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EEOC issues new discrimination guidance: 11 things you must know

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The new guidance covers national origin discrimination, and it has replaced the EEOC’s 2002 compliance manual section on that topic. Of course, employers already know they can’t discriminate against individuals on the basis of their national origin. Translation : The feds are going to be vigilantly looking for employers who discriminate against people in those classes.

It just got a little easier to charge you with discrimination

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Now, even if you’re trying to help individuals work for your company, you could be charged with discrimination. . Treating workers differently in either process could now lead to charges of national origin discrimination or citizenship status discrimination. Discrimination & Harassment Special Report discrimination DOJ e-verify I-9 national origin discrimination

Court: Sexual Stereotyping Is Really Sexual Discrimination

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Last September, for the first time ever, the EEOC sued two private employers for discriminating against employees who had transitioned from one gender to another. HR News & Trends Legal Issues EEOC HR management HR News HR trends Legal sexual discrimination transgender discrimination workplace discrimination By Eric B. Meyer. more…).

Forced retirement is an age discrimination no-no

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The EEOC has sued a Colorado hospital for age discrimination. In truth, with the exception of a few limited circumstances, mandatory retirement ages are about as close to a slam dunk case of illegal age discrimination you can find. Related Stories #ElderlyChristmasSongs and age discrimination Is hiring for “digital natives” age discrimination?

What is intersectional discrimination and why should you care?

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The EEOC has issued new guidance on national origin discrimination. This is an EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) term that has received new emphasis in the PROPOSED Enforcement Guidance on National Origin Discrimination document released in early June. Intersectional discrimination. would be evidence of intersectional discrimination. Why should you care?

EEOC: Workplace Anti-Discrimination Watchdog


The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is a federal agency responsible for enforcing the federal anti-discrimination laws. Learn about what they do and what some of your employer responsibilities are

OFCCP Quietly Resolves Hiring Discrimination Claims Against Total Minorities


In February 2017, Office of Federal Contract Compliance (OFCCP) entered into a conciliation agreement with Oil States Skagit SMATCO, LLC to settle allegations of discrimination against minority applicants for mechanic positions at the offshore equipment and service provider’s Houma, LA location. Affirmative Action Workplace Discrimination

Obesity and Its Relationship to Disability Discrimination

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Obesity and Its Relationship to Disability Discrimination. This situation can be further complicated when an employee has been subjected to weight-based discrimination. It means that if someone is discriminated against because of a perceived disability—even if one does not exist—he or she is still protected by the ADA as long as this perceived disability is not transitory and minor.

Our employment discriminations laws are not a pretense

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Wal-Mart Stores [pdf] , a fairly run of the mill age discrimination lawsuit. The court decided that Richardson had failed to establish that Wal-Mart’s reason for firing her—a two-year history of disciplinary warnings—was pretext for age discrimination. When discrimination occurs, it must be stopped. discriminationLast week, the 6th Circuit decided Richardson v.

Blind Hiring Can Reduce Discrimination In Hiring


The results were way better than the industry average, Best HR Practices Gender Diversity Workplace How To Increase Hiring Diversity How To Reduce Gender discrimination in Hiring How To Reduce Hiring BiasA company providing Blind Hiring in the United States conducted 1,200 auditions across 13 companies to study if real change is happening or not.

Age discrimination verdict: Jury awards former employee a whopping $51 million

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Yet another example of how painful getting caught for discrimination law violations can be for employers: A New Jersey jury has just awarded a Lockheed Martin engineer an astonishing $51 million for discriminating against him because of his age. . It’s thought to be the largest award ever in an age discrimination case.

Paternalism vs. pregnancy discrimination

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According to this EEOC press release , the agency has sued a North Carolina retail-furniture franchise for pregnancy discrimination. That concern, however, does not excuse pregnancy discrimination. Companies must not impose paternalistic notions on pregnant women as doing so can result in unlawful discrimination.”. EEOC pregnancy discriminationCase in point?

