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The Role (HR) Technology Can Play in the Employee Experience


As a marketer, I’ve been trained to segment audiences based on a variety of variables (i.e. age, gender, behaviors) and to deliver tailored messages to each audience based upon what we believe to be their desired goal, objective or experience. Here is Randy’s take on the role HR systems have played in the employee experience over time. First-generation (1.0 Second-generation (2.0

Why Happy Employees Matter to CSR

Get Hppy

What does CSR have to do with happy employees? Here is why focusing on the individual and creating happy employees is important – and why it should matter to any business who wants to succeed. The team at BHI Mexico celebrating Good Deeds Day. It’s no secret that corporate social responsibility, or CSR, has become a ‘good business’ buzzword. McKinsey and Company cleanup during Good Deeds Day.

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9 Ways to Motivate High Performing Employees — According to Them

HR Daily Advisor

by Autumn Manning, CEO of YouEarnedIt. Creating a company culture that motivates and attracts high-performing employees is what everyone knows they need to do, but executing on that is where, many times, good intentions turn into questionable executions. The world’s greatest organizations get this and see true return on investment (ROI) by investing in their culture and people regularly.


HR Hardball

But a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum …. We were divided into three teams of 7 for the “hunt.” Our Doctor recruiters (led by our Practice Support Recruiting Manager), our Practice Support recruiters (led by our Doctor Recruiting Manager,) and the “Others” – a collection of cross-functional colleagues, me, and my boss. It was every team for itself, so to speak. But I digress. And then….

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

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Pulse Surveys vs Annual Surveys – Why Pulse is Better

HR Gazette

Photo credit: Sarah Bardsley – 11 Eleven Media. Employee satisfaction surveys are one of the cornerstones of HR. This is supported by Forbes contributor, Kevin Kruse – “{employee satisfaction surveys} should form the backbone of any employee engagement initiative.”. The driving force behind your business  is  your people. This will let everyone know that you value their input. CIPD).

Moving Past Culture Fit to “Culture Add”

TLNT: The Business of HR

There is so much out there about cultural fit. And it does have its place. We all want that perfect candidate. The one that can live up to all the clichéd buzz words — “hit the ground running,” “add value,” “contribute right away,” and of course “fit in.”. Corporate Recruiting Diversity HR Insights HR Trends Talent Acquisition Featured

Altering Your Corporate DNA: Creating a Culture of Mentorship


In today’s competitive market, retaining top talent is more important than ever. large paycheck alone will not ensure your talent stays with you, given the fact that high-potential employees place tremendous value on having access to opportunities for development. Integrating mentoring into your organization’s culture is one way to provide opportunities for learning and development.

Reduce Gender Bias Using Data-Driven Performance Reviews


With gender equity a topic of even a Super Bowl LI ad , it’s clearer than ever before that every CEO should be making gender equity a priority this year. In 2015, 90% of new CEOs in the S&P 500 were promoted or hired from line roles — and 100% of these executives were men. Performance Management’s Effect on Gender Equity. Visier’s 2016 study of gender equity at large U.S.

Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

Growing Without Leaving: Integrating “New” Employees with Successful Transboarding


By Celine DuPuis, Product Marketing Manager, Ceridian. When you spot a co-worker checking out job postings, what’s your reaction? Hopefully, you’re like me and enjoy working with your teammates. If you are, then seeing someone plotting their next career move can be disappointing. ‘Oh no what about our coffee break chats and mutual love of Beyoncé,’ you might think. years. years. Not necessarily.

Do Recognition Programs Impact Customer Retention?


When it comes to recognizing your employees, it’s sometimes difficult to measure the ROI. There is no exact formula that can easily explain why a formal recognition program is beneficial to your company in cold hard numbers. However, you can see how other areas of your business improve after implementing a recognition program. Employee Recognition. It all starts with you – the employer. Conclusion.

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Andy Puzder withdrew his nomination for Labor Secretary. So what’s Plan B at the DOL?

The Employer Handbook

Amidst controversy , controversy  and  more controversy , Andy Puzder, CEO of CKE Restaurants , which owns, operates and fast-food restaurant franchises  Carl’s Jr. and  Hardee’s , withdrew  his nomination as Secretary of Labor , yesterday. And, just like that, we’re back to square one. . So, who will lead the Department of Labor? Victoria Lipnic. Scott Walker. Maybe. What about Scott Walker?

On Narrow Grounds, Appeals Court Rejects EEOC Challenge to Wellness Program

HR Daily Advisor

On procedural grounds, a federal appeals court rejected a lawsuit from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against an employer that had conditioned health coverage on participation in a wellness program. The case was moot, or damages were unavailable, because the company had discontinued the program and the employee-plaintiff had not actually been harmed, the 7th U.S. 25, 2017).

