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Phantom Policies and Rules

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Like ghost and goblins, phantom policies may be creeping about in your organization [que evil laugh] Bwahahaha! Phantom policies are undocumented and not widely known rules or expectations. I don’t mean to frighten anyone. There may be phantoms lurking about your halls. Picture this scene. You are humming along performing and doing what you think is […].

How to Create an Effective Human Resources Policy


Policies are a course or principle of action adopted by a business or individual. In human resources, we’re often accused of having too many policies. But policies are what keep everyone on the same page so, the answer isn’t for HR to have fewer policies. The real goal is to have effective policies. Insider policy human resourcesWell, maybe it is.

Tips On How To Structure Your PTO Policy

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Developing a vacation policy for a company is not as easy as some may think. What most employees and new hires don’t realize is just how much thought and time goes in to creating the ultimate vacation policy in order to provide them with a great accrual policy. Below are 4 useful questions to consider when creating your PTO Policy. Category 2. Bereavement. Vacation.

We Only Need One HR Policy


I’ve been in human resources for twenty years. I’ve written, revised, edited, printed, emailed, posted and leveraged policies to make decisions over and over again. Too many times following the policies morphed into the focus of the work…instead of the work being the focus of the work. We Need A Policy for “That” My favorite policy of all time is the “ policy on policies.”

How Time off Accruals Can Enhance Your PTO Policies

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In an effort to reduce absenteeism and loss of productivity within the workplace , US businesses are reforming their vacation and PTO policies to better support their employees needs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, American employees are working 160 hours more each year than they were 30 years ago. This equa tes to one full month of additional work. Types of Time off Accruals.

“100% Healed” Policies Violate Duty to Accommodate


Blanket 100-percent healed policies are unlawful. In fact, blanket policies that say an employee must be 100-percent healed before he/she can return to work after an injury are unlawful. Policies requiring employees to be ‘100% healed from injury’ in order to work deny employees their right to an individual assessment and violate the FEHA.”. That doesn’t make sense.

Every Business Should Like This Facebook Policy

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Facebook’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg , who lost her her husband unexpectedly in 2015, announced that Facebook would be changing their already above average bereavement leave policy of 10 days to 20 for immediate family member and 10 for extended family members. While many companies, especially small businesses, don’t have the funds to give paid time off for that long, every company should look to increase their bereavement policy. To keep reading, click here:  Every Business Should Like This Facebook Policy. Three days. For other situations?

Fired For Violating a Company Policy

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HIPAA guidelines show no issue with getting this information because it was requested. I did break a policy (that I was unaware of), and the company did not wish to discuss the matter further. I had been an employee of the company for nearly three years with no other issues. To read the answer, click here: Dilemma of the Month: Fired for Breaking Company Policy. The post Fired For Violating a Company Policy appeared first on Evil HR Lady I was recently let go from a job due to accessing information on our system that I had been taught was allowed.

Employers Can Enforce Call-Out Policies, Even for FMLA

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Employers may require workers to adhere to company call-out policies and discipline them if they violate those policies, even if the absences are protected by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). In Alexander , the court noted that if the employee hadn’t been aware of the policy, he may have been entitled to use that “unusual circumstances” exception. The U.S. Background.

How to Create an Employee Grievance Policy


Follow these steps to create an effective employee grievance policy that you and your employees will appreciate. 1. Document the grievance policy and add it to your employee handbook. Including your grievance policy in the employee handbook is important so employees know what to do when they encounter an issue. Share your new grievance policy with your employees.

FLSA Changes: Updating Your Policies and Practices


Have you reviewed your policies and practices in light of the upcoming FLSA overtime changes? Reclassified employees may have to follow procedures and policies that didn’t apply to them before—or that you didn’t have. It’s therefore advisable that your policies are clear about expectations and the organization’s commitment to recording all time worked by nonexempt employees.

