Wed.Apr 26, 2017

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Arianna Huffington Runs an HR Technology Company

Laurie Ruettimann

Did you know that Arianna Huffington runs an HR technology company? Neither did I until someone pointed out that she’s running a wellness company meant to reduce stress, eliminate burnout and improve work. Arianna wrote a book about burnout and her lack of sleep, and she made the rounds to a few HR events to talk about what it was like to be successful and exhausted. She left HuffPo and launched a tech company that aims to end the stress and exhaustion epidemic in our lives.

So what’s it really like to work from a coffee shop for the day?


For many of us, when we hear the term 'working remotely', two images are contoured up: a home office and a laptop in a coffee shop. The reason might be because these are the examples most used in online articles and as accompanying illustrations.

Total CEO Pay Rose 6% in 2016, Willis Towers Watson Study Finds

HR Daily Advisor

The Beer Commercial Everyone Needs to See

Evil HR Lady

How divided are we as a world? It seems like we can no longer say “agree to disagree” and get on with life. We have to accuse people who disagree with us as being morally bankrupt , but usually with more offensive word choices. When we talk about diversity in hiring we talk about diversity in skin color and gender, but not about ideas. Now, I don’t actually drink alcohol, at all. But I’m urging you to watch this beer commercial from Heineken, U.K.

The Essential Guide to Recruiting Performers

When your company needs to bring on new talent, it's tempting to do whatever it takes. But hiring just anyone isn't the solution. Download JazzHR's, The Essential Guide to Hiring Performers, to learn how you can create a scalable recruiting process that results in great hires.

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Increased Cost-Sharing Makes Voluntary Benefits More Attractive

HR Daily Advisor

The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) reports relatively modest average increases—3% (2016) and 4% (2015)—in the cost of employer-sponsored health insurance premiums for family coverage. These limited premium hikes represent a significant slowdown in increase rates over the last decade or two.

Top Trends Among the San Francisco Bay Area’s Best Workplaces

Great Place to Work

Silicon Valley workplaces are known for offering lavish employee perks like an in-house chef or free weekly massages. And that can be a challenge for great Bay Area companies that think they just don’t have the HR budget to compete.

Business Groups to White House: Block New EEO-1 Pay Reporting Requirements

HR Daily Advisor

Both business groups and Republican lawmakers have in recent days urged the White House to block the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s (EEOC) new EEO-1 compensation reporting requirements. fullempty / iStock / Getty Images Plus.

Even one bad comment may create a hostile work environment, says Second Circuit

The Employer Handbook

With all due respect to the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, I’m glad, at least for this month, that I don’t practice there. You see, as I blogged here on Monday, the Second Circuit ok’d/protected an employee’s vicious, profanity-laced, social-media tirade against his boss, his boss’s mother, and his boss’s entire family. It was really awful. But, then, you have this opinion , which the Second Circuit issued yesterday. In Daniel v.

Building your Learning Experience! What’s it all about?

Join Jesse Novak as he covers what building a Learning Experience is all about, how this should tie into your company culture and why building a foundation around fun, value and recognition is important to engagement. We’ll also discuss how this ties into Gamification and Badging programs to build a brand beyond your organization.