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Using AI in Performance Management: The Keys for HR Success


As more and more HR tools adopt this technology, AI-powered performance management will soon become the norm. In a nutshell, performance management covers the practices and processes you use to track each employee’s performance, build realistic goals for them, and help them along their journey as they grow with your organization.

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Talent Management vs. Performance Management: What’s the Difference?


Quick look: While the terms talent management and performance management are often used interchangeably, they play different (yet equally important) roles in a company’s human resource function. The synergy between these two disciplines creates a powerful framework for optimizing individual and organizational performance.


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How to Develop a Successful Communication Plan for Performance Management


Effective communication is the backbone of any successful organization, and when it comes to performance management, this statement holds especially true. However, developing a comprehensive communication plan for performance management can be quite challenging for even the most experienced managers.

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Rippling sets its sights on performance management with latest product

HR Brew

The workforce platform Rippling set its sights on performance management for its latest product rollout, as well. COO Matt MacInnis said Rippling’s new product, which the company announced on May 8, is intended to help employers monitor performance on a more consistent basis, and free up HR to work on more complex tasks.

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Employee Performance Management - What Your CFO Needs to Know About Culture Before Investing

Speaker: John Frehse, Senior Managing Director, Ankura

This drives more targeted and impactful investments in people and makes the case clearly that performance management in not an option, but a requirement. With the rise of Human Equity Valuation (HEV) companies are able to look at the financial impact of people on enterprise value.

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Performance Management: 5 Drivers for Success

HR Bartender

Regardless of your opinions about the traditional annual performance appraisal, organizations still need to have a process for managing performance successfully. The process of performance management is a way to provide feedback, accountability, and documentation for performance outcomes.

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Build An Effective Performance Management Framework | ClearCompany

ClearCompany HRM

That’s why establishing a solid performance management framework is essential. It allows you to evaluate employee performance while remaining fair and providing valuable feedback. Great performance management doesn’t begin and end with an annual performance review. Competency and Roles-Based Reviews.

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Trust, Transparency, Truth, Tangibility (Also, More Alliteration)

Speaker: Jeffrey Newman

"Accurate communication is possible only in a non-punishing situation"--Robert Anton Wilson. One of the buzz phrases in our world right now is Diversity and Inclusion. Why isn't it just Diversity or Inclusion? Inclusion is about making people feel comfortable in the office when they come from different worlds.

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Be a Brainiac: How Neuroscience Informs Building Trusted Relationships

Speaker: Nabeel Ahmad, Director, KPMG Business School

To build good relationships between managers and employees, we need to understand how to tap into that “social brain” network to maximize connectivity between two individuals. Do we really just use 10% of our brains? Recent studies of human brain imaging strongly suggest that our brains are wired to be social.

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Killing the Annual Performance Review, and What To Do After the Funeral

Speaker: Jo Weech, CEO & Primary Consultant, Exemplary Consultants

Since “Constant Change is Here to Stay”, why is it that the Annual Performance Review is holding its own after nearly a century of being in existence? In this Age of Aquarius, um, I mean, Disruption, there are so many new cool tools that the startups are leveraging for efficiency and effectiveness.

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Continuous Improvement - Flipping the Script on Your Coaching Culture

Speaker: Jordan George, Director, Leadership & Talent Development

Each of these scenarios is but a minor annoyance in contrast to the most dreaded terror of all: the annual performance review. Folding a fitted sheet. A slow internet connection. Tangled earphones. Stepping in chewing gum…while wearing a brand new pair of shoes.

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Performance Management Buyers Guide

Winning companies know performance management is crucial to understand which teams and approaches are driving the bottom-line. But performance management programs can be difficult to design and refine. So, it's time to assess — are you ready for a new Performance Management software? Strategic value.

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Stop Torturing your Managers and Employees with Traditional Performance Management - Give Them Something of Value

Speaker: Dr. Robert Sniderman, President of The Entrepreneurial Edge, Inc. and HRFocus USA.

Research and feedback on traditional performance management systems indicates that the parties involved do not find the process valuable. Managers dislike it because it is time consuming, lacks timeliness, seems to always be done under pressure, and are often disputed. How does management respond to this need? Be genuine.

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Designing Equitable Performance: How to Create Fair, Inclusive Assessments

Speaker: Aubrey Blanche & Sahra Kaboli-Nejad

Join Culture Amp’s Global Head of Equitable Design and Impact, Aubrey Blanche, along with Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Lead Sahra Kaboli-Nejad, to discuss how we can re-evaluate our performance management systems.

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Digital Workplace Experience Conference: Resilience & Agility in Disruptive Times

Speaker: Conference Speakers

Performance Management Best Practices That Bring Coaching & Appreciation Plus Tools for Continuous Improvement. Topics will include: Top-Notch Engagement Program Strategies that Create Community & Drive Collaboration. The Role of IT, Intranets & the Digital Workplace in Employee Experience. Lunch is on us for attendees.