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Case Study Underscores Why HR Change Management Skills Are Critical

HR Daily Advisor

It is easy to lose your focus with all of the demands on Human Resources today. While your day-to-day duties make demands on your time, don’t neglect your most important HR responsibility: helping your organization plan and manage changes essential to the organization’s growth and future.

6 Things We Need to Do to Advance People Analytics


I invite you to participate in a survey we are currently running on People Analytics maturity, value, and best practices.

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Employers, It's Time to Let Go of the Unemployment Stigma

Cornerstone On Demand

Those of us in HR don't like to admit it, but companies don't afford the same level of consideration to unemployed candidates or candidates with employment gaps as they do to working applicants. Sometimes, companies even prefer to recruit passive candidates that haven't applied for a job in the hope of attracting them. I guess we just love the thrill of the chase. Shame on us.

HR Analysts: Unleash Your Inner Storyteller


Telling a story is well-recognized as essential to HR analytics and acknowledges that “insight” is at the top of the data analytics pyramid after data becomes information. HR analytics systems even offer pre-programmed storylines with deeper analysis. .

Turbocharge Your Talent with Real-time Feedback & Drive Tangible Results

Download the eBook “Real-time Feedback, Tangible Results” to learn 8 awesome tips designed to help you tap into the power of “anytime/anywhere feedback” and the benefits it can bring to your organization.

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Leaders’ Toxic Behaviors—And the Courage Required to Stop Them

HR Daily Advisor

There seems to be a similar haunting refrain in many of today’s headlines: Leaders who have spiraled out of control – victimizing employees, abusing power, and generally reproving the time-tested principle that “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”.

How Benefit Technology is Reshaping Employees’ Buying Decisions


As employees increasingly demand a more streamlined open enrollment period where personalized and flexible plans are on offer, it’s important for benefit advisers to accommodate these evolving expectations. Benefits Technology In the News


should I hang my degree in my office, employee invited a toxic guest to our holiday party, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. Should I hang my degree up in my office? I’m starting a new job next week that I’m VERY excited about. A great opportunity for a great company. I’m also about to finish a Master’s degree program I’ve worked very hard for over the past two years, while working a full-time career job.

How Can We Scale Up Apprenticeships?

Burning Glass Technologies

Apprenticeships are one of the rare bipartisan ideas in workforce policy—so why are there so few of them? Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta said the current apprenticeship programs are too small at a White House conference. “[Only] 0.3

The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

With 200 + offerings in the market, choosing the right applicant tracking system can be a challenge. To help, we have developed a comprehensive buying guide highlighting what you should look for along each step of the decision process. Download the guide and ensure that the ATS you choose is the right fit for your organization.

2018 Trends of Employee Engagement


Employee engagement may not be the best term for the pratice of creating happier and more productive employees, but the goals just stated are still top of mind for the most ambitious and growth-minded companies going in to 2018. Here at TINYpulse, we see engagement data every day, as one of the industry leaders in collecting continuous feedback from employees.

Mandatory Vacation Might Juice Your Employee Productivity

HR Daily Advisor

The past several years have seen employers of all kinds dabbling in nontraditional types of paid leave.

Bringing People Analytics Back Down to Earth


Consider the following analytics initiatives pitched at this year’s HR trade conferences: Outfit your entire workforce with Fitbits to monitor the sleep patterns and fitness levels of your workforce.

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Use it or Lose It – 5 Great Ways to Spend That End of Year Budget


Use It Or Lose It. Don’t Waste That Excess End of Year Budget – Invest It in Something Your Team Will Love. Consider this all-too-common scenario: You’ve worked hard all year to make every dollar of your departmental budget count.

The Path To Creating A High-Performing Resilient Organization

Leaders who practice 'active listening' across the organization will tap into a wealth of actionable insight that would otherwise be difficult to access. Enabling and encouraging people to communicate inclusively and transparently helps to cultivate a 'listening culture'.

5 Reasons to Attend the Office Holiday Party That You May Not Have Considered

45 Things

Have you started plotting your excuse to get out of the holiday party yet? You've got malaria. Your dog ate all your clothes. Your great-grandmother is expected to die on the day of the party. Even though she died before you were born).

my interviewer’s wife told people about my job search, my date to the holiday party is a coworker, and more

Ask a Manager

It’s five answers to five questions. Here we go…. My interviewer’s wife is telling people about my job search. I recently came across a job positing for a position I had interviewed for seven years ago. I made it through three rounds of interviews and in the end did not get the job. I was crushed at the time. I came across the same listing this year, and couldn’t resist applying again.

Survey Uncovers Workers’ #1 Gripe About Bosses

HR Daily Advisor

With the job market as tight as it is, “bad bosses” can cause more damage than ever before. Quality employees, after all, need not just grin and bear it—they can usually find new jobs with little effort.