Discrimination Guidance

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The EEOC reminds us that there are protections against religious and ethnic discrimination that employers must abide by. The EEOC specifically says: “Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits workplace discrimination based on religion, ethnicity, country of origin, race, or color. Employers are prohibited from discriminating in all aspects of employment, including hiring, job assignments, pay, and termination. In fact, just as a reminder on discrimination issues it would be well worth the time to read this stuff. Title VII. The guidance.

“Perceived” national origin discrimination may not be illegal, but…

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Lost in the maelstrom of the last week’s FLSA overtime rule injunction was the news that the EEOC issued updated enforcement guidance on national origin discrimination. Let me point out, however, one area of contention—the issue of “perceived” national origin discrimination. EEOC national origin discriminationThe federal courts, however, have a different view. Autoneum N.

Onionhead in the workplace: Crying a warning on workplace discrimination

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The EEOC doesn’t like religious discrimination even if it is a “fringe” religion or can be declared one. The second is that Onionhead is a character that the EEOC claimed is a religious figurehead used by one company to discriminate against its employees. EEOC Religious religious discrimination discrimination caseThere are two answers to that question.

Is Vegan Discrimination a Real Thing?

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In the case of one Portland, Oregon, doughnut shop, the answer to this question is, “Yes, vegan discrimination is a real thing.” However, the owner of the company has done his HR homework and covered his bases to avoid a charge of unlawful discrimination based on disability or religion. The post Is Vegan Discrimination a Real Thing? appeared first on HR Daily Advisor.

Are ban-the-box laws actually causing more racial discrimination?

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I read with great interest an article on, entitled, “Ban the box” might just replace one kind of discrimination with another. As a result, racial discrimination against black and Latino job applicants (especially men) replaces discrimination based on criminal record. discrimination EEOC race discriminationThe conclusion drawn by economist Jennifer L.

Has the EEOC found religion on LGBT workplace discrimination?

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“EEOC Sues Detroit Funeral Home Chain for Sex Discrimination Against Transgender Employee” That was the headline from this September 2014 U.S. Stephens’ behalf under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 , alleging that Harris Funeral Homes discriminated against Ms. Holder , that amounts to discrimination based on sex. ” Wow! WOW!!! & G.R.

Possible Gender Discrimination

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How am I not supposed to see this as gender discrimination? To read the answer, click here: Possible Gender Discrimination. The post Possible Gender Discrimination appeared first on Evil HR Lady I have been in my current job for about one year. I have been working in my industry for eight years and have an MBA. When I applied, the minimum experience was two years. A new man has started in the development program, which is a higher level. I do more work and train him, yet he makes more money and has a higher title.

When an Employee Tosses Banana Peels and Claims Discrimination

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HR News & Trends Legal Issues HR management HR News HR trends Legal racial discrimination workplace discrimination By Eric B. Meyer. Where do I find these cases I write about, you ask? I ain’t telling. But seriously, this case ( Ennis v. Transit. Corp. ) isn’t so much about the particular facts … White employee tosses banana peels at work. Black employees complain of racism.

Federal Court Allows Discrimination Against Transgendered Employee

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Under federal law ( Title VII) , employers cannot discriminate because of one’s sex. Indeed, they’ve begun filing federal lawsuits on behalf of transgender employees who claim to have been discriminated against. HR News & Trends Legal Issues gender discrimination HR management HR News HR trends LBGT Legal Title VII transgender discrimination workplace discrimination By Eric B. Meyer. While Title VII does not explicitly coverage transgender employees (i.e., But, the courts have not uniformly accepted the EEOC’s position. more…).

Is Transexual Discrimination Legal? One Company Says That It Is

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Jamal claims that Saks violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by discriminating against her because she is transsexual. Saks claims that the complaint lacks merit because Title VII doesn’t prohibit discrimination against transgender employees. HR News & Trends Legal Issues HR management HR News HR trends LBGT Legal sexual discrimination workplace discrimination

EEOC broadens its reach with 2 new discrimination lawsuits

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The EEOC has officially unveiled yet another way employees can sue you for discrimination. . The agency announced that it has filed its first two sex discrimination cases based on sexual orientation. Sexual orientation discrimination punishes workers because of their close personal association with members of a particular sex, such as marital and other personal relationships.

