In the digital era, rife with uncertainty and ambiguity, innovation plays an essential role in sustaining organic growth and outperforming the global competition. Research proves time and again, there exists a robust bond between innovation and diversity & inclusion (D&I); our challenge is to help our leaders understand how to plant the seeds of innovation in the fertile D&I garden in order to drive a strategic and competitive advantage from the office and in the digital landscape.

While business lore tends to link innovation with a creative drive that is exclusive to the top and brightest talent, true innovation thrives in an inclusive culture that values diverse ideas, leverages unique perspectives and invites everyone to achieve collaborative breakthroughs across the entire organization despite any distance. By exploring scientific studies and corporate practices from Walmart Inc., Donald Fan will show how to connect those dots.

In this strategic session, you will learn:

  • Why the D&I garden harvests creative breakthroughs
  • Cultivating a diverse workforce as a valuable source of new insights, creativity and inspiration
  • How to flourish an inclusive culture as an incubator of innovation no matter the distance
  • Utilizing online innovation to continue uncovering new ways to do things and keep the garden blooming

and more!

This is a session you don't want to miss!

August 6th, 2020 at 9:30am PDT, 12:30pm EDT, 5:30pm BST

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