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Manage Complex Pay Rules With Time & Attendance Software

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For many manufacturing companies, the complexity of managing their employees’ production levels as well as their time and attendance across multiple locations can be overwhelming. cloud-based time and attendance system can provide you with advanced features to help you manage your labor data. payroll labor analytics time and attendance software

Flexibility Matters - Customized Time & Attendance

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comprehensive time and attendance system can give your company and it s employees the flexibility it needs in order to handle even the most complex requests with ease. These include: Employee attendance and scheduling. To learn more about how you can customize time and attendance technology to meet your businesses demand, click here. Paycheck accuracy.

Adeptly Managing Time Off Requests With Time and Attendance Software

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With a cloud based time and attendance software, time off requests can be more effectively managed.On the Employee Dashboard, employees can check their PTO accruals even before they make a request. On a schedule, they can see who else from their team has requested the same time off. managing accruals Manager Dashboard Time Off Request

Reduce Idle Time: Adjust Scheduled Time and Attendance

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cloud-based time and attendance system streams labor data in real time. Managers can create “scheduled versus actual” reports to adjust work schedules and direct workforce activities at all times. If you’re still using paper-based timesheets , you’re probably used to analyzing employee time individually –– because that’s about all you can do.

2017 Compliance Checklist: Stay on Top of Today's Complex Regulatory Environment

Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) — A federal law which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay eligibility, recordkeeping and child labor standards affecting full-time. and part-time workers in the private sector and in federal, state and local governments. Lawyer o Internet o HR provider o Other Do you use a time solution to record all hours worked? Staying compliant is hard.

3 Examples of Using Alerts In Time and Attendance Software

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cloud based time and attendance software has the functionality to customize Alerts , which work as an automated HR assistant in workforce management. In a cloud based time and attendance software, you can customize an alert for breaks and meals, which appears as warning icon on your Manager Dashboard. Managers have a lot to manage.

Time and Attendance for Today's Mobile Workforce

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Without an integrated time and attendance solution, payroll processing can become extremely challenging — especially when employees are working from multiple different locations. Learn how stratustime can simplify the payroll process for payroll managers like Carla. payroll video payroll manager

How Are You Managing Your Time and Attendance Process?

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Managing and monitoring manual time and attendance processes can be a time consuming task. To optimize your employee time-tracking, it’s essential you have a reliable and efficient process. Streamline your reporting with an automated time and attendance system. payroll manual data entry time and attendance software

Your Outdated Time & Attendance System May Be Costing You Money

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Buddy punching, inaccurate time records, and non-work-related activities are three examples of how productivity levels can be affected within the workplace. Often times, business owners look for solutions to build and grow their company from outside resources instead of reviewing internal processes to improve it. labor analytics business intelligence time theftHuman Error.

DIY: Mastering HR Best Practices

countless times. :) Hopefully it helps. nice to have a full-time HR staff member (or, for that matter, an HR. link] Code BLACK = Andy needs a coffee 12 13 DIY: MASTERING HR BEST PRACTICES HR DRives Business OutcOmes How to develop your people • Go out - Encourage employees to attend worthwhile. Schedule time for this feedback and make it a. And how many times.

Survey Reveals Benefits of Time and Attendance Software

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Our latest survey conducted here at nettime solutions affirmed the benefits of time and attendance software, particularly when integrated with other HR solutions, such as HRIS and payroll software. Time and attendance software can help those managers with this piece of the performance review process. High-level strategic moves for the company.

5 Ways to Prevent Wage Theft with Time and Attendance Software

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But unfortunately, now is the time to stay über-vigilant on employee time theft. Because if you're still using paper timesheets and time card systems, employees may exploit some gaps as supervisors and managers come and go on vacation. Here are 5 wage theft preventions with cloud-based time and attendance software: Real-Time Updates. Manager Dashboard.

Keep Employees Busy with Time and Attendance Scheduling

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With a cloud based time and attendance software, you have access to deep labor analytics to improve workforce management. Analyzing time and attendance records from previous summers can be your first step. Next, you can customize filters and create your own categories of time. In August, employees are planning for or on vacation, or just coming back from vacation.

Manage Payroll Taxes: Have Essential Time and Attendance Reporting

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Time and attendance reports can help payroll managers reconcile the amount of payroll taxes withheld and owed. But if you are still using paper-based timesheets , your manual time and attendance reports may be wrong. With an advanced time and attendance system, you can create Excel spreadsheets or PDF reports that seamlessly integrate into your payroll systems.

Buyer’s Guide for Simplifying HR and Payroll

It is worth your time to consider the benefits of a. into the business?  How much overtime is being paid in each department.  How much sick time has been used in a given year  What bottlenecks are occurring in your recruiting process  How recent compliance changes might impact your business  Who are your top performing employees Once you begin to outline the functions that are critical.

Monitor Time and Attendance to Improve Business Profit

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Ask yourself, if your company’s finances are no longer recorded in leather-bound ledgers –– why are you still using paper timesheets or manual methods to track your employees attendance? With an advanced time and attendance software in the cloud, workforce data updates in real time on the Manager Dashboard. Is your time card system secure to prevent against wage theft ?

Replace Paper Timesheets With Cloud Based Time and Attendance Software

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It's no secret: Paper timesheets and time card systems are ineffective. Here are three simple things to know about replacing old, paper-based systems with cloud based time and attendance software.The first is that time tracking doesn't change. Time is tracked in real time ; updates are instantly made to an employee's time off accruals.

Top 10 Time and Attendance Posts of 2014

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You know the ones. I''m the friend who always produces a highlight video with pictures and footage from the last 12 months, set to tear-jerker music that makes you wish you could rewind the months and live every delicious moment one more time. Without a cloud-based time and attendance system, such as stratustime, keeping track of mobile employee''s time cards can be time consuming.

