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2017 Global Staffing Trends


Growing the business, competition for top talent, and doing more with less, are some of the issues that preoccupy the minds of staffing and recruiting leaders around the world. This is just one of the findings from LinkedIn’s recently released 2017 Global Staffing Trends report. Some of the top challenges leaders say their teams are faced with include: competition for talent (58%); business development (38%); limited budget (30%); small recruiting team (25%); and poor communication with hiring managers (20%): Staffing budgets: 53% expect their budgets to increase in 2017.

Why Staffing Firms Should Incorporate Video Interviewing

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Video interviewing has become a powerful tool for staffing firms, as it saves these companies both time and resources, while allowing them to serve their clients more effectively. In the past, staffing firms had to bring candidates in for a conversation (or sometimes multiple conversations) and then try to effectively place that individual. Today, that’s all changed.

Staffing Industry Reaches Record Levels: What HR Needs to Know


Yet, at the same time, the staffing and recruiting industry has been growing faster than GDP and overall employment at rates unlike any prior economic recovery. As the graph shows, staffing employment has grown three and a half times faster than the economy and seven times faster than overall employment. staffing firms hired a total of 14.6 Throughout 2014, U.S. billion—5.9%

The Staffing Industry Engagement Struggle is Real


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending Staffing Industry Analysts’ 25th annual Executive Forum in delightfully warm and sunny Phoenix. During my long tenure at Fieldglass I went to dozens of SIA conferences that catered to corporate buyers of staffing and consulting services, but this was my first in-depth look at the staffing side of the equation. We attended the Exec Forum because we had a strong suspicion that improving employee, worker and customer engagement could be a very compelling value proposition to staffing firms, MSPs and RPO providers. and U.S.

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

agencies, executive search firms, and staffing agencies to manage external. managers won’t effectively interface with recruiting software for a staffing. INSIDER TIP: Technology providers that say they sell to both employers and staffing. Choosing The Right ATS The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system Introduction ATS for Employers v.s. To free you.

7 of Top 10 Largest Staffing Firms Are Using SkillSurvey Solutions for Online Reference Checking


Reference checks from staffing firms grew 39 percent and bookings are up 28 percent as more recruiting and staffing companies seek fast candidate insights and new candidate pipelines. More staffing firms and recruiters are realizing the tremendous insight and competitive advantage they can gain from SkillSurvey’s online reference checking and sourcing solutions. Staffing and recruiting firms are not only benefiting from the time savings generated by automating the process, but it is helping them be more strategic, while boosting their consumer and employment brand.

You Need To Do These 8 Things To Be A Successful Staffing Firm

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There will always be ways to improve how your staffing firm works toward building successful relationships with your clients — and going above and beyond keeps them happy, ensures they invest in your services for years to come, and leads to your continued success. Surprisingly, total sales in the staffing and recruiting industry have increased by 5.8 Easily compare applicants.

5 Secrets for Effective Long-Term Staffing

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In an article published on® , recruiting expert Miranda Nash emphasized the importance of long-term staffing and provided 5 tips on how to handle it effectively. Here are Nash’s tips for your long-term staffing: 1) Assess each position based on its strategic vs. tactical value. But, in most cases, many HR teams can only dream of having time to plan ahead for hiring.

Are You Addressing These 3 Important Staffing Trends for 2016?


Are You Addressing These 3 Important Staffing Trends for 2016? Here are three important staffing trends that should be driving your endeavors. People are on the go, and your staffing efforts need to move with them via smart phones, tablets and laptops. Is it really possible that we are into the second quarter of 2016 already? So where have your first quarter efforts taken you?

2015 SIA Executive Forum Takeaways: Powerful Tech for Staffing and Recruiting Firms

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During this year’s 2015 SIA Executive Forum in Orlando, we were blown away by the emerging technology coming to the staffing industry this year. All the way from Cambridge, MA, InsightSquared is an analytics product for staffing and recruiting firms. Even though we just got back to Chicago, we are already looking forward to next year’s Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum!

Meet Spark Hire at the 2015 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum

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The Spark Hire team is gearing up for the 2015 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum in Orlando, Florida and we can’t wait to display our video interviews for staffing firms and professionals. Event recruiting sia executive forum spark hire staffing staffing industry analysts staffing industry analysts executive forum tradeshow video interviewing

Talent Networks and the Staffing Industry


Love it or hate it, technology is now a fundamental part of the staffing industry. Within the next week, we will be releasing a new white paper that pinpoints key changes to the long-standing staffing model. For more information, keep an eye out for our upcoming white paper, Staffing Firms and Talent Pools: The Time Has Come to Sink or Swim.

