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4 Things That Are Hurting Your Employer Brand (+ Solutions)

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You have what you believe to be a top-notch employer brand and an awesome open position that job seekers will surely flock to. Unfortunately, your employer branding efforts and creative job posts aren’t having the effect you thought (and hoped) they would. Is your employer brand in jeopardy? Have an employer brand solution to add to this story?

Managing to Your Employer Brand Promise

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The idea that having a strong employer brand is something no one ignores anymore. 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before applying and 56% of recruiters say it is a top priority. Employer BrandingAn A-Player. Or do we?

Employer Branding in 2015: 7 Things To Know Now

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Employer branding, once a silly startup notion, now a real driver of talent acquisition growth. Have you started to work on your company’s employer brand? Do your organizational stakeholders even see a need for a great employer brand? So what does the future hold for employer branding and the companies that implement EB plans?

Employment Branding Is Dead

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Employment branding as we know it is gone. So is consumer branding. They are being merged together to create one company brand. brand that will be used to attract and retain customers, candidates, and employees. Some might argue that their organization already has one brand. One brand. Sorry – I couldn’t resist the dramatic title for today’s post.

[Infographic] Employer Branding – Should You Treat Employees Like Customers?

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One way to achieve this is through better employer branding – essentially treating your employees and potential employees more like customers. Can employer branding really help? Companies with good employer brand reputations get twice as many applications as those with poor reputations. Here’s a few numbers that should help convince you.

The Link Between Employer Branding and Employee Engagement

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Employers have lots of concepts to juggle. Time-to-fill, return on investment, employer branding, turnover, engagement. Employee Engagement Employer Branding Sometimes these concepts bleed together, and sifting through them for the right plan of action can be difficult.

Are You Delivering on Your Employment Brand?

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What is an employment brand? In short, it’s how employees and potential employees view you as an employer. Your employment brand is no different. How do you differentiate as an employer and are you actually delivering on that? An employment brand is not all that different from your company brand. Make it Intentional. Focus Groups.

Employer Branding Strategy: How to Avoid a “Faux Pas”?


Did you know that 50% of recruiters still don’t understand their own employer brands? This alarming figure translates easily the challenge organisations face to create a comprehensive employer branding strategy that will help them attract sought-after talent and resonate with current employees. Many business leaders believe naively that their organisation is an ideal place to work, and drive their employer branding strategy based on this assumption. However, employer branding should mean much more than just  good PR or a good slogan.

What the Best Employer Brands Get Right


Your organization has an employer brand, whether or not it is being maintained. Unless you’re turning away talented, qualified people for every job opening, your organization could probably benefit from a strong employer brand. Employer brand is the human side of your brand identity. They Link Their Employer Brand To Their Consumer Brand.

Data Proves that Culture, Values, and Career are Biggest Drivers of Employment Brand

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Employee Engagement Sourcing and Recruiting career culture development employment brand glassdoor recruitingWe just completed a detailed analysis of Glassdoor data among more than 6,000 companies and 2.2 million employees and I wanted to share a few important findings. If you consider “Would you.

5 Shockingly Simple Ways To Build Your Employer Brand


Your employer brand is the image that comes to mind when someone hears your company’s name. Building a strong employer brand is an incredibly tough thing to do that requires help from everyone in the company. In this post, I’m going to share five simple ways that you can build up your employer brand and give some examples for you to emulate. But first….

Employer Brand vs. Consumer Brand: What’s the Difference?


Branding has been a buzzword for a while now—a hot one—but employer branding as a concept? Others might simply confuse it with consumer branding, which is understandable since there is some overlap. If employer branding is part of your 2017 planning, here are reasons it’s important and also different from consumer branding. Engagement goals.

How the Largest Company in the World does Employment Branding!

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Because of the challenges they face with their brand! That’s why this recent Employment Branding video done by their CEO is freaking BRILLIANT! Basically, Walmart just gave you a perfect guide on how to brand yourself to your possible talent pool! Branding Business Candidate Experience Communication Employee Engagement Employment Brand influence Leadership Recruitment Marketing SHRM Talent Acquisition The HR Rules Trench HREveryone loves to dump on Walmart. mean really! Sound good?” ” How do you think your CEO would react?

6 Employer Branding Techniques You Need to Know About

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After all, you can’t tell a can of caviar from a can of cat food without some branding. This is what it’s like for job seekers researching your company, when you don’t have a clear employer brand. The way you market yourself as an employer to potential employees affects whether they want to work for you or not. The shelves are lined with blank boxes, cans, and cartons.

6 Tips for Creating Great Employer Branding Content


How many of you feel or have felt there’s a problem with your employer branding content—albeit quality, quantity, frequency, or ROI? In fact, according to a Harris Interactive Survey for Glassdoor , “67% of employers believe retention rates would be higher if candidates had a clearer picture of what to expect about working at a company before taking the job.” Respect.

11 Videos Show How Diverse Employment Branding & Recruiting Really Is


As consumer use of video continues to grow, recruitment and employment branding teams are adding video to their existing job announcements, career sites and creating interactive employer YouTube channels. Employer Brand Video Challenges. The Perfect Social Media Viral Employment Video. In fact 1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video. What Up?

All You Need To Know About A Terrible Employer Brand Through Memes

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In a lot of ways, a company’s employer brand is like a meme. There are countless things that contribute to your employer brand. strong employer brand speaks to talent and helps them relate to the organization. And even better, a fantastic employer brand does all the hard recruiting work for you by bringing the talent to you. Lifeat ).

How Ericsson Revived Its Employer Brand

The Business of Talent Management

Needing to reignite its image to attract top talent, Swedish telecom firm Ericsson transformed its global employer brand

Keeping It Real: 3 Fundamentals Of An Authentic Employer Brand


For many brands, that means a genuine relationship between employer and employee, and that has everything to do with a  strong, firmly rooted employer brand. One common misconception:  that a good employer brand starts  with pricey image consultants. Yes: marketing that awesome employer brand is a great idea. Prioritize Security.

Hiring Process Hurting Your Employer Brand?

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Your marketing team has worked hard to ensure that marketing campaigns communicate exactly what your company promises to be–your company brand. Now your company needs to be on top of their game as they seek to attract and hire the right people–your employer brand. Delivering On Your Employer Brand Promise. Breaking Your Brand Promise.

What to Do When Your Employer Brand Goes Bump in the Night

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From ghouls and ghosts and long-leggedy crawlers , one of the scariest things that could go bump in the night is definitely your employer brand. Having a creepy or even invisible employer brand can affect everything from the candidates who apply to the engagement of your current employees. How can you shift your employer brand from trick to treat?

7 Ideas to Build An Engaging Employer Brand

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While some of them might offer great job openings, in an open-environment that promotes engaging work and encourages learning and development, if they haven’t built a strong employer brand, they might be left sending countless emails to potential hires. Building an attractive employer brand is not only about attracting a few people for your current job openings.

How To Build a Strong Employer Brand


You’re probably familiar with the basic concepts around branding — whether it’s personal branding or organization-wide branding. But what about employer branding? In fact, a 2015 survey found 75 percent of job seekers consider a prospective employer’s brand when deciding where to apply, yet only 57 percent of employers say they’ve worked on their employer branding. Done well, employer branding can be a powerful tool , but done poorly, it can harm the employer as a whole. Employer brand isn’t universal.

how to build a better employer brand

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Discovering brand inconsistencies between what’s promised externally and the internal reality employees experience–and share on Glassdoor and social media–could be enough of a deal-breaker to turn off those coveted candidates. Many companies fall short on doing a good job of communicating with current employees, much less extending the brand story to those they hope to recruit.

Changes Big and Small Help Strengthen Your Employer Brand

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There are many approaches to leveraging your employer brand, whether you are building it from scratch or are already well-established and just looking to enhance your reach. If you have a strong brand infrastructure and are now focused on boosting talent attraction, you need to get great at building relationships with candidates. World Employer Branding Day 2017.

The Role of Communication in Employee Experience and Employer Branding


As an enterprise working on your employer brand, you know how important employees are to attracting top talent. Improve Employee Experience and Drive Employer Brand  . And the best employer brands exist because employees genuinely love them and want to talk about them. How Do You Improve The Employer Experience? Oh, and guess what? So what to do now?

Who Really Cares About Employer Branding?

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The report: State of Employer Branding is part one a four-part 2020 Outlook series, based on responses from 2338 interviews conducted in the winter of 2014 in 18 different countries. Talent acquisition and retention is a complex equation involving (among other things) talent management and development, employer branding, and analytics to measure effectiveness.

10 Employee Survey Questions to Use in Your Employment Branding Campaign


At its simplest level, employer branding is defined according to Universum as the process of promoting a company or an organization as the employer of choice to a desired target group, one which a company needs and wants to recruit and retain. One important distinction not mentioned in this official definition, is that employer branding is developed from your employees.

Hiring Wisdom: Do You Know What Your Employment Brand Is?

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Every company, no matter how large or small, has an employment brand. In most cases, that brand is created by the general public’s perception of the industry and the same broad-brush brand is given to everyone in it unless a concerted effort is made to manage that brand. more…).

Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Your Employer Brand


and I would argue the world—who can afford to ignore their employer brand. Then there’s the fact that employer brand inevitably falls on the shoulders of HR. A new Simply Hired U.S. Employment Outlook report shows that “Employer brand” is on the rise as a responsibility. Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Your Employer Brand Click To Tweet.

Improving Employer Brand Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

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Employer branding is accomplished through strengthening the relationship between employees and stakeholders. Branding has a big impact on potential and current employees from the recruitment process all the way to hiring on-board. Benefits of a Strong Employer Brand. Developing Your Employer Brand. Assessing Your Employer Brand.

Connecting Your Employer Brand And Candidate Experience


It’s in your power to take control of your recruiting process and employer brand. Can employee disengagement and bad branding be prevented? Let’s take a closer look at  employer brand. How your employees represent the company’s mission and brand is as important as anything leaders or HR say in the hiring process. If so, you’re doing damage to your brand.

Your Employer Brand Owns The Candidate Experience


It’s in your power to take control of your recruiting process and employer brand. Can employee disengagement and bad branding be prevented?  Let’s take a closer look at  employer brand. How your employees represent the company’s mission and brand is as important as anything Leaders or HR says in the hiring process. If so, you’re doing damage to your brand.

4 Tools to Monitor & Measure Your Employment Branding Efforts


Employment branding is one of the most powerful tools recruiters have available to them today. Today, recruiting teams are building an overarching strategy for their recruiting and hiring efforts that combines marketing, branding and recruiting. However, there’s a common misconception that many are playing out through their strategy, and that it the belief that employment branding only exists in social networks. Employment branding should be centered around campaigns, not just social networks. HR employer branding metricsRivalIQ.