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How New York Life reduced employee turnover

HR Brew

As the competition for talent remains fierce, HR pros should consider the elements of a successful recruitment and retention strategy. The insurance company’s employee turnover rate was 7% in 2023, compared to 10% in 2022, she told HR Brew. The average turnover rate in US businesses was 17.3%

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How Three Institutions Built Winning Retention Programs

Cupa HR

New CUPA-HR data show some improvement in turnover in the higher ed workforce, but staffing hasn’t fully bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. CUPA-HR’s recent webinar offers solutions that may move the needle on employee retention. CUPA-HR’s recent webinar offers solutions that may move the needle on employee retention.


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A Guide On How To Calculate The Employee Turnover Rate

Vantage Circle

Continued focus on (employee) turnover is of critical importance, because of the direct relation of turnover to improvements in labor costs and guest satisfaction. "Employee turnover" is a word that makes HR practitioners' hearts skip a beat. What is Employee Turnover? What is Employee Turnover?

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86ing High Turnover: How to Reduce Restaurant Turnover with HR Technology

Netchex HR Blog

Turnover has always been a problem in restaurants, but it’s getting harder to ignore. Excessive turnover can become a never-ending loop, with the poor conditions causing more workers to quit. Most common reasons for high restaurant turnover Some workers were never going to last long at your restaurant. Pay attention to resumes.

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The 5 Ws of Employee Retention in 2021

Our research-based, fact-packed white paper breaks down the ins and outs of employee retention over the last 18 months. Get exclusive tips from Click Boarding's employee journey experts for fixing the employee turnover tangle today and in the future!

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Untangling Turnover: What You Can Control, And What You Can't


Just hearing the word “turnover” can strike panic into the heart of even the most experienced HR professional right now. ??. With all the resignations, reshuffling, and high-speed hiring you’re probably experiencing, it can be hard to come up with an effective employee retention strategy. Turnover isn’t always bad.

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Why the Onboarding Experience Matters for Retention: A Data-Driven Analysis

Essium HRM

However, some recruitment agencies overlook the impact of the onboarding experience on retention. When done properly, onboarding programs can increase longevity, improve morale, and generate long-term loyalty, leading to far less turnover. Research shows that a strong onboarding program can boost retention by 82 percent.

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Retention Roadmap: Ways to Reduce Talent Turnover in 2022 and Beyond

It’s never been easier for companies to recruit top-tier talent on a global scale, thanks to remote working apps, platforms, and social media. However, employees are now embracing lifestyle over work – with many migrating to other jobs to find new opportunities that better align with their values and priorities.

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Two Sides of the Same Coin: Recruiting & Retention

Speaker: Caitlin MacGregor, CEO and Co-Founder of Plum

Authentic employer branding is reflected in recruitment and retention efforts. Failing to modernize an organization’s approach to attracting and retaining talent by focusing on candidate and employee experiences could result in quiet quitting, turnover, vacancies, and lost opportunities that have the potential to impact overall profitability.

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Benefits That Employees Actually Want: How To Source and Implement Benefits To Win The Talent War

Speaker: Ellen Meza, Director of Global Benefits, Well-Being and Mobility at DocuSign

She'll show the vast impact it can have on your employee experience, retention, and hiring. This year, that upper hand on retention and hiring great talent is paramount.

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Living Your Brand Promise in Your Employee Experience

Speaker: Kathy Steele, CEO, Red Caffeine

According to a 2018 Retention report released by Work Institute, an estimated one in four employees voluntarily left jobs in 2018, but 75% of that turnover could be prevented by employers. Tips on creating an employer brand that is fair, transparent, consistent with your business values and a part of your retention strategy.

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People, HR & Analytics

Speaker: Rodney B. Bolton SPHR, CEO, HR BIZZ

Better understand attrition and identify high-value employees, reducing turnover. Through analytics you can make better decisions about all aspects of HR strategy, including which candidates to hire, which employees are doing well, who's receiving adequate compensation and how employee retention can be improved.

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Employee Wellbeing & DEI: Supporting Inclusivity Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

Speaker: Catherine Mattice - Culture Consultant, Business Coach, Strategic HR Expert

Assess current retention practices for inclusivity and adjust accordingly in order to decrease employee turnover. Ensure training and leadership opportunities are provided to all and that the trainings themselves are inclusive. September 15th, 2022 at 9:30 am PDT, 12:30 pm EDT, 5:30 pm BST