The 2015 Staffing Industry Trend Report [WHITEPAPER]

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It’s that time of the year again—when all of us here at Spark Hire make our predictions for what can be expected for the staffing and recruiting industry in the upcoming year. After a ton of research and hours of analysis, Spark Hire recently published the whitepaper entitled “The 2015 Staffing Industry Trend Report” which details the importance of active and innovative staffing solutions.

3 Paths to Ultimate Success in Staffing Sales

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There are so many different paths to approach sales in the staffing world. Out of all of the things that will make a sales rep successful in the staffing industry, this is one of the top items. What are some other things that sales reps should be sure to do in the staffing industry? Staffing Industry Pick up the phone. Call potential clients. Stay visible.

Infographic Thursday: 6 Tips for Using Video Interviews for Staffing Success

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See below an infographic from Spark Hire (a provider of online video interviewing solutions) sharing 6 tips for using video interviews to enhance staffing success. As always, if you like this infographic follow Spark Hire on Twitter here. And please share your thoughts in the comments section below. Best, Rory. Infographic Thursday hr human resources

Online Reference Checking Gains Momentum Among Major Industries Including Healthcare, Higher Education, Banking/Finance, Staffing and Retail


Today, SkillSurvey, the leading provider of hiring solutions to effectively recruit, hire and manage employees to drive business results, announced that it is experiencing fast growth this year among a number of industries that are embracing online reference checking to shorten time to fill and improve quality of hire – including customer expansions and new business in healthcare/ long-term care, the staffing industry, higher education, retail, and banking/finance. SkillSurvey speeds hiring for commercial, higher education, healthcare, and staffing and recruiting organizations.

4 Things to Consider When Interviewing New College Grads for Your Staffing Company

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If you are considering interviewing new college grads for your staffing company, there are 4 key things that you should look for: 1. However, this particular college grad had completed an internship with a well known staffing agency in our local area. What are some other things you could take into consideration when interviewing new college grads for your staffing company?

#TChat Preview: The Blended Workforce – Benefits and Staffing Challenges


This week we’re going to address the benefits of a blended workforce and the staffing challenges it brings. Sneak Peek: #TChat Events: The Blended Workforce – Benefits and Staffing Challenges. Our guest is Sunil Bagai , Founder and CEO of Zenith Talent , innovators of the powerful new staffing model for the contingent workforce called Crowdstaffing. Biro and Kevin W.

How Can the Staffing Industry Use Technology to Engage and Develop a Disparate Workforce


The discussions I had at the event furthered my thinking that there are a few interesting ways that staffing firms, MSPs and RPO providers can leverage a technology platform to engage and develop their employees and the workers they place. Many staffing firms have disparate workforces with multiple branches and mergers and acquisitions are not uncommon. Most staffing firms conduct some sort of an annual employee survey to get an understanding of the overall sentiment and examine more granular data to make workplace decisions. Overhaul the internal employee review process.

6 Tips for Using Video Interviews for Staffing Success [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The battle for talent is raging on, therefore, it’s important that staffing companies utilize readily available technologies in order to best acquire top-notch talent for their clients. Video interviews enable staffing and recruiting professionals to quickly, yet efficiently, connect with candidates. Infographics

3 Things to Consider Before Expanding Your Staffing Business Internationally

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If your staffing business is thinking of expanding to include work overseas, there are several things that you should consider before even submitting a bid or signing a contract to do international staffing or project work with another business. What are some other things you might consider when expanding your staffing business overseas? Do not expect this to be inexpensive.

How to Establish a Solid Gamification Strategy for Your Staffing Company

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If you have decided to implement gamification at your staffing business, you will be joining the 25 percent of companies that the Gartner Group predicts will be redesigning their business processes by 2015. Determine what you envision gamification doing for your staffing company. Are you looking to bring in more interest to your staffing services from job seekers?

HR and the Holidays, Part One: Staffing and Scheduling


However, getting started on planning for staffing and scheduling hiccups now can make for a less stressed, more spirited season later on! Determine Your Minimum Staffing Requirements. Depending on your business model, you may also want to get a separate minimum staffing requirement from your customer support team, as they’re usually the most essential service to keep live.