Finding your ideal vacation policy


The post Finding your ideal vacation policy appeared first on Replicon. In 2014, a New York City councilman proposed a bill requiring three weeks paid leave for employees who had worked at a company for five years. That, plus the mandated five-day sick leave, would have amounted to four weeks of paid time off.

Programs and Policies that Foster a Transparent Company Culture


It will also make business decisions and policies much easier. By applying this transparency to company policies and perks, we’ve seen these benefits. With that in mind, here are four ways you can integrate transparency into your company policies, traditions, and office perks. Create an Expenses Policy. As you draft your policy, make sure to cover: Travel expenses.

Oops: This FMLA policy was missing something kind of important

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It’s time to double-check that your FMLA policy and notices aren’t missing this critical, but apparently easy to overlook, piece of info. . The Illinois Department of Corrections (IDC) didn’t, and the legal pickle it’s in can teach a lot of employers what happens when this piece of vital info is missing from your written FMLA policy and/or other documentation.

E-cigarettes and HR policies


Human resources professionals have to take the safety and well-being of all employees into account when composing business policies and procedures. However, with the emergence of new technologies, HR departments are finding their policies may need revamping. What are e-cigarettes? cigarettes gained popularity in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The U.S.

Christmas Party Policy


So I thought I would … Continue reading → Just for Fun Christmas Party HR Guidance Christmas Party PolicyIt is nearly that time of year again. When we in HR have to start worrying about whether our employees will be able to behave themselves, once the Christmas spirit takes hold (or is consumed).

4 Ways to Create an Inclement Weather Policy


Companies may wish to have an inclement weather policy. Here are four guidelines to help you develop a policy that's right for your company

Does Your Company Need an Employee Dating Policy?


While you want to encourage a friendly, comfortable atmosphere, an employee dating policy can help your company avoid these uncomfortable situations by making it clear what is and is not allowed. The basics of an employee dating policy. Can a policy protect your company from charges of sexual harassment or favoritism, conflict or morale problems? Period. that must be addressed.

Does your FMLA policy jibe with DOL’s latest move?

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The DOL’s latest FMLA move has made reviewing your leave policy a must — or you could face penalties. . It is to make sure your leave policy includes all of the same info that’s on the General Notice. In other words, it’s time to audit your FMLA leave policy to make sure it contains all of the same info as the new General FMLA Notice. The guide’s called “ The Employer’s Guide to The Family and Medical Leave Act ,” and the poster and policy mandates are spelled out on Page 12 and 13. The policy requirements.

Establishing a solid paid parental leave policy: 4 keys

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If you fall into the latter category, you’ll need to draft a solid policy for the paid parental leave benefits. To help, FMLA Insights founder Jeff Nowak offers some best practices on what the policy should take into consideration before adding the benefit: Decide when it kicks in. Is paid parental leave right for your company?  . Watch for discrimination traps. That makes sense.

10 Things Employers Must Know About Their Policies and Agreements

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Employer policies and agreements have recently come under fire. From governmental agency guidance and enforcement lawsuits, to state and local laws mandating employer action, employers now more than ever need to be smart in drafting and implementing policies and agreements. What does this mean for an employers’ policies? By Brooke T. Iley and Stephanie Gantman Kaplan.

Email Policies to Help When Email Goes Terribly Wrong

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HR Basics HR Management email employee handbook HR communications HR management HR policies talent management It starts out innocently enough. One of your employees receives an email from a co-worker with a hilarious description of a difficult client. Amused, they forward the email along to the other members of their team. Quiet laughter fills your office as the email spreads like wildfire.

Don’t Blame HR for Making all the Bad Policies

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Policy manuals have been a topic of contention for years. The truth is that as human resources, we love NOT to be the HR police.  We’d love nothing more than not needing a policy manual. So, the next time you’re unhappy with a policy, try to think past the standard idea that HR created it. Collaboration in policy making can actually lead to happier employees.

HR: Why Social Media Policy Matters More Than Ever


And, the easiest and most effective way you can do that is by having an up-to-date (and regularly updated), company-wide social media policy in place. Social media policy particulars. The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been  weighing in on social media policies  for a few years now, with mixed “reviews,” for lack of a better term. I am not a labor lawyer, so I advise everyone to do some Google searches, and read about the NLRB’s stance when it comes to individual corporate social media policies. Social media policies: some quick considerations.

The Modern-Day Open-Door Policy: Embracing Virtual Collaboration


In the past few decades alone, we’ve experienced closed-door office buildings, open-door policies, open-office concepts, and remote work arrangements. The impetus behind instituting an open-office approach or open-door policy is to facilitate conversation, share ideas, and increase collaboration. With the invention of virtual collaboration tools, the open-office concept and open-door policy have entered into the digital age. The workplace and workforce are perpetually in flux. The benefits of openness. But for many companies, these are alien concepts.

Do You Really Need to Write an HR Policy For THAT?

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HR Insights HR Management Best practices Change management HR basics HR communications HR management HR policies Management talent management work rules My husband calls them “ blond moments ” when he shows me a cartoon and I don’t get it. I’m also a bit gullible when I read spoofs and satires. No, thank you – I don’t need oceanfront property in Arizona. Oh my, I hope not. more…).

The Keys to Balancing Your First Relocation Policy

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Creating your first relocation policy can feel like being dropped in the middle of a desert with a bag of random tools and no map. You may have a bucket of anecdotes about relocations and some vague idea of what should go into a policy, but making use of those tools and navigating your way out of the sand is whole other thing. Technology Relocation Policy HR

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Understanding the Benefits of an Unlimited Vacation Policy

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Do you have any friends with an unlimited vacation policy? There’s a lot more to an unlimited vacation policy than meets the eye, however, and there are advantages and disadvantages on both side of the CEO’s desk. But is an unlimited vacation policy right for your company? The Major Benefits of an Unlimited Vacation Policy. It’s also about work-life balance. Move on.

Company Telecommuting Policy Changes – Ask #HR Bartender

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Policy changes can be emotional events as evidenced by today’s reader note. I was a telecommuter for 10 years. The new company did not have a telecommuting policy but agreed to keep telecommuters providing they live far enough away. Can employers make unwritten policies like, if you live near the office, you can no longer telecommute? Is a policy required? Absolutely.

[Webinar] 5 Changes You Can Make To Your Internship Relocation Policies

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Internship season.ah, one of the great perils of HR and Recruiting Departments both domestically and internationally. Truthfully, our internship process is probably something that keeps many of us up at night. While they're very beneficial to companies and are extremely important to growing students looking to gain experience in their field, internship programs take a lot of work.

Staying competitive: One tweak you should make to your PTO policy

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In this week's e-newsletter Pay and Benefits Retention & Turnover PTO policies waiting periodsIf you’re still making employees wait one-to-three months after being hired to use their paid time off (PTO), you may wind up losing top talent to the competition.  . Plus, another 9% allow employees to start using this time at the beginning of the next pay period.

Best Practices: Building a Vacation Policy


These days, there is no such thing as a standard vacation policy. The concept of a vacation policy has evolved from a set number of days a year to unlimited days year-round. Here are some suggestions on how to develop your own vacation policy: Make it rewarding  . Designing your policy to reward your employees and increase retention could pay off in the long-run.

HR: Why Social Media Policy Matters More Than Ever


And, the easiest and most effective way you can do that is by having an up- to-date (and regularly updated) company-wide social media policy in place. Social Media Policy Particulars. Here are a few areas you must be considerate of when you are checking over and updating your social media policy, so as not to run afoul of the FTC. Social media has been around for a while now.

It’s High Time You Reviewed Your Company’s Drug Policy

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Drug Testing Employee Handbook & Policies Legal - Compliance & Policies Featured legal issuesOver the past 10 years, there have been changes to laws governing medicinal and recreational   marijuana use across the United States. Twenty-five states and Washington D.C. have legalized marijuana in some form. Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Washington D.C.