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6 Reasons Employees Lack Morale and How Fix It

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Maintaining high employee morale is extremely important for long-term success in business. When When employee morale is low, it affects productivity, performance, and employee retention. Recognising Recognising the causes of low employee morale will give you better insight into how to turn things around. Lack of trust in leadership. Solution: Trust starts with communication and action. Have

New Survey: The 6 Most Critical Workforce Management Issues of 2017

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We asked nearly 400 business leaders about the workforce issues they consider to be “most critical” over the next 18 months. Here’s what they had to say. Blog Absence Management Fatigue Management Mobile Workforce Management Organizational Culture Time and Attendance Workforce Management Workforce Scheduling

The Heart-Healthy Guide to Approaching Employee Wellness

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by Wendy McLaughlin, Health and Wellness Consultant at LifeWorks. February brings with it a number of holidays and observances, from Groundhog Day and President’s Day in the U.S. to Valentine’s Day throughout the world. But as we celebrate love, Washington’s birthday, and everyone’s favorite groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, a national health observance goes unnoticed by most. has a stroke. Smoking.

4 Kinds Of Hiring Data You Need To Be Tracking

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Hiring today looks a lot different than it did 10 or 20 years ago. What used to rely on a piece of paper and a gut feeling now relies on recommendations, evidence, and data. And it’s all thanks to recent advances made in technology.  . Of these factors, hiring data is particularly important, as it can essentially reveal how well (or not well) a job candidate will perform in a role, if hired.

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

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5 Ways To Make Performance Management Human Again


It takes a new approach to manage a new workforce — or more accurately, to engage a new workforce. Today’s workforce comprises no less than five generations and reflects a culture in which a sense of shared values and engagement are key drivers of performance. More human, more digital: it may seem like a paradox. But it’s just the opposite. Recruiters often talk about a candidate-driven market.

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Workday CFO: Why Workday is Among the First to Adopt the New Revenue Recognition Standard


Today Workday announced the adoption of the new revenue recognition standard , ASC 606, on the first day we were permitted under the new rules and a full year before our required implementation in 2018. We believe we are the first software company to adopt the standard and among only a handful of public companies to adopt a year early. If you’re like me, you’ve been following the new rules that were approved almost three years ago. As you may know, the work involved in evaluating these rules, selecting a strategy, and executing that strategy is no small undertaking.

A ‘Day Without’ Employees? Excuse the Absences, Experts Say

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If employees skip work to participate in any of the ongoing nationwide “strikes,” employers would be well-advised to withhold discipline, according to employment law attorneys. Earlier this month, activists held a “Day Without Immigrants” and encouraged immigrants to stay home from work. Click here to register! McCormick agreed. But these strikes fall into a “murky area.” with a B.A.

How leaders can align workplace culture

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By Jared Lafitte. People Data leadership company culture workplace culture leadership skills cultural change leading cultural change leading cultural change ebook

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Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

Communication: What You May Be Doing Wrong Without Even Realizing


As a professional, you certainly know the importance of effective communication. Being an effective communicator is not only about the message, it’s also about the mode of communication and the opportunities you provide for feedback. Your inability to get the point across thwarts your efforts at effective communication. Relying Too Much on One Channel (Or the Wrong Channel). Being Indirect.

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We’re Thinking About Time Spent At Work All Wrong [VIDEO]


Do you come into work early to impress your boss? Stay late because you see your coworkers doing it? Are you afraid of what your boss will think of you if you leave early? Is there any point in staying late if your work for the day is done? We’re thinking about time at work all wrong. Time spent at your desk means nothing. What time you show up or leave means absolutely nothing. Educate others.

HR Automation is on the Way

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We might never see the human touch completely leave the HR suite—it is the human resource department, after all—but new research suggests that automation is still going to significantly touch the function in the years to come. The pace of automation in HR might be a bit slower than in other departments, though. So, what is being automated within HR? background checks HR technology recruiting

Stop Trying So Hard

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I started listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast while beginning my training for Hustle Up the Hancock. The show isn’t made for me. listened to high-achieving guests describe emotional breakthroughs, and it hurts my heart. “I discovered empathy in 2016! learned that — to get through life — you need other people! stopped eating sugar, and I’m loved!” ” Yeah, okay. Reminds me that even the most skilled and capable people are lonely and depressed. Everybody needs a hug, even chess champions and computer nerds. The ritual became a slog that he began avoiding.

A Development Journey to More Effective Managers [Infographic]

Can Your Boss Do Your Job?

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Think about all the aspects your role entails, and then ask yourself if your direct supervisor can perform your job. What’s the answer? If you said “no,”  chances are, you hate your job—at least that’s what Harvard Business Review ( HBR ) is implying with newly released research. According to HBR , if your boss can do your job, you’re more likely to be happy at work. How did HBR figure this out?

