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HRAs in 2020. Two new HRAs are coming in 2020, and our latest on-demand webinar covers the important details employers need to know. Download the slides or watch the webinar recording today! Webinar


Your 2020 Benefits Mismatch


If you aren’t considering EWA as part of the benefit portfolio in 2020, be assured that your competitors will. If you have a blended workforce of hourly and salaried associates, this article is directed at you. Are your benefits mismatched with your employee population?

Will Neuromarketing Drive 2020 Campaign Outcomes?

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Look for more consumer neuroscience in 2020 political campaigns Neuromarketing tools have measured voter reactions to candidate messaging and have shown that survey answers can be incorrect.

2020 HSA Limits Announced

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2020 HSA Contribution Limit. The HSA limits for contributions are set to increase in 2020 according to Revenue Procedure 2019-25 , released today by the IRS. The minimum deductible requirements and maximum out-of-pocket requirements are set to increase in 2020. The post 2020 HSA Limits Announced appeared first on Benefit Resource, Inc Individuals age 55 or older can continue to make an additional $1,000 catch-up contribution.

How Recruiters Can Create a Predictable Candidate Pipeline

Introduction 2 H O W R E C R U IT E R S C A N C R E A T E A P R E D IC T A B L E C A N D ID A T E P IP E L IN E 1 Million fewer applicants available for computing jobs by 2020 *Data is from Where Traditional Recruiting Pipelines. How Recruiters Can. Create a Predictable.

IRS Releases 2020 HSA Limits


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued Revenue Procedure 2019-25 last month with information on the Health Savings Account (HSA) and qualified high-deductible health plan (HDHP) limits for 2020.


2020 Talent Development Systems Transformed


The post 2020 Talent Development Systems Transformed appeared first on Rallyware. Today, all proactive companies are massively upgrading, optimizing, or completely replacing their current HR and performance improvement tools.

Roadmap 2020


Please read our full Road Map 2020 and let us know what you think: [link]. The post Roadmap 2020 appeared first on Cognisess. TOWARDS A PEOPLE ANALYTICS ENABLED FUTURE.

Top 10 Employee Benefits for 2020

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Top 10 employee benefits for 2020. HR trends forecast the most desired employee benefits for 2020 like pet perks, flex work and financial wellness programs. It’s time to start building your organization’s employee benefits for 2020. . Hiring Trends to Watch in 2020.

IRS Announces 2020 Health Savings Account Limits


The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced the annual limits for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for 2020. The HSA limits, which are indexed for inflation every year, will increase in 2020. HSAs are pre-tax accounts available to individuals covered under a high-deductible health plan.

Dice's 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report

by 2020. Million Computer Science Jobs 2020 According to Girls Who Code CEO Reshma Saujani Dice Diversity and Inclusion Report 2018 16 Fifty-nine percent of women and 79. Dice Diversity. and Inclusion Report.

2020 Will Be HR’s Year to Flip the Script


The post 2020 Will Be HR’s Year to Flip the Script appeared first on We sure have flipped the script on HR, haven’t we?

Top 20 Recruitment Challenges to Tackle in 2020


Check out the list of the top 20 recruitment challenges HR professionals will face in 2020. Are you ready to face them? Our best practice recruiting tips will help you prepare for a challenging time ahead. Read More. Recruitment Marketing

2020 W-4: 2nd draft and your questions answered

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The IRS promised the second draft of the 2020 W-4 by the end of July. 15-T, here are some questions we’ve encountered about the 2020 W-4. When will the final 2020 W-4 be released? Is there any documentation stating you have to use the new W-4 for new hires after January 1, 2020?

Draft 2020 W-4: Perhaps less horrible than the 2019 draft

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The IRS's first draft of the 2020 W-4 is here. The post Draft 2020 W-4: Perhaps less horrible than the 2019 draft appeared first on Business Management Daily. We've looked high and low to find what's new, what's missing and how you should prepare.

I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - Engaging Remote/Gig Employees In The Digital Age

Speaker: Nancy Harris, CEO of Restart Consulting LLC, and Elena Valentine, CEO of Skillscout

Hiring Trends to Watch in 2020

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Hiring Trends to Watch in 2020. Finding the right balance between traditional and digital channels will be the key to successful recruitment in 2020. “As Recruitment strategies to stay competitive throughout the hiring process as unemployment hovers at a nearly 50 year low.

