October, 2016

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15 New Roles for the Future of Human Resources


The era of transactional HR is not coming to a close but is rather shifting to encompass more strategic and relational activities in the HR function. So the question is simple. What are you so passionate about that you could turn it into your specialty? Explore the 15 specialised HR profiles below and see what your next role could be in just a few years if not months! Strategic Hats. The Futurist.

9 Strategies For Building Better Professional Relationships

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Remember how easy it was to make friends on the playground? Someone would ask to take turns on the swings or ask if they could join the soccer game, and that was basically it—you were best friends. Building and maintaining a professional network isn’t like that at all. Staying connected and developing professional relationships takes time, work, and strategy. Improve Your Communication Skills.

What’s Ahead for HR in 2017?


By Derek Irvine. Recognize This! Trends in HR for the year ahead will emphasize empowerment, the employee experience, and ultimately a more human workplace. What will some of the big themes be for HR leaders in the year ahead and how can we begin preparing for them? For some answers, I attended a session at HR Tech based on Josh Bersin’s new report, HR Technology Disruptions for 2017.

Transforming Your Talent Process: 7 Must Have Downloads

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We write a lot about transforming your talent into A-Players, but that takes more than technology; it takes a commitment to doing the work day in and day out. To help you be the best talent management professional you can be, we’ve created a giant resource pack you can download and take with you. Talent Management

The definitive guide to choosing the right applicant tracking system

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Why Do We (So) Often Recruit the Wrong People?


A candidate is generally judged based on the success of his previous work experiences. But many times, once the new hire has started in his role, we realise that he is failing to perform and meet requirements. Too late though, our judgment has led to a bad hire  and we ended up recruiting the wrong person for the job. We often accomplish complex tasks without even realising it. The result?

How Multitasking Hurts Team Productivity And What You Can Do About It

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Every manager wants a team that can work on three or four different tasks at the same time, don’t they? An effective worker should be able to pivot from their day-to-day tasks to respond to emails or requests from clients and management or jump on an urgent task as it comes up. After all, a team that can multitask will get twice as much work done in half the time, right? Wrong. Manage the workflow.

What Every VP of HR Need to Know About Change Management


Implementation is about people. This may seem obvious, but it was an especially notable observation at the HR Technology Conference held in Chicago recently. Katherine Jones, partner and director of talent research at Mercer, led a session on implementation of HR technology, pointing to research that 70 percent of change initiatives are considered a failure. But soon the changes grow exponentially.

7 Reasons Talent Development and HR Leaders Should Adopt Open Badges

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According to a recent Aberdeen Group report , four out of five businesses say they are facing a critical shortage of talent. And t here are signals that the emerging workforce will look very different than it does today. Trends Shaping the Workforce. Here's a look at some other trends shaping the new world of work. Cloud: The Big Elephant in the Room. Shadow IT Has Emerged and Is Growing. million.

Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

The Value of HR Analytics: Why Every Company Should Be A Quantified Organization


Since joining Visier, I’ve been thinking a lot about the value of workforce analytics. came to this organization because in my prior life as a researcher, my core focus was HR technology adoption and the value organizations derive from it. Four Characteristics of Quantified Organizations. The 29 organizations were chosen based on their leadership in the following four areas: 1. Data Sources.

Oops! How Failing an Interview Question Taught Her About HR Strategy


I had been on the job search for a little while, and I was very thrilled when I received a request to come in and interview for a manufacturing operation that produced rubber molds and other rubber pieces. This was going to be my first big HR role, and I was really nervous. Fast forward to the interview session, and I was feeling a little more confident. ” So I thought about it for a minute.

The Power of Employee Recognition


Make no mistake, an organisation that fosters an environment that motivates employees and rewards positive behaviours will attract the best talent, maintain a strong, positive culture and retain the rockstars that outperform the competition. Whether you’re in, a football team, the boardroom or, the bedroom, the same rules apply. When someone goes that extra mile, we praise them.

[Infographic] Female Leaders, Do They Have Equality at The Top?

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When it comes to the workplace, is there equality or diversity at the top? This has been a question that has been debated for many years now and yet still the answer is no there is not. In actual fact, if you were to guess how many women of the 600 companies in the FTSE 100 and S&P 500 are being led by women today, would you know what the answer is? With further awareness, change is possible!