Improve Business Profit: Plug Gaps in Time and Attendance

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An advanced time and attendance system lets employees punch in/out right down to the second of their time. With such high-quality data, managers can create customized reports to analyze employee time individually or in groups. With this streaming time data, you can track and analyze where your employees spend the most time working and when the most hours are logged.

The 4 HR Topics and Trends You Need to Act on Now

organizations file accurately and on time. on time. In this uncertain time, think of these. At the same time, your. In a time of uncertainty, think of these four. Companies got extra time to. full-time employees insured) or they’ll face penalties. you are tracking your employees’ time using. Perform Time is in the same database as HR and.

Helpful Questions to Consider When Selecting a Time and Attendance System

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An effective time and attendance system can help you improve the overall operational processes within your organization. Below are thirteen questions to consider when selecting a time and attendance system: 1. business growth time and attendance softwareHow long has the software application company been in practice? 2. How is the software rated?

Mobile Time and Attendance Solutions for your Dispersed Workforce

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As businesses grow increasingly mobile, your team may spend just as much time out of the office than they do at their desks. Give your on-the-go employees an advanced time and attendance system that lets them clock in/out from their mobile devices. In the old days, they would have to drive back to the office to punch the time clock at the end of a long day.

10 Ways Time & Attendance Software Can Enhance Your Manufacturing Business

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Cloud-based time and attendance software can offer many benefits to the manufacturing world. In an effort to help you realize these benefits, here are 10 reasons advanced time and attendance software can enhance your Manufacturing business: All time punches can be securely captured, right down to the second. workforce mobility real-time scheduling cloud-based

Why You Need a Dedicated Time and Attendance Solution

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Many human capital management (HCM) systems come with built-in time and attendance capabilities. Find out what you could be missing—what it’s costing you—and why it pays to implement a new time and attendance solution ahead of any other system. White Paper HR Time & Attendance

Managing Time and Attendance in a Changing Business Environment [video]

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Specifically, organizations like yours can manage time and attendance in response to our constantly changing business environments. In fact, time and attendance technology can help in nearly every aspect of nimble business response, from managing payroll taxes to reducing idle production time and analyzing employee costs. Have something to say?

Manage Productivity Levels With Time & Attendance Software

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An advanced point system can give you the ability to address attendance issues, reward and/or deduct points as well as enforce policies within your organization. Selecting a comprehensive time and attendance program that has a built-in point system can help you as a manager keep track of and monitor your employees’ activity and workflow during business hours.

How an Office Uses Cloud Based Time and Attendance Software

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In fact, a cloud based time and attendance software –– with employee self service features –– greatly increases employee engagement among office workers. Here's how: A cloud based time and attendance software has flexible options to meet the needs of different office environments. mobile time and attendance software is available for smartphone users.

Case Study: Increase Internal Controls on Time and Attendance

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The previous system of filling out time cards lent itself to abuse,” said Dr. Tompkins. In addition, he needed a time clock that would keep working if Internet service was interrupted, which was an infrastructure reality given the diversity of work locations and technical situations beyond his control. Solution: stratus time Tightens Internal Controls.

Raising Employee Engagement with Time and Attendance Software

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An advanced time and attendance software raises employee engagement by providing tools to manage time in –– and away from –– the office.Employee time tracking is not just for managers. After money, the next thing on their minds is time off. If your employees have smartphones, they want the flexibility to clock in/out –– in real time.

Expand Your Business: Set Controls on Time and Attendance

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The customizable reports generated by an advanced time and attendance system can help business growth in two ways. And if you look at the time spent by customer, you can even discern why they are spending time. You can better schedule employee time to help drive your expansion plans. An advanced time and attendance system displays a dashboard of time entries.

Outpace the Competition with Intelligent Time and Attendance Reports

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Reading time and attendance reports should be easy. You may not even be aware of what types of time and attendance reports are available –– and how they can ultimately help your company outpace the competition. An advanced time and attendance software is based in the cloud. Business competition is tough. But what if you're still using paper timesheets ?

Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Time & Attendance/Payroll Features to Collect


So inspired by our own poke-obsessed staff, we decided to create a “gotta catch ‘em all” list of standout features to collect in a payroll/time tracking solution. Favorite Feature : “Job costing – I’ve been working with clients for a long time, and one feature that is frequently asked about is rates and jobs. Title : Payroll/Time and Attendance Specialist.

Better Serve Customers: Track Employee Time and Attendance

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We can emphatically say that “time” will happen to your business. So we urge you to create more accurate time and attendance reports as a means to better serve your customers. Probably, if you’re still using outdated time and attendance processes like a punch card or spreadsheet. Everyone’s time is valuable –– but none more so than your customers’ time.

Automate Your Manufacturing Incidents & Attendance Issues

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Traditional manual process methods for time and attendance don’t give your employees the flexibility or efficiency they often need to be productive. Process Time and Resource Savings. With a cloud-based time and attendance solution, employees’ time clock entries are recorded as they occur. Incidents and Tracking.

Once Upon a Time and Attendance Solution (in honor of National Tell a Fairytale Day)

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Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived an exhausted, overworked, under-appreciated payroll manager named Pam. Most employees forgot to write down their clock in/out time, so she had to chase them down in the hallways to get their correct hours. On top of that, Pam had an inbox full of vacation/personal time off (PTO) requests. Why so quickly? payroll timesheet

Why Integrate Leave Management Software with Time and Attendance

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For instance, employees may be required to take paid time off (PTO) before going on unpaid leave. If you’re using different systems for tracking time and managing FMLA. Workforce Management Absence & Leave Compliance Time & AttendanceLeave management isn’t just about tracking how many Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) days or hours an employee has used.