A Development Journey to More Effective Managers [Infographic]

People Matter: Meet our Software Data Analyst, Ayusman


The People Matter Series is a chance for you to meet the Talmetrix team. Join us each month as a new team member takes the  hot seat for a conversation with our Director of Product Marketing, Emily Regenold. Meet Ayusman Vikramjeet: Software Data Analyst. Need insights that ensure you follow the signal and not the noise? Ayusman and his team are here to help. Ayusman: The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson.

Watch What You Say: HR Manager’s Comments Send Leave Case to Trial

HR Daily Advisor

An employee will get to take her Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) lawsuit to a jury, a federal appeals court has determined, largely because an HR manager informed her in an e-mail that her leave was impeding the company’s work. That e-mail was enough evidence to convince the court to revive her claims and send them to trial. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Diamond v. Hospice of Fla.

How Social Recognition Can Inspire a Culture of Servant Leadership


Smart companies are now embracing the concept of servant leadership. Organizations whose managers have embraced this practice have happier and more engaged employees working for them. Other organizations, however, are not yet realizing the gains to be had by adopting it fully. So what are some companies doing right that others aren’t? Why are they looked upon as mentors and friends vs. bosses?

Using an #HR Career Portfolio to Develop Your Skills

HR Bartender

We talk a lot on this blog about the need to develop skills. No matter where you are in your career, it’s important to regularly take inventory of your skills and develop learning action plans. recently came across a new way of thinking about learning that I thought was worth sharing. It’s the idea of a “portfolio.”. The first thing that popped into my mind was an artist’s portfolio.

Innovation Buster: How Losing Your Best Employees is Killing Innovation

Making Employee Engagement a Habit


Engaged employees are happy employees, and happy employees generally tend to stay at their jobs long-term. As your organization continues to grow in size, it’s important to remember the organization’s key values and what it is that has kept your employees onboard for so long. While most workforce executives understand the significance, few take the time to implement successful strategies to cue employee engagement making it a habit. When surveyed , 55% of executives said they had a plan to increase employee engagement and satisfaction but haven’t created a strategy yet. Familiarize your team.

Dental Insurance Is Important for Overall Health Care

Winston Benefits

Regular dental checkups are an integral part of maintaining health and wellness. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, more children are now covered by dental insurance, but there is still a large gap for adults. Changes to the ACA may make employer-sponsored dental insurance even more necessary to keep the nation’s teeth healthy. dental insurance Affordable Care Act

Feedback By Tech Or Face-to-Face?

TLNT: The Business of HR

A common concern raised by HR and managers when they begin using a feedback tool is what kind of impact it will have on face-to-face feedback. Will it actually disrupt communication flows in the office, rather than improve them? As with all new technology, the benefits can be significant when integrated in a way that strengthens your current process.

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Types of Flexible Work Arrangements

HR Daily Advisor

Does your workplace offer any type of flexible work arrangements for employees? Or are your employees requesting more flexible options? With ever-improving technology, more and more jobs can be performed from any location, which opens up a lot of options for employers looking to provide this sought-after benefit for employees. What options are most common? Adjusted work hours. and 9 a.m.

The importance of your Learning Culture and Experience

Get the Most Out of Your Next Leadership Investment


Create a Follow-on Plan to Sustain Learning AFTER The Leadership Challenge ®. Leadership development has greater impact and results when organizations provide leaders with access to resources after a learning event. best-practice to ensure the business success of your next leadership development program is to have a strategy in place to offer attendees a follow up plan. Leadership Development

Labor Nominee Withdraws on Eve of Confirmation Hearing

HR Daily Advisor

President Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Labor, Andrew Puzder, withdrew from the approval process Wednesday, just hours before his scheduled confirmation hearing. While experts say a change in candidates probably won’t affect employment policy—after all, President Trump is likely to appoint another conservative—it means that the U.S. Puzder’s Fall. Lou Barletta (R-Pa.) Victoria A. with a B.A.

6 Corporate Wellness Ideas to Consider for Your Business


Small businesses are beginning to recognize the reasons a wellness program can be a smart investment – citing a range of benefits. Check out these six ideas to help get you started in creating your own wellness program

Is Your Talent as Effective as it Could Be?

Compensation Cafe

With the rise in HR analytics, there is more pressure than ever to understand how talented employees contribute to the organization’s success. It’s certainly a concern I hear from many of my clients. Top of mind are some of the questions you might expect: How well are we identifying and growing talent, and once we do, how good a job are we doing retaining that talent?

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]