Your Ultimate HR Compliance Checklist

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Unfortunately, it's easy to put compliance checkups on the back burner while there are pressing projects and daily tasks to focus on. Every year, your company’s processes and practices must stay compliant with federal and state laws.

Non-Profit Wage & Hour Compliance

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In our previous article, we looked at how wage and hour compliance issues can affect a small business. The issues around wage and hour compliance affect non-profit organizations just as much, if not more so,” he says. For Non-Profits, Wage and Hour Compliance Issues Are Often Related to Timesheets. When compliance issues are related to timesheets, it can be extremely detrimental to a non-profit’s viability. Non-Profits Should Spot Wage and Hour Compliance Issues Early.

HR Compliance in a Legal Whiplash World

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HR compliance is hard. Trust me, when HR has a say in making the law, compliance is easier. Meet us, let us buy you a donut or lunch, and ask us lots of questions to help keep you in compliance. Compliance Human Resources guest post

To Save Compliance Training, Focus on Root Causes

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Across L&D, compliance is considered a necessary evil: the scourge of both employees and learning practitioners and an annual box to check for risk-averse company executives. Ask an employee, and they’ll say compliance training brings to mind 1980s-era harassment videos coupled with requirements to change your password every 90 days. It’s no wonder compliance training has come to be seen as something to dread by everyone involved.

The Goldilocks ATS Story

Months-long activations Low Hiring Manager adoption and engagement Often lacking full compliance and out of the box reporting Support is expensive and di?cult Happy hiring managers who use the tool Out of the box reporting and compliance Goldilocks moves on and in the end ?nds

Global HR Practices: Compliance, Growth, and Productivity [New Research]


Seven in ten employers are not fully confident in their knowledge of foreign compliance and employment. The post Global HR Practices: Compliance, Growth, and Productivity [New Research] appeared first on Lighthouse Research & Advisory.

Managing HR Compliance in the Age of Technology

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Compliance may not be the rock star of HR tasks, but it is the one that is necessary to keep the band together. Without compliance, businesses are at risk of fines, lawsuits, bankruptcy, and closure. For many companies, technology has changed the ways in which they manage HR compliance.

What to Expect for HR Compliance in 2018

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As the new year rapidly approaches, it’s time to start thinking about compliance. To help you navigate, we’ve compiled a quick list of HR compliance subjects your department should be aware of as we head into 2018: Overview of 2017 Rulings Taking Effect in 2018. Compliance Resources.

What is Wage and Hour Compliance?

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Defining Wage and Hour Compliance. Say the word compliance in a crowd of business people, and it’s possible you’ll hear words like “bureaucracy” or “red tape” murmur across the room. You may also prompt a few questions, starting with “What kind of compliance are you talking about?”.

13 Signs of Inefficient Recruiting

08 You’ve Been Meaning to Tackle Recruiting Compliance for the Past… 09 Posting to Job Sites Is a Timely, Manual Process That Must Be Done One Website at a Time. No one likes dealing with compliance. non-selection, minimum requirements, Section 503 and VEVRAA compliance.

Best Practices for Your Dealership to Maintain Employee Compliance


Keeping up with constantly changing state and federal employee compliance regulations can be a never-ending cycle for your HR team, but your dealership can face steep fines or lawsuits for common human error mistakes. Hiring Process Compliance. Payroll & Tax Compliance.

3 Data-Driven Ways to Better Manage Compliance Training


Maintaining compliance using timely learning and development programs is essential, but managing these programs and measuring their effectiveness is a difficult process. First, there is significant time and effort needed to calculate who requires compliance training now and in the future.

25 HR Compliance Terms to Know for 2018

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In addition to the holiday parties and secret santa gift exchanges, the end of the year also brings organizational compliance processes as your HR department gets ready to wrap things up. Are you up to date on your HR compliance terms?

Keeping Up With Compliance


Now that I’m also blogging about compliance, there’s a whole new world of content to keep on top of, particularly with all the changes coming in the wake of the recent US election. But what about people who don’t have a Compliance team? webinar, “From Red to Black – Staying Ahead of Compliance Change Through the ROI Behind HR Technology”. Best practices in compliance – avoidance of penalties, retrospective payouts, legal expenses, etc.

The Complete Guide to Buying an Applicant Tracking System

It helps to ensure compliance, reducing your audit risk. An ATS has compliance functionality built-in so that your company is automatically. EEOC and OFCCP Compliance Built in EEOC and OFCCP compliance tracking and reporting. compliance Enterprise Businesses.

The Seven Biggest HCM Compliance Issues of 2017


As we wrap up 2017, it is time to reflect on the year’s major compliance issues in the human capital management world. Below is a summary of the important compliance issues along with highlights of where changes took place over the course of the year.

DOL Reinstates Valuable Compliance Tool for Employers

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Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) HR News Legal - Compliance & Policies U.S. On June 27th the U.S.

