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The Candidate Experience: Perspectives on Video Interviews, Assessments, and Hiring


Today employers have tools to increase efficiency and efficacy, including video interviews, automated assessments, and more. Stress Factor : Nearly 8 in 10 job seekers say that video interviews are as stressful or more stressful than in-person interviews.

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[Video] HighGround Customer Story: Patagonia


In this video, Dean talks about the importance of transparency around goal-setting and coaching and how HighGround is driving better employee engagement. The post [Video] HighGround Customer Story: Patagonia appeared first on HighGround.

[Video] HighGround Customer Story: LRW


The post [Video] HighGround Customer Story: LRW appeared first on HighGround. Video coaching employee development LRW performance managementLieberman Research Worldwide wanted a way to help its managers become better coaches and leaders.

4 Best Practices for Keeping an Organized eLearning Video Library

ej4 HR

I’m not talking about your closet; I’m talking about your video library. ” Similar to how having too many “someday” dresses can make it difficult to find your everyday clothes, having too many videos can overload your employees. It’s March!

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Learning Insights Guide 2017: Progress with Purpose

LEARNING IN THE PAST YEAR" 8Introduction HAVE A GO Think big and start small VR AND AR INTERACTIVE VIDEO DEVELOPMENT PATHWAYS SHIFTING. They created short, bitesize videos in. The videos were pitched as. such as an in-house selfie video – do. VIDEO IS IMPORTANT.

VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices - DecisionWise


In the VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices I share 5 employee engagement best practices from our 2016 State of Employee Engagement Report. The post VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices appeared first on DecisionWise. 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices.

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5 Questions You Forgot to Ask in Your Video Interview

ClearCompany HRM

With video interviewing, a series of predetermined questions can be asked of each applicant to help make better decisions of who to invite to the next round. If you’ve already adopted video interviewing into your candidate screening process, congrats!

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6 Video Interview Tips You Need to Improve Candidate Experience

Spark Hire

You’ve been using video interviews for a while and you think they’re great. You love video interviews, but do your job candidates feel the same way? Use these video tips to create a better experience for candidates: Set up the soap-box.

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5 Reasons Compliance is Easier with Video Interviewing

ClearCompany HRM

Video InterviewIn Human Resources, we’re constantly managing risk. New technologies, while they introduce convenience into our lives can often bring worries of compliance, new risks and fear that our highly protected employee information could be misused or mismanaged.

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The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

new system on generic tutorial videos or reams of support documentation. Choosing The Right ATS The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system Introduction ATS for Employers v.s.

10 Tips for Great Video Interviews [VIDEO]


Video conferencing became easily available to us around then as well. The post 10 Tips for Great Video Interviews [VIDEO] appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR applicants hiring HR human resources interview interviewing job candidates recruiting video conference video interviewThe way the world communicates has shifted significantly over the last thirty years. I remember the banana-yellow rotary phone sitting on my kitchen wall as a child.

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Video Interviewing Software [VIDEO]

Spark Hire

The simplicity of Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions has allowed thousands of companies worldwide to connect with great talent and make them a part of their teams. Spark Hire eliminates these frustrations with a simple video interviewing platform.

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Why Staffing Firms Should Incorporate Video Interviewing

Spark Hire

Video interviewing has become a powerful tool for staffing firms, as it saves these companies both time and resources, while allowing them to serve their clients more effectively. Staffing firms can use video interviewing to present a more 3D look at a candidate.

Interviewing Shy Candidates (and How Video Interviewing Can Help)

Spark Hire

Many hiring managers are now utilizing video interviewing technology. Among the many benefits for the employer, video interviewing also proves highly useful to candidates who may feel shy or nervous about the interview process.

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5 Reasons to Invest in Video Interviewing Today

ClearCompany HRM

Video interviews can be used to screen applicants 10 times faster than a typical phone interview so you can identify the best candidates to invite to the interview. Video InterviewImprove Candidate Experience and ROI By Screening Applicants Faster.

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5 Tips for Conducting Video Interviews that Engage Your Candidates

ClearCompany HRM

Even if video interviews make your hiring process go much more smoothly, you still need to interview at your best or risk losing interested candidates. Video interviews don’t improve your interviewing skills , they are simply a medium to easily conduct otherwise costly or difficult interviews.

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How to Prep Your Candidates For Their First Video Interview

ClearCompany HRM

Around 51% of best-in-class companies use video -enabled applications. This suggests interviewing with video will be an inevitable advancement in recruitment technology. Video Interview

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VIDEO: The Influence of Managers on Employee Engagement - DecisionWise


The post VIDEO: The Influence of Managers on Employee Engagement appeared first on DecisionWise. Employee Engagement 360 feedback 360-degree feedback charles rogel employee engagement managers videoDownload: Employee Engagement Survey.

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5 Ways Video is Revolutionizing the Recruitment Process

Spark Hire

Most of us have come to expect the latest technologies to be available in the workplace so what better way to show potential employees that your company is up-to-speed than with an innovative tool like video? 1 Video opens your company up to global talent.

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VIDEO: The Impact of 360-Degree Feedback Coaching - DecisionWise


The post VIDEO: The Impact of 360-Degree Feedback Coaching appeared first on DecisionWise. 360 Degree Feedback 360 feedback 360-degree feedback charles rogel videoDownload 360-Degree Feedback Survey. Take a look at our research on the impact 360-degree feedback coaching.

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Let’s Get Virtual: Video Interviews vs. Video Chat #INFOGRAPHIC

Spark Hire

Video chat platforms are GREAT for keeping in touch with family and friends, but are these types of platforms effective for finding potential hires? These recorded video interviews are also easy to share with team members and clients for better collaboration. Let’s be honest.

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How to Look for Emotional Intelligence in a Video Interview

Spark Hire

Gauging emotional intelligence in the video interview. The video interview feels more casual than an in-person one, and candidates may feel more comfortable answering your tough interview questions. In a one-way video interview, watch out for the candidate who dodges the question.

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Recruit Like Dave [VIDEO]

Spark Hire

In Spark Hire’s new video “Recruit Like Dave,” we illustrate how Spark Hire’s video interviewing platform can help staffing and recruiting professionals beat the competition to achieve greatness.

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New Video: Top Leadership Traps

ej4 HR

For more on the biggest leadership snares, check out our new video, “Top Leadership Traps.”. The post New Video: Top Leadership Traps appeared first on.

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6 Strategies to Effectively Use Video In Your Recruiting Efforts


Video is a part of our everyday lives. AT&T recently reported that 50% of its Internet bandwidth use is video. It’s also become a resource for us in the recruiting industry to reach candidates as they become more accustomed to and expectant of video in the hiring process.

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Integrating Several Company Cultures [Video]


Watch this video to hear VP of HR, John Hovanian, discuss how Intermedix has faced this company culture challenge and how they’re using HighGround to help address it. The post Integrating Several Company Cultures [Video] appeared first on HighGround.

How To Adapt Your Hiring Process For Video Interviewing

Spark Hire

Video interviewing makes adding talent to your team easier, faster, and more cost-effective than ever before. However, for all of its benefits, video interviewing is certainly different from a traditional, face-to-face conversation. How is their video and audio quality?

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VIDEO: Employee Satisfaction and Engagement. What’s the Difference? - DecisionWise


The post VIDEO: Employee Satisfaction and Engagement. Employee Engagement charles rogel employee engagement employee satisfaction video white backgroundEmployee Satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement. What are the differences between employee satisfaction and employee engagement ?

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Upcoming Webinar – A Fast Track Guide To Video Interviews

Spark Hire

Video interviews. As you may have read elsewhere, video interviewing makes adding talent to your team easier, faster and more cost-effective than ever before. Here is what we plan on covering: A full overview of the types of video interviews.

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How Millennials Feel About Video Interviewing

Spark Hire

Though the concept would have been unheard of even a few years ago, video interviewing is quickly changing the hiring landscape. Video interviewing is also a powerful recruiting tool when you’re looking to talk directly to millennials, here’s why: Millennials know and understand video.

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15 Advantages of Video Interviews You Didn’t Know About

Spark Hire

While interview scheduling tools can help take the back-and-forth struggle out of hiring, other software such as a platform for conducting video interviews has also helped to alleviate hiring headaches. Video interviews are becoming increasingly popular among businesses of various sizes. Here is a look at the reasons you should be using video interviews: 1. Use video #interviewing to make a list of commonalities among top #candidates. Video Interviews video interview

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How to Read Body Language During a Video Interview

Spark Hire

While the responses a candidate delivers during an interview matter, their non-verbal cues also help to paint a picture about who this individual is as a professional — especially during video interviews. When you’re watching candidates’ video interviews, observe their posture.

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Learn How the PEO Model Works in 96 Seconds [Video]


We created this 96-second video to explain the concept of the PEO model, as well as give an example of how it has worked for other people who run their own businesses. If you run a small- or medium-sized business, you’ve likely heard the term “PEO” floated around before. But what is a PEO?

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VIDEO: 5 Tips Towards Setting Actionable Goals - DecisionWise


In the VIDEO: 5 Tips Towards Setting Actionable Goals, Dr. David Mason covers five points and five tips to create actionable goals to further your professional career. . Take a look at more videos to assist in building a better organization: VIDEO: 5 Employee Engagement Best Practices.

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Future Friday: Will video be a game changer?

OmegaHR Solutions

Will interviews be conducted by video on mobile devices? We have seen the “power” of video increase over the last few years. Given those numbers will video technology become a powerful tool for HR? According to ERC “ There are several benefits to video interviewing.

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How Your Brain Responds to Performance Rankings [Video]


This video called, “How Your Brain Responds to Performance Rankings,” first appeared on strategy + business. Watch the entire video above to learn why HR needs to change the traditional performance management process.