401k Retirement Infographic

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Check out this great retirement infographic from Personal Capital outlining a myriad of facts about 401k plans. From the amount of money most people are saving, to the amount most people need, this infographic has it all.

Offering Retirement Plans May Soon Become Mandatory For Employers


If you don’t currently offer your employees a retirement plan, you may want to pay attention. Legal News & Compliance mandatory retirement benefitsAt both the state and federal level, the government is continuing to push legislation to make mandatory. Visit site for full story.

The New Federal Government Retirement Account and its Impact on Employers


Legal News & Compliance retirement Retirement laws CaliforniaOver 55 million Americans currently do not have a 401(k) or other employer-sponsored savings plan. On November 5, the U.S. Department of the Treasury responded to this growing issue by rolling out a.

Are Your Retirement Benefits Keeping up With Millennial Demand?


Visit site for full story. Employee Benefits

Is 70 Becoming the New Retirement Age?

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Is 70 becoming the new retirement age? workers ages 60 and older plan to retire at age 70 or older. Another 20% don’t believe they will ever be able to retire. ” Asked how much money they think they’ll need to save in order to retire, 42% of U.S.

Retirement Annuity Accounts

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A defined contribution benefit plan option to help stabilize retirement and reduce risk. Will I be able to retire? Retirement Annuity Accounts. A complement to current retirement plans.

Mandated Employer Retirement Plans: What They Mean for Small Businesses in California and Beyond


In 2012, California passed a law requiring companies with five or more employees to offer retirement plans. The California Secure Choice Retirement Savings Trust Act is expected to be implemented by.

Retirement Success Starts with Financial Well-Being

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Michael Jordan wasn’t talking here about retirement, and in fact, we don’t know that he ever has. In today’s world, each individual must take charge of his or her own retirement. Are you doing all you can to help your team members win the retirement game?

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Preparing for the Retirement Boom


The baby boomer generation is beginning to hit retirement age, and companies must prepare for what could be a major exodus. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that as many as one out of ten workers will retire either this year or the next. The “silver tsunami” is coming.

3 ways companies can deal with 2017's mass retirement

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Employee Engagement & Retention employee engagement employee retention retirement plan retirement retiring employeesBy Elsbeth McSorley.

70 Is the New 65: Is the Retirement Age Increasing?


Are older employees financially prepared for retirement? workers ages 60 and older don’t plan to retire until age 70 or older, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. Another 20 percent don’t know if they will ever be able to retire.

How the Big Firms Educate Employees About Retirement

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We all want to see employees take the reins and drive their retirement accounts toward a successful finish. Recently, Corporate Insight reviewed participant educational resources from some of the largest and best-known providers of retirement plan services.

The SHRM CEO is Retiring

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The CEO of SHRM is retiring. SHRM has had major PR gaffes under the retiring CEO, and some of those blunders continue to confuse its membership to this day. The post The SHRM CEO is Retiring appeared first on Laurie Ruettimann. What’s SHRM? It’s the AARP of HR professionals. They are an association who do commercials on CNN and tell everybody about how great it is to work in HR.

The Pros and Cons of Various Retirement Plans and Why Now is the Time to Consider Offering One to Your Employees


Do you offer your employees a retirement plan? A major Gallup poll shows that retirement saving is Americans’ top financial concern. Employee Benefits Retirement benefitsIf not, now is the time to consider it.

Work Now, Retire Later


Despite the attraction of retirement, however, the baby boomer generation continues to delay leaving the workforce. Human Capital Management Retirement ADP Research Institute adpri Employee Benefits retirement Retirement Planning

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Retirement Planning: The Gender Gap Persists

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A quick search of our website, using the terms “women” and “retirement,” brings back an article from August 2008 that describes retirement planning as “a nightmare for many women.”. In examining the retirement saving and investing behaviors of roughly 3.5

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What Are the Right Retirement Benefits for Your Business?

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If you want to attract quality talent, your business needs to offer the right retirement benefits. When you think about retirement, defined benefit plans—also known as pensions—might come to mind. However, the percentage of private sector workers whose only retirement account is a defined benefit pension plan has fallen to just 4 percent, according to CNN Money. To keep reading, click here: What Are the Right Retirement Benefits for Your Business?

Future Friday: The vision of retirement is already changing

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Older workers eschewing retirement because they want to stay working. The vision of retirement is undergoing a major change. Many people envision that retirement is sitting at the local Starbucks chatting with friends or sitting on the front porch rocking away enjoying “the good life.”

it’s time to retire these workplace phrases

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Consult this list to see whether you’ve been using these workplace phrases it’s time to retire. There’s a time and a place for business jargon—and with the rise of social media and the 21 st century workplace, we’ve accumulated a wealth of new words to communicate our modern work lives.

Chris Sacca Retires, Failed HR Lady Mourns

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It’s heartbreaking to me when one of those guys retires from startup investing. And, on a related note, these retirement announcements from investors always make me laugh. The post Chris Sacca Retires, Failed HR Lady Mourns appeared first on Laurie Ruettimann.