3 Data-Driven Ways to Better Manage Compliance Training


Maintaining compliance using timely learning and development programs is essential, but managing these programs and measuring their effectiveness is a difficult process. First, there is significant time and effort needed to calculate who requires compliance training now and in the future.

4 Best Practices to Ensure Immigration Compliance

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HR News Immigration Legal - Compliance & Policies Featured global HRTapping into the global workforce – and sending employees to offices around the world – can be a financial boon in many industries.

Global Time and Gross Pay: 80% Compliance Is Not Enough (1/3)


The post Global Time and Gross Pay: 80% Compliance Is Not Enough (1/3) appeared first on Replicon.

4 Ways to Maintain Employee Compliance During the Hiring Process


Some businesses might think employee compliance doesn’t begin until a new hire’s first day, but it starts as early as the hiring process. Is your business maintaining employee compliance during the hiring process?

Workforce Quotes ADP Expert About ACA Compliance


Title: Workforce Quotes ADP Expert About ACA Compliance Workforce has posted an article titled "Despite Repeal Efforts, ACA Compliance Moves Forward". ADP News Health Care Reform Human Capital Management Progress Recognition Regulatory Compliance Tax & Compliance ADP

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The Top HCM Compliance Issues to Watch for in 2018


The HCM world has seen a flurry of recent compliance changes that will continue into 2018. We’ve put together a summary of major HCM compliance issues and trends we believe will be important to employers in 2018. Related: The Seven Biggest HCM Compliance Issues of 2017.

How compliance standards help organisations attract and retain talent

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How compliance standards help retain talent Retention.

The State of Compliance 


For compliance purposes, staying abreast of this increasing patchwork of state and local laws requires better, faster & more affordable resources. To learn more about our compliance solutions, email Cara at By Lori Brown.

Here’s What SOC 2 Compliance Means For Our Customers


With an increase in demand from enterprise clients and their distributed workforces, we decided to pursue SOC 2 compliance, a way to provide third-party approval of the way we manage information stored in the cloud.

Infor LMS drives compliance and customer satisfaction in hospitality


Laws change frequently which impact compliance issues. Given an audit, an LMS provides evidence that organizations have issued the proper compliance training. We automate annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly compliance training and tracking across the entire organization.

SilkRoad Connections 2018 Agenda Spotlight: Privacy & Compliance


We’re excited to highlight some of the amazing privacy & compliance-focused sessions as well as the changing landscape of the employee experience at this year’s SilkRoad Connections user conference. SilkRoad’s Director of Information Security & Compliance will present on how to navigate upcoming changes to GDPR with SilkRoad. The post SilkRoad Connections 2018 Agenda Spotlight: Privacy & Compliance appeared first on SilkRoad.

Webinar | Training the Technique: Advanced ERISA Compliance


This advanced compliance training will go beyond the basics of the requirements of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. If your organization offers any form of retirement plan, chances are you have questions about ERISA. Webinar

ACA compliance: 4 hidden penalty triggers to avoid

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Here’s a compelling reason to review your ACA compliance efforts ASAP. . employer for ACA compliance. While some ACA regs have specific non-compliance penalties, most violations carry fines of $100 per participant per day, up to a $500,000 max. A 5-part compliance strategy.

Benefit Compliance 2018 Planning


Benefit compliance for 2018 remains a high priority despite the uncertain future of the ACA. The post Benefit Compliance 2018 Planning appeared first on Mercer PeoplePro Blog. Health & Wellness ACA benefit compliance emerging business entrepreneur entrepreneurs HR human resources Kathleen Huggins SBA SCORE SHRM small business small business advice small business incubator small business incubators start ups

Top Healthcare Compliance Initiatives for 2018


Top Healthcare Compliance Initiatives for 2018 Nov. Compliance specialists and leaders will have their work cut out for them in the coming year. “We In light of increased threats, here’s what compliance offers will be dealing with in 2018.

Starting 2018 With FCRA Compliance

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Sterling Talent Solutions conducts a quarterly FCRA Compliance webinar series to keep attendees current on the latest FCRA guidelines and legislation impacting the hiring process. CRA’s are required to obtain a certification of compliance by the user (client) that the user will abide by the FCRA and other applicable laws. Employers should consult their own attorney about their compliance responsibilities under the FCRA and applicable state and municipal law.

Compliance Corner: October, 2017

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Essential monthly compliance updates for employers. Blog Compliance Understand Employment Laws

Compliance Tips for Your Business


Compliance Tips for Your Business. Providing the proper documentation to the US Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) shouldn’t have to cost you time or money. Compliance Tips for Your Business May 30, 2017. Compliance. (11).

Looking for An HR Compliance Tool? HR Leaders Reveal Top 3 Requirements

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Your compliance obligations are changing daily. How to track the myriad changes and keep up with your compliance obligations? Respondents overwhelmingly pointed to the use of online tools and resources to maintain compliances. What do you look for in a compliance solution?