September, 2016

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5 Actions To Cure A Sick Culture

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Performance wanes. Engagement falls and morale sinks. These are tell-tale signs that your culture is sick and needs attention. So how do you go about fixing it? First, three housekeeping questions: 1. What is “culture”?  Culture describes an organization’s working environment. How people behave. What they talk about. How they interact with and treat one another. What is the purpose of culture ?

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Employee Performance Depends On These 3 Critical Factors


For decades, business leaders believed that simply focusing on performance management was the key to building a successful company. In the late 1980s, however, company culture emerged as another core element and predictor of organizational performance and success, and has since risen to one of the most talked about keys to building a successful organization in today’s zeitgeist. Why is that?

Not All Micro-Learning is Created Equal

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Einstein once said that any idea “should be as simple as possible—and no more.” He realized that simplicity was a good thing, but like any good thing, there can sometimes be too much of it. The same advice applies to the trend of micro-learning. The slogan behind micro-learning endeavors are “shorter is better.” This is true, to a certain extent. The average Ted Talk is 18 minutes long.

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Make HR Analytics a Priority, But See the Bigger Picture


Making HR analytics a leadership priority is not just about encouraging HR to present the latest analytics innovations, but rather a true partnership to drive pivotal decisions. However, today’s HR analytics are mainly used for cost avoidance, not to drive broader strategic success. Sharing information across silos” was the #1 challenge to big data effectiveness.  .

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

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From Work–Life Balance To Work–Life Blending

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Do you agree that the concept of work–life balance is now obsolete? The idea behind work–life balance is great, and for a long time, this concept has been the core of employee engagement strategies. It assumes a separation between work and life and proposes that people should have them in equal proportions. But with the current landscape, it seems that this doesn’t work anymore.

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What Can Leaders do About Employee Engagement?

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It’s Monday morning and John and Sally are getting ready for work. John is excited and can’t wait to get to work. After all, just last week his boss accepted his request to be involved in an upcoming project where he would get wider exposure and try his hand at project management (which he thinks he is good at). Sally, on the other hand, is not so enthusiastic about going to work.

Confessions Of A CEO: 5 Lessons To Improve Organizational Health At Your Company


Have you ever watched helplessly as your company was undergoing immense strain or was even burning to the ground? What did you do about it? Kyle Porter is founder and CEO of SalesLoft , a rapidly growing company that provides a powerful platform for sales development teams to increase qualified demos and appointments. But back in 2012, SalesLoft just wasn’t working. years. – Winning is fun!

How To Reduce Employee Turnover with Workforce Analytics


With voluntary resignations at an all-time high and unemployment rates historically low, employee retention is a key objective for most HR organizations, and employee turnover is the single most prevalent HR metric. However, knowing your turnover rate does little to support strategic business plans. Why should HR make employee retention a priority? The Era of Workforce Analytics. Senior managers?

Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

The Only 3 Employee Perks That Actually Matter

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In today’s competitive job market, many companies are looking beyond salary and benefits to stand out to top candidates. Top-tier companies like Google and Apple have revolutionized the perks that employees enjoy in order to attract and retain their elite workforce — offering employees everything from unlimited time off to free automotive maintenance. One company even offers free scuba lessons !

7 Ways to Improve Employee Development Programs

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Businesses spend approximately $164.2 billion dollars on learning and development programs , and for good reason. Employee development programs have a bigger effect on business than you might think; learning programs affect employee retention (it's 25% higher for employees who have engaged in company sponsored mentoring ), active engagement, and productivity rates. Performance Management

[Infographic] Office Coffee Trends You Need To Know

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Most coffee-holics would agree that every day should be National Coffee Day — however, the rest of the nation will be celebrating on Thursday, September 29th. Some businesses rely heavily on both the caffeinated and social perks of coffee. Lack of coffee or a sudden switch in the type of coffee can lead to unfortunate incidents, like setting your workplace on fire. via WholeLattelove.

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How to Motivate Management to Support Company Culture Improvement

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Hopefully you’ve had the pleasure of working for an employer with a deeply rewarding work culture. One of the reasons you enjoyed the experience probably had something to do with the actual work you accomplished there, but that likely wasn’t the only factor. However, the impact of corporate culture is anything but fluff. Direct Motives. Play – the extent to which you love the work itself.

A Development Journey to More Effective Managers [Infographic]

How to Motivate Your Loyal Employees

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According to a 2015 employee recognition survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Globoforce, organizations with programs that recognize and reward employees for their time and contribution experience better business results. One of the ways that organizations are trying to overcome these challenges is through Years of Service programs. increase employees’ satisfaction.

This Is How Facebook Does Performance Reviews


As companies including General Electric and IBM have announced changes to their annual performance reviews meant to foster innovation, it’s interesting to see what younger technology companies are doing to engage their employees and promote learning and development. As the modern workforce is increasingly being driven by knowledge workers, the annual performance review is lacking.

Going Beyond Employee Engagement to Business Results


Author: Ben Eubanks, Principal Analyst, Lighthouse Research & Advisory. It seems that we can’t turn around today without having a conversation that touches on employee engagement. Yet despite all the attention, it hasn’t really moved the needle. In the graphic above, pulled from Google Trends, you can see the interest in employee engagement for over ten years. The interest level peaked in 2016, and if the trend continues, it will expand beyond its current levels by the end of the year. But to what end? Engagement is Not a Program. Let’s create a program to push engagement up!”. Innovation.

How to Squeeze Professional Development into Your 2017 HR Budget

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It’s tough to promote professional development when your company doesn’t have the funding to back growth, even if employees have the drive to improve. Obviously, you want your employees to grow professionally, but there are other areas of the company that need money as well and it’s not like you can take from the electric bill funds. Talent Management

Innovation Buster: How Losing Your Best Employees is Killing Innovation

The New Role of the CHRO

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As a former CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), I’m familiar with the role. Leader of the HR team, confidant of the CEO, the person in charge of the individuals who drive the larger corporate machine. We mitigate legal risk, optimize performance, handle personal and career growth, and essentially make sure the company can do what it wants to do. This is the old HR. We push paper. We coach.

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It’s Time For HR to Be Bold with Analytics


While 77% of all organizations believe people analytics is important, only 32% feel ready or somewhat ready for analytics, according to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report. Experian — a global leader in consumer and business credit reporting and marketing services, and a Visier customer — is one organization that has successfully embraced workforce analytics.

Boosting Your HR with a Gamification Program


Gamification or in other words, the application of game mechanisms to other non-game areas, has spread to many domains in the past few years: social media, loyalty programs, and of course… HR! But since the word has become a staple of the business world, have you actually leveraged gamification in your organisation? We offer you a quick and practical guide to help you develop a compelling gamification program that will get your troops motivated! So why should HR learn from Game Designers? Employees will be more involved in their personal development if they have fun. What do they like?

Top 9 TED Talks on Human Resources


“Workplace culture” is a buzzword frequently thrown around as an indicator of company success, yet remains an elusive concept. What distinguishes a great workplace from mediocrity? How do we retain and cultivate talent? Some of the keys to culture include fostering motivation, offering non-financial rewards and building feedback and recognition as a workplace norm. Click To Tweet. Why do we work?

The importance of your Learning Culture and Experience

Could Employee Stress Be Holding Your Company Back?


If there’s anything we can be sure about regarding our ever-evolving business world, it’s that stress isn’t going anywhere any time soon. And that makes it difficult to address the reality that chronic stress in the workplace costs businesses billions every year in lost productivity and attendance , not to mention the catastrophic cost to employee health. So, what’s an employer to do? The result?

5 Unique Benefits of Competency Based Recruitment and Selection

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The hiring decision assesses three components: knowledge, skills and competencies. Candidates must possess professional knowledge and institutional knowledge to perform on the job, and they must have the functional and technical skills required of the role. Recruiting & Sourcing

5 Happiness Workshop Activities That Boost Team Success

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We all know that it’s hard to be creative and successful at work when we are feeling negative and stressed. Now take a moment to imagine: what would work be like if, instead of feeling negative and stressed, you felt more positive, creative, productive, resilient and engaged? The research is abundantly clear: happier brains do better work. Happiness Workshop Activity #3 – Present Pecha Kuchas.

3 Words to Add to Employee Titles to Drive Engagement

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If you work in corporate America you worry about employee engagement. If you work in corporate “World” you worry about employee engagement. And if you pay attention to employee engagement data you know it really hasn’t changed much in 10 years or so. Hovering around 30%, employee engagement is the Groundhog’s Day of HR issues. But what the heck. And this is one of them.

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]