The Pipeline and Millennials—More Secrets of Long-Term Staffing

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In yesterday’s Advisor , Miranda Nash shared three of her five secrets to prioritizing long-term staffing needs; today, the final two secrets along with some analysis from Nash. Taking another page from the sales professional’s playbook, strategic HR teams know that building a pipeline of qualified ideal candidates is critical to meeting long-term staffing needs. When the day-to-day responsibilities prevent the internal HR team from developing and adopting this strategic approach, it may be a great time to consider partnering with a staffing firm to provide added support.

Cutting costs on staffing remains as important as ever

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The economic picture is improving, but cutting costs on staffing remains a priority

The Increasing Popularity of Video Interviews for Staffing Pros

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As the battle for acquiring top talent continues to heat up, staffing pros are taking advantage of the readily available resources to ensure they are providing their clients with rockstar candidates who have the potential of being great employees. With video interviews, particularly the one-way, staffing pros can tremendously cut down the time-to-placement. Better Assess Candidates.

4 tips for handling staffing needs during hectic spring and summer months


Uncategorized #CeridianINSIGHTS Ceridian Dayforce Dayforce HCM HCM HR human capital management Human resources James Arsenault labor planning payroll retail scheduling staffing vacation time WFM workforce managementBy James Arsenault, Director of Dayforce Product Marketing at Ceridian. Spring is here and summer is upon us, and employers know that means workforce management is about to become a lot trickier (especially for retail and other businesses with associates on the store floor). It’s an undeniable yearly trend – as the weather gets nicer, and […].

3 Ways Online Video Interviewing has Transformed the Staffing Industry

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The staffing industry is always evolving, adjusting to new trends and technology in order to attract the best talent and the best clients. If your staffing business has been staying up to date with the latest technology, you are likely using video interviewing in your processes. Have you integrated video interviews into your staffing business? Faster Selection. Of course.

Diagnosing Today’s Healthcare Staffing Challenges


historical volume levels and acuity spikes, predicted future volume, staffing levels, payroll, and various HR information. Many outpatient clinics have traditionally operated under fixed staffing models where the number of staff available to care for patients is based on the number of physicians working. million since 2013. Forecasting Demand. The Right Numbers. A Shift In Care.

Spark Hire and Bullhorn Launch Video Interviewing Integration to Provide Staffing and Recruiting Firms with World-Class Technology

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Staffing and recruiting professionals can coach their candidates through the process of completing a video interview in order to achieve a polished interview to share with clients. By taking advantage of the video interviewing integration, staffing and recruiting professionals are better able to provide value to and build strong relationships with both candidates and clients. “We’re

Bill Rates and Negative Attrition in Light Industrial Staffing

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Recently a client came to the Market Analytics team at Allegis Global Solutions to answer this question - what is causing an upswing in negative attrition among warehouse workers

Infographic Thursday: The Impact of the ACA on the Staffing Industry

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Thanks to AkkenCloud for this great infographic outlining some of the impacts of the ACA on the staffing industry. It has some great stats (I didn’t know that 95% of employers have less than 50 people), so as always check it out and be sure to follow the author on Twitter here if you like what you see. Best, Rory. Infographic Thursday hr human resources

Times have changed and employer branding is key to staffing growth

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Staffing companies need to invest in marketing and their brand to prosper

5 Staffing Trends Holding Strong in 2016


As we hit the halfway mark of 2016, these five staffing trends appear to be holding strong. So, if you’re not already focusing on them, it’s time to start. Branding matters – A brand is more than a logo and an external appearance. Ultimately, it’s the identity of everything the company embodies. Fortunately, it’s also easier than ever.

8 Signs That You’re Probably Stuck in a Talent Time Warp

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Recruiting and Staffing Talent Management Best practices Change management Company culture Engagement hiring HR communications HR management recruiting & staffing talent managementJust because the economy has rebounded from the Great Recession doesn’t mean that your talent mentality has also rebounded.

4 Incredibly Common Hiring Mistakes — and How to Prevent Them

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Recruiting and Staffing hiring HR communications HR management HR trends Recruiting recruiting & staffing talent management Hiring right is one of the most important decisions a company can make. Hire the right person and you increase productivity and retention. Hire the wrong person and you increase turnover, decrease productivity and waste a lot of time and money.