee Satisfaction and Engagement. What’s the Difference? - DecisionWise


The post VIDEO: Employee Satisfaction and Engagement. Employee Engagement charles rogel employee engagement employee satisfaction video white backgroundEmployee Satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement. What are the differences between employee satisfaction and employee engagement ?

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Integrating Several Company Cultures [Video]


Watch this video to hear VP of HR, John Hovanian, discuss how Intermedix has faced this company culture challenge and how they’re using HighGround to help address it. The post Integrating Several Company Cultures [Video] appeared first on HighGround.

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[Video] HighGround Customer Story: LRW


The post [Video] HighGround Customer Story: LRW appeared first on HighGround. Video coaching employee development LRW performance managementLieberman Research Worldwide wanted a way to help its managers become better coaches and leaders.

3 Common Recording Mistakes That Affect Video Quality

Take It Personel-ly

Recording high quality videos can be tricky, and there are numerous factors out of your control that will impact how your videos turn out. If you aren’t that experienced recording videos, avoiding […]. Business Marketing business outcomes business tips Engagement Improvement innovation marketing tips Social Media social media efforts Social Media Marketing video video marketing

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VIDEO: The Influence of Managers on Employee Engagement - DecisionWise


The post VIDEO: The Influence of Managers on Employee Engagement appeared first on DecisionWise. Employee Engagement 360 feedback 360-degree feedback charles rogel employee engagement managers videoDownload: Employee Engagement Survey.

Video 169

RecruitCon 2018: Video Job Descriptions

HR Daily Advisor

What better way than with a video job description? Attendees had the chance to learn how to create their own video job descriptions by seeing how it’s done firsthand. The video below shows a behind-the-scenes look at this very exciting RecruitCon session.

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CEO Pay Ratio: An Overview of the Final Rules (Video)

Something Different

Compensation Video executive compensation hr human resources world at work

Video 173

Top 7 Tips for LinkedIn Native Video


The LinkedIn native video capability was introduced in August 2017 and history was made! Personal Brand Social Media LinkedIn sandra sandra long videoHave you noticed the lights, camera, and action now on the LinkedIn home feed? Talk about driving engagement. Workology is the art and science of work, HR and recruitment. Join the resource revolution.

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