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National Payroll Week

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Happy National Payroll Week! National Payroll Week celebrates America’s 150 million wage earners and the payroll professionals who pay them. Through the payroll withholding system, we contribute, collect, report and deposit approximately $2.2 To recognize National Payroll Week, a few of our favorite industry thought leaders shared why they feel payroll is so important.

Stress-Free Payroll Integration

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You have that same opportunity using time and attendance software with payroll. Without fail, the payroll manager has to first find the employee(s) to correct missing information –– before they can even submit payroll. cloud based time and attendance software solution integrates with most major types of payroll software. We took a commuter bus the other day. Guess what?

How to Unleash Your Strategic Payroll Potential


Savvy business and thought leaders have begun to realise that payroll processing plays a greater role in achieving strategic business objectives than just providing transactional accuracy. Integrating and streamlining strategic payroll processes saves money, empowers employees and identifies areas where efficiencies of scale can be realised. Payroll

The Benefits of Payroll Outsourcing


About 40 years ago, payroll was seen nothing more than a company’s regular task at bookkeeping (being either fortnightly, bi-monthly or monthly – depending on the company). In the modern world today, a new perspective has emerged on payroll. Additionally, it has grown to become  outsourced payroll  with the development of powerful payroll , workflow driven  HR software and more recently, employee centric  HRIS  with all the mobile benefits. Its integration with these technological advancements have made managing HR functions and particularly payroll  easier.

Buyer’s Guide for Simplifying HR and Payroll

BUYER’S GUIDE FOR SIMPLIFYING PAYROLL + HR THE 3 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO LOOK FOR. IN A PAYROLL AND HR PROVIDER ©Paycor 20132 TA BL E. O F. RIGHT FIT ©Paycor 2013 3 ASSESSING YOUR NEEDS Do you need a payroll and HR solution? You may be wondering if a payroll and HR solution is. payroll or HR solution, but you wonder if it’s still the. in a payroll and HR system.

Five great places to start analyzing payroll data


Benoit Gruber, VP, global product marketing at Sage, shares five unexpected places to look when examining your payroll data. Payroll is a vital source of data in your business and has the potential to have an immediate financial benefit. Businesses are required by law to keep live payroll information, so there is no chance of your making decisions based on old news.

A “Smart” Solution for Simplified Payroll

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With this being National Payroll Week, we wanted to take a closer look at a hot-button issue for payroll professionals across America. If you’re a payroll professional, you probably know Pennsylvania has one of the most complex local tax structures throughout the country—as in, one simple employee change, such as a new address, will likely require some manual effort.

Payroll FAQs: Paycards 101


We’ve spoken previously about green initiatives in a payroll environment. The easiest way to promote green payroll is to eliminate paper wherever we can, and we can start with paper checks! simple authorization form puts your employees on the way to paperless payroll. Q : Speaking of paperless…. She also serves as Director of Payroll Compliance for FingerCheck. Merle M.

Worried about compliance? 5 tips for getting payroll right every time


Everyone finds it challenging to keep up with the ever-changing payroll laws. We’ve got five tips that will help you stay compliant and get payroll right every time.  . Similarly, according to research by Fundera, a third of businesses are penalized for payroll compliance mistakes. Once these new changes go into effect payroll will be processed differently. Don’t stress?

2017 Compliance Checklist: Stay on Top of Today's Complex Regulatory Environment

Questions to consider: Are your employees’ IDs available in your payroll system for tax authorities? Are your employees’ Social Security Numbers correctly entered in your payroll system and valid? Are you retaining payroll records for at least three years? Do you have one platform to easily access HR, payroll and time data required for the new EEO-1 Report? guidance?

Sleep Better Knowing Your Payroll Accuracy Is No Longer An Issue

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Payroll is often one of the most complex and time-consuming processes within a workplace. Sleep better knowing your payroll accuracy is no longer an issue with: Accurate labor and wage reporting. Automatic federal and state payroll tax deduction. payroll business intelligence business growthEnforced attendance policies. Secured time punches.