Why Leaders Struggle With Accountability

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The ‘us vs. them’ mentality in most organizations is almost cliché — and it’s certainly unproductive. Culture HR Management Leadership Performance & Personality Talent Management Training, Learning & Development Featured

110,000 reasons to remember that the ADA’s duty to accommodate starts before saying, “You’re hired.”

The Employer Handbook

Here’s a snippet from a recent EEOC press release : The [ Americans with Disabilities Act ] protects employees from discrimination based on their disabilities and requires employers to make reasonable accommodations to employees’ and applicants’ disabilities as long as it does not pose an undue hardship. That’s employees and applicants. And, that’s important.

How One Growing Company Is Changing Its Culture

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Over the past two years, my company, Sterling Talent Solutions , has acquired four companies. As a result, we more than doubled in size. With this kind of growth comes change. We’ve added hundreds of new colleagues, ramped up our technology stack and have rethought our internal processes to ensure customers are getting the best service possible.

Innovation Buster: How Losing Your Best Employees is Killing Innovation

How to Get Back on Your Feet After a Star Employee Has Left


A great employee has just told you they’ve found a new job and you’re officially in shock. How are you supposed to move forward? . Much like a breakup, the adjustment period takes time. It’s hard saying goodbye to someone who is talented and full of promise, especially when you’ve depended on them in times of transition and hardship. Don’t forget word-of-mouth, either.

10 Times You Should Take a Pay Cut

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We’d all love to have constant upward climb in pay , but it doesn’t always happen. There are sometimes when you should hold out for a raise , but there are sometimes when taking a pay cut makes sense. While more money seems like the best thing, it’s not always feasible. Here are 10 times you should be willing to accept a pay cut. (Of course, if someone wants to offer you more money, take it!). 1. You’re changing careers. You find your current work too difficult or fast paced. Do you go home exhausted? Are you constantly working at the edge of your ability?

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Out of the Box Ideas for Employee Appreciation Week


By: Sarah Clayton. Communications and Campaigns Specialist, Achievers. Promoting a consistent culture of recognition is an essential component to employee engagement, but who says you can’t step up your appreciation game every once in a while? good celebration tends to incite a positive atmosphere that is almost tangible to the touch – and the positivity is infectious. Games Room. Jumbo Games.

Cost-Effective Growth: Let Big Data Do Your Heavy Lifting

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When your business grows, it can be exciting but also expensive. If you maximize big data, however, you can have the best of both worlds: cost-effective growth. Data has always been out there, but until recently it’s been too difficult to pull it all together. Thanks to advances in data aggregation technology, you can now fully leverage data to help your expansion easier and less expensive. Here are some areas where using data can help you discover cost-effective growth opportunities: Workforce Expansion. Wouldn’t it be great if you could predict just how your workforce might grow?

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The importance of your Learning Culture and Experience

Independent Work: Train The Employees To Make Brainy Employees

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It’s easy to get caught up in the sole objective of investing copious amounts of money into resources and marketing when you’re trying to improve your business and creating a stronger, safer and more successful enterprise. Presentation plays such a big part in how your business is receive, and modern technology plays such a big part in your business’ capacity in comparison with your competitors.

I won’t be considered for a promotion unless I promise not to leave if my coworker gets the job

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A reader writes: I work at a very small organization. Over my time here, I’ve steadily taken on more and more responsibility. I’ve tried to negotiate raises on several occasions, usually just after being assigned a new responsibility. In my opinion, when my job description and level of responsibility change significantly, I should have the opportunity to re-negotiate my salary. My boss had set up a fixed raise schedule (e.g. 5% per year) that’s unrelated to merit or, apparently, scope of duties. So he has denied my requests for raises. But then! My boss comes to me with a suggestion. One year?

SunPower: Energizing Employees With Self-Service Access To Information [VIDEO]


Digital technology, especially mobile devices, has made it simple to exchange information across businesses. From the first email check to the final power down, employees are consuming all kinds of data and making a series of small decisions that can collectively yield meaningful business outcomes. However, all of this comes at a cost: Employee burnout. They can vote with their feet.

how can we screen out micromanagers when hiring a new manager for our team?

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A reader writes: I am part of the interview team in finding a replacement for our ex-manager. And our department would reeeeally like this person to not be another micromanager. Any ideas for questions I could ask? Or any red flags in the interviewee’s answers/demeanour to watch out for? Often when this topic comes up, people will advise asking the candidates to describe their management style. The problem with that is that most people really suck at describing their management style with anything approaching accuracy. You’ll get much more useful information.). hiring

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]