A Development Journey to More Effective Managers [Infographic]

Why HR Is Obsessed With Employee Performance Check-Ins


Adobe’s evolved performance management program is aptly named the Check-in. Think about the feelings the name evokes, especially compared to its predecessor, the performance review. The check-in is lightweight, friendly and informal. performance review is evaluative and impersonal — going directly against the concept of psychological safety needed to hear feedback. Why Performance Check-Ins.

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5 Tips to Make Any Change a Success

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If you are a leader rolling out change after change in your organization, you don’t need us to let you know that many things can go wrong. Based on our experience around the globe helping leadership teams create successful organizational change, here are five recommendations to support your success. 60-Second Change Speech. What specifically is changing? What in their world is not changing?

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Top 5 HR Analytics Articles: Fall 2016 Edition


At the recent HR Technology Conference , sessions on data-driven HR were standing room only. However, while more and more HR leaders are spearheading the adoption of workforce intelligence at their organizations, they also have this critical question in mind: Once we have an HR analytics function and solution in place, how do we take full advantage of it?

Engaging Millennial Employees via Accountability, Clarity, & Prioritization


As businesses undergo workplace shifts and transfer of knowledge around responsibilities, there is often concern on how to bridge generational gaps. Many of our government clients have really started to address this through “emerging leaders” style programs and leadership academies. What is it that they want? So stigmatizing Millennials for being disengaged appears all too wrong.

Innovation Buster: How Losing Your Best Employees is Killing Innovation

Why HR Needs to Be More Like Marketing


Today’s rapidly evolving workplace has generated more challenges in retaining, managing & engaging staff than any other time. The Increased mobility, job selection based on social profile & your companies purpose, places significant stress on a traditional HR approach. In this regard, your company’s HR processes & policies can foster a positive reputation or damage your image irreparably. Every business needs two critical resources to succeed: customers and employees. Influence & branding at the core. Branding is a key element of any marketing approach to HR.


The Baker’s Dozen: 13 Ways to Engage Employees and Have More Fun

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Many of us spend more of our waking hours at work than in the rest of our lives. It’s important to create the type of culture where employees feel connected and don’t mind spending such a huge chunk of their time at your company. The invention of the smartphone virtually eliminated any remaining line between personal and professional life. It seems we’re always “on the clock.”

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The Importance of Recognition in the Workplace


Want to join the HR Roundtable and contribute insight to a monthly hot topic in HR innovation? Email dani@reflektive.com for more information. good compliment goes a long way. The impact of positive recognition in today’s workplace can be summed up in two results: repeated good behavior and motivation. But how does recognition relate to business objectives? Establish Recognition as the Norm.

Is Your Management Team Contributing to a Healthy Culture?


We’ve said it again and again in different ways: culture doesn’t build itself ; culture requires teamwork ; and, most importantly, culture starts with leadership. But even though your management team knows it’s responsible for building culture, that doesn’t always mean they know what to do about it. Let’s be honest. But other times, it’s simply a lack of organized effort. Do they take time off?

The importance of your Learning Culture and Experience

Energizing Employees for Better Performance

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What exactly is “ energy ” – in the social or workplace sense? The big question is, how do you attain that state of energy, in which people positively affect each other with their good moods, enthusiasm, and “can do” attitudes? Because there is no doubt that a happy, energized workplace is also a productive workplace. This phenomenon can be understood well in other contexts too. And no wonder.

HR in 2017: New Bersin by Deloitte report predicts most disruptive year ever


If anyone has a crystal ball into the trends that will shape and redefine how HR leaders approach their work, it’s Josh Bersin, Principal at Bersin by Deloitte. The report confirms what we’ve been seeing from our own customers – today’s most forward-thinking HR leaders want (and need) tech solutions that are engaging, effective, productivity-oriented and scalable.

Why You Should Consolidate Your HR Technology Stack


The rise of the highly specialised HR tech market has lead a large number of organisations to  work with a multitude of HR solutions to carry their day-to-day workforce management and strategy planning. One of the biggest mistake company make when choosing their HR suite vendor is that they omit to account for scalability in their list of selection criteria. The result? HR Tech Technology

Top Talent Have These 5 Traits In Common

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You’ve heard it a million times. Building extraordinary value in an organization requires amazing people. You can have the most innovative technology and the coolest products and services, but without the people layer to transform these capabilities into value, they are worthless. How do you recruit people who will create unbelievable performance for your organization? What do you look for?

Leaving performance reviews behind: Where to start [Guide]