Payroll Service Bureaus – Are Clients a Flight Risk? [Infographic]

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Payroll service outsourcing is nothing new regardless of whether you look at large employers, or organizations that fall within the small- to medium-sized business (SMB) space. Want to identify the warning signs that suggest your clients may seek payroll services elsewhere? HR Solutions Workforce Management HR tech HR trends paperless HR payroll payroll provider reseller

10 Bad Payroll Habits to Drop As Soon as Possible


In theory, managing your company payroll shouldn’t be that hard. Consider strengthening your payroll approach with these tips. . 1. Using overpriced payroll services – According to Jeremy Marsan, business analyst at  Fit Small Business.  “ Most small businesses will be better off avoiding old school payroll services that are overpriced and cater to larger businesses.

12 Days of Advice For Time Tracking and Payroll Management


If you’re up for a challenge, we’ve curated twelve days of FingerCheck time tracking and payroll advice for your consideration. Day 1 : Create written payroll procedures. Consider creating written payroll procedures to preserve the A, B, and C’s of your payroll process. Day 4 :  Assess your payroll operations for improvement. There The goal?

The Definitive Guide to Onboarding

payroll and set up the direct deposit at this. 24 Is it time to revamp your company’s onboarding strategy? 25 The Definitive Guide to Onboarding 2014 BambooHR 1-866-387-9595 | 3 Introduction There’s a lot of noise about talent. Where to. find it, how to attract it, hire it and keep it. Everyone’s talking about talent because that’s. what makes your company awesome. Having.

FingerCheck360 Introduces Paycards for Payroll


Using SOLE Visa Payroll Cards , issued by our partner SOLE Paycard , employees can get paid immediately on payday, receive cash back, and make everyday purchases, all for free. Within the Payroll Menu of each employee, under “ Direct Deposit ,” you can independently enter each card’s details. FingerCheck360 is now offering paycards as a payment option for employees!

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5 HR & Payroll Mistakes That Startups Make All Too Often


But there’s one area where startups definitely don’t want to break the rules: payroll and HR. Startups that don’t comply with payroll and HR laws can face serious legal and financial consequences. With that in mind, we've put together this list of the five biggest startup payroll and HR mistakes to avoid. HR Payroll Business TipsStartups are natural rule breakers. You’ve got to ruffle a few feathers and disrupt the status quo if you want to build the next Facebook. Some penalties are even severe enough to (almost) drive them out of business.

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3 Sobering Facts about Payroll for National Payroll Week

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Did you know that September 7-11, 2015 is National Payroll Week? Established by the American Payroll Association in 1996, National Payroll Week is dedicated to celebrating wage earners and the payroll professionals who ensure they are paid properly. Workforce Management APA PayrollAnd with 150 million earners in the U.S., that’s no small achievement.

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Celebrate your payroll pros during National #PayrollWeek!


Everyone loves getting paid, which is just one of the reasons why we at Ceridian are excited to celebrate National Payroll Week (September 5-9). In case you haven’t heard of NPW before, this celebration led by the American Payroll Association kicks off each year on Labor Day, and gives companies the ideal opportunity to thank their payroll department for their amazing efforts to help ensure that paychecks are accurate and on time. Employers have a lot to thank their payroll professionals for. Give payroll pros the recognition they deserve.

Are You Prepared to Handle New EEO-1 Reporting Requirements?

Using separate HR, payroll. access the HR, payroll and time. that combines payroll and. payroll with one click. Determine if you have one platform to easily access your employees’ HR, payroll and time data. Separate HR, payroll and time systems will create additional administrative work for employers and could result in. THE ESSENTIAL EEOC GUIDE. Paycor’s.

Escheatment, Abandoned Property and Payroll


The concept of escheatment and abandoned property doesn’t naturally come to mind when dealing with payroll operations.  By definition, though, payroll can have unclaimed and abandoned property. . What it means for Payroll: With the advent of paycards and the long-term use of direct deposit, payroll unclaimed wages are a relatively small problem for many employers. 

Manage Payroll Taxes: Have Essential Time and Attendance Reporting

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Time and attendance reports can help payroll managers reconcile the amount of payroll taxes withheld and owed. With an advanced time and attendance system, you can create Excel spreadsheets or PDF reports that seamlessly integrate into your payroll systems. Managing payroll taxes is a serious subject and we like to simplify things when we can. It’s that simple.

5 Payroll Mistakes Averted With a Joint Online Payroll/Time Tracking Software


For instance, just how time-consuming dealing with payroll is. Payroll is one of the less favorable aspects of business management, but it’s one that is necessary. You may have innocently been under the impression that payroll is as simple as doing a little math to ensure you pay your employees accurately. She also serves as Director of Payroll Compliance for FingerCheck.