Why Job Hopping Hurts Your Retirement


Any step taken in haste may as well translate into a difficult post-retirement phase with very little savings to fall back on to meet your essential daily and old-age health and other expenses. Saving for retirement becomes difficult. It means moving in and out of retirement coverage.

Are Your Employees’ Student Loans Hurting Their Ability to Save for Retirement?

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While student loans can be a drain on short-term finances, a new survey from Aon Hewitt , the global talent, retirement, and health solutions business of Aon plc, reveals that workers with student loans can also potentially feel the strain into their retirement years.

Is Your Retirement Plan Ready for a DOL Investigation?

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Department of Labor (DOL) investigation of an employer-sponsored retirement plan may originate in a variety of ways. It’s not uncommon for the regulatory agencies that oversee retirement plans to disclose new initiatives aimed at ensuring that employees’ benefits are protected. A U.S.

What Employers Need to Know About the US DOL Final Rule & State Retirement Programs


Let’s be honest: regardless of age, we all sometimes dream about retirement. Unfortunately, for a lot of Americans who aren’t eligible for retirement savings plans through their employer, those dreams are difficult to make a reality. By Julie Palmer, Technical Writing Manager, Ceridian.

Is there harm in asking? Questioning employees about their plans to retire

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Retirement decisions cannot be divorced from a person’s age. When asking questions about retirement, employers should be cognizant of age discrimination laws and the implications of making such inquiries. . Age and retirement. by Michele L. Warnock) Brott.

3 Ways to Prepare for the Retirement Boom

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Today, I'll explore a topic leaders have been hearing for a while, but not yet heeded: Baby boomers are reaching retirement age. Baby boomer retirement means over 40 percent of the 9-to-5 corporate workforce will be gone in the next decade. If the baby boomers don't retire?

Future Friday: The end of retirement?

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The fifth change they talked about is the subject of retirement, something, I must admit, has been a more frequent subject in my life. There are a number of reasons that the “standard” retirement age of 65 is no longer viable. Phased retirement.

Small Business Retirement Marketplace: Innovative Solution to Retirement Woes


The Washington Small Business Retirement Marketplace is offering a retirement solution for employers and employees

6 Steps to Take Before Key Employees Retire

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An increasing number of workers are approaching retirement age in the United States. One organization that is facing this threat of impending retirements is KONE, a major Finnish company (with a large U.S.

Creative Retirement 101: What HR Professionals Need to Know


The newest challenge: the non-retiring retirees. Not only are people working longer into their retirement years, the vision of retirement and what it means is changing Depending on the size of your organization and your industry, you may be faced with a workforce consisting of 5 generations of workers. Each generation brings its own unique challenges to the organization, creating shifts in organizational thinking, policies, and processes.

How E&U firms can prepare for the coming wave of retirements

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As much as 38% of the E&U workforce will be eligible for retirement in the next five years. Among the executive ranks the numbers are even higher — almost 60% will be retirement eligible within five years.

How Not to Throw a Super Lame Retirement Party


When you receive a retirement party invitation in your inter-office mailbox, what are the first thoughts that run through your head? Whether an employee has dedicated 20 years to your organization or just the final 5 of their career, retirement is something to celebrate !

Missed Opportunities: 4 Ways Employers Can Promote Retirement Security

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TCRS interviewed more than 1,800 for-profit employers with five or more employees to understand their views on their employees’ future retirement. The survey findings reveal four opportunities in which employers can help improve retirement security among workers: 1.

3 Reasons Small Businesses Should Consider Offering a Retirement Plan


If you’ve considered or hesitated to offer a retirement plan, consider this: it may serve as a cost-efficient, competitive advantage that you need to help your employees save for the future.

What Great Leaders Do Before Retiring

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At the moment, there are about 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, meaning you are not alone in thinking it’s time to move on. The following are some things you should think about before retiring. The post What Great Leaders Do Before Retiring appeared first on Hppy.

Prepare for Nurse Retirements and Shortage with Intelligent Workforce Planning


With baby boomers heading into retirement — by 2050 an estimated 88.5 But there is another retirement population that is perhaps even more worrying to them: nurses. Navigating Nurse Retirement with the New Workforce Planning.

Retirement Savings Gone to the … Worms?

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Retirement is something most people look forward to! Most people start saving for retirement in their twenties either by investing in a 401(k) or in a Roth IRA. But one paranoid man decided not to trust John Hancock or the banks, so he buried his retirement savings in the ground.

Expert: The staggering new retirement savings number millennials have to hit

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Want to jolt your younger works into contributing more to your company-sponsored retirement plans? million saved to comfortably retire. Their retirement savings goal, according to Powell: $1.8M. In this week's e-newsletter Pay and Benefits retirement

Comparing Small Business Retirement Plans


For small-business owners and fledgling entrepreneurs, offering a solid retirement plan is no luxury — it''s a necessity. This article gives an overview of retirement plans small-business employers may consider offering their workers

IRS Raises Several Annual Retirement Plan Limits for 2018

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Employers and retirement plan administrators can apply the new rates as they prepare their plans for next year and conduct nondiscrimination testing. Retirement Plans. Jane Meacham is the editor of BLR’s retirement plan compliance publications.