Employee Benefits Trends for 2020 According to HR Professional Survey

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The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently released its annual employee benefits report, highlighting employee benefits trends for 2020. Influential Factors to Consider with Employee Benefits Trends for 2020 Healthcare + Health Services Benefits 1.

Gender pay gap reporting 2020: what’s required?


The submission deadlines are: 4 April 2020 for private companies and charities. 30 March 2020 for public-sector organisations. . The post Gender pay gap reporting 2020: what’s required?

#WorkTrends:How to Make 2020 a Transformational Year


Brent Colescott is the senior director of business strategy and transformation for SumTotal, and he says 2020 is going to be a transformational year for the workplace. The post #WorkTrends:How to Make 2020 a Transformational Year appeared first on TalentCulture.

Choosing the Most Important Benefits to Employees in 2020

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Choosing the most important benefits to employees in 2020. How to Choose the Most Important Benefits to Employees in 2020. A short employee survey gives you insight into what benefits are the most important benefits to employees in 2020. Hiring Trends to Watch in 2020.

The 2020 Talent Challenge


The post The 2020 Talent Challenge appeared first on Fuel50. CareerLabs Events Uncategorized agility anne fulton conference events Future of work hr leaders forum hr professionals hr tech leadership slideshare speaking engagements trends video content

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IRS sets HSA limits for 2020


The IRS has released the new Health Savings Accounts contribution limits and maximum out-of-pocket figures for 2020. Limits slightly increased. Next year, contribution limits for individuals rise to $3,550, from $3,500 in 2019. For families, limits rise to $7,100, from 2019’s $7,000.


The Open Enrollment Changes You Can Expect in 2020

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Benefits legislation is constantly in flux, but if you’re prepared, you’ll know what to expect from the 2020 open enrollment process. With open enrollment (Nov. 1 through Dec.


Everything You Need to Know for Open Enrollment 2020


Open enrollment 2020 is nearing. Whether you’re buying for an individual or a family, here’s everything you need to know about open enrollment 2020 from the employee’s perspective. . When Is Open Enrollment 2020? When is Open Enrollment 2020?

How to Prepare Your HR Tech Stack for 2020


As you build your strategic plans for the future, one of the looming issues is likely to be “where does tech fit in here?” As HR continues to evolve as one of the most data-forward fields, having a reliable, innovative. Tech & Tools HR tech HR Technology tech and tools

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BIG Changes to Medicare Supplements in 2020


There are some big changes coming to Medicare Supplement plans in 2020. In other words, if you become eligible for Medicare on or after January 1, 2020, you won’t be able to enroll in Plans C, F or High Deductible Plan F.


2020 Part D Coverage Parameters


Earlier this month, CMS announced the adjustments for 2020. Each year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) adjusts the cost sharing limits for the standard Medicare Part D plan. Below is a summary of the adjustments for next year: Category: Producers Employers Individuals


The other shoe drops for 2020 withholding

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The post The other shoe drops for 2020 withholding appeared first on Business Management Daily. Just one week after releasing the draft W-4, it has released a draft of the employer’s instructions—new Pub. Centerpiece Payroll Management

Executive pay gap reporting 2020: what’s required?


With the first companies required to report on their executive pay gaps from early 2020, we answer some of the most common questions about why executive pay reporting has been introduced, what information your report needs to include, and how to calculate pay ratios. .

IRS Announces a new W-4 for 2020


Background: HR onboarding compliance

Regulatory Change Management and the 2020 Elections

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Why 2020 presents a unique challenge for regulatory change management. 2020 is going to be one of the most unpredictable elections ever. Predict360 Regulatory Change Management.

2020 HSA and HDHP Inflation Adjustments


2019-25 which included details on the inflation adjustments for 2020. The table below sumarizes the the HDHP requirements for 2020. Each year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) makes inflation adjustments to Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and qualified high deductible health plans (HDHPs). On May 24, 2019, the IRS released Rev. Category: Employers Producers Individuals


Where Can I Meet Other Company Culture Leaders? 2020 Summit.

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2020 HSA Contribution Limits Released by the IRS

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The IRS just announced Health Savings Account contribution limits for 2020. See what they are. Employers HSA


Two New HRA Options Available in 2020


Health Reimbursement Arrangements (HRAs) have been on a roller coaster the past five years. Some laws and regulations have limited the types of HRAs that an employer can offer whereas other laws and regulations have created new HRA options for employers to offer.