Payroll-Based Journal: What Is It?


Payroll-Based Journal ( PBJ ) is a result of one of those new employer mandates, and it specifically affects nursing homes and long-term care facilities (including skilled nursing facilities). CMS has created a free system for facilities to use to submit this information: Payroll-Based Journal. This will include full-time staff as well as agency and contract staff. Census data.

DIY: Mastering HR Best Practices

operational drudgery 25 Day to day tasks that keep the doors open, like payroll, benefits administration, creating company policies, etc. THE TRIED AND TRUE GUIDE TO MASTERING. HR BEST PRACTICES DIY Hey Pam, Here’s that book I told you about. Sorry it’s a little worse for the. wear, but I’ve referred to it.

Pros and Cons of Payroll Transparency

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With an increased focus on equity in pay across genders as well as a need to ensure the organization is not (even inadvertently) discriminating, more and more organizations are beginning to consider greater payroll transparency. Pros of Payroll Transparency. Cons of Payroll Transparency. The post Pros and Cons of Payroll Transparency appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

An Employer’s Guide to Payroll Taxes


Get a short primer on payroll taxes, including employer responsibilities and what employees must pay

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3 Key Strengths of Workday Payroll for France


These are three strengths of Workday Payroll applications that empower payroll professionals every day. Today we are introducing Workday Payroll for France, which extends to France the same control, flexibility, and insight that we have delivered with our payroll offerings for the U.S., flow from HCM to payroll. Control, flexibility, and insight. Control. Insight.

10 Reasons to Switch to Paperless Payroll


From time tracking to payroll, nearly any business service can now be self-managed completely online. The The benefits of going paperless in managing your company payroll are many – here are ten: Document storage : Paperless payroll stores all of your employee payroll data in one easy-to-access place. Employee payroll data is securely backed up and available online. .

10 Ways HR Can Save The Day

employee inquiries, figure out payroll, make sure everything is getting. 10 Ways HR Can Save the Day 1-866-387-9595 | 1-800-391-9202 | 2015 BambooHR | Zane Benefits 1 10 Ways HR Can. Save The Day 10 Ways HR Can Save the Day 1-866-387-9595 | 1-800-391-9209 | 2015 BambooHR | Zane Benefits 2 Introduction 3 1. Recruiting 4 2. When you.

Turn Over a New Leaf: Green Initiatives in Payroll


Green initiatives – are they compatible with payroll needs? Payroll has opportunities to “go green” in many ways.  We’ll be taking a look at a few of them. How do you turn a payroll team green?  As it turns out, some things are easier than you may think. Many payroll vendors offer this capability; this allows a paper savings by not printing paystubs. For How to do that? 

The Great Debate: SAP SuccessFactors Managed Payroll

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When SAP announced its SAP SuccessFactors Managed Payroll solution at SAP SuccessConnect 2016 in Las Vegas end of August, little could we know that it would trigger such a passionate debate in the SAP HCM community, and on social media, about where to go next with SAP HCM payroll. HR processes and payroll-as-a-service will continue to play a significant role in the future of work.

A Payroll Guide to Hiring Employees


Purchase Workers’ Compensation Insurance : It is required by law to have workers’ comp insurance before processing payroll. Choose a Payroll Schedule : Determine your pay period and workweek – this will dictate whether your payroll schedule will run on a weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly basis. Processing Payroll. Learn more about your options here.

Payroll Evolved 2016

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HR and Payroll have evolved significantly. It was this fact that led me to generate the idea for Payroll Evolved, a business briefing presented by industry thought leaders analysing the Human Resources and Payroll trends of 2015 with the aim of providing actionable insights and a real business case for change. There has never been a more exciting time to be in HR & Payrol

The 4 HR Topics and Trends You Need to Act on Now

onboarding, to payroll, benefits administration and workforce insights. payroll, so you don’t have to switch back and. in the same database as HR and payroll, you don’t have to switch. spreadsheets, but having an all-in-one platform for payroll and. start tracking payrolls, hours worked, and any employee. PAYROLL. to HR, time, benefits and payroll.

End-of-Year Payroll Checklist


End of year payroll is a critical aspect of fiscal management. Here's a closer look at what business leaders can do to prepare for year end

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