EEOC Ruling on Sexual Orientation Discrimination

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Supreme Court decision making same-sex marriage bans illegal across the country, many people have raised the question of discrimination. It may be legal for same-sex couples to marry, but it’s still also seemingly legal in many areas for businesses to discriminate based on sexual orientation. How Does Title VII Protect from Discrimination Based on Sexual Orientation?

New sex discrimination ruling: 4 things employers need to know

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In essence, what the court said was that employers aren’t prohibited from discriminating against employees because of sexual orientation. Some feel sexual orientation discrimination is essentially the same as sex discrimination because it’s based on “sex stereotypes” — i.e., pre-conceived ideas of how a man or a woman should act or think. A U.S.

A valuable lesson on what’ll get you sued for sex discrimination

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So why in the world was her sex discrimination lawsuit allowed to stand? . Still, after her termination, she filed a sex discrimination lawsuit. Discrimination & Harassment Special Report lawsuit sex bias sex discriminationThis employee committed workplace misconduct and was fired. She even admitted to the misconduct. Because, according to the U.S. Cite: Chavez v.

Sex discrimination lawsuits cost four employers a bundle

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has made it clear that its chief enforcement target is “systematic” discrimination on the part of employers. And the agency’s making good on that threat: Here are recent settlements of sex discrimination lawsuits that will cost four companies a total of $4.2 million. . Tire retailer: $2.1 million. Mavis Tire Supply Corp.

EEOC Issues Enforcement Guidance On National Origin Discrimination

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC’s) recently released enforcement guidance on national origin discrimination covers issues related to employment decisions, harassment, and language issues. It also provides a list of “promising practices” employers can use to minimize the risk of national origin discrimination claims. Employment Decisions. Harassment. Joan S.

Feds issue sex discrimination final rule: 7 things all employers need to know

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The DOL’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) just updated a final rule updating the sex discrimination regulations federal contractors are required to abide by. Discrimination & Harassment Special Report dol final rule regulations rule sex bias sex discriminationBut there’s a reason private sector employers should pay attention as well. .

EEOC Steps Up Data Collection on Discrimination

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In case you missed this bit of news on your rush out the door to start your weekend last Friday: In an effort to improve the information available about religious discrimination, the U.S. These changes, the agency says, will allow it to collect more precise data about the religion of the individual alleging discrimination – allowing the EEOC, as well as the public, to recognize and respond to trends in charge data. The fact sheet is available at EEOC’s Youth@Work website , which presents information for teens and other young workers about employment discrimination.

Price tag for sex and age discrimination: $250k

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RCH Colorado, owner and operator of the Reserve Casino Hotel, a prominent hotel and casino in Central City, CO, will pay $250,000 to settle an age and sex discrimination lawsuit brought by the U.S. revise and distribute its anti-discrimination policies, and. report to EEOC if there are any complaints of age or gender discrimination. EEOC filed its lawsuit in U.S.

Sex Discrimination Guidelines: ‘Outdated and Inaccurate’

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Existing sex discrimination guidelines (found at 41 C.F.R. Department of Labor’s (DOL) OFCCP issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that would rescind the existing Sex Discrimination Guidelines and propose provisions that address current workplace practices and issues and align contractors’ obligation with current law and legal interpretations. HR 2015? 11246.

Associational disability discrimination claims are rare, yet dangerous

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The EEOC reports that New Mexico Orthopaedics Associates will pay $165,000 to settle a lawsuit for associational disability discrimination. The ADA prohibits three different types of associational discrimination. Expense — discrimination based on the cost of insuring the associated disabled person under the employer’s health plan. Some employees aren’t so lucky. EEOC v.

11th circuit decision on dreadlocks and race asks big questions on the meaning of discrimination

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Catastrophe Management Solutions [pdf] , the EEOC asked the 11th Circuit to determine whether banning an African-American employee from wearing dreadlocks constitutes race discrimination. race discriminationIn EEOC v. In a lengthy decision that discusses the very concept of race, the court answered the question “no”. When she refused, it rescinded the offer.