How to communicate your next employee engagement survey


Whether you’re launching your first employee survey or your twentieth, how you communicate each survey to your employees is essential. Clarity about the survey process leads to good participation, which leads to actionable data that enables you to make better decisions. Employee Engagement How-To

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The 2017 Agency Recruiting Benchmark Report

Critical Roles Need This: Get the Best Offers and Top Candidates. Discover key trends in salaries and fees with the Annual Agency Recruiting Benchmark Report by BountyJobs. Learn core metrics to track against your third-party search investment, and see how your organization stacks up against your peers and the market.

The Many Benefits of Peer Mentoring in the Workplace


Peer mentoring has been around since ancient times, as people have taught fellow friends, classmates, and partners how to acquire new skills. Although this sometimes occurs naturally in the workplace, there is also a real value to more formally establishing a peer mentorship program to benefit the long-term growth of your employees. As Mentorcloud put it, “As employees turn to their mentors for advice, they make fewer mistakes on the job, cutting losses to the employer.” This post outlines.

Making Company Culture More Than a Rah Rah Activity

HR Bartender

Having a well-defined company culture is important. We talk about it a lot. Culture drives branding, talent acquisition, decision-making , etc. But sometimes, the discussions about company culture can seem a bit “rah-rah”. You know, a bit more qualitative and not enough quantitative.

Your Top 20 ATS Providers By Market Share - With My Color Commentary.

The HR Capitalist

Ran into this list by way of Ongig, who surveyed 3700+ companies to determine the top 99 applicant tracking systems by market share as of April 30, 2017. Go to the original post to view the top 99 providers and view the methodology.

Domestic Violence Doesn’t Always Stay at Home

HR Daily Advisor

We often hear of violence in the workplace. Employers should also be aware that employees are not always the source of such violence. Domestic abuse can, and has spilled into the workplace, sometimes with tragic consequences.

Are You Closing Candidates and Getting Them Onboarded Efficiently?

Once you choose a candidate to hire, the real work begins of trying to get them to accept your offer. And even if they do, you still need to get them onboarded efficiently. Are you doing a good job managing these steps? Take a 30-second assessment for a free evaluation of your job offer and onboarding processes.

How HR Tech is Making Employees More Engaged Than Ever


Employee engagement of past generations was historically limited to the HR department to address perfunctorily once per year. However, a recent Deloitte report on human capital trends indicates that that is no longer the case.

Can a Pay Cut from $25 to $9 per Hour Be Legal?

Evil HR Lady

I know a gentleman who has worked for the same company for thirty years. He has been a dedicated employee, always on time and doing what was asked of him without complaint. In the last couple of years, a new company purchased the manufacturing company and decreased his pay from $25/hr to $9/hr.

Emotional Intelligence in Recruiting

HRE's The Leader Board

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2020, emotional intelligence will need to be a Top 10 skill for all workers. So what does that mean for recruiters? More than you might think, according to Caroline Stokes, who presented the session “How Emotional Intelligence Can Make You a Better Recruiter” during the Recruiting Trends and Talent Tech conference in West Palm Beach, Fla. Considering the fact that the U.S.

Three key areas that could make 2018 the year of the employee handbook overhaul

The Employer Handbook

Read on, HR enthusiasts. Paid Family and Medical Leave. A few weeks ago, I wrote here about a SHRM-endorsed paid-employee-leave bill that was introduced in House.

7 Steps to Attract and Engage More Candidates

Want to improve the candidate experience of your job application and drive more candidates to apply? This guide covers: presentation of your careers page and jobs, length and complexity of your online application, application technology, and candidate acknowledgement.

401(k) Hardship Withdrawal Rules Explained

HR Daily Advisor

To ease employees’ concerns about access to their elective deferrals in the event of a financial emergency, an employer may provide for hardship withdrawals in its plan. This can provide some peace of mind during difficult times. DNY59 / iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Fair Chance Hiring is a Win-Win for Businesses and Employees


Each year, more than 650,000 citizens are released from prison. Unfortunately, recidivism is high—nearly half end up back in prison, often as a result of a lack of employment options available to those with criminal records. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Hiring Background Checks


What are the most annoying co-worker habits? Study says …

HR Morning

If you get annoyed by your co-workers from time to time, you’re not alone. In a recent survey conducted by Olivet Nazarene University , 2,000 American workers were asked if they ever get annoyed at work. One hundred percent of respondents said yes. . Bad habits. So what are these co-workers doing to get under everyone’s skin? Respondents listed the following: 49% are annoyed by loudness and complaining. 32% are annoyed by gossiping and bullying.

Alexa, what do I need to get done today?

Steve Boese

High, probably at the top of the list of 'Cool things I acquired in 2017 list' is the Amazon Echo, powered by Amazon's 'Alexa' platform. I talk to Alexa every single day. In fact, I probably spent more time with Alexa than anyone else this year. I probably ought to think about what that means.

5 Key Aspects of Accurate Human Resource Management Systems Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free Human resource Management Systems software pricing guide! Don't let price confusion keep you from selecting the best HR software for your organization's needs. Download your free guide today!