9 Biggest Payroll Challenges In 2021

Zimyo Insights on HR trends and technology

Whether small or large, every business handles payroll in their own way, which governs how it handles all payments owed to employees and contract employees… The post 9 Biggest Payroll Challenges In 2021 appeared first on Zimyo.

Functions of Payroll Management Software

Zimyo Insights on HR trends and technology

Payroll management is one of the most important but also the most difficult business operations. Every company seeks to run its operations as efficiently as… The post Functions of Payroll Management Software appeared first on Zimyo.


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The essential guide to payroll in Malaysia



Your 2021 payroll questions answered.

Business Management Daily

Regardless, you can’t put payroll on hold simply because things are confusing. Our third-party payroll provider , however, is resisting including the credit on our second-quarter 941, saying it’s still waiting for more information from the IRS. Remote work and payroll software.

Small Market Buyer's Guide

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Buying Payroll & HR Technology challenges you to examine your current processes and provides a plan for getting back to what really matters, running your business.

Stop Making These 5 Payroll Mistakes


It should go without saying that payroll is critical to get right. But on top of that, payroll is your company’s biggest expense. But payroll is also complicated. Common Payroll Mistakes. Spending Too Much Time on Payroll. How to Avoid Common Payroll Mistakes.

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The Significance of National Payroll Week (Especially in 2020)

Ultimate Software

National Payroll Week is underway, and we have the opportunity to say a huge “Thank you!” to the payroll professionals in our lives. We recognize the efforts of payroll professionals any time our paycheck arrives on time. How to Say “Thank You” to Payroll.

Payroll System Innovation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Ultimate Software

Recently, I co-presented a webinar to prospective customers about the “ Evolution and the Future of Payroll.” And the second was a firm reminder that we can never forget about the core functional needs of our payroll system customers. Should payroll systems be innovative?

APAC Payroll Quiz


Business Transformation Changing Employee Needs Payroll People First

HR Technology Trends and Compliance Guide

Speaker: Marcus Ambrozy, Senior Sales Consultant, Hodges-Mace

Technology is evolving, and the workplace is evolving with it. In 2016, 43% of Americans reported that they spend at least some time working remotely, and Gallup has found that the ability to work flexible hours and work remotely greatly impacts employees decisions about whether or not to leave a job. For HR professionals, technology can improve the accuracy of your payroll data, make it easier to enroll employees in benefits (and change them), and free up your time for the big-picture projects you need to focus on. However, with change comes complications, and the key to maintaining compliance across a diverse and shifting employee landscape depends on implementation.

5 Best Payroll Software 2021

HR Lineup

Any business requires the best payroll software 2021 to manage its employees’ payroll. Additionally, an excellent payroll software does digital record keeping, enabling you and your employees to easily access the necessary information on payroll anywhere, with any device. .

Payroll Tax vs. Income Tax

Patriot Software

Employment taxes can be broken down into payroll taxes and income taxes. But when you hear about a payroll tax deferral, you probably want to know the exact difference between payroll tax vs. income tax. Income tax vs. payroll […] READ MORE. Payroll

The essential guide to payroll in the Philippines



Digital Transformation in Payroll Software

Namely - Talent

The fast, secure, and reliable nature of modern payroll software has led to a digital transformation in the field of payroll processing. Payroll

Timekeeping Integration - The Key to Compliance

Speaker: Cynthia Hoyt, Regional Sales Director, Southland Data Processing

You hear about them almost every day. Another ruling on a wage and hour class action law suit. As an HR Professional, how can you know it all, and how can you help ensure that your company is in compliance? Today, more than ever, accurate timekeeping is the key to compliance. Tracking employees' time on paper just isn't cutting it, and you could be left holding a timebomb. ready to explode at any minute.

6 Steps for an Effective Post-COVID Payroll Strategy

Namely - Talent

PayrollDuring the COVID-19 crisis, one of the greatest challenges for employers has been making decisions about their employees’ pay. Businesses are learning how to make operational updates while adapting to the new normal and keeping pay commensurate with the changing job market.

Why Getting Payroll Right is so Important for Retention


The link between payroll and retention may seem obvious: you have to pay your employees in exchange for the work they do. In fact, one study found that roughly half of employees say they will start looking for another job after two payroll mistakes at their current employer.

Payroll Software Guide: Key Features and Benefits

Netchex HR Blog

You certainly know what payroll is. You might even know all that is involved in the payroll process. But did you know that payroll software can make the payroll process easier and more efficient for your company? What is payroll software? Simple payroll processing.

New England Payroll Conference

Workforce Software

Join us alongside fellow payroll colleagues for two days of in-person education and networking at the New England Payroll Conference. Event

You Can Do This: Drive Company Value with a HR Application Network

Speaker: Steve Pruneau, HRIS Solution Architect

This webinar will outline the cost and benefits of HR suite solutions that deliver integrated HR, Payroll, Employee Time, and Benefits. *HRCI-Approved*. As HR professionals are becoming more technologically proficient, we have the capability to implement new, more efficient systems.

Just How Much Does an Employer Pay in Payroll Taxes?

Patriot Software

In addition to giving employees their paychecks, you also have the cost of payroll taxes. So, how much does an employer pay in payroll taxes? Keep reading to learn more about the employer cost of payroll taxes. How much does an employer pay in payroll taxes? […] READ MORE.

Humans of Payroll Podcast: Real-World Insights from Payroll Luminaries


For those of you who don’t know, Melanie is the CEO of the Global Payroll Association, one of two massive membership organizations for global payroll professionals. The global payroll community is small, compared to the domestic payroll alumni.

National Payroll Week

Ultimate Software

Happy National Payroll Week! National Payroll Week celebrates America’s 150 million wage earners and the payroll professionals who pay them. Through the payroll withholding system, we contribute, collect, report and deposit approximately $2.2 To recognize National Payroll Week, a few of our favorite industry thought leaders shared why they feel payroll is so important. Payroll is important, which sounds obvious. Payroll

How to Calculate Payroll Taxes

Patriot Software

For accurate withholding, learn how to calculate payroll taxes. What are payroll taxes? When you think of payroll taxes, you might think of all […] READ MORE. PayrollHaving employees is an amazing feeling.

Charting Your Course Through Changing Regulations

Speaker: Bonnie Treichel, Senior Consultant & CCO, Multnomah Group

The world of work is changing. Today it is easier than ever to have employees in multiple cities across several states. Multistate offices used to be reserved for very large employers, but with today’s technology, even smaller employers can embrace this game changer. For employers, the multistate workforce allows the opportunity to cast a broader net to attract the best and brightest talent to the workplace. At the same time, it comes with challenges, including compliance with a variety of rules and regulations across different states and municipalities – some of which may conflict with federal law – and failure to comply could be quite costly.

SMBs, Payroll Troubles, & How to Fix Them

Get Hppy

Managing payroll is a routine process for most businesses. Of course, being routine & being straightforward are two vastly different things: in truth, many small businesses find themselves struggling to complete payroll calculations every week!

How Does Payroll Software Work?

Netchex HR Blog

As it continues to adapt and expand, payroll software has become an essential technology for many companies both large and small. What is payroll software? Payroll software is the foundation of any operating business. Payroll software is that investment. Who runs payroll?

Perks Of Moving Your HR And Payroll Solution To Cloud

Pocket HRMSBlog

The post Perks Of Moving Your HR And Payroll Solution To Cloud appeared first on Pocket HRMS. Payroll Management Cloud HR Software HR Payroll Software HRMS Human Resources Human Resources Management Software Online Payroll Software Payroll management payroll software

Payroll Audit: Objectives, Process & Checklist

Analytics in HR

Organizations need to make sure that they’re paying their employees correctly and on time and comply with employment laws and payroll regulations. If you don’t have your payroll in order, you won’t have a company much longer. A payroll audit is an excellent way to ensure this.

7 Ways to Manage a Talent Shortage

In this whitepaper, Paycor examines the top 7 things you can do to out-maneuver your competition and win the war for talent in the coming months.

How Payroll and HR Evolved During the Pandemic

TalentCulture - Recruiting

What do you think of when someone mentions payroll? The post How Payroll and HR Evolved During the Pandemic appeared first on TalentCulture. Pandemic and Post-Pandemic COVID-19 HR strategy Pandemic payroll payroll and HR post pandemic

7 Payroll Reports Employers Need to File

Patriot Software

When it comes to running payroll, you have a lot of things to mark off on your to-do list. But after you pay employees, your payroll checklist isn’t finished just yet. Payroll

How to run a correction payroll


It’s always a good idea to try to fix your mistakes as soon as you realize them, and this holds true for running payroll. If you over or underpaid an employee, withheld taxes incorrectly, or made another payroll-related mistake, then it is important to try to correct it ASAP.

Why Automate Payroll

Asure Software

From wages and direct deposits to benefits and overtime calculations, navigating your payroll’s moving parts is cumbersome. Akin to payroll… The post Why Automate Payroll appeared first on Asure Software.

The Future of Payroll

Speaker: Steven Van Alstine, VP of Education, Canadian Payroll Association

Payroll is an often misunderstood function. Given the effectiveness with which it is executed, it is often invisible. The challenge is that payroll is a critical function within every organization — responsible for one of the most important aspects of the employee experience: compensation. Join Steven Van Alstine as he unpacks "hot off the press" research on payroll.