Yes, People Are Checking Out Your Video Background

HR Bartender

A couple of weeks ago, I asked you a question about “ checking out a person’s video background during a call ” and you can see how you responded above. What’s in the background during your video calls says something about you. Ask about the video option before the meeting.

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Video: Employee Engagement Best Practices for 2021


Employee Engagement VideoOne question to consider as you think about whether to put effort and investment into employee engagement: “Is engagement worth the effort and investment we put into it?”

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Scaling Employee Training Videos

Flimp Communications

We’re past the initial scramble of companies and HR managers desperate to improve training video content, challenged to reach remote workers. Including video in training programs and processes can make a huge difference in employee retention and overall performance.

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How Integrating Video Interview the Right Way Can Transform Recruiting

ClearCompany HRM

Video Interview

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The Art and Science of Employee Recognition - Best Practices for Success

Speaker: Raphael Crawford-Marks, Co-Founder and CEO, Bonusly

In this video, get the answers to some essential questions about employee recognition and what makes employee recognition programs successful. Then, learn the 5 best practices for employee recognition programs that you can start trying right away.

Tips to Make Professional Training Videos at Home


Training videos are a powerful educational tool. However, it’s not that easy to create professional training videos that would gain vast popularity and be effective. Below, you will find tips on how to start creating professional training videos without leaving your home.

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Why Do You Need Videos For Business Success


Video has become an essential part of content marketing. If your business does not make use of video you will fall by the wayside as competitors who do make use of video will draw attention instead of you! The bottom line is that videos are seen everywhere. Use video!

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Three Steps To Successfully Produce Explainer Videos


The post Three Steps To Successfully Produce Explainer Videos appeared first on simpleshow. Video Guide Business Explainer videos Video ContentDo you have something you want to explain? Does it need simplifying in order to communicate it? The best way.

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How to Prep Your Candidates For Their First Video Interview

ClearCompany HRM

Around 51% of best-in-class companies use video -enabled applications. This suggests interviewing with video will be an inevitable advancement in recruitment technology. For better video interviews, you’ll need to prep novice candidates because there is a difference in digital interviews compared to traditional ones and they might need some help along the way. Video Interview

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Using Video to Accelerate Onboarding


Videos and pictures can be used to achieve a variety of goals throughout the onboarding process, for example, one might make a video introducing the company to employees online. Such videos are filmed with high-level professionals in order to make the visual content more appealing.

Going virtual: How to interview in a remote world

A successful video interview and hiring process starts with interviewer accountability, clearly defined competencies, and consistent measurement. The three areas of focus are all critical to ensuring your remote interviews don’t end up in a black box.

Back to Basics: What You Must Know About Video Interviewing

ClearCompany HRM

Video interviewing, a sign of the death of traditional interviewing or simply the way of the future? Video interviewing is a useful tool many recruiters use to screen potential employees. The system works like this: interviewers propose a set of questions, next they send it out via a video interviewing platform to potential interviewees and wait for replies. Tips Video Interview

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Video Interviewing Software [VIDEO]

Spark Hire

The simplicity of Spark Hire’s video interviewing solutions has allowed thousands of companies worldwide to connect with great talent and make them a part of their teams. With video interviews, professionals from various industries are better able to gauge candidates’ skills and personalities to ensure they’re the right fit and can successfully fill their companies’ open positions. Sign up on to start video interviewing today!

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Handling the Clash of Parenting and Work in a Pandemic [Video]


In the video below, you can hear each of these leaders talking about how they are tackling the challenge of supporting parents, regardless of whether work is remote or not. If you are experiencing this or have other friends in HR that are trying to make sense of the challenge of supporting working parents, please check out the video for some great ideas and strategies to make this more manageable for all of us. General Remote Work Video Wellness Workplace Flexibility

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Going Remote: FAQ Video


Watch this video to hear tactical advice from talent leaders and founders who have learned best practices through years of remote working. The post Going Remote: FAQ Video appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better. Inside HR Webinars & Events COVID-19 Remote work Video interviews remote worker remote workingLast month, over 4,500 people registered for the webinar “Going Remote: Best Practices for HR and Recruitment”.

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Nourishing the Employee Lifecycle from Afar

Speaker: Kerry Wekelo, COO, Actualize Consulting

In every company, improved communication is a must— improving a team’s management and coordination creates a thriving sought-after workplace. Now that working from home has become the new norm, virtual communication skills are paramount to a successful company. We still want to keep hiring, developing, and growing, but how can we do this as efficiently as possible? How can we keep our employees, veteran and rookie alike, feeling connected, nourished, and motivated? Join Kerry Wekelo, and learn the skills you need to stay on top.

Microsoft Teams enables the joint creation of animated videos with the simpleshow video maker


The Berlin-based tech company simpleshow has also responded to this trend and now offers its simpleshow video maker in the Microsoft Teams environment. Microsoft chose to rely on simpleshow video maker coming from the market leader for explainer videos.

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5 Tips for Conducting Video Interviews that Engage Your Candidates

ClearCompany HRM

Even if video interviews make your hiring process go much more smoothly, you still need to interview at your best or risk losing interested candidates. Video interviews don’t improve your interviewing skills , they are simply a medium to easily conduct otherwise costly or difficult interviews. Video InterviewYour team might need to brush up on their skills, and we have a few things you could try to take your process from good to great.

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Video: Employee Engagement Goes to the Movies – Episode 1: Joe Vs. The Volcano


VideoDecisionWise Consultants Spencer Taylor and Kenna Bryan examine the 1990 film “Joe Vs. The Volcano” starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. In the opening scenes, we watch as employees file in to start their day in a terrible work environment.

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Video: Jobs and Skills Masterclass

HR Examiner

Video with full transcript. In this video, John Sumser presents a masterclass on the jobs and skills needed in today’s organizations as we navigate the world of work during the coronavirus pandemic. And so I have to get good at recording and distributing and streaming video.

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Employer Branding: Using Social Media to Boost your Brand

Speaker: Audra Knight, Recruitment Operations Manager, Tenable

Social Media is a powerful way to boost your brand. In this webinar, Audra Knight, Recruitment Operations Manager at Tenable, will help you optimize your company presence on the big three – Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. She will also cover what channels and social content work for each stage of the inbound recruitment funnel.

Video interview tips for candidates


Did they say “video interview”? Video interviews are becoming a popular method among companies that want to evaluate candidates remotely. So you’d better rock this video interview. While it’s not so different from the ol’ in-person interview, there are some nuances you need to keep in mind if you want to shine during a video interview. Then, you need the appropriate video software. In one-way video interviews , you might know the questions beforehand.

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Video: Employee Engagement Goes To The Movies – Episode 2: The Intern


VideoDecisionWise consultants Spencer Taylor and Kenna Bryan examine the 2015 film “The Intern,” starring Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.

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How Grifols Populated a Custom LMS Using simpleshow video maker


The post How Grifols Populated a Custom LMS Using simpleshow video maker appeared first on simpleshow. Case Studies Explainer videos LMS simpleshow video maker training videos

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5 Questions You Forgot to Ask in Your Video Interview

ClearCompany HRM

With video interviewing, a series of predetermined questions can be asked of each applicant to help make better decisions of who to invite to the next round. If you’ve already adopted video interviewing into your candidate screening process, congrats! If not, make sure to check out our offer for 2 months free of video interviewing. Either way, here are some of the best questions to ask during interviews: Video Interview

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Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Automated resume screening for job matching There are video interviewing tools out there that. ability to view the videos before inviting someone for an. Video assessment How do. videos before. Building AI to Unlearn Bias in. Recruiting How to use AI and machine learning to ensure diversity in the. workforce By the creators of AllyO, the end-to-end AI recruiter Bias is a problem we. need to address Our society is struggling with bias.

Three Steps To Successfully Produce Explainer Videos – Part 2


Once this is achieved, The post Three Steps To Successfully Produce Explainer Videos – Part 2 appeared first on simpleshow. Video Guide animation explainer video Explainer videos professional

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5 Reasons Compliance is Easier with Video Interviewing

ClearCompany HRM

Video InterviewIn Human Resources, we’re constantly managing risk. New technologies, while they introduce convenience into our lives can often bring worries of compliance, new risks and fear that our highly protected employee information could be misused or mismanaged.

Video 257

How to Align Your Video Ads with Your Sales Funnel


And certainly, video ads are probably not the first thing to come to mind when you think about your marketing strategy. If you want to learn how making video ads as part of your strategy may help your brand and how to get the videos in line with your sales funnel, just keep reading!

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Test Video


Thank You Pages

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One-way video interview biases: potential risks for diversity


One-way video interviews – also known as asynchronous – enable recruiters to eliminate biases by providing all candidates with a uniform interview structure. Video interview biases: most common risks. Evaluating video interviews is a rather new thing. Share video-interview tips.

10 Business Videos Ideas for Your Company


Companies that overlook the importance of the role that video plays in the 21 century are taking a risk! If you want to be seen you need to embrace video and make sure that you make great use of this engaging medium. Let’s consider 10 business video ideas for your company: 1. Product Video. This is the first and most important must-have business video! A product video can take various forms. FAQ Video. Company Culture Video. Summary Video.

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Video: Why Listening to Your Employees is Now More Important Than Ever


In this video message, DecisionWise President, Matthew Wride, talks about the importance of employee feedback during a crisis and the DecisionWise pledge to help your business listen, understand, and act, even during tough times. Blog Employee Engagement Employee Voice Video leadership listening to employees

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Using Explainer Videos On Your Company Website


Let’s examine where and how explainer videos can be used on your website. What better way to do this than with an explainer video on your homepage! Or, a video that briefly explains how your products and services will benefit consumers is also an excellent choice for the home-page.

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Why You Should Use Interactive Videos For eLearning


The practice of eLearning continues to grow year after year and interactive video forms an important part of it. Interactive videos make it possible for online learners to interact with the learning content, which allows learners to have a unique experience. .

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Videos Candidates Crave: The Series


Sending any videos pre-apply? Video has so much power to get people to click that “apply” button, finish the application, and stay excited while they wait to hear back. Video reinforces why they are interested in the position. Lastly, think about building a “thank you” video.

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10 Tips for Great Video Interviews [VIDEO]


Video conferencing became easily available to us around then as well. The post 10 Tips for Great Video Interviews [VIDEO] appeared first on BambooHR Blog. General HR applicants hiring HR human resources interview interviewing job candidates recruiting video conference video interviewThe way the world communicates has shifted significantly over the last thirty years. I remember the banana-yellow rotary phone sitting on my kitchen wall as a child.

Video 87

How we approached (video) interviews


On a bright morning at a recent Workable summit , we were told that a new team would be formed with one goal in mind: build a new product to allow candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers to perform asynchronous video interviews. We talked with several real-life candidates – even those who had performed a video interview in the past. You can see plenty of feedback about the whole video interview concept in public, such as in this subreddit post.

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6 Tips for the Perfect Corporate Video


Corporate videos are a must if you need to share your company’s message, regardless of whether it is meant for employees or for a target audience outside of your company. Whatever you have in mind, follow these six crucial tips to ensure that your corporate video has the desired impact: 1. A good corporate video starts with a well-written script. Generally, a problem-and-solution strategy works well in a corporate video script. Videos meant for outsiders (e.g.

Video 58

Video: How Does Connection Impact An Employee’s Engagement?


Learn how having connection can impact an employee’s engagement levels in an organization with this short video. VideoConnection is one of the five keys of our ENGAGEMENT